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-=--=--=--=--=--=--<* A03: Steel von IronBrew's(#2345Rh) *>--=--=--=--=--=--=-

The tavern butts up against the Arena walls--at every score, every victory, its walls shake with the often thund'rous responses of the crowd. The tavern here is large and domed, though the windows are by wisdom, bricked in, and tables nailed to the floor. Or welded. The furniture is thick and heavy. The food, though, changes every week or so to something odd, unusual, or fickle, and the small stage here is the most oft-used outside of the theatre district.

This as much as anything is the tavern's calling-card, as well as the stories told that by tradition, only become grander with the retelling. An aged half-sildanyari, her shoulders scarred as much as her face, oversees the bar and it's said she's never cracked a smile in thirty years. Her partner, a smallish gnome in Tarien's brilliant hues (and often soaked by ale-spots), appears to do most of it for her. The bar itself is carved in the shape of some serpent that Tarien is said to have tricked ages past, and stolen the secret of flight from before gifting it to the birds. It lies there, its expression surprised as though not have expecting anyone to have been half so clever.

The beer and ale are modestly priced, though what's available changes with the menu and what merchants might bring in from various parts of the world. A drink known as the "Fire Bird's Brew," a dedication to Angoron's declared love for Ceinara, is always available, however, and is the one constant. The cuisine is, as always, unique and changing, a part of the greater world.

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==================> 18) Interrupted Celebrations (#2551) <==================

Open/Closed: OPEN: This event is open to any player who wants to sign up using +event/signup. There may be limited space, so signing up does NOT guarantee you a spot in the event.

Poster: Beaglefinder*

Start Time: 09:30:00 PM (LOCAL), Friday, April 07, 2017 (25m 32s)

Location: vonIronBrew's

Level Range: All

Locals gather at vonIronBrew's to remember a fallen hero! Open scene. I'll be running this after some workfoo, as a heads-up.

Signed up: Tog (Rgr2)* <list hidden>

Confirmed: none

----------------------------- Config parameters ------------------------------

Announcement: Beaglefinder shouts, "Open scene tonight, in honor of a local, Alexandrian hero! :D"

It was mighty small boat--!" It was a mighty small boat!" But it made big waves!" But it made big waves!" Grisht, the man! He took an oar--!"

The sing-and-call echoes Steel von IronBrew's. Participants hoist their brews salute to the song and its singers. Ale flows more freely than usual, and management struggles to keep up.

Tonight, they honor Grisht--a local hero of the gladitorial arena. A man who'd lost his life too soon, at 23.

Too soon!

Boshter is here and agreeing, but for a change he isn't his exuberant self! Instead, he looks somewhat subdued.

You paged Tog with 'Word has come through the Sunset that y'all are missing two operatives, btw. :3'

Kravar pushes his way through the door, and then cocks his head to the side. Grisht? Somehow when he heard a 'fallen hero' was being honored here, he'd assumed...but no, surely that would have been a much bigger tale. "Grisht? I have to admit I didn't manage to catch any of his fights," he looks around for the closest person who's not singing. "What was his style? Did he specialize in any particular weapon?"

Chezni has arrived.

"You look like you need a Mother's Little Helper," one of the staff says to Boshter. A lucht plops a great tankard in front of Boshter. The amber liquid sloshes over either side, and onto the table's wood.

"Grisht? I fought'em!" the voice comes from a side of the pub. A great, burly giantborn sits there. He raises his own tankard in salute to Kravar.

"Figure I was one of the last to. Damn good fighter," he says. A general chorus echoes his words. So does a pounding of tables, as another song gets picked up.

"This. Is. Alexandriaaa!" someone yells.

Tog is trying his best to blend into the surroundings while looking at who's talking, who's getting drunk, and who looks like they're trying to hide something. For one thing, he's short, small and not the least bit flashy.

EVENTS: Interrupted Celebrations is scheduled to start RIGHT NOW!

Chezni walks into the tavern, drawn in by the noise coming from outside it would seem. He tilts his head as he looks about, pausing to examing the area and the people around. A soft smile plays along his lips as he walks further into the room, joining into one of the cheers as he gets close. Or at least it seems that way, as he just makes a loud noise since he doesn't know the exact name of who is being honored.

"He swung a good axe!" the giantborn says. A chorus of cheers follows.

