Hunting Fiends

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Dearly Beloved, we've all been gathered here today to...

Wait, no. Wrong priestly start.

"We have received a visitor. One from another realm. A great Celestial being has graced the temple of Daeus to protect the book of the light from the depravations of the demon binder, Asumit. In doing so, it has granted us an opportunity to strike back at the so-called Binder of the Demons. For some time now we've been tracking and assembling intelligence on several people we believe tro be his operatives, or to at least have ties to those who do. One of those figures, we believe, is dangerous enough to merit your attention."

The low-ranking priest from the temple of Daeus speaking to the lot of you seems a bit intimidated. Frankly, you're all people of enoiug r3eputation that this isn't really something he's doing. Add on top of that that he recently saw an immense and powerful angel and one can understand why he's a bit shaken. A lot shaken.

"He calls himself Oinig and he's served as a go-between, from what we understand, from several local cults that have taken too strong an interest in demons and demon-summoning. Most of these people are harmless but their little wanna-be cults have to be ended. The same can not be said of Oinig."

"Here's what we know. Oinig is a man of means and has a personal airship parked that's usually parked at the Airstation. Last night, in the dead of night, he vanished. He is human, possibly highborn if the stories are true. He is apparently capable of talking the boots off a halfling while being an inordinately talented combatant. There are those who claim they saw him crush a mans's hand with two fingers. We're not entirely sure he's human. Unfortunately, if Oinig is gone, it may be that our entire operation is comprimised. We need to know if he beat it becasue of the arrival of the angel, some other reason, or if he's just away on a business. We need you to find him, arrest him, and bring him to justice. Where you start is up to you, becauyse frankly, we don't even have anything more than a general direction at this point of towards the Desolation."

Hun'rar nods as he listens to the priest speak, "Well you have a Warden to help, although I am not as much of a tracker as the other servants of Gilead. I am sure we can sniff him out though." he says reasuringly, draconic helmet under an arm and looking every bit the stoic paladin. "But uh... the Skyship docks sound like a start."

One of the few locals who is a devout worshipper of not only the gods of good, but functions as a direct servant and channel for the power of Daeus.. Lysa has -not- visited the Angel. She is of a belief in the gods from far north, where one does not look upon beings of power such as the angels. The -direct- manifestations of the power of a deity... it just isn't done. It's considered disrespectful for mortals to look upon such. It is also considered to be more than a mortal can truly comprehend.

Thus Lysa has avoided the temple directly but has been performing duties at the hospital and working to brew her mead (and her healing potions!) off the property. But when the call to action came, she answered. She can do no less. She stands with her own helmet under her arm... not draconic. Sunblade of Daeus. She does not ask questions at the moment, merely observes and waits for those who are her senior to give orders.

Morgan walks up and says "I am getting good at scrying for people. If you can give me a good description I will try and look for him."

Sasha tilts her head at the revelation that an angel is in the temple of daeus. "This is what I get for meditating for so long." She then shakes her head. "Well... I imagine we can bring him back peacefully. The pardoners could do it better, but...."

Serraphine was nearby, staring off into space. She was too busy thinking about other things, and so her brain was filled with the sound of a dull whine that more or less blocked out just about everything else that was going on. She was just following around a couple people, she was pretty sure this was the line for the Solar, no reason to think too hard about it as she stood behind Sasha.

Iskandar checks the string on his bow. He pulls a few arrows halfway out of his quiver and the replaces them. "Wait - bring him back peacefully? Are we even going to try? I had thought we should be prepared to knock him senseless and then drag him back..."

Sasha says, "yes we are, Iskander." And Sasha gives him a 'look'. "Now...if he attacks...THEN we can brain him. But until then....peaceful. OKay?""

Morgan hmms and says "Yes a friendly fireball might help."

"I have always been being believing that avoiding violence is being preferable if possible." suggests Lysa, speaking up now for the first time in several minutes.

Serraphine shuffles forward as the line moves... or maybe it was just Sasha taking a step.

Hun'rar nods. "At the very least we need to ask him to surrender, he might be a reasonable man and open to earnest convincing." he says believing every word, or at least hoping strongly.

