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The man guided you both along the trails outside of Alexandria, it was easily two days ride made into three by the use of poor trails and frequent stops to check the map. But, so help you, there it was. The ruins unfolded in front of you, fairly small in scope though rich in history. You know, because hidden tomb and all that. So, rich in... you get it. Anyway! Moving along!

The man guides you through the outskirts of the mansion-sized ruins of stone blocks and graveled mortar. The white stones fallen and laying about you changed orange in time with splatters of dirt and greens of moss. The land was trying to slowly reclaim it. Amidst the ruins, he takes you to his camp. Cold from lack of use, but still standing and undisturbed. A campfire soon starts up and he sits you down around it.

"'ey! 'ere we are, a' me camp! Nao." He scratches his lower back as he leans off to one side, "'eres tha thing. I needs you all, righ? Ta gemme in ta da c'ois'er. Righ? An tha' means 'raps 'n' stuff." A nod and he points toward the box next to him. "'ere's some 'uff ya migh' be able ta use. Righ? An' o'er dere." he points with the other hand, "Is tha 'n'rance." A nod.

Karuda blinks at the guy talking to him....and she can barely understand him. So...you need to get into the cloister, but there's traps set, huh? But what did you point at?"

Orenthal coughs into the back of his hand. He's not a great horseman, and he's a bit prissy if it comes to it, though he's tried to persevere. "Excuse me, sir. You seem to have swallowed a raccoon and I'm not sure what you said." He nods to Karuda, "Yes, I got the cloister bit. And I'm familiar with traps and things. I think he may have said it was the entrance..."

The man reaches up and says "Righ'." A nod of his head as he takes out the tongue ring again. He's still trying to master talking with that in after all.

"O'er there." he points at a box, "is some stuff ya migh' be able ta use. And over there is the entrance." He points off in a different direction.

Looking in the direction of the entrance, one can pick out what looks like a stone archway that leads to a set of stairs downward. Well, he did say it was a tomb after all.

If you look in the box, you'll find two arrows with a very thin - but strong - rope attached to it. Based on the way they're made, you think that you could probably fire them without having to worry about the weight of the line upsetting the balance of the rope. You'll also find two potions, one is labeled ACID! EATS EVERYTHING! and the other looks like some sort of faint blue potion labeled CRAP HEALS.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Kisaiya has dropped a TIMESTOP!

Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Kisaiya to instruct you further.

For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


"Interesting. At least yo talk a little better without the tongue ring." Karuda says looking at the entrance and puts her earthbreaker on her shoulder. "Hopefully there won't be much to fight around.

Orenthal looks over the potions and the arrows, and then looks to Karuda. "Well," he says, "I haven't got a bow. But if you do, these may help." He nods about the tongue ring, though with a wince for the idea in general. And so, he heads for the entrance.

"OI!" He says and throws some wood that's lashed together with a string. It looks like a truly terrible bow, but any port in the storm? "I want it back when we get there! Just fer now, right? And watch yourself! Don't break anything in there, right? It's all worth a fortune."

"Karuda walks her way over and holds out her hand. "Lemme try then. I can't do too badly, can I?"

Orenthal passes the bow over to the huge oruch woman. "Have no fear, we will return this as soon as I possibly can. Perhaps sooner." He winces as he imagines her breaking the bow by drawing it too far. "I would be careful," he advises. "You may break it." He looks quite dapper as he trudges off to adventure.

Soon, you start to work your way down through the archway, it quickly grows dark. Every step echoes off the walls and the drip of water is heard somewhere. The subtle rattle of debris as bits of mortar turns gravely and falls free from its perch. Ruins and tombs. Who would've guessed? After a good thirty feet down, it starts to level out and soon it opens into a wide room with a doorway. The door looks to be of a solid stone, several pillars are in the chamber helping hold the roof up.

About the archway are climbing vines that run into the roof, digging into the stones like the tentacles of some green monster that stumbled free from a jungle. Surrounding the archway there's a smatter of words, thankfully not too hard to decipher.

Every move you make, every breath you take. Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you. With my unending love.

"Sounds like Althea....though a creepier version of it." Karuda then looks about...putting her hammer on her back. "Strange they would put it like that though."