"It's been years, but the burn goes on--" someone starts up another tune, deep-throat'd and loud. Fighting songs--in honor of Grisht's memory--are the rule of the evening.

"Swung a good axe," the giantborn repeats.

"Knew how to take a win, or a loss," says someone else. ...another warrior, by the look of her.

The staff keep going, serving brews, and booze.

"I never had the chance to fight Grish," and then his voie drops considerably as he argues with himself, "and you shouldn't have you thick headed numbskull, shush you," as Boshter continues to mutter to himself. And have booze.

" look like you need another, friend," one of the warriors there says. She drops into a seat near Boshter. Slides over her tankard.

"...what was that about poisoning?" Once mentioned, the rumor whispers through the room like wildfire, though true to form--or true to IronBrew's--the singing never stops.

A few more join the crowd from outside.

Chezni turns and looks at one of the people standing close to him and nods his head at something that was said, jumping into the conversation they were having. "Oh, yes, definately," he agrees whole-heartedly, "But myself, I always had to wonder if the whole thing I heard about the princess was true," he says softly. "Supposedly, after one great victory, some royal bigwig had found her way to his bed and there were rumors that she left with a... little piece of him, if you believe the stories." He shrugs his shoulders and looks aside, "I heard it from a friend of a friend of mine, and he was a big fight fan so I figure he'd know about that sort of stuff more than me."

Tog's ears perk up at the mention of poison.

"He had a princess? Shit," says one. Those nearby nod at Chezni's tale. The staff has begun to circulate food as well as drink--stews, and well-stocked sandwiches. Alexandria being a sea port, there's no shortage of seafood options among more standard land-fare.

"I'd heard a rumor he'd been going to get married..." someone else speaks up.

"Then he up and dies like that--"

"--heard it was poison."

"Heard it was bet," someone else interjects, more grimly. At that, conversation lurches, before it can pick up again.

Kravar nods in approval. "Ah, the axe - good weapon." It took him a while to get used to the idea of people fighting - and losing - without losing their lives. But that's the arean, he's learned. Then he peers at the warrior who mentioned poison. "What's that? Poison?"

Sliding away from the group, Chezni moves over towards the food to grab some samples before looking at Kravar. "Well, I will admit I'm new in town, but I heard something from a travelling merchant on the way in about this... guy, he thinks it was, coming into town before he headed out. Hard to see as it was late at night, but the guy had these red eyes and weird horns and asking about for this fighter," he pauses and looks about before snapping his fingers, "Grish, wanted to know where he could find him. Said he had something to give him before he caught his boat home. When I had heard that Grish was a champion, I thought it was a fan, but now..."

"..." the warriors nearest Chezni go silent. "You take that back," one of them growls.

Well, shit.

"Hey! No--" fighting at vonIronBrew's, one of the staff starts to say. Then remembers just where she works.

Chezni nods and looks at the warrior and flashes a warm smile. "Sure, sure," he offers and chuckles, "Like I said, it was only a rumor that I heard, so I am not calling much stock into it but thought I'd share since it seemed like story time. How about, since it seems I offended you, I buy you and your associates a round?" he offers, bowing slightly to try and appear non-threatening.

"That is terrible! Who was GRisht to wed?! BOshter asks, cheerfully.

Then he frowns. And then he shakes his head back and forth vigorously.

"GRISHT WAS A GREAT MAN!" one of them shouts, not listening. He stands, lurching to his feet, before leveling a finger towards Chezni. "Everun' who fought-fought against him knows that!"

"Even if we lost money on him, sometimes!" someone in the audience shouts.

"Even if we--hey!" the warrior shouts back.

Thankfully, laughter breaks out. Someone picks up their drink again, and others follow suit. More take up Chezni on his offer.

"He was found just hours before his match," the warrior near Boshter says. She thumps the arvek a few times on his back. "You alright there?" she asks. The arvek looks worse for wear, to be sure.

"Maybe there's something to the story," muses one of the staff. She sets down a few more tankards. "He was in here a few days before he died. Didn't think much of it at the time. ...but he looked about like you did," she says. Nods to Boshter. "Didn't hear about the weddin' rumor," she adds.

