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The Urban Shaman

Gregarious as his namesake, Gull and his seagull, Agewe, have arrived in Alexandria on a mission from God. With their dark shades, 1974 Dodge Monaco Sed...wrong movie, hold up. Sorry, a mission from their coven in Seagarden. They've arrived on a mission from their coven in Seagarden, to seek lore about Animus, his passing from the World, and the resulting conflict in the Essence, which allowed for witchcraft to be practiced. Gull is interested in adventure of all kinds, and his supportive magics and shapeshifting abilities make him an asset to any lower-level groups.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Clergy: Gull seeks clergy of Eluna, Taara, and Navos, but on terms where he can ask pointed questions about their patrons. He also seeks former clergy of Animus.
  • Lorekeepers: Any other witches or wizards willing to discuss their trades will find an avid pupil in Gull. As he levels up, he will be equally happy to share his expertise.
  • Rada/Tarian: A follower of both the Merchant and the Bard King, Gull is pious in his own way, doing homage to his Gods regularly.
  • Forbidden Lore: Despite being of the Good persuasion, Gull has a strong thirst to learn secrets, including those that might get him into trouble with powerful people
  • An Eye off the Prize: While dedicated to his fact-finding missions, Gull share's Agewe's interest in the shiny. If you need some quick help for something that isn't deeply unethical, Gull needs some quick increases in the number of shiny objects in his possession.