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About My Character

Khalid el Sayed Kahedrin DuMorne (yes, it's a mouthful) is a product of a Veyshan Cerenzan adventurer and a Myrrish priestess of Daeus, born towards the end of the Sorceress Wars in Versis, Sendor in Myrddion. A promising acolyte studying at the feet of his mother, his life took a dark turn when he witnessed his father's death at age sixteen.

The people who preyed on his bitterness in truth were a cult of Maugrim, who led him ultimately to turn his back on his birthright and follow them to Charn, where he became a Conqueror cleric of Bauglir's Orthodox Church, where he rose well. A small spark of light existed though in his love for his family, and when the Sendor War began, he rebelled in order to go try to see them safely free of it. He got there just after Asumit the Demon-Binder sacrificed some of the families of Versis, his own included.

Captured soon after and dragged back to Charn in chains, he was made a slave and a soul-feast to demons for agonizing years, until that spark of light led him to do something he hadn't since his youth. To pray to Daeus. A prayer which was answered in unexpected ways, as a group of Sunblades, Coronas, and at least one Sunguard, having smuggled themselves into the heart of one of Charn's temples, set about their goal of freeing the slaves and crushing the soul-trade there.

Since that day in 1007, Khalid has been on the slow, hard path back to light. First as literal penitent servant and floor-scrubber, then as medical and research assistant. Onward through the disappearance of the city in the mists, past it unto the defense of the temple from the Cannibal Queen's forces, where he was blessed by Daeus and his path as a Sunguard begun. For years a quiet background fixture some took note of, but now doing what he can to help fight the dark. As banisher and battle cleric, healer and researcher, advisor and truth-teller, and all the while seeking to hold true to the light and not slip back into the dark ways he's reminded of every time he sees the Charneth slave tattoos on his cheeks and forehead.


Roleplay Hooks

Born in Versis, Sendor, Myrddion but mistaken most often as a Cerenzan of southern Veyshan.
Former dark cleric of Maugrim from
Former slave of the Charneth empire and tortured soul-feast to demons
Long history in the background of events in Alexandria going back to 1007
Currently a cleric of Daeus and banisher of demons with the Iron Book
Prone to adventure and to occasional wanderings throughout the city due to lingering flashbacks and claustrophobia, despite years since ordeal.


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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Veyshan Cerenzan and Sendor Myrrish
Associated With: Temple of Daeus
Faith: Daeus


Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Sendor, Myrddion
Family History: His mother was born in Versis, his father from southwest Veyshan, they settled in Versis and raised a family
Politics: He feels the Holy Kingdom is the model others should follow largely

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Daeus
Temple: Temple of Daeus in Alexandria
Role: Sunguard
Landmarks: Found redemption

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Organization PC Badge
Organization: Iron Book
Role: Sworn
Landmarks: Survived various low-level threats in past few years


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Periodic Claustrophobia and occasional Flashbacks
Development: A few years a slave and soul-feast to be tortured for demons, he has trouble feeling trapped or confined and when he lets his mind slip back to those days, he often has to go outside for fresh hair or a walk to shake off the doom feeling the walls and ceiling pressing in invokes. It can occasionally strike at the worst times such as doing battle in sewers or dungeons.
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"I was convinced that I could use the darkness, not be used by it. That's the biggest lie darkness can tell you." - Khalid