Hunting Fiends pt10

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WHen last we left our heroes, they had struck down the massive bone-working Kuljorra beneath the fallen temple of Animus. Injured and their skleletons feeling jumpy in their flesh, they're able to take a moment to catch their breath.

That was not a fun encounter.

Sasha is looking towards everyone to help them recover through non-magical means. Don't want to use the blessings from Althea against every scratch, do we?

Morgan stands still as she looks to the others "I know I dont do that much physical stuff but that was tiring." said as she is in mid air

Iskandar stomps on a piece of skeleton that is a little too large for his tastes. His sandal crushes it into smaller pieces and sends a few skittering off in different directions. "Are you sure we are through with it?" he peers down the hallways. "How many remains could there be in these crypts?"

Hun'rar shrugs "I can heal a little if someone needs it. I'm hoping thats the worst of it but I wouldn't count us that lucky. We will have to be prepared for worse." he says cleaning his sword off.

Serraphine looks down at the pile of bones.

Thankfully Mayra stayed above ground for this. Probably playing with the small brown doggos- err the horses. Serraphine gave a scratch at her chin again and then shrugs before trudging off toward the exit they didn't just come in through. "A lot, but we should probably keep going unless we have a reason not to."

Sasha says, "We'll be able to move out quicker when everyone's patched up, Lancer."

A pause, Serraphine had been checking for cookies when the thought of everyone pausing to rest was suggested. "Err." Her mouth pulls off to the side again and she looks toward the door, "No, I think we should probably push on for the cook-ultists. Cultists." She moves to the other side, looking beyond to see if there were any more skeletons or some such down the way. She still was looking with headache vision.

Morgan says "Lets get moving." said to every one but she looks at Serraphine wondering if she will get the shakes and such.

So recovered, now you just have to figure out the resy of the way though the catacombs to the old temple proper, right?

Sasha says, "there's some sensible talk." She says as she lets Serraphine lead the way."

GAME: Morgan casts Light. Caster Level: 10 DC: 17

Morgan casts the spell on the sword after he turns off the flames, and then casts it on two rocks.

GAME: Hun'rar rolls perception: (1)+0: 1 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Morgan rolls perception: (6)+13: 19

GAME: Sasha rolls perception: (10)+6: 16

GAME: Serraphine rolls perception: (19)+3: 22

GAME: Iskandar rolls perception: (2)+8: 10

It takes some time but with Kore's help you finally begin making progress. Catacombs are kinda mazy, but eventually, you've reached a set of stairs that seem to lead upwards.

Seems like you're sceneding from the sewer level to the next one...

"Let us know if you see anything, Serraphine." Sasha says from a bit behind Serraphine.

Serraphine frowns and scratches at her chin. "Can you make bread with bones? I thought I heard something about that in a story. Grinding bones to make bread." She gives another shrug and sighs, "There's more bones missing than should be. They might be one of the most evil things in the world."

"Cultist Bakers." A nod and she continues on, "You'll never be able to stop eating their confections."

Iskandar crowds behind Serraphine, peering over her shoulder. He has put away his bow. It's small enough to use in such close quarters but it proved difficult to fire in close fighting. Instead he flexes and opens his fists. "And we haven't even reached the fiends yet," he notes.

Hun'rar follows along, not seeing much beyong the end of his sword "Bones? Means there are probably more of those bone creatures on the way, more undead to smite." he says trying and failing to pierce the darkness.

Morgan is walking with them "Well part of me wishes we just kicked in the front door, but the other part of me is glad we did this as we learned a lot down here."

Sasha says, "Just a bit. Still...let's get moving."

Up you go!

This is when Kore spots a trap -- she's good at that -- and it commands her attention. ALarm sigils on the stairs that would no doubt have alerted whoever to your arrival. Still, you're now moving up to an area where funerary rites were once conducted. A srot of old, Animusite mortuary. Slabs and faded murals of the old realm of Equilibrium, welcomin the fallen servants of the God of Magic home. Now that he's dead, what became of the souls in his care? One must wonder...

Iskandar peers at the sigils. At first he tries to commit them to memory. Then he exhales softly. No use. He resigns himself to never exploring a dungeon without Kore, or someone equally adept at detecting traps.

Morgan looks around and sighs "So much to study and so little time." she pouts and is willing to let the group to move on.

Sasha keeps away from the sigils, cuz she doesn't know what the traps do. "Just have to be careful."