Orenthal pulls out a bog-standard torch from his things and lights it so he can see. Not that there's a lot to see. But he looks at it anyhow. He's a careful sort of fellow. "Who can say?" he offers. "People get strange when they plan to die." After making sure the way is safe, he will move forward.

The stone door looks quite solid, there's a pretty standard looking lock on the front of it. The hinges -- if it has such a thing -- looks to be of the hidden variety.

Karuda tilts her head at the door...then looks to Orenthal. "Can you do anything about the door?"

Orenthal ahems, "Well, that's a pretty standard looking lock. With a little luck that should prove no impediment to us." He'll check for traps first, cause it's a tomb and they hadn't -planned- on visitors. Then he'll try the door, to see if it even is locked. And if it is, well, he's got the tools for that.

GAME: Orenthal rolls perception: (16)+7: 23

Thanks to Orenthal's quick thinking to check for traps, you do indeed find something that looks like a Poisoned Dart Trap, though from the look of it the poison has long since tried and is probably thoroughly ineffective.

GAME: Orenthal rolls disable device: (13)+9: 22

GAME: Orenthal rolls disable device: (14)+9: 23

Orenthal is a quick hand with his little toolkit, which is illegal in so many places, but handy to have at times like these. The lock gives a little click, but he can't seem to budge the door. He steps aside to let Karuda have a go at it. "I believe it's merely stuck at this point," he says.

With the way now at least unlocked you have stumbled across your first conundrum. It seems that the door is stuck! It shouldn't be too much of a hassle of course, it's almost like this whole area is a bit of a way to show how things will progress. Either way, it's still an obstacle that must be overcome.



GAME: Karuda rolls strength: (20)+3: 23

There's a groan of the stone as Karuda leans heavily into the stone, a dragging sound, and it starts to inch open. It's not quite open, but it's definite progress.

Once the door is cracked, it's succeptible to levering open and such that Orenthal, Ren for short, can help with.

GAME: Orenthal rolls strength+5: (16)+3+5: 24

Karuda's effort made the initial progress lending way for Orenthal to jam in what he can and uses leverage. An almighty pull and with a loud grinding and the air filling with mortar dust, the door finally opens all the way giving you both access to the path beyond.

Orenthal will check for traps in the next room?

GAME: Orenthal rolls perception: (20)+7: 27

Karuda grins as she looks about. "Now that was worth it." She says popping her neck......

The hallway beyond is pretty straight forward from the look of it. The pathway filled with stones and cobwebs, and there - right there - is a stone that looks out of place. Orenthal spots it immediately and with a stroke of the chin it's clear this is an arrow trap. You can both easily avoid stepping on the trigger if you like.

Into the gloom you can see the hallway opening up into a room beyond that has a mottled light playing around the area and a south like a whoosh can be heard.

Orenthal points out the footplate to Karuda, "Arrow trap if you step there." He'll step past the trigger and see what lies beyond. Slowly and carefully, of course, cause whoever built this did not like visitors at all.

Karuda steps over the trap as Orenthal points it out. "Thanks." She then listens a bit. "You hearing the air coming in? and not from our side?"

Stepping into the chamber beyond you see fans near the ceiling that are slowly spinning about. They draw down air into these tombs and help push out the bad air, clearly someone thought in advance of ways to keep tomb raiders alive if they ever were to come in. Wasn't that nice?

Either way, there's also an exit to the room at the top of a set of what once were wooden stairs. Unfortunately dry rot has taken its toll in this place, and that toll is the wood. A few uprights still look somewhat whole, but the rest of the pieces are now wood not even fit for a campfire. Well, I mean, it would burn, but it would be a crappy fire. The wall directly under the doorway out looks smooth, almost mirror-shined smooth, perhaps from the rubbing of the stairs before they collapsed and from use.

Another couple pillars are in this room toward the middle, holding up the roof, and along the edge (about 3 feet down from the top of the 15 foot ceiling) is a molding some 4 inches wide.

Orenthal nods to Karuda. "Either they're pumping in poison gas, or it's a big scytheblade whooshing. My money's on the scytheblade, but we'll see soon enough. Creeping forward slowly, he looks over the room. "Hrm," he says. "I'm not inclined to trust the arrow to anchor a rope, but if you could give me a boost, I might be able to get up and pull you up..."

"Sure. As long as it's not poison gas, I think we can handle a scytheblade if we know where it's coming from." Karuda says as she moves to help out Orenthal.

