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In the furthest reaches of Ea's landscape, victory is often measured by a single trait: survival. Endurance. The indomitable trains and reinforces his or her perseverance, honing themselves to withstand almost any attack and survive nearly any terrain.

Fighters are the most likely to focus on this training, bolstering their already considerable armor skills. Barbarians may also follow this path, though it trades some of their more powerful rage abilities for durability and the ability to shrug off spells. Rangers are a distant third, deciding to increase their ability to survive when they finally track down their quarry. Some areas in Dran offer training in this tradition.

The most ancient tradition of the indomitable belongs to the khazad-aul, who it is said to have developed these 'stone knights' shortly after the invasion, and corruption of the khazad-ur. If this is true, even more history may be found, sealed away in the depths of stone.

Role: The indomitable focuses on durability and survival, while still being an effective and useful member of the team.


Alignment: Indomitables may be of any alignment, from loyal bodyguards to unstoppable savage raiders.
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Feats: Diehard, Endurance


Hit Dice: d12
Class Skills: The indomitable's class skills are Athletics, Craft, Intimidate, Knowledge (dungeoneering), Perception, Profession, Survival.
Skills: Skill Ranks at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An indomitable is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).

The Indomitable
Level BAB Fort Refl Will Special
1 +1 +1 +0 +1 DR 1/—, Blessing of Stone
2 +2 +1 +1 +1 +1 Natural Armor, Laugh in the Face of Death
3 +3 +2 +1 +2 Stance of Stone, Bonus Feat
4 +4 +2 +1 +2 DR 2/—, Mettle
5 +5 +3 +2 +3 Bonus Feat
6 +6 +3 +2 +3 Stance of Stone
7 +7 +4 +2 +4 DR 3/—, Bonus Feat
8 +8 +4 +3 +4 Stone Hide
9 +9 +5 +3 +5 Stance of Stone, Bonus Feat
10 +10 +5 +3 +5 DR 4/—, Indomitable Warrior

Class Abilities

Damage Reduction (Ex): The indomitable’s ability to shrug off physical damage is almost beyond belief. The indomitable gains DR 1/— at first level. This DR stacks with any similar DR from other classes (particularly Barbarian).

DR increases another point at 4th, 7th, and 10th level.

Blessing of Stone (Su): The indomitable’s spirit of endurance enhances defensive magic cast upon him. Add indomitable levels to caster level to determine the effects of any defensive spell cast on the indomitable, including duration. This does not increase caster level for the purpose of dispel magic or similar, only the effects of the spell.

For example, if a 9th level cleric casts resist energy on a character with 2 indomitable levels, the effective caster level is 11; the spell provides 30 energy resistance instead of 20, and lasts 110 minutes.

Natural Armor (Ex): The indomitable is so toughened by combat that his skin resembles that of a wild animal, coarse and leathery, capable of turning a blade.

At second level the indomitable gains +1 natural armor, or improves natural armor by 1 if he already has it. Furthermore, assuming the indomitable has at least 13 Con, he may take the Ironhide feat to increase natural armor further

Bonus feats: At certain levels, the indomitable gains specialized training to defend himself against attack: Dodge, Great Fortitude, Improved Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Improved Iron Will, Ironhide, Shield Focus, Shield Specialization, Fast Healer, Heroic Defiance, Heroic Recovery, Combat Reflexes, Bolstered Resilience, Toughness. The PC must meet the pre-requisites of a feat before selecting it. Indomitable levels stack with fighter levels for the purposes of qualifying for Shield Specialization.

Laugh in the Face of Death (Ex): The indomitable may resolve himself to ignore pain and fight freely when below 0 hit points. This is a free action, at which point the indomitable is no longer staggered, and may take normal actions (at least until –Constitution hit points). The indomitable does not risk losing hit points for strenuous activities when below 0 hit points when using this ability.

This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to Indomitable levels after which the indomitable collapses unconscious. Unconsciousness lasts until the indomitable is above 0 hit points. An indomitable can use this ability as often as he likes.

Stance of Stone (Su): At 3rd level once per day, the indomitable may as a swift action enter a Stance of Stone. When in this stance, he adds his PrC level to his CMD against any bull rush, overrun, pull, and push combat maneuvers, as well as grapple attempts to move him. While in this stance, his skin takes on a hard, rocklike tone and his movement is halved.

At 6th level when in this stance, he becomes immune to petrification effects and his DR increases by 1. At 9th when in this stance, he becomes immune to bleed and blood drain effects when in this stance, and his DR increases by 2 instead of 1.

The Indomitable can end his stance as a free action. If a he falls unconscious, his stance immediately ends. The Indomitable may use this ability up to a number of rounds per day equal to their levels in this PrC.

Mettle (Ex): Through repeated exposure to magical and other unusual effects, the indomitable has hardened his spirit. If an indomitable makes a successful Will or Fortitude saving throw that would normally reduce a harmful effect, he suffers no effect from the spell at all. Only those spells with a saving throw entry of ‘Will partial,’ ‘Fortitude half,’ or similar can be negated through this ability.

The indomitable must be fully conscious to use this ability.

Stone Hide (Ex): The indomitable has reached a point in their lives where they survive even the toughest blows, turning them aside as though they were nothing. They possess an innate toughness that gives them an innate 25% chance of negating a critical hit or precision damage. This does not stack with fortification armor or similar effects.

Indomitable Warrior (Ex): The Indomitable gains the ability to channel their innate toughness into their weapons. Treat any weapon actively wielded by the Indomitable as adamantine for purposes of damage reduction. Additionally and as a swift action, he may give a weapon he is actively wielding the bane weapon special ability, though it adds 4d6 instead of 2d6. He may declare it against creatures with the earth subtype, constructs, or objects made of earth or stone. He may use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to his levels in this prestige class. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. Once a type is chosen, it may be changed once per round on his turn as a swift action.


Character Page Badge


Indomitable PC Badge
Endurance: You are the epitome of perseverance. What lead to your unyielding fortitude? How does it manifest?
Death Defying: Laughing at the face of death as you blood stains the ground, you stand tall. What feats of endurance have you accomplished?
History: Survival is learned. How does your base class factor into and influence your unbreaking resilience?
{{Badge-Title|Indomitable PC Badge}}
{{Badge-Entry|Endurance}} You are the epitome of perseverance. What lead to your unyielding fortitude? How does it manifest?
{{Badge-Entry|Death Defying}} Laughing at the face of death as you blood stains the ground, you stand tall. What feats of endurance have you accomplished?
{{Badge-Entry|History}} Survival is learned. How does your base class factor into and influence your unbreaking resilience?