Hunting Fiends pt4

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Morgan takes a seat for a moment as she is a bit worn out with all the teleporting "Give me a second please, I never though this would feel a marathon." she only needs a minute.

"Oy, lets go to da watch tower." Baz murmurs, squating in his heavy armor, the spikes covering his form as he peers around. "Den we can do the others from dere. Maybe dem guards have an idea wot going on 'fore we check de other places." He sniffs the air and then begins to dig in his pack pulling out some dry jerky to chew on and a wineskin.

"It is not being a surprise that eyes are upon is here in this city of thieves.." suggests Lysa as she walks along in her finely wrought full plate armor and super duper sword strapped to her back. She does take the precaution of tucking her coin-purse up under her breastplate as she moves. "I am being agreeing with Baz. The tower."

Sasha meets up with everyone else, cuz being pursued is something Sasha's familiar with. "Sounds good to me." She says walking along with them.

"The tower seems like a good option," Kore agrees mildly as the suggestion goes about the group in a circle. "Though perhaps I should wander off and see if I can lure our watchers out into the open." She speaks in hsuhed tones, unlikely to be overheard even by the particularly keen. "If I take the alleys or try to get myself lost they might decide to reveal themselves. I am not sure it is wise to continue to the location before we know why we are watched? Banditry? ...An ambush?"

Morgan gets up and says "well lets look at the tower. and stay near me for the haste spell if crap starts."

"Indeed. We should be being not splitting up at this time. We are being on the hunt. Yes?" asks Lysa as she strolls along. Her gear may act as both lure and deterrent. Depending on the thief.

"Mleh. Won't worry about someone watching us. If dey thought dey could take us, den dey would attack. If all dey wants ta do is watch, then me arse is big enough for all dey eyes dey got. Let dere mouth water until I gets me hands on dem." Tromping along with the group the Ork heads steadily towards the Tower. His scimitar sheathed and his large shield tied to his back, even his helm is hanging from one of the hooks around his waist usually reserved for enemy skull trophies.

"Fair enough. Then let's be on our way," Kore re-plies. She breathes a soft sigh an then glances upward, lifting her gloved hands as if she were expecting something to fall. Lips move silently as she offers an apparent prayer. Then the Monk turns on a heel. "We might as well see this finished."

Morgan sighs "I so want to find this guy but I know the rouge is in another tower." she follows the group hoping there is something fun to take from this area.

So t o the firt destination you go: a watch tower.

The reality is that this isn't called the 'city of thieves' for nothing. The watctower lives up to its name, but it is not a guard station the likes of what you'd find in Alexandria.

Rather, it is a crumbling old stone tower that has absolutely seen better days.

A battered stone door sits at its front, and it hangs open. Peopple are coming and going from it quite openly, actually.

The feeling that you're being watchged has not lifted.

Iskandar tilts his head back as they approach to continue studying the tower. "I wonder what those people are doing here." He gestures at some of the people coming and going. "Should we watch for a bit to get a better idea?"

The big Ork walks past Iskandar and his question. His massive armor and spike covered form heads strait for the tower. If people get in the way, they get stepped on. "Wot dis den?" He inquires as he shoulders through the crowd into the open doorway. "Wot is dis place? Anyone home? Wot you do'in there?" He says to one person. "You, wot is going on?" He barks at another. His method of information gathering being akin to being loud, huge and in the way.

Morgan keeps with the others and lets them do the talking as you know Morgan will say something wrong and mean.

One might let Kore do the talking but as a rule the conversations which result are usually very onesided. In the interest of actual speech occurring it seems this is what is to be. The Monk stays nearby for now, watching Baz somewhat pensively as he indulges in his information gathering skills.

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls intimidate: (8)+8: 16

The interior of the crumbling watchtower that Baz peeks into has one man sitting behind a rather officious looking desk covered in papers.

"OI! Knock off that racket! You're disturbing my customers," he yells at Baz, apparently only slightly shaken by his presence and responding belligertantly, as some do when threatened. Like a cat getting its back up to a much larger predator.

There are people standing in line, apparently, all now staring at Baz as well, most of them holding paperwork of some kind.

Sasha looks about mostly behind everyone else. She looks at the new person and.....shakes her head as Baz immediately intimidates him.

Hun'rar has arrived.

"Wot?" Baz says then looms over one of the people in line. "ARE YOU DISTRUBED? You would like me to get my questions answered so I wot go away right? RIGHT?" Then he turns back towards the man behind the desk and makes his way there. Leaning forward as he presses his fists into the table top. His arms flexing with his ogre like strength and of course those fists are covered in spiked gauntlets that dig into the wood. "I am a customer of important status and high breeding. Wot say you answer my questions afore I show how much breeding I have?" His nostrils flare as a line of drool drips down from one immense tusk. "I will lift me pinky finger and everything while shoving tea up some body holes, right?"

Hun'rar walks up beside Baz, facing the man. "I'm sorry for compatriots manners, patience is not one of his virtues. However what he says is true, I have seen him do it, so can we please get what we need and move on?" he says in a polite tone. "We will be out of your hair in no time."