GAME: Karuda rolls athletics: (12)+10: 22

Karuda easily hoists him up onto her shoulders and Orenthal is able to reach up to get to the next doorway. He reaches out and... Slap. Ow! That's not right. Instead of finding a doorway, instead it seems that he's found only wall. It looks like what you originally thought was a mirror finish was, in fact, some sort of mirror. As you turn about to look where it should be reflecting - and in fact all around the room - you don't see any other openings.



Orenthal hrms. "So, that's not the way forward after all," he muses as he stands on Karuda's shoulders. "Also, the door's gone, so the whole room was a trap. I guess we look for a secret door out. And if we don't find one, we start digging."

Karuda says, "All right. Can you see anything from up there?""

As they say - As above, so below. The view doesn't change much, though it does give a closer view of the helpful fans in the room.

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 1d100: (67): 67

The staff hits the ceiling and after a moment there's a thunk. You feel the vibration run through the staff, it really didn't hit very hard. The one fan blade stops turning. You can see the metal spoke that sticks into the ceiling still turning and now there's a noise like "reekie-reekie-reeekie" every 3-4 seconds.

Orenthal hrms, "No actual vent opening above this," he says sourly. "I'm gonna see if I can take this apart, though, and maybe there'll be a machinery space we can squeeze through."

GAME: Orenthal rolls disable device: (15)+9: 24

Orenthal takes the fan apart, but no machinery space. Hrmph, he hrmphs, and goes around the room searching out exits. He says to Karuda, "If you check the walls at your level, I'll check them up here."

GAME: Karuda rolls athletics: (14)+10: 24

GAME: Orenthal takes ten on acrobatics: (10)+9: 19

Orenthal is a bit wobbly, meaning they have to take their time going around the room (for the take 10). Karuda is able to easily hold him up though and there's no need to worry too much about that. Exactly opposite from the "mirror" wall and about the point where you walked into this chamber you find something odd. Both of you find your hand sink straight through the wall.

Karuda blinks as herhand goes through the wall. "Well then. I think we found something, Orenthal."

Orenthal ahhs, "So the old exit's there, just hidden by illusion, it seems?" He'll hop down, poke his staff through the illusion, if that's what it is, and if it doesn't get mangled, he'll look through.

The stick goes right on through and doesn't get mangled. As he looks through, he sees the way they came originally with the arrow trap. Yep! Looks like it's a room that hides any exits by illusion.

Orenthal nods, "That's the way back. Let's see if there's a way forward?"

Karuda thinks for a bit. "Hey Orenthal....if there's an illusion here...maybe there's more around the crypt."

Orenthal nods. "That's a good possibility, we'll check that, too."

Karuda says, "Hop off my shoulders and we'll split up." She then ponders. "AFTER we mark where this exit is.""

Orenthal nods, hops down, marks entrance, then searches for exit.

The entrance you mark, when you hop down and check around, is the only only place your hand sinks into the wall

Orenthal hrms. "Hangon. How high is that hallway? Because the way up by the ceiling led through also." He'll see if the way out is above the way in.

Karuda says, "it's only about 3 inches above my head."

Ah hah! As Orenthal checks the wall above the original entrance it indeed seems to go through! And after a quick prod with a staff, and then a poke of the head through? Well by Gods you think you've found the way out! Checking on the wall, it's directly across from that mirror-like wall. Seems it was showing the exit after all!

Orenthal clambers through and lowers a rope for Karuda, and Karuda climbs deftly up it after. The passageway continues along one of the walls, wrapping all the way around until you're sure you're on the other side of that mirrored surface before it starts descending lower. It goes down a good forty feet before you find yourself in another passageway.

Orenthal ughs as the passageway loops around. "Whoever designed this place was smoking something good," he says with a smirk. "Oh, no complaints. This will pay off handsomely, and no one has tried to stab me yet. I'm super pleased with that,"

Karuda says, "I'm not worried too much about the payday. This is.....a bit of a hobby. Seeking out history, looking at how our ancestors were, and things like that."

The Passageway you're standing at the head of looks to lead to another chamber beyond. It's about 50 feet to the end of the tunnel and the beginning of the chamber beyond.

Karuda says, "Make sure you keep an eye out for traps Orenthal. And it looks like another chamber ahead." She says as she starts to run her hands on the wals...."