GAME: Serraphine rolls Diplomacy: (10)+8: 18

GAME: Morgan rolls diplomacy: (8)+1: 9

GAME: Lysa rolls diplomacy: (7)+9: 16

GAME: Hun'rar rolls diplomacy: (18)+9: 27

GAME: Sasha rolls diplomacy: (10)+16: 26

Morgan walks up to Lysa says a few arcane words and says "this should help you to find some info about what we need done." she then walks away saying "Hey I bet you seen something."said to blind guy sitting at bench with his seeing eye dog.

Lifting her brows, Lysa smirks a bit. "In the future, please be being waiting for permission before you are being enchanting someone?" she asks amusedly. But then she nods and begins asking around the airdocks and such. She wanders off on her own to try to get as much info as she can get, so she can try to compare with the others later.

GAME: Iskandar rolls intimidate: (2)+8: 10

Sasha claps Lysa on the shoulder. "Don't worry, Morgan's reliable." She then looks to Morgan and winks. 'Come on. We've got some ground to cover."

"I am being looking for a man." begins Lysa as she speaks to some people. But then she smirks and shakes her head, "No, I am not being seeking a mate. Merely a man who I have been told is being strong enough to crush skulls, and being smooth enough to charm sand from the desert itself." She gestures towards the skyport and says, "I have been being told he was being having an airship moored there." And... there -is- the glint of silver in her hand, a coin that she is toying with. She doesn't -say- that it might be offered as payment for information. But she definitely lets the people she speaks to think that it might, for she does not dispute it one little bit. And in fact, if anyone -does- have useful info, they will find themselves inheriting some coin for sure.

Theres lots of ways of snooping and asking, hunting, searching... Hun'rar wields one of his weapons for this challenge: his smile. Goign around talking to staff, workers, whomever he can find Hun'rar reaches out with a firm and friendly handshake and asks a few question, did they see something? Do they know anything? Would they someone else? Hun'rar is thankful each responds, sharing quick jokes and otherwise being as gregarious as he can.

Iskandar splits off from the others. He thinks he sees a small crew filled with folks of giant or oruch descent, possibly loaders judging by their burly figures and general air of loitering about between airship landings. Iskandar goes to question them. But when they turn around they reveal they are playing a dice game. Iskandar gets a sly look on his face. "Are you supposed to be doing that?" he says sternly.

Sasha makes her way around as well....mostly around the merchant caravans heading for the desert. WHile she does, she offers water to those that are in the streets....but she also heads into the taverns....and buys, at least one round of ale. Why not, right?"

Serraphine was followigng around after Sasha until she lost track of where Sasha was. Ack! How did she lose track of the end of the line. Her mouth furrows into a deeper frown than usual as she listens to Lysa then speak up. Oh! This could be interesting.

"MAYRA!" She falls out one way, then the other, heading near to the building. "MAYRA!" And that's when the golden-furred Hyena bounds out of the shadows and comes skidding to a halt.

Skritch-skritch-skritch. "Good girl."

"HEY!" Serraphine turned toward the first person she saw." A pause, staring, frowning, "I'm looking for the strongest airship captain in port." She scratches at her chin, "I want to take Mayra somewhere and he's gotta be able to handle someone like her. Like.. someone who could crush skulls or something."

Well then.

It takes some time, and some of you encouter more success than others. It comes down to Hun'rar, actually, finally getting a piece of useful information. There's a 'house of pleasure' that Oinig frequents, or is said to frequent, enough that he has a room there.

The Dancing Mermaid is, naturally, a seaside establishment and it appears to be your next destination. A den of iniquity and narcotics and shady deals and other vices. At least it's not the Ox.

But it would appear that this locale is a place he's /often/ at, and the fellow Hun'rar seems to be sure he's been there recently and is there frequently, yes.

Still, it's a lead, even if it's going to involve going to a place like that.

Serraphine scratches her chin and goes back to trying to find the line for the Solar. Oh wait, she pauses next to Lysa and frowns. Her head tilts to the side and her brows furrow, "I think you're looking for the person who owns the airship 'Shooting Gallery'. I don't suppose you saw the line for the Solar for autographs, did you?"

