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I am a Sentinel, Champion of Althea.
I am her exemplar and her conduit, the executor of her will.
I carry her banner on my armor, on my shield, in my heart.
I shall do all in my power to confirm her confidence.

Althea wills me to live, and defend the right to live.
I do so with a gentle heart and ready hands.
I am first to heal the sick in body and spirit.
I am the guide of the lost and the beacon in the darkness.

My fellow Sentinels are more than comrades, they are family.
Thus shall I treat them, with love and understanding.
My fellow creatures are threads in the grand tapestry.
Thus shall I keep them interwoven as best I can.

Evil exists, and I do fight it, through Negotiation.
Pain exists, and I do fight it, through Restoration.
Yet if it cannot be restored, and if negotiations fail,
I am prepared to make the Last Resort.

All creatures have a destiny, and I guard it thus.
I am a Sentinel. Forward Unto Destiny!

Godwyn Sylvan and Sophia Lightbringer, “The Sentinel's Creed"


Are you doing the right thing? I will help you. Have you been led to evil? I will lead you back home. If you're neither one, if you are entirely, utterly rotten, I will happily smite you back to where you came from. Such is the will of Althea.

Name: Godwyn Sylvan
Age: 19
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120
Alignment: Lawful Good
Aliases: None


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What Was

The daughter of Charneth nobles, Godwyn's life was shifted from its downward spiral by a monk of Eluna, Goddess of the Silver Moon. After realizing the fate that befell victims of her nation's schemes, she ran away at age sixteen upon the announcement of a marriage proposal that would have bound her to the will of Thul for eternity and beyond. Six months of hard travel found her at the gates of Alexandria, exhausted of stamina and supplies.

Had it not been for the charity of a passing Hearthguard one night, she would have resorted to stealing before the end of the first week, no better than the robber barons she'd escaped from.

Fascinated by this act, she followed him around the city, determined to discover why he'd done it. After several hours without coming to a conclusion, she decided to ask him herself. When the conversation ended, she asked to be led to the Temple of Althea, eager to leave her past and country behind her.

What Is

Three years of training in the ways of the Great Mother saw her put the skills learned from her parents since she could walk to a nobler purpose. Once indifferent, she could no longer ignore the suffering of others. Once callous and blunt, she now sought to be subtle and kind with her words. Diplomacy above manipulation, mercy before battle. Open hands first, closed fist second, drawn sword when all else failed.

With her Trial completed and her Sentinel status confirmed, Godwyn prepares for the induction ceremony known as the Hearth's Embrace, a celebration of a new addition to Althea's family. During the celebration, an assassin tries to take her life before it even starts. Strangely enough, the attempt is made by none other than her long lost brother, once thought to be dead.

Fortunately it fails, but that isn't the point. The voice that does not belong to the young man is of her father, who informs her that there is no true escape from the Sylvani clan. Now forced to face the past she left behind, Godwyn is more determined than ever to serve Althea and sever ties with her family, once and for all.

Argent Fire

Godwyn has recently received a great boon from Althea in the form of a white Isobaran stallion, sixteen hands tall with silver mane and tail, and blue eyes. The result is a striking, noble figure that seems to have an intelligence beyond what normal horses possess, almost as if he can understand what you're saying. At the very least, Argent understands Godwyn on a level that few are able to.

Basic Information

Name: Argent Fire
Magical Beast Type: Horse
Size: Large
Init: 3
Senses: Low-light Vision, Darkvision 60 ft., Smell
Granted From: Paladin


Armor Class: 29 (+14 Natural Armor, +3 Barding, +3 DEX, -1 size)
Hit Points: 96 (11d8 +4 CON, +10 Toughness)
Saves: Reflex 11, Fortitude 13, Will 5 (9 vs. Enchantments)
Additional: Evasion, Devotion, Link, Spell-Sharing, DR 10/Evil, Resist 15 Cold, Electricity, and Acid, SR 18


Speed: 50 ft. (250 ft. while running)
Melee: Bite +11(1d4+6), Hooves x2 +9 (1d6+6)
Reach: 5 ft.
Special Attacks: N/A
Additional: Combat-Trained, Smite Evil (Special Attacks The creature may smite evil 1/day as a swift action (it adds its Cha bonus to attack rolls, and a damage bonus equal to its HD against evil foes; smite persists until the target is dead or the celestial creature rests).)