Orenthal ohs? "I guess it's a hobby for me also," he admits. "My father's not retiring anytime soon, and working /for him/ is dead boring. So I do this while I wait for him to finally retire. The money's just ... well, to live a nice life in the meantime. Good food, pretty girls, like that. I guess it's different for orcs." He -is- watching for traps, cause this place was built by Insane von Crazytrap.

GAME: Orenthal rolls perception: (6)+7: 13

GAME: Karuda rolls Perception: (12)+8: 20

GAME: Karuda rolls reflex: (13)+4: 17

"Hold it, Orenthal." Karuda as she jumps from poking her finger. "It looks like there's a trigger there....and my finger got poked by something...."

Orenthal looka around, then proceeds on, cause he doesn't see anything nefarious. "Looks clear," he announces, striding forth boldly into the room ahead, then stopping short at Karuda's comment.

Alas, the downside of running your hand along walls. Sometimes they find things that you didn't see... and it's not always a bad thing. Orenthal spotted it after Karuda pointed it out, he was inches away from planting his foot right on the trigger. A short look around and... Ohhh that sneaky devil! A Javelin trap!

Karuda says, "At least it wasn't poison." She says as she looks at her finger."

Orenthal grumbles as he points out the array of javelins. "Be really careful, whoever built this meant to keep what he had. Whatever that was." He'll go forward slowly and carefully, checking for more traps as he goes.

As you reach the entryway into the next room, two things become apparent. One, this room was created by a sadistic madman. Two, how the hell did they even get through this room?! Seriously! Sadistic.

Directly in front of you and to five foot of either side of the door are spikes covering the floor. There looks like no way to get beyond them. Though after those five feet, there's stone pathways that run on either side of the room making the inverse of a hallway if you will - with a 10-foot wide swathe of spikes running right down the middle.

Further on, about 20 feet into the room, is a stone column that runs up to the ceiling some 40 feet up. 30 feet off the ground is a stone pathway that runs from wall to wall and you think you see a couple exits up there.



Karuda says, "Jeez. Did they build the rooms backwards?"

Orenthal hahs. "Well, I think we found a place to use the acid." He'll see how much acid it takes to dissolve the spikes blocking the way in.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Karuda says, "To say the least."

You pull out the acid, carefully pulling the stopper and begin trying to clear a path. It dribbles out before seeming to vanish and hissing madly as it burns away at the floor. The spikes seem completely unaffected, in fact, they look completely untouched by acid. No green residue, no sticky ichor. Just the same they were a moment before.

Karuda says, "Acid proof?"

Orenthal shrugs. "Probably just weak acid, like the bow he lent us," he offers. "I guess I can clear that jump pretty easily, though..."

GAME: Orenthal takes ten on acrobatics: (10)+9: 19

GAME: Karuda rolls acrobatics: (9)+9: 18

Orenthal does a short hop across the spikes to the clear area, where he takes another look around.

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 1d6+6: (6)+6: 12

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 1d6+6: (2)+6: 8

GAME: You damaged Orenthal for 12 points. 24 HP remaining.

GAME: You damaged Karuda for 8 points. 45 HP remaining.

You both easily clear the spikes you see on the ground, your feet reaching out to touch the stone on either side... and promptly fall through the floor and into large metal spikes that are arranged upward. DAMN THAT MAD MAN AND HIS ILLUSIONS!

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 1d20+15: (10)+15: 25

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 1d20+15: (4)+15: 19

You both are able to easily crawl out of the spikes and back onto what /looks/ like the spikes on the ground. It's solid floor. Seriously, whoever designed this is just being sadistic at this point. You're sure, somewhere, there's a whirling pool of water that would be chuckling if he could be watching this right now.

Karuda Whistles. "yeah...this guy is sick."

Orenthal gahs. "So the spikes are illusory and the floor is, too. That's sick." He'll feel around the floor ahead with his staff, to see if there's a safe way to the pillar.

As near as you can tell, the floor that looks like spikes is safe, the floor that looks safe is not. All the way up to and surrounding the pillar.

Orenthal will go up to the pillar and examine that.

The pillar looks pretty smooth to the touch and, indeed, with tentative prods of the staff and then the hand, it's smooth and feels like stone. It rises up some 20-feet into the air before it reaches that pathway that spans the room. They all look quite stable - the only real question is how to get up there?