Chezni smiles and nods as he looks to the group that he was talking to and pats a pouch at his side. "I'm gonna go order the drinks, I just need to have one of you wave so they know where to deliver them," he says as he starts to walk over towards the bar. Once he arrives, he waits to get a chance to speak to the bartender. "So... I was talking with those guys over there," he turns and points to the crowd, smiling lightly as he waits to see if anyone waves, "And they sent me over to order another round, but since it's a celebration, they want the most expensive stuff, and that they'ld cover one drink of it for me too, in the spirit of brotherhood."

Having a little sip of tea, Boshter smells faintly of herbs and spices to begin with. He takes a deep breath and turns towards Chezni curiously, head tilting, and then back to the others with a solen nod.

"OH, that is awful!"

"Nah. I just thought it was odd he looked so bad. Him with all his training, and all. And having won all that money a few days before--I thought he'd be either flush or hungover. You know how it goes," she says. Well, people DO gamble. The lucht server smiles, one of those automatic, public service smiles. "Can I get you anything else? You'd asked for more tea?" she prompts Boshter.

She sounds confused.

By now, the liquid is flowing. Someone stumbles forward, nearly smacking into Kravar, with a, "HEY!" It's shortly after Chezni gives his request. It results in an awkward pat of the man's shoulders.

...and then a bracelet falls onto the floor.

You could hear a pin drop.

Kravar rubs his chin thoughtfully. "A stranger who said he had something for this fighter, and then soon he drops dead, seemingly from poison?" His expression grows grim. "That sounds like the work of a black-hearted assassin. Why I've half a mind to--" he notices the stumble and braces himself out of habit, even though the man doesn't actually fall into him. "To..." he trails off as silence falls, looking slowly about to size up those closest to the bracelet.

As the bracelet falls and everything goes silent, Chezni turns in its general direction though does not look directly at it. He instead focuses on the people, waiting to see what the next move is going to be, fingers on his left hand slowly curling and uncurling, grip getting ready it would seem.

A heart's breath. Then-- "THIEEEF!" The shout goes through vonIronBrew's like a firestorm. People are reaching for their weapons. Someone's going to lose a hand. Some, closer to Kravar and the bracelet, look ready to dive for the item.

1, 2...

Kravar grabs the swordarm of someone drawing a weapon. The Aesir holds the warrior's elbow to keep it bent and then applies strength to force the dagger back into it's sheath. "Are you mad?" he hisses. "No steel - that's no proper way to have a tavern brawl!"


Boshter is lunging forward towards the bracelet. But at least he gets a hand on it.

You paged Boshter with ' feel better, as soon as you touch it.'

You paged Boshter with 'Not a lot, but it's noticible.'

Watching the actions take place, the crowd of people being too much to really follow at once for Chezni, he decides instead to have a little fun as he gestures quickly with his hands and mutters something as within the fracas that is going for the bracelet a faintly glowing, vaguely humanoid shape appears next to the bracelet.

Time stops. The pub draws to a crawl. When Kravar's hand closes on the man's hand--he stares at the Aesir, angry. For a moment, that expression fades.

Time stops.

Time picks up again.

He swings his fist around, aiming at Kravar.

The air seems thicker than it should.

You paged Tog with 'The crowd is getting way too angry. There's a lot of activity near the door--almost a knot of people that make it hard to see through.'

Tog has been hanging back, merely observing all this while, but as tensions flare up and the bracelet drops, he is on the move, as fast as the crowd will allow, toward the door, his small knobbly hand poised on the grip of his human-sized dragonspitter, holstered at his gangly hip.

You paged Kravar with 'The guy swinging at you looks a little too punch-drunk. You can see another fighter moving in too, though. It just doesn't look like the second fighter's going for YOU. He, or she, is doing something else. Going for something else? There's barely any time to react.'

You paged Chezni with 'There's someone trying to move around Kravar and the guy trying to punch/stab him.'

"Is that a spirit?" Chezni says, attemping to act surprised as he looks at the glowing figure that just appeared as it starts to move down towards those going after the bracelet. "Don't let it touch you," he adds before stepping away from the bar and moving closer to the Aesir, or rather towards his back.

Kravar's head is turned to the side by the punch. He blinks away the pain and then grimaces. "That's better," he nods, then head-butts the man. He raises a fist to follow up with a punch and then pauses, turning to look at a second warrior. "Eh...?"

Knots of activity form throughout the pub. Time stops.