Stats: 23 STR, 18 DEX, 18 CON, 12 WIS, 6 INT, 6 CHA
Base Attack: 9
CMB: 14
CMD: 28 (32 vs Trip)
Feats: Run, Toughness, Light Armor Proficiency, Improved Natural Armor (x2), Weapon Focus (Hoof)
Skills: Acrobatics Lv. 4 (9), Perception Lv. 12 (16)
Additional: N/A


Studded Leather Barding (AC +3)
Horseshoes of Speed (Speed +30)

Current Status

Return to the Haunted Keep (Saturday, April 4th, 2015)

It was expected to come back to Dragonier at some point.

Godwyn finds herself with Verna, Aldean, and the rest of the team from the previous trip to the keep. With the addition of Margaret, a Hearthguard, she feels somewhat more sure of herself this time. She will never openly admit such feelings. Nor does she have time to, as Ott's information paints a dire portrait...

The keep is not only haunted, but before the fall of the nation to Heth, the captain decided it best to slay the entirety of the fortress's inhabitants to a man, in order to keep them from turning into undead under the dragon's command. It succeeded, but now the ghosts are under the sway of the captain's wight, and he uses them to fuel his madness... and his power. The only way to defeat him properly is to separate them from him before taking the crazed spirit on directly.

Before the cleansing can even begin however, the team runs into their first major issue.

The very buildings surrounding the keep are infused with the restless souls of the dead. And they do not like anyone who is currently on the mortal coil stepping inside...

Head First Into the Abyss (Completed)

"It's about time! I think they like us a little too much..."

The return of Altima's general is not a good thing. Especially when that return is fueled by demons.

As the massive former human attempts to break free from his crystalized tomb, nearly shaking off everyone trying to kill him in the process, the demons that assist him drop from a rift just above him and begin to assail the heroes. The debilitating words of blasphemy struck them early on, and half the combat team was weakened as a result. Yet that did not stop them from breaking free of their captors and turning the tables in swift order.

In the end, they deal enough damage to cause the monster to fall deeper into the Abyss... yet is this the end of him, or simply the first act? With no time to find out, they make good their escape, hoping they've held him off for a few more decades.

The Eternal Chant, Chapter 2 (Story Advance Available)

Having captured a minor leader in the demonic cult operating out of the docks, Godwyn checks on Aldean after the sting operation. The spark of anger at the blatant misuse of the Hymn for diabolical purposes gives the Sentinel pause. Bards are just as passionate as clerics, it seems. Yet when she informs him that her singing has improved, he asks for a demonstration.

Apprehensive about revealing what she's been working on, she sings for him something he's never heard before... her own song. Inspired by his efforts, she makes an attempt to create her own lyrics for the first time. Though only half-finished, she performs admirably.

Yet something in the background is happening, far beneath her notice...

A Sentinel's Journey, Chapter 2 (Completed)

Godiva the Soother.

The outsider meets with Godwyn yet again, along with one of her friends, Cressida the sorceress. The daeva reveals several truths and delivers warnings, the strongest of which is to be wary around Dea Favente. Her past is both blessed and baleful, as she was born just before, and alive during, the tragic end of the Azure Kingdoms. The memories that resurface will not be pleasant, and Godwyn is told to be gentle when bringing them back.

There is no telling what will become of the still tenebrous bond between weapon and wielder if Godwyn slips.

Yet there is another issue addressed, one more concerning to the Sentinel. Her struggles with compassion and empathy are well-felt with the angelic messenger, yet she offers no answers. Instead, she asks a question:

"What is the one thing your pepole hate the most, and the common folk hunger for?"

Godwyn is left to puzzle over this as Godiva vanishes from sight... and the Journey continues.

Traits and Skills

Diplomacy (Lv. 10)

The usual definition of Diplomacy is to shift attitudes toward a favorable result for one's own self, to reach a deal that benefits one party without insulting the other. Yet Godwyn has come to learn of a different definition for the term: to resolve differences, defuse tensions, and encourage cooperation.

Her return to the Desolation, though trying in nature, taught her much about saying the right words at the right time, and when to say nothing at all. After returning to Alexandria, she had the temple retrain her entirely in the practice, and how has renewed faith in her ability to negotiate her way out of trouble.

Sense Motive (Lv. 10)

To aid in the above, Godwyn's intuition has sharpened from her interactions with others. She can see past the obvious and get right down to the heart of a matter with reasonable accuracy. This skill will come in handy in her attempts to discern true intentions and whether to trust a person implicitly or not.

Ride (Lv. 6)

One of Godwyn's few joys lie in horses. She understands these animals on a level few may reach, and learning how to ride one has been one of her biggest challenges, yet her greatest pleasures. She is now an accomplished rider, and can make the most basic of attempts seem easy. More complex maneuvers will require further study in the art of handling her companion.