Morgan learned not to ask a blind guy if he seen anything in the area, and then ask if she can pet his dog. She rejoins the others hoping they found something better then she did.

Hun'rar relays the information to the others, looking a bit uncomfortable. "...oh when we go to this brothel... I um, well maybe I will stay outside. I don't want the wife to get the wrong idea or at least I need someone reputable with me at all times please." he says looking to the others.

Iskandar returns to the party. "I didn't find out a thing," he admits. Then he nods at Hun'rar. "Good job. A brothel, eh? Well...I'm sure your wife will understand - this is for the good of the city after all."

Stepping out of a local tavern, Lysa finds herself down about ten silver. But she makes her way back to the rendezvous point designated to share information. She looks to Hun'rar and lifts a brow, "Being unwilling to perform your duty as a Sunblade?" she asks with a bit of a smirk. However, she looks to the others and shrugs, "I am being the daughter of a mercenary, and a native Stormgarder. Also, if this place is being catering to sailors, I am also a sailor. Perhaps I could being learning something from them. Especially since I learned his favorite drink. A very expensive dwarven whiskey."

"Brothel?" The big Ork perks up, he spent the information gathering period sitting in the middle of the street scaring pedestrians. Lifting up like some junkyard monument to the horrors of man. The spike and weapon covered Ork rubs his gloved hands together. "Right, we go to da brothel. I'll pound the information out of the employees, and guests and furniture. Then when I'm done, we'll know everything."

Morgan grins "Mister Baz would you like a haste spell when we go there so you can use you time there better?"

Sasha says, "Turns out that he goes to pawn shops to sell off his goods." She says with a shrug. "So...he must be a sort of thief...""

Sasha says, "Hold on to that haste spell."

"I'm already da biggest and da strongest. Ya make me the fastest dere may not be any survivors. Though at least there'd be no hole left un-er-me'd." The massive mouth splits into a tusky grin towards Morgan. Then Baz sets about checking his equipment and the sit of his armor. Looking more like he's preparing for a fight then going into a den of vice for a chat. Drawing and taking a few hard slashes with a particularly vicious looking scimitar before returning it to his host of weapons laden about his form. "Right, we got a plan? We just looking for info or are we a gang? Or one of us a big man? Or just burn the place and torture the survivors?"

Narrowing her eyes, Lysa says, "As I was being stating earlier. We fight only when other alternatives have been exhausted." She shrugs, "Perhaps we should be being going and talking to them. Not planning an attack or conquest."

Hun'rar nods. "So long as someone can vouch for my activities, I have can go with everyone. I just don't know what will happen when exposed to too much temptation, red dragon's blood flows through my veins after all. It might be something of a risk." he notes as he dons his helmet. Serious mode.

Serraphine looks to the left, then to the right, and as she was about to start searching off elsewhere Mayra nudged her in the shoulder. "Wa-a-a-at?" She squints at the hyena the size of the horse... which means she's eyeing it in an eye-to-eye fashion. Then a toss of her head back, sighing heavily, "Alright. Alright. /FINE/." Serraphine starts trudging off in the direction of the Dancing Mermaid.

"What that lady said. Stop trying to kill things." Serraphine tromps along.

Constantin cracks his neck. "Just keep the mission in mind. There's time enough for temptation after the plot. Just take the business card of anything too exciting or pert." It seems to be what passes for serious-mode from Connie. "And if we do find our friend, then we can hit him until he repents."

Sasha says, "I doubt this place has any sort of temptation for me." Sasha's pretty blunt about that."

Morgan shrugs "I like both, but I am dating some one."

Constantin shrugs his shoulders. "If its actually demoniacally driven, then it might sneak up on us. Best to have a plan in advance."

Iskandar sling his bow across his back and prepares to make the trek to the 'House of Pleasure'. "A plan - yes, that seems wise. Some of us should we go inside, no doubt...but perhaps others can watch the door to make sure we don't miss him. If anyone is uncomforable going inside that's still a worthy job." He looks around the party. "Have any of you been inside the Dancing Mermaid? If there is a common room or a bar, someone could wait there."

