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About My Character

Folkmar, is the brother of Petyr. Both are sons of Leif, an Aesir sailor and raider. Folkmar set out on his own in search of means to prove himself to Kor, and to his family. He worked with a group of raiders who plundered in the Sea of Shattered Swords, until some territorial pirates decided to eliminate the competition. The pirates killed most of Folkmar's crew, but took himself and several others as slaves to row their boats. Folkmar wasn't one to give up, however, and learned to channel his fury at being a slave, and his anger at being lashed, until one night during a storm, he broke free of his chains, killed the oars master, and leaped over the side of the boat. He washed up on an island off the shore of the Kingdom of the Lion. Knowing his brother Petyr was in Alexandria, he eventually made his way there on a caravan, and has decided to stay while he plots his revenge against the pirates who took him as slave, and to work as a mercenary.

Folkmar isn't a bad person, nor is he a good one. Morality is just something that happens to other people. He revels in battle and combat, and the feel of salt spray on his face when he's aboard a ship. He's quite a swimmer and climber, and has been known to swim to another vessel during the cover of night to disable it, and its guards, while the crew sleeps.

While he's shrewd and cunning, Folkmar is anything BUT wise. He's easily manipulated by peer pressure and dares. He generally relies on his strength, toughness, and wits to get him out of the situations that his bad decision making gets him into.

RP Hooks

Anything involving killing pirates. Yar!

Working as a hired arm always works. He's also a /bit/ sneaky, and works alright as a scout. Looooves boats. Loves em.