Handle Animal (Lv. 4)

In addition to the above, Godwyn has advanced her studies in how to teach a horse new things. Certain tricks and maneuvers will be available to her mount in due time, provided she puts enough time and effort into the act. She is now confident enough to train a mount for full Combat Training!

Heal (Lv. 5)

During her training as a Sentinel, Godwyn learned how to perform First Aid, use Healer's Kits, and other methods of keeping others alive. She's improved herself in this regard, and can take on the task of more long term care, albeit with some hesitance. She's become more proficient at First Aid, however.

Perception (Lv. 6)

A Paladin of any faith must have trained senses. Godwyn's have improved to the point where she can notice finer details than she used to. They still aren't up to snuff as much as others, but she gets along well enough.

Linguistics (Lv. 1)

After witnessing a Veyshanti woman talk to an eglarin, Godwyn became fascinated with their means of communication. Her studies have borne fruit, as she now knows Auran, the language of the mighty and majestic avian race. How many more tongues she understands will only come with further study.

Perform/Sing (Lv. 10)

Godwyn has a talent for song. She hasn't truly used it in quite some time, besides to whittle away the lonely hours in the Temple. These days however, she has grown into a fine songstress, and has even started to write her own lyrics. Her level of technique has reached the point where she can execute an Enjoyable Performance (DC 15) without incident.

Perform/Dance (Lv. 3)

During preparations for the Mithralla Ballroom party, Godwyn asked Sophia Lightbringer to help her freshen up on her dancing. The party gave her no opportunities to put her training to practice. Yet she finds herself naturally skilled at her first real attempt, while dancing to one of Aldean's usual songs. Paired with a longsword, Godwyn weaves intricate patterns seemingly at random, yet when looked at in hindsight, paint a graceful picture. Only time will tell if this skill is instinctive as her talent with song.

Profession/Cook (Lv. 6)

The Harvest Festival's opening ceremony, known as the Great Feast, has taught Godwyn much about cooking. In the space of the two days of preparation, she learned more about preparing a large-scale meal than most would have learned in months. With so many techniques and methods flying around, it was inevitable that she'd pick up a few tricks. She's actually somewhat adept at it now.

Knowledge/Military Theory (Lv. 10)

From the time she could speak and walk, Godwyn's parents taught her the means and methods of settling conflict via strength of arms, but on a grand scale. Growing up, she saw their ruse for what it was, and shunned the idea of using this knowledge. But with a war going on, she has found it necessary to brush up on the basics. She now feels that she can adequately prepare for tactical situations with a greater degree of subtlety and flexibility.

Knowledge/Nobility (Lv. 13)

If there is anything useful and truly good her parents taught her however, it was how to act in the halls of high society. Godwyn not only minds her manners, she minds the proper manners for a given culture or situation. Godwyn is is a specialist in this regard, having been born a noble, and finds ease in circles of power and influence. Combined with her propensity for the Althean brand of Diplomacy, this makes her uniquely suited for handling certain situations.

Knowledge/Religion (Lv. 5)

Sometimes, a Paladin must teach and guide others in the way of their Patron. Other times, they must identify those of opposing faiths who would undermine everything they work for. And still others, they must know about that which has fallen into obscurity. As part of her initial training, Godwyn was taught alongside the young Hearthguards in the ways of all Divines, primarily focused on how they relate to Althea, and how She relates to them.

Stealth (Lv. 13)

Having had experience with avoiding patrols that would love nothing more than to cart her back home unconscious, Godwyn understands the fundamentals of evasion and escape. However, this knowledge also comes in handy when a more subtle, silent approach is needed. Sometimes, even a heavily armored warrior needs to forego barging in. This skill requires a lighter form of armor than she usually wears, and she is taking this fact into consideration for future decisions.

Eldanar Heritage

Born of Highborn parents, her legacy is great, though tainted. Godwyn seeks to remove this taint from herself with every action she takes, but such a task may take a lifetime. She has a natural affinity for the language of the Gods, and has a beautiful voice to match, one which is just now coming into its own. With little training, yet a great amount of courage, Godwyn has found she has a talent for song. In fact, singing seems to come to her far too easily...

Improved Sunder

The doctrine of Althea speaks of mercy and compassion. These two things rarely exist on the battlefield, yet Godwyn has taken them to heart in her fighting style. She seeks not to merely incapacitate an enemy, but remove entirely their means of both offense and defense. This mindset has made her more skilled in attempts to destroy weapons, shields, and armor, thus removing an enemy's means of battle.