Orenthal will take the rope and wrap it around the pillar, then holding on to it on either side, climb up.

Karuda will hold the rope steady...once she makes her way to the pillar.

GAME: Orenthal rolls athletics+7: (5)+9+7: 21

GAME: Orenthal rolls athletics+7: (6)+9+7: 22

GAME: Orenthal rolls athletics+7: (13)+9+7: 29

GAME: Orenthal rolls athletics+7: (12)+9+7: 28

GAME: Orenthal rolls athletics+7: (6)+9+7: 22

You start to move up but at first it's tough going, you can't quite seem to get your feet going on the surface. You start to shimmy up though, and soon you're about 15 feet in the air. Another shimmy and --Whoop! You slide back down about seven and a half feet. At least you didn't slide all the way down though, you're still making some headway.

GAME: Karuda rolls athletics: (11)+10: 21

GAME: Karuda rolls athletics: (1)+10: 11 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Karuda rolls athletics: (12)+10: 22

GAME: Karuda rolls athletics: (1)+10: 11 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Karuda takes ten on athletics: (10)+10: 20

GAME: Karuda takes ten on Athletics: (10)+10: 20

GAME: Karuda takes ten on athletics: (10)+10: 20

GAME: Karuda takes ten on Athletics: (10)+10: 20

It takes Karuda a bit of time, carefully hauling herself up, maybe even a little whistle - but soon enough, Karuda is able to haul herself up to the top and join Orenthal. THough her hands are a little raw from the effort.

Now that you're at the top it's easier to see what's going on. Of course, nothing is ever simple in this place and this is no exception. To the right there's a solid walls, to the left is another. The way out appears to be directly across from the way in. It was something not so easily seen down on the ground. The problem is that there's about 20 feet of empty space between you and that door. Drat!

Orenthal hrms. "I thought this was the way forward. But I guess not. Any ideas? Or just climb down here and climb up again there?"

GAME: Orenthal rolls perception: (17)+7: 24

Karuda says, "Keep an eye out up there. There may be another way. This guy seems to thrive on optical illusions."

Orenthal will look for an invisible walkway, first. As he's doing this, he sees some scrape marks. "Hrm. Looks like ... maybe something comes out as a bridge?"

Orenthal points out horizontal scrape marks along the wall at about the height of the pathway we're currently sitting on, in case that helps Karuda.

Karuda looks over. "Maybe that's for wall walkers?"

Orenthal says, "What's a wall walker?""

Karuda says, "Guys that have the patience to shimmy against the wall on narrow ledges to get places."

Orenthal ohs. "I'm good, but I'm not -that- good. Any more ideas?"

Karuda says, "Find a rope and swing?"

Orenthal says, "We've got the bow, but I totally don't trust it to plant an arrow deep enough to hold my weight."

Orenthal says, "We've got the bow, but I totally don't trust it to plant an arrow deep enough to hold my weight." (re)"

Karuda says, "I don't think it's that strong."

Karuda says, "Let's head over and see if we can get up there."

Orenthal looks at the bow skeptically. "Well, I'll give this a try, but I think I'm gonna need some healing potion afterwards." He will try and attach a line to the other side and crawl across. He can tie it more sturdily for Karuda to follow.

EVENTS: Greenery Part 3 is scheduled to start in 59m 56s.

GAME: Orenthal rolls 1d20+6: (15)+6: 21

SHhhhhTHUNK! The arrow hisses through the air, flying quite true, and hits something that sounds oddly like wood. The thin line trails behind it and now provides an easy means to ascend it... or crawl across from where you are. (DC15)

GAME: Orenthal takes ten on athletics: (10)+9: 19

You both easily make it across and find yourself in a hallway. Though, unlike the others, this one has wood paneling. It had looked stone from where you were, but it's not. This guy loves his illusions alright.

The torches in the hallway flash to life, one after the other, leading some 50 feet to a room beyond. A room in which you see the man who brought you here. He looks to be currently perusing over a book on a desk from what you can tell, right next to an open chest.

Orenthal looks to Karuda. He looks at the guy. "If this was all a setup, I say we clobber him."

Karuda tilts her head at seeing the one there. "if you could make it here on your own...why send us?"

Orenthal says, "To mess with us. That is a fine Alexandrian tradition."