Morgan stands off to the side but is trying to keep a open eye on every thing around here.

GAME: Kore rolls Perception: (10)+17: 27

"Indeed." says Lysa as she steps up on the other side of Baz. "Please be being understanding his enthusiasm does not mean that we are being lacking in manners." she says, trying to smooth things over diplomatically.

GAME: Hun'rar rolls diplomacy: (9)+9: 18

GAME: Sasha rolls perception: (8)+6: 14

GAME: Lysa rolls diplomacy: (5)+9: 14

"...ah, so what are you lot here for? What papers do you need signed off on?" asks the tall man behind the desk. He stands up;. He's easily almost the same height as Baz, trhough approaching mdidle age. He's dressed plainly, unfortunately.

The next papers are dropped off on his desk. He stamps them after signing.

"GEt in line if you need something notarized all official like." A few coins are handed to him, which he places inside his desk.

Iskandar turns his head and gazes down the length of the line, trying to guage how long they would have to wait. He blanches slightly. The he approaches the person a few spots behind the line leader. "What are you having notarized?" He asks in a lowered voice. "Is this really the only place to go...?"

Constantin has arrived.

Constantin folds his arms across his chest, and stands near Morgan. "Looks like a fine, upstanding entrepreneur in this city." He scratches at his forearm scars. "See anything?"

Morgan shakes her head "No when it comes to things like this I am not good at." Is that a remark to finding people or dealing with them.

" must be new here," remarks the gentleman Iskandar speaks to. A shrug follows and he addresses him: "Look, I need a title, so I'm buying one." Wait? A title? To what?

"Ah," Iskandar nods in understanding and moves on. Or perhaps not since he goes on down the line, just out of easy earshot of the first petitioner he spoke to, and asks someone else. "What title are you ah, making official here? What is the fee?" He glances around subtly and then drops his voice even more. "This is my first time here, I have to get it right the first time..." he winks.

"Oy." Five gold coins land on the table, then are pressed down beneath aforementioned spikes on his gauntleted fist. "Wot about dese den? Dese help me get service?" The fist or the coins, it's hard to tell which, but probably the latter. His massive form hulks against the table. "As I said, high breeding."

The official just sort of stares at Baz. Eyes are wide.

He clears his throat. "You...well, then. I suppose there's no harm in letting you come to the front of the line," if oinly to get the angry ourch out of here, alongside Hun'rar.

"IT's all right," he begins, then adds, "So what title do you need? Some 'oruch chieftan' bit? A landship here in Vandalheim to say that you're important for a party invitation? What exactly are you after? I hope you brought the paperwork. It'll make it much smoother."

...he's selling... titles?

Constantin looks at Morgan. "You know, this sounds like a fabulous opportunity."

"Oy yez, I am de County de Moans Yeah, Baz da Terrible." Nostrils flair for a moment then the Ork continues. "Dere two 'bulls' in terrible on the account of me being that much more terri-bu-ble then everyone else. This account because I can eat a mans head in one bite. I can demonstrate if required." Those gold coins remain in place beneath his fist. "I fink for the amount of renumeration I am offering on me part you could reconsider the paper works needed and do this simple recogniition of my high breeding and County Countness, yes?"

Morgan shrugs "If you want to get a summer home here and a tital that most dont care about go ahead."

Iskandar moves along the line and then finally rejoins Morgan, Constantin and Lysa - odd, he could have sworn she was here a moment ago. He explains what he's learned. "It would seem a good first clue," he suggests. "Should we visit a few more of the marked spots?"

"...ah...yes. Why don't I write that up for you. This will take a moment."

He pulls out a luxurious parchment from his desk, proceeding to start writing more on it with a fountain pen.

"I'm glad we can be of service. We provide necessary titles for any and every occasion you can imagine."

Scribble scribble. "Is there some other way I can assist you?"

"Yeth" Baz says, producing a sixth coin and laying it down. "Now dat I am of the peerage, I ask after a fellow lord like meself. His name is Oinig. He is a weilder of swords." Baz goes on to describe the little he knows about Oinig, including the taste of the man's bathroom soap. "'ave you seen him of late? Perhaps he came through dis line, yes?"

Constantin nods slowly. "We should do that -- even if I'm considering returning for papers declaring me the Marquis d'Eprave."

Morgan nods "well when in a pirate infested area might as well." she gives Coni a look "If I buy a row boat can I get the tital of admral?"

Iskandar examines the line again. "Yes, I suppose it would be a shame to go away empty-handed. 'The Prince of the Jade Islands' does have a nice ring to it."

Constantin nods, sidling towards the line. "I'm sure, if you pay enough, you can get whatever you want." He nods to Iskander. "Sometimes, opportunity does not repeat."

Serraphine finally shows up, well, she's been lingering and then outside and then inside, then outside, then inside, then outside where she finally got Mayra to -STAY- before heading back inside and the hyena followed in after her.

Serraphine frowned and moves up then after hearing of the opportunity to get titles. "Oh! I need one of those, finally. Now I have the proof I need!"

