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About Grush

Grush is a young, idealistic Oruch. She is generally cheerful and friendly, making a point to try and project a very non-threatening image.
She is fairly intelligent, able to read and write a few languages. And is very prone to prosaic rambling when she gets drunk or emotional (usually both at the same time).
She was raised in a very isolated, restricted community and while she is a talented fighter, she has very little experience in social matters and is often awkward or nervous around others.

She is a devout 'follower' of Althea, trying her best to uphold the values of a Paladin. Doing what she believes is the best way to try and do some good.
Unfortunately, all her knowledge of Althea comes from her Mother's bible. A heavily revised version that twisted the teachings of Althea into a very guilt heavy religion that sets impossible goals for its followers.

Coming to the City in order to try and find people to help and good deeds to do. Grush is desperate to prove to everyone, including herself, that she is a good person and to somehow lift the karmic weight she feels rests upon her shoulders

Roleplay Hooks

  • Hangs out at the Fernwood Pub a lot
  • Always ready to help out with just about anything, or at least try
  • Great reverence for Clerics/Paladins/Oracles of Althea (Divine power users)


Oruch PC Badge
Clan: Kawe (it would take a lot to get this information out of her)
Role: Grush sees herself as completely alone in the world. She hates the idea that her Clan has any affect on her action (it massively does)
Faith: Your Faith
Honor: Grush sees the pursuit of Honor as a self-aggrandising, selfish concept. She believes you should act humbly with Honor


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Hatred:Orcs
Development: Grush was raised in a cultish, self-hating environment. She hates Orcs and finds it hard to trust other Oruch