Goblin Trouble at the Library

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Log Info

  • Title: Goblin Trouble at the Library
  • Characters: Fidget, Verna
  • Place: Alexandria - City Library
  • Time: July 6th, 2023
  • Summary: A goblin in search of knowledge finds an ally

Pacing around the library, Fidget collects knowledge, lots and lots of knowledge! She's carrying about 6 books in a precarious pile in front of her, peeking around the pile to pluck one more with a gesture that then drops the book on top of her pile, and there's another pile hovering behind her too. She approaches a large table, planning to set down her burden and get to research.

The top book slips free, and the goblin girl reaches out to catch it, sending the rest of the pile clattering down, one bounces off the floor and into the floating pile, slowly tipping it over while she pleads "No, no, no, no..." while reaching out to steady it, but it's too late for that and she ends up holding a copy of "Of Art and Artifice, a Modern Guide to Enchanting" while several other books fall on her head and on the floor around her.

With a sigh, the purple Gobbo flops down on the carpeted floor, defeated.

Verna has only just entered the confines of the library proper, the shelter from sun and heat is a welcome side-effect of an environment best for the longevity of written works. It is the sudden cascade of motion and the repeated impacts of said works upon the floor that promptly draws her attention with a notable wince. A blinnk follows before she makes her way over with sandaled feet, bright yellow sundress swishing about as she moves. "Are you well?" she inquires of the flopped, surrounded gobber before crouching to retrieve the nearest tome from the floor.

"Yeaaaah." Fidget groans out flopping back onto her back, "But now all my books are on the floor." She rolls back to her feet and hops up, and starts picking up the books a few at a time again, eager to get to setting up on the table so she can get to her research plans. The other books are a broad assortment of topics, from magic lore to creatures and monsters, even a few on Alexandria itself.

"Not all are upon the floor," Verna corrects as she retrieves a second, then a third and rises. "None shall remain so," she adds as others rise of their own accord, "nor do any appear damaged." She steps to a nearby table to set her acquired knowledge down.

"That said, I can assure you that any damage would be noted and certainly draw comment from Lady Octagona. The library is her protectorate and the tomes her charges." She then turns back towards the Gobber. "You seem to hold, or held, quite the broad range of topics for simultaneous consumption. Are you a student of mana, a student of knowledge, both?"

The goblin makes a face at the name of Lady Octagona, "Yeah, she didn't appreciate my questions." Fidget says, piling the last of her books back into the precarious pile once again, and she shuffles over to the table and sits them down - this time without a catastrophe.

"Yeah, a little of one, a lot of the other. I'm studying magic and enchantments, but I also want to get a little bit of everything - it's good to know lots of things, yeah? Especially with so many weird things happening out there that I don't know anything about, evil plants, insane constructs, exploding shitslugs... y'know, lots of things. I'd like to know about that sort of stuff *before* they explode on me." Fidget pauses for a minute, looks at the books in her hands, and says "Don't worry, that was, like, days ago. And I cleaned up right after."

Verna arches a brow as Fidget recounts her recent exploits. "Indeed, there is no shortage of unexpected and/or odd occurrences in the vicinity of this city. More frequently, as of late. Regrettably, the rise of cosmic sources of chaos do not make for peaceful times." She then nods. "Regardless, the quest for, and acquisition of knowledge are always worthy pursuits."

"That's what *I* thought!" Fidget agrees emphatically, "So why'd the put the knowledge in such heavy books so high up on the shelves! The pursuit of knowledge is supposed to be, like, metaphorical. But I'm exhausted! And I haven't even read a page yet. And who knows if any of what I'm looking for is even in here..." the Goblin sounds a little overwhelmed.

Verna's head pans to consider the library. "Much of what you seek is likely here, or perhaps in other libraries. The tomes are large to be durable and their mass due to the volume of information." Her attention returns to the gobber. "A large portion of the search for knowledge lies in the actual search for it, in my experience. As well, there remains all the knowledge that you do not yet seek as you are not yet aware of the need or desire to."

Gesturing to the table, "Well, I sure hope at least some of what I seek is in here. It really seems like someone should just put all of this into one big book that you can just ask questions of and know stuff. Or maybe we can just get one person to read all of them and then keep them here to answer my questions." Fidget nods, "Yeah, that'd work. How do *you* do it?" The goblin gestures at the first book and floats it down to the table where it spreads its pages for her. "Where even to start..." she mumbles at the page, which shows a complex diagram of somatic gestures for spellcasting, surrounded by very small text.

Verna purses her lips. "There exist some sources of knowledge where one can simply make verbal inquiries and receive responses. I suggest wariness and caution involving any and all such objects. They rarely exist without consequence for convenience."

Her expression softens as she steps to the table, taking a moment to observe the briefly floating tome. "I suggest starting with a single point, a single topic. Knowledge is perhaps an infinite resource, and one can never accumulate it all. I believe it best to narrow the scope to subjects at hand: a specific pasttime; a narrow need; a topic of desire."