She steps up, slapping down a hundred gold onto the table. "Grand General of Demon Finding, Demonic Spotter Extraordinaire, Countess Serraphine the Demon Hunting Expert of the Blar Region on detachment to Alexandria by way of Vandalheim with the highest esteem of Serrielites ." A nod and she squints, "Did you get that? I need to make sure you got all that."

Sasha rubs her face and lets out an 'uuuugh.' "Am I the only one that doesn't seem to need a title other than Hearthguard?"

Morgan looks to the ones with her "how much to get our chuckle pup there the tital of royal scrap eater?"

He winds up staring at Serraphine for a long moment before his attention snaps back to Baz as he begins writing another title.

"That name... yeah. I know him," he says, carefully, after a moment. "What's your business with him? Dangerous man, that one."

More writing.

Constantin blows out a breath, and gets in line. "We pay, Morgan, just like everyone else." And by being in line, he gets closer to the follow-up conversation.

With a sign Baz gives Serraphine a suffering glance, his attempt to gather information being guttered by her over spending on something that merely cost a handful of coins. Turning back to the offical the big Ork raises his shoulders. "I wants ta talk to him. Lord ta Lord. We all 'ave business wit him." There's a grin from the big Ork. "He's not that dangerous, he's not me."

Morgan looks to Baz and says "If we could only power a city on his ego." she finds a seat and waits for them all to buy land and such.

"You say that. I don't think you know. Man's got skills with a sword that don't come 'round too often. He hasn't been here in weeks, though, come to think of it." He shurgs. "Bought some notarized documents for a merchant house and called it a day."

Iskandar perks up. Suddenly he's serious. "Wasn't there a merchant association on our list?" he asks Morgan in that lowered voice.

"Right." Baz says, leaving his six coins for the man, stuffing his new title into a pouch and turning towards the rest of the party. "Merchant house is next, yes? He was here, he bought for that, we go there." The great armored Ork starts walking out of the tower, hopefully none of the locals are silly enough to be ground into paste by getting in his way.

Serraphine gives a scratch at her chin and looks back at Baz with a squint, "You're not a Lord though. But I do find Demons." She nods her head and tilts her head to the side then, "Hm. Mayra would like a title too. Mmm, Maybe. She does deserve good food." A squint and she looks down at the table where Baz put the coins down, "You know, if you only pay that, it won't be very official looking."

Morgan nods to Iskandar as that sliped her mind as she gets a book out and flips it to what he is talking about. "Here point this out to Lord big britches over there it might help him."

Constantin plunks down another 50 gold of his own, "The Marquis d'Eprave. Papers, please. It's for a party, and it's going to be fabulous." He asks the man, "Anything unusual about that merchant house request?"

GAME: Sasha rolls knowledge/local: (2)+3: 5

GAME: Morgan rolls knowledge/local: (12)+12: 24

GAME: Constantin rolls knowledge/local: (16)+2: 18

GAME: Serraphine rolls Knowledge/mayra: (5)+Knowledge/mayra: 5

GAME: Iskandar rolls knowledge/local: (19)+5: 24

GAME: Kore rolls knowledge/local: (18)+4: 22

"Let me see if I have it somewhere and you didn't get this from me. I want nothing to do with the man," says the official, firmly, "are we clear on that?"

Then he proceeds to dig around in his desk for a moment before addressing the lot of you:

"Shortventure Logistics and Supply Service," he says, shrugging, "based out of Vandalheim, obviously. All these titles are rooted in 'Vandalheim', so I ca't exactly make you 'everything', you know." A low laugh before he proceeds to get to work on the paperwork.

So you have more information now than you did a short time ago.

Constantin cracks a grin, and tucks away the paperwork. "Thank you." He grins, shaking his head. "Shortventure."

"We have no idea who you are....and I'm pretty sure we made sure it stayed that way." Sasha smiles to the man. " mean as this'll be kinda hard to remember you."

"Lets go get us some merchants." Baz says, waiting for the others to finish up so they can horde thier way down to invade another building.

Iskandar turns to follow Baz. "That's a made-up merchant house," he confides in the others confidently once they are out of the tower. "No wonder he needed to buy a title."

"I saw what he looks like, so I know who he is." Serraphine frown and scratches at her chin. She of course is waiting for her title though.

GAME: Kore rolls sense motive+2: (8)+24+2: 34

"HE's terrified of the swordsman," Kore will murmur as they're walking away. She breathes a soft sigh and gives her head a slow shake. "No wonder he was so quick to be rid of us. That said, we can trust that he wasn't selling us out. Too afraid of our friend Baz here to get that sort of inclination."

...the merchant association is a stone strucutre near the descent into the great rift that Vandalheim sits on. This, truly, is approaching the heart of the city that's built into it.

This t oo is a large, old stone structure that has seen better days.

Like... a lot of them.

Still, you're hjere and people are coming and going. It's all matter of official buisness, you see. This isn't a store, of course, but it is where contracts are signed, meetings are held and more. Personal use airships are landing on the roof regularly.