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Welcome to the Emblem of Ea! To start, you should review the Theme Guide to get a solid footing on our setting and storyline.

Chargen in Ea is a simple process that will take you through a series of rooms, where you'll fill in information about your character, similar to how you would a character sheet at a tabletop game. If you're less familiar with the rules, don't worry: the code will handle many of the calculations for you. Instead, focus on the type of character you'd like to make, and the story you'd like to tell.

Room One: Attributes

The first room starts with attributes. Tenebrae offers a generous point system to allow players to make the character they want. We employ Pathfinder's weighted point buy system, with a starting allotment of 32 points. For an explanation of how weighted buy works, take a look at the Pathfinder PRD, and look at "Purchase" underneath that page. You may also find this calculator useful.

Note that higher numbers need to be justified in a background, and "min-maxed" builds will not be approved. If you have questions about our theme along the way, feel free to browse this wiki, page staff, or speak with our players. For questions about specific feats, or how skills work, our RulesChat channel is available, too. Note that this channel is intended for questions and general advice--it is not intended and should not be used to tell someone "how" to make their character.

As you go through Chargen, be sure to keep who you're playing in mind. If backgrounds feel intimidating, check out our to-the-point guide for them.

If at this point you feel overwhelmed, and would like some help with mechanics, check out the Character Starter Kits located on each of our class pages. Let us worry about the numbers.

Room Two: Race, Class, and Religion

Room two covers the "beefy" parts of your character: what race they are, what class, and what faith they follow. As a high fantasy game, the gods in Ea have a visible impact on the world. Our races are colorful, and tailored to our setting. A class often suggests a character's outlook on life, and the classes page (linked below) provides a list of common occupations that different classes are most commonly found in. The following pages may be helpful:

Room Three: Skills, Languages, and Spells

This room allows you to set your skills, extra languages (if applicable), and pick your starting spells (if applicable).

When considering a language for your character, check the racial entry. This will determine the languages your character has most likely encountered, and what will be available to him or her. Note that all characters, regardless of background, begin play speaking Common or Undercommon.

For skills and spells, Tenebrae uses the standard Pathfinder list, but also adds its own content. You might be interested in the following pages:

If the skills seem different than in 3.5, don't worry. Pathfinder does its skills a little differently. If you're confused, you might want to see our Pathfinder Resources.

Room Four: Feats

Feats are a little more powerful than skills, and help define what a character can do. Tenebrae uses feats from the Pathfinder Core set, though it has a few of its own offerings, too. These (and if additional Pathfinder feats may be allowed) may be found at the below link. Otherwise, refer to the Pathfinder PRD.

Room Five: Equipment

As before, Tenebrae offers its own custom items. If you're interested, visit the below page. Otherwise, items are standard as per the Pathfinder PRD, as well as a few items from other sources. Visit our Equipment page, listed below, for details.

Room Six: Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are just that. Your background, +finger details (such as a quote or themesong), can be set here. Take a look at the room description for the individual helpfiles, and don't panic about the background. If you need help, you might try using the public channel, or paging staff.

When you feel you're ready, hit +apply.

As you wait for approval, you'll also want to apply for a forum account under your character's new name. A forum account isn't needed to play the game, but having one lets you use our forum--and our wiki. Using your character's name lets us know who you are, and lets others on the MU rest comfortably in knowing who they're speaking with. In fact, we will not approve accounts not tied to a character name.

Additional Help

I Need Help With... Use This Type This
General help Public channel Type pub Hi, is there anyone who could help me? to ask a question on the Public channel.
Specific help Page staff Type +staff to see who's online. Or, type page staffname=Hi, is there anyone who could help me? to send a staffer a private message.
Custom rules or chargen bugs House Rules page Click: House Rules