The warning about consequences seems to go entirely over her head as her eyes go wide in intrigue at the confirmation of a talking knowledge repository, then she frowns, "But I need to know, like, 10 different things, yesterday." She pauses, "Is there a cool thing that does that? Do you have one?" she turns to lean forward towards Verna as if hoping the half-elf might have such an arcane device on her at the moment.

Verna shakes her head. "I do not possess such a device. The only one of which I am aware in the vicinity, and which appears ... relatively benign, is that of a skull which is extremely knowledgeable in all manner of laws concerning taxation. I believe that it is currently stored within one of the vaults upon the grounds of the Arcanist Society."

"Oh! You've seen one? I don't think taxation is very useful, but maybe I can figure out how it works, and make several more talking skulls. Do you think they'll let me play with it?" Fidget considers it, "I guess maybe not, people tend not to put things in a vault when they're willing to share them. What's the Arcanist Society anyways?"

"It is doubtful they would allow you to converse with it for any length of time," Verna opines, "much less examine it in detail. There is ever the concern that its nature, or that of its creation, holds some nefarious or vile intent."

She then gestures with a hand back towards the library entrance. "The Society for Progressive Arcanists is an organization of scholars; predominantly those adept in magic. Wizards, Sorcerers, and similar. If it is knowledge of mana you seek, they would hold the most detailed and relevant information. It is an educational institution, as well: aging archmagi help to educate and train subsequent generations, whether they require rote memorization to focus, or practice and guidance to hone the abilities in their own blood. I previously lectured frequently, though I recently chose to reduce my activites with them as of late."

"Of course it's vile and nefarious, it's a talking skull! And an accountant! But that doesn't make it any less interesting!" Fidget enthuses, "Well, at least not... magically. The accountant thing might make it less interesting generally."

"Hmmm, well... I am a wizard. But I'm not an aging archmagus. I could probably use some guidance though." she admits, "And some focus, but... obviously that's not my strong point." she says, glancing at the open book, first of many, pages unturned. "Is there a test? If it involves making and or unmaking cool things, I can do that!"

Verna glances casually at the open pages, though her attention remains primarily upon Fidget. "There are no exams nor qualifications required, per se. There is, of course, effort required if you wish to take best advantage of the resources available. It does somewhat resemble a school in many respects, yet it is simply a gathering of similarly-oriented individuals to exchange knowledge and opinion."

She considers her a long few moments. "If you truly intend to better yourself, to apply yourself, and make the investment of effort, I would be willing to speak on your behalf. A sponsorship for your membership request, in a manner of speaking."

The goblin is prepared for a much less welcoming answer, so it seems like she's ready to retort and finds herself with an open mouth and nothing to say for a second. "Oh. Uhh... yeah! Yeah, I can do effort. And I'm good at some stuff." she exhorts her worth, "So... yes, please!" she says with a sweet, razor-toothed grin.

"How does it work? Do you have meetings and stuff? Is there an archmage? Are you the archmage?" She is a goblin of many questions, and Verna is unfortunately much easier to interrogate than one of these heavy books. Currently open on the table is a book of local creatures and monsters, and it's flipped to the index section, among the 'p's.

Verna's expression softens some at the toothy grin and exuberance. "None need be powerful nor experienced to join. Afterall, the purpose is to share and expand that; all grow over time." A brow lifts somewhat at the prompt questions.

"The organization, as a whole, is not so formal. There are members more junior or senior to others, and some elders who hold specific offices, but the daily operations and members are not managed by them on a daily basis. To my knowledge, Madame Gelfure remains the archmage of the Society and possibly of the city, itself. Again, however, that is more office and title than any direct role. As for myself, I am a senior member, yes, though I have lessened my scheduled continuous participation. There are many others who could, and would, provide lectures or instruction in my stead."

"Okay." Fidget seems a little uncertain but definitely excited, and rattles off more questions, "How do I sign up for the instruction?", and then "Are the Arcanists involved in any big world-saving quests?", and "When do I get to play with the evil artifact accountant skull?", while she idly flicks through the pages on the book in front of her, though it's not clear if her eyes rest on the page for long enough to actually read any of it. "Why'd you get less involved? Did you get bored?" she fires off that last one with a headtilt of curiousity, trying to figure out this helpful half-elf.

Verna clears her throat lightly, perhaps in lieu of some amusement that could be construed as unprofessional. "You can inquire of instruction from the various members offering such," she explains. "Many members are oft involved in the affairs of the city and the surroundings. Guildmembers, adventurers, however you might term them. I am yet involved in several matters. The Society does not involve itself as a unified entity in such matters, to my knowledge. Again, it is a somewhat informal arrangement."

Whatever she retain or avoided before, she cannot withold a brief laugh of bemusement at the last question. "No, I did not become bored. That is a state I might now well aspire to reach, to some degree. I became wed, built a permanent residence... a home. I would much prefer to spend the majority of my time with my family as opposed to sharing tales of time spend elsewhere."