Time goes again, jerking and sluggish--and Tog finds himself with a fist driving towards his face. He's also, almost-suddenly in the middle of a crowd near the door.

Near Boshter, one of the warriors jerks at the sight of Chezni's 'spirit'--and lets go. The sudden relaxation of force jerks the bracelet closer to the arvek and his other opponent.

...then time slows once more.

You paged Kravar with 'A large man stumbles past you and the guy you're holding. He falls forward towards the floor with a shout. The guy you have a grip on takes that moment to try to escape.'

"..huh!" Boshter has his hand on it and he's just holding on for the time being, firmly. "I am not letting go!"

The illuminated figure closes towards the people struggling for the bracelet before it disappears and those fighting for the bracelet, as well as the bracelet itself, begin to glow with a light blue light. Chezni gasps as that happens, shivering in place as he calls out, "They've been marked by the angry spirit!"

As he suddenly finds that a bunch of bigger folks also seemed to have the idea to head for the door, he also sees a fist on a collision course for his noggin and ducks immediately aside. He looks at the body that the fist is attached to, and says, "Whoa there big guy! Aren't you behind on your payments to Ma Rosie? You look familiar." Then he grins a warty grin that displays his freakishly dire need for orthodontia and lets out a wail like a bad-karate-movie version of a barbarian's rage howl, and jumps the guy's leg like a pissed-off kindergartner looking for vengeance!

Kravar has the first warrior in a headlock by now but then he flinches aside as a larger warrior tumbles nearby. "One at a time, one at a--" he takes a closer look at the fallen person. "Wait, I didn't even touch him." He scans the nearby faces and forms to see if someone nearby looks guilty and perhaps has a foot stuck out.

"Hey--hey!" Time picks up again, and the female lucht from earlier is standing near Kravar. She pushes past him in a sudden burst of speed. "Put that a--!"

Time pauses, but more briefly this time.

It picks up, almost normal speed. The bracelet ends up in Boshter's hand with a release of counter-force that sends the arvek rolling towards Chezni. And the other warrior running the ff-- away.

Near the door, warriors begin to shake their heads. Effectively, the 'knot' loosens.

Some of them--start to laugh.

..tumble tumble tumble into Chezni goes Boshter. Crash!

Unless he gets out of the way.

Tog, looking not a little chagrinned, but as he seems to have earned at least a entertainer's gratuity for his feisty little stunt, he accepts the drink and says, "Tha's right, boy-o. I may be smaller than you, but I've got some surprises up my sleeves."

Chezni sees the arvek come his way and tries his best to brace for impact as he becomes a pin in the improv LARP round of bar bowling. Even if the force weren't already enough to cause him to fall, he gives in and drops to the ground, pratfalling. "So.. what is so special about this bracelet anyway?" he asks, looking up at it and its possessor, "And this place could use a good skylight for atmosphere."

Kravar lets the warrior go, although he keeps his fists balled and his guard up. "Yes, well fought." He risks a glance back towards the rest of the bar. All this time he's been vaguely aware that something has been going on, but was too busy to look until now.

"You wanted tea?" the lucht from earlier says. She looks confused a moment, and goes to fetch Boshter a drink--no matter that she'd just done so.

"Yeah--you pack a good punch." The man next to Tog rubs at his own forehead. Then, offers a confused but let-bygones-be-bygones smile, and clasps the man on the shoulder. "Offer you a drink?"

The man Kravar lets go shakes off, and laughs. He gives him a warrior's salute, and "Honor to Grisht!' before heading off at a swagger.

Mail to Tog:

Tog hears word through The Network, that some of the fellows had bet on a local match. Unfortunately, their favorite--Grisht--was murdered. The Sunset KNOWS. They always know. They don't know how or why, or any other details.

In either case, there's supposed to be a boasting-fest in Grisht's honor. Grisht made a lot of them a lot of money. On the side, of course, gambling being what it is. Grisht was Alexandrian. Was talented enough, with clean fights, honest skill. They're encouraging some of 'the guys' to attend. 'Let the rays cast light and honor upon this final tribute. May they illuminate his glory.' And the gold they'd made. But that's how it's done.

Rightinhg himself, Boshter looks at the braelet for a long time. "Why do I feel better?" he asks, curiously, as he rises to his feet.