"Of course it's a set up and of course I thrive on optical illusions!" The man from the bar says as he spits out a tongue with a tongue-ring in it, "To lure people down here of course! Though - to be fair - most of the people don't get /this/ far. Gods, talking with that thing in your mouth. How do you ever talk with a tongue in there? Oh no matter."

With a cracking of bone and the sound of separating of joints and the reforming of bonds, the creature sinks down till its on all fours. As it looks back up, its mouth elongates and hair starts to sprout. The creature now looks like a canine, done on all fours with slender front limbs that end in paws that look more like hands. As it opens its mouth you see no tongue within its gaping maw, only a set of teeth that look razor sharp.

"I hope the spikes tenderized your meat enough."

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 21.

It is now Orenthal's turn! Bar Guy is next!

GAME: Orenthal rolls 1d20+9: (9)+9: 18

GAME: Orenthal rolls 1d6+5+2d6: (1)+5+(4): 10

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 20.

It is now Bar Guy's turn! Karuda is next!

Orenthal looks askance at the guy as he changes into a dog with no tongue. "How do you talk without it?" he asks as he rushes in to attack with his staff. He scores the first hit, a thwap into the fellow's side. Not the best hit, but he's tired.

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 18.

It is now Karuda's turn! Orenthal is next!

GAME: Orenthal rolls will: (9)+1: 10

The creature turns to look toward Orenthal and finds it hit, a good solid hit that staggers it off a pace. It lets out a growl, its maw opening as it starts to talk. Its voice is weighing, "Everyone you know will die, this entire course is pointless. You think you're the first adventurer's I've lured here?" It lets out a chuckle that's growing and dark, it resonates outward and as it stares at Orenthal he finds himself overwhelmed with a crushing despair.

GAME: Karuda RAGES!, gaining +2 to melee attack/damage/Will saves and 8 temporary HP

GAME: Karuda rolls weapon1: (20)+10: 30 (THREAT)

GAME: Karuda rolls weapon1: (5)+10: 15


Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 21.

It is now Orenthal's turn! Bar Guy is next!

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

CHGAME: Initiative order is already at the beginning!

GAME: Karuda rolls 6d6+3d6+9+3+3: (22)+(13)+9+3+3: 50

Karuda does not like evil outsiders. If anyone couldn't tell...the fact that her hair turns BLONDE as she roars in rage upon seeing it change wouldn't leave any doubt. Nor the dent she leaves in the floor as she rushes towards the barghest as it's rather....distracted by Orenthal. The barghest doesn't get a chance to turn around as Karuda, still in her glowing, roaring state, manages to hit the barghest in the back of the head hard enough to drag it along with the hammer as it's face is smashed into the floor.....and the hammer comes crashing down on top of the back of it's head......flattening the demon's head and the rest of the energy craters the floor by about a foot.

When the demon doesn't get back up.....she lets out a roar up at the ceiling of the room.....as if expending the rest of her now...spent rage.

Did we mention that Karuda hates demons?

Orenthal looks really worried and backs well away from Karuda, "Wait, wait, are you okay!?" he asks as he scrambles a retreat.

As the creature lays dead, there's a little twitch, and it's not very long at all until Orenthal would feel better. Of course with that display of strength from Karuda, how could you not.

The fingers twitch a couple more times, the muscles working off of impulses sent from a now defunct head.


And somewhere there's a person that realizes only too late that they should've brought in a far more difficult demon to go after Karuda.


Karuda doesn't answer Orenthal for a long time.....at least, not until her hair changes back to it's normal color....and she puts her earthbreaker on the ground.....breathing heavily. Once she catchesher breath, which takes a few minutes, she spits on the back of the devil. "Better now. I really....really don't like demons."

Orenthal nods slowly at Karuda not liking demons. "Note to self. Do not be what barbarian doesn't like." He says this quite seriously.

Karuda chuckles. "Good advice." She then looks behind her. 'Come on. Let's get out of here. And we'll bury this corpse on the way out."

Orenthal nods slowly, and is quite edgy around Karuda none the less, hurriedly searching and burying the body, without even any griping, which the spoiled rich boy generally gives when required to do manual labor. He'll then get out, muttering, "The Guild had just -better- pay off on this, or I'm gonna be mad." Which sounds kinda weak after watching Karuda get mad.