"I was being thinking that the direct approach may be being the best approach." says Lysa. But she looks to Hun'rar and smiles warmly, "If your determination is never being tested, then how will you know that you are able to be being overcoming temptation?" That said, she looks to the others and shrugs, "Should I be being going in as a sailor and mercenary? Forsaking the insignias of Daeus for this? I am not being a very good liar."

The Dancing Mermaid is a seaside establishment. It has its own musical accompaniment, it would appear, as you can hear loud singing from within and some sort of band!

You're here now, and the front is decorated with a sign that has a trio of mermaids standing on their tails, clad only in strategically placed sea shells.

The smell of pipe smoke wafts in the air. This is the sort of place that probably gets raided frequently by the guards in search of illegal narcotics and criminals trying to lay low. An out of shape, if still large, half-oruch sits outside the doorway. His eyebrows lift as he sees your rather motly group arriving out front.

GAME: Constantin rolls disguise: (11)+2: 13

Iskandar wears a cloak over his shoulders and chest to cover his armor, and pulls off his warrior's headgear. Once he reaches the Mermaid he raises a hand in greeting to the half-oruch and then goes to walk past him inside.

Constantin saunters to the Mermaid's entrance, wearing a brightly coloured blue and yellow jacket, open at the throat, very very tight bright green pants, jaunty boots, and fly-ass walking stick. He scans the half-oruch. "Hey, sweetie, you look bored -- slow night?"

Removing her tabbard it is not that Lysat is trying to make herself look -different-. She is just removing the insignias of Daeus. Her holy symbol is tucked under her armor's breastplate even and she does her best to behave like a sailor and soldier. Sword on her back and everything as she approaches the place. Once inside, she pauses to let her eyes sweep about the main room, and she hooks her thumbs into the belt she uses to hang daggers and pouches from. "Ah." she says, not really dishonestly, "This is being a refreshing reminder of childhood." That said, she seeks the bar... and places an order for an obscure dwarven whiskey she happens to know the name of.

Hun'rar follows along, he doesn't wear an obvious holy symbol so with a little luck he will just look like a dragon-themed knight or body guard of some kind. Either way, he is letting the smoother folks do the talking.

The clank of metal plates and the Paladin of Serriel follows along with the group. She stares up at the sign, then down toward the entrance, and soon she's clainking toward the guard. Serraphine stares at the half-oruch and scratches at her chin. "You should let us in or else I'll bring Mayra in." She jerks her thumb off toward her hyena.

Mayra for her part starts chuckling and then dips down as if she plans on bowling right inside.

The big Ork stridess up to the door. Looking for all the world like the typical nightmare merc that guards when they raid a place wish wasn't there. He grins toothly at the bouncer. "Oy, me and me kill'n party need ta burn off some stress. Liquor, smoke, ass, wot evah else I can squeeze up me nose." He then enters the bar with the air of anyone interested in stoping him will likely end up hanging from one of the hooks on his belt.

Sasha rubs her face and shakes her head. "ENjoy yourselves. I'm just going in for an ale. Don't mind trying one in here, at least."

Hun'rar keeps to himself and walks in after the others, heavy armor clanking.

GAME: Lysa rolls diplomacy: (20)+9: 29

GAME: Lysa rolls profession/sailor: (5)+6: 11

GAME: Morgan rolls bluff: (11)+1: 12

GAME: Sasha rolls bluff: (16)+6: 22

GAME: Iskandar rolls bluff: (12)+8: 20

GAME: Constantin rolls bluff: (14)+3: 17

The half-oruch eyes the lot of you and then lets out a sigh. "Just don't trash any of the rooms, all right?" He knows when he's outmatched and, well, none of you seem to look like you're out for trouble. Mercenaries are not uncommon here, after all, so it's not like any of you are the first armored individuals to go inside.

The interior is exactly whatr you'd expect: a common room full of entertainment, dancing men and women, people smoking and drinking quietly in their corners. The smoke is thick and hazy here, and there's indeed a set of instruments playing...

... that have no actual instrument players. They're animate, you see. That way, they can perform in all this smoke.

Drinks are being served regularly by the staff, an equally motley set of humans carrying about their business. You draw eyes, but so far, nobody is giving you to much attention beyond a scantily clad young man who approaches you.