You paged Boshter with Ugh,' says the Pem through Boshter's voice. He can imagine her stretching out her weighty, aged legs. 'I could use a sit.

"Because your fall was broken by my back," Chezni replies, "And my back was broken... by the floor," he says and coughs as he moves to stand up slowly. "If only those birds would stop tweeting so loudly."

You paged Boshter with 'Pem was the one who'd helped them, the sister. Got their names confused last night. Lem was her brother. His son was Gregori. :3'

"Ugh," says Boshter, "I could use a sit."

And then he sits. His voice sounds... different, thoiugh, when he speaks.

Kravar nods agreeably now, relaxes. "Honor to Grisht..." he snatches up a mug and raises it briefly. "Honor to Grisht." He turns towards the bracelet and the adventurers around it and then asks, "What is that thing anyway? Where did it come from?"

Tog looks from the one man to the other. After taking a deep gulp from his drink, he says, "You know, you really do look familiar, though. You've been a regular at Rosie's for a while, haven't you?" He studies the man's face a moment theb says, "Well, I suppose that's really none of my business as long as... Say, had you heard this stuff about Grisht being poisoned right before his match? The casino takes a dim view of folks fixing the bets, you know, and Grisht was favored to win." He takes another deep drink, nursing it this time, and fixing his eye in an almost accusing way upon the man whose fist he nearly ate.

You paged Chezni with '...odd. Nothing in the history books that you know of. By the look of it, there should have been. ...'

"I can't talk to this idiot much longer," Boshter says. His head turns awkwardly towards Chezni, pulled by puppet strings. "You ought to take him over to that damnable temple of his, though. Tell them that bracelet's one of th--why yes, I'd like some tea, dear..." The voice changes and fades. So does the puppet-string-like effect on the arvek nar.

Some of his color's returned, too. More importantly though, the staffer from earlier's brought...tea. A third cup. She looks confused, but determined--as though this single, normal act will force sanity back into its proper mould. Come to think of it--the more observant of you would pick that up. There's an 'edge' to the crowd, now.

One of them looks uncomfortably towards Tog. "I've never--hrmmm," he says. Then FINDS SOMEWHERE ELSE TO BE.

Chezni hmms as he examines the bracelet as Boshter moves back to the bar. He blinks for a moment and then smiles, walking to the bar as he reaches into a pocket to pull out a feather. "I'd like some wine please if I may?" he asks curiously.

You paged Boshter with 'To be clear: Boshter will fell 'better' so long as he wears the gaudy bracelet. If he removes it, everything will come back. In the meantime, Pem will stick around and try to encourage 'better habits, you numbskull' by periodically encouraging him towards the kitchen. He probably burns a lot of things. ^^;'

"We're--yes! I'd be glad to do that," the lucht says. She nods in an exaggerated way, and all but runs off to fulfill the order. EVERYTHING HAS ALWAYS BEEN NORMAL.

Around, celebrations pick up again. Desperately at first, but more naturally (and drunkenly) as the evening wears on.

Tog turns to the other dude and says, "Must 'ave a guilty conscience, that one." Winks. "So, friend, you were a friend of the fallen champeen, were you? I have some assiciates that might be willing to make it worth someone's while if there was any useful information to be had."

Chezni hmms as he looks to Boshter at stirring the wine with the feather and tilts his head to one side, though keeps quiet, just sipping the wine.

Kravar gives Bosther a careful look. "Are you feeling all right?" He leans closer, eying the Arvek. "Perhaps you should drink less tea?" he adds, completely oblivious of how such a suggestion might be taken.

Tribune Article (by Chezni)

Ghost Sighted At IronBrew's

During the celebration at the loss of a great warrior, Grisht the Half-oruch. Many stories were told about his great standings in the arena and some of his past deeds, such as the alleged child that he sired with a Princess from another land. However, the tale on everyone's lips about this event had to be how the celebration was shaken by the appearance of a ghost who marked a few of the revellers as they fought over a mysterious bracelet that disrupted the celebration.

The glowing figure appeared moments after a bracelet fell to the floor, seeming to summon the glowing figure. Perhaps this is the spirit of the late Grisht, trying to reclaim something important to him? Either way, the figure faded before leaving its mark o a number of those who were fighting over the bracelet. Anyone with further information on this story is asked to contact the Tribune.