Having spent an adequate amount of time in a metropolitan area such as Alexandria, Godwyn has picked up a few tricks that have expanded her knowledge of certain subjects, such as languages. Yet this reaches even further with her having studied at the Temple of Serriel on the art of delivering a proper threat when diplomacy no longer works, as well as learning survival techniques from several sources.

Power Attack

For someone who stands just past five feet, Godwyn is able to put significant momentum and leverage behind her weapon. This trait has surprised many of her foes, putting them off-guard. Coupled with the fact that she is armed with a great-sword, this makes Godwyn a fearsome opponent when diplomacy and kindness are no longer options.

Furious Focus

To aid with the above, Godwyn has enough training to make the first strike count during a vicious attack, due to her intense focus. After that however, precision goes out the window due to the increased momentum behind each additional swing.

Human Improvisation

Godwyn has found herself talented at a great many things as of late, and she now believes it is no coincidence. She has a better chance of success at something she knows nothing about if she puts her full will behind the attempt, and this has proven itself time and time again.

Skill Focus/Ride

Frustration with her progress in learning how to properly ride while using armor has only pushed Godwyn further into her quest to get it right. The results have paid off, and with her new armor upgrade, she has improved her command of Argent Fire. This will only improve with further study into the art of mounted combat.

Improved Unarmed Strike

With Moonshadow temporarily on retreat, Godwyn has been instructed to turn to other sources in order to complete her training. It fell to one of her new friends, Fiore, to finish the job, and facing against a far larger foe was not the most pleasant experience. Still, it seemed to do the trick. While she is no monk, and nowhere near as fast or able to execute multiple strikes with as much precision, Godwyn is now able to deliver lethal blows without a weapon equipped.

Great Cleave

The great sword is a weapon used to best advantage when against heavier foes, or to blunt a wall of spears that threaten a charge. But when used against multiple opponents, it begins to take on a life of its own. Godwyn takes this concept one step further than originally intended. By deliberately overextending the swing, she can attack more than two enemies, so long as they are adjacent to one another. This technique can be used to great effect when facing deadlocked foes in close combat. However, this overextension provides attackers with a window of opportunity to attack vital points in her armor.

Coming Soon...

Mounted Combat (Lv. 15)

Ride-By Attack (Lv. 17)

Spirited Charge (Lv. 19)

RP Hooks

  • Healing: Need some First Aid? A quick Lay On Hands? This is your girl!
  • Charn: She does her best to forget all about her home. But when she realizes you're from there too, she'll lend you an ear.
  • Eluna: Grateful to Moonshadow for rescuing her, she considers the clergy of the Moon Goddess as kin.
  • Althea: If you need some assistance and are of the Temple of Althea, or just follow her faith, look to Godwyn for help.
  • Daeus: Godwyn appears to be making more and more connections to the Temple of Daeus.
  • Slavers: Godwyn has taken a particular dislike for slavery. Point her at a slave ring or trafficking operation, and she will shut it down.
  • Thul: Godwyn directly opposes Thul and his ilk. Point her at a place where they congregate, and she will deal with them.
  • Strategy: Trained in the ways of strategy, particularly that of warfare, any sort of talk about this will interest her.
  • Horses: She loves them. Talk about them, and she'll enthusiastically join in. Show one to her, and she'll fawn over it.
  • Unarmed Combat: She's started to learn how to fight with her body as a weapon, thanks to Moonshadow. Only time will tell if she's any good...

Allies and Rivals

  • Fiore (Ally) - "Thanks for helping us out! You are proving to be a stalwart and resourceful friend. Althea keep you!"
  • Margaret (Althean) - "You are so adorable! There is no need to be so hesitant around me, you know."
  • Kerbasy (Ally) - "You're quite amicable for a Mourner. A curious little creature who's more nervous than a field mouse around a horse."
  • Namira (Ally) - "It's thanks to you that I realized who that figure in my dreams was. Shame she's not Althea, but a messenger is just as good."
  • Solace (Ally) - "You... you're barking mad, aren't you. Be fortunate we're still friends."
  • Tatyannah (Rival) - "I can see I can't convince you to work together. Rest assured, your criticism is noted... but you are still a brute."
  • Benthus (Ally) - "It's time to finish this, once and for all... my vow shall be fulfilled."
  • Sophia (Mentor) - "It's good to have your wisdom at my behest. Perhaps next time I'll have less trepidation around divine wrath."
  • Myrana (Althean) - "Goddess above... I should have known. But if you forgive me for all that, I am at peace with my actions. Thank you."
  • Iuitl (Navosian) - "Well-spoken, soft-spoken, compassionate, and intelligent? I do believe we can get along."
  • Jessamy (Serrelite) - "I can easily call you one of my best friends... no. My closest friend."