"Welcome to the Dancing Mermaid! What's your vice tonight, ladies, gentlemen, and distinguished beings?"

"Just point me to the bar and I'll just stay there for the time being." Sasha says as she looks for just that. She doesn't look like she wants to be here, but....she keeps her thoughts to herself.

Morgan wants to ask for somethng so strange it cant be done, but she keeps her mouth shut as magic can do a lot. "booze right now, and the best ladys for this good man." she pats constantin arm "heck give him two." what a good wingwoman she can be.

Iskandar gazes at the instruments. He's never seen musical instruments that play themselves before, but then he's an islander. He glances at the rest of the party to see if they seem impressed, but doesn't say anything. Finally he turns to the host. "It's my first time here," he says. Then: "I don't know how I missed this place."

"Mmmmmmm," purrs Connie, eyeing up the host. "Well, darling, you're not hard of the eyes. Just a little too short for my needs." He tilts his head at Morgan. "Only if you're sharing them, darling." A glance back at the young man. "Someone tall, powerful, with a clever tongue."

Serraphine looked back at Mayra. "Stay.... /STAY/. Unless I call for you, then barrel through that guy and inside." She jerks her thumb at the door man before heading inside. And immediately, she began to frown.

Not just Serraphine frown, but /FROWN/.

"Who's idea was it to come here?" She glances around at the rest in the party and then trudges toward the bar, looking nowhere but straight toward the bar.


"I'm looking for the captain of the Shooting Gallery." She inquires with the barman, a slide of a couple cold onto the bar.

Morgan smirks "no I doubt my girl friend would like that, so I am going to tast the booze they have here."

Hun'rar steps up next to Serraphine "Right, have an interest in the gentleman, would be to his advantage." he adds to assist.

The handsome man laughs at Constantin. Not cruelly, just along with him. "Well, you've come to the right place. I'm not for sale, though. That's a different floor. The basement, actually, down below. That's where all THAT sort of fun gets had."

Meanwhile, over by Serraphine.

"Is that right? The shooting gallery? Don't know the ship, I'm afraid. Is it a sea-ship or an airship? Those two always get in each other's faces and we have to separate them when they come by."

"WE're easy to miss," says a worker to Iskandar. Drinks are handed out for those who want them, "and we've only been open a bit under a year now." That'd probably explain it. Only word of mouth advertising.

"It's an Airship." Serraphine says and scratches at her chin. Then she pulls out a few more gold and slides it across the bar top. "And, have you ever see a hyena run around through a bar? It's amazing. You'd think it would break everything. I can bring in Mayra to show you. The Shooting Gallery?"

Constantin mmms at the man. "Well, thanks for letting me know darling." He glances at Morgan. "You coming? I want to back me someone big and impossibly strong. Sounds dee-licious."

Morgan shrugs "Sure maybe they have a Oger for you." yes she is in the mood to see how far she can get Constantin in to something that will give him nightmares.

Sasha makes sure she gets an ale from a clean glass before she drinks from it. She's not an ale conneisseur, but she knows a decent one when she tastes it. Otherwise, she pretty much ignores most everyone else in the place....

Hun'rar turns to watch Serraphines back, he's suspicious of this place. "Looking for the owner, have something of a proposition. Could really benefit." he adds to the conversation.

Iskandar turns to survey the interior. "A year? That might explain it." He watched the door and any customers near it. The rest of the party seems to be pursuing all the avenues of questioning, but Iskandar is worried that word might get back to the Captain Oinig that they are looking for him.

GAME: Serraphine rolls Diplomacy: (6)+8: 14

GAME: Hun'rar rolls diplomacy: (4)+9: 13

"Right. Maybe the airship sailors know. Tell you wht -- there's some downstairs now. Maybe grab and ask oen of them. They might know." A shrug. "A lot of them have semi-permanent rooms down there so it's possible whoever you're looking for is down there too."

In the meantime, the girl Hun'rar is talking to grins at him.

"ISsat so? Well, all right. I'm all ears. You better not be one of the obbies, though. Last one of them said he had a business proposition tried to take over and, well, you don't wanna know what happened to the obby."

She drains her drink. ALcohol is being served, definitely, and the staff imbies too.

Sasha blinkblink.