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Kaelthilas Umevalur

About My Character

Some time ago a dawn elf arrived amidst a small group of Mul'niessa. He identified himself as Kaelthilas Umevalur to the guards, the immortal's fair appearance and vestments of burnished scale in every way a stark contrast to the rags and ruddy skin to the company he kept. Exactly what adventure has led a warden of the Llyranost into such company and then to bear them to the city is not fully known though, perhaps, he would be willing to share..

If you're looking to meet a man whose martial tradition reaches to the dawn of time or perhaps to take the opportunity to demonstrate which apothecary has the best volumizing conditioner then Kaelthilas may be your elf.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Kaelthilas has a penchant for the woods that remind him of his home and a hatred of the unliving.
  • Kaelthilas trains a lion cub in his spare time. Perhaps you want to pet his .....
  • Kaelthilas professes to know much about the world and the wilds. Just ask him.
  • Kaelthilas likes to skirmish. Perhaps you would like to skirmish with him.