Felling Trees

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Tenebrae - Tuesday, December 05, 2017, 7:34 PM

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--<* H03: Eldwyn Road *>--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

The Eldwyn Road meanders continuously around hills, wilderness, and farmland, though it is occasionally broken by fingerlets from the great Tornmawr. At one point, the road crosses the Tornmawr itself, which takes place by use of a ferry.

Further east and past the ferry are the great Redridge Mountains. These mountains, which run mostly north and south, charge through the landscape, and even through the eastern end of the Lord's City of Alexandria.

Towards the south is the city, with its flags rising far above the walls. The fiery Rising Phoenix almost glows in the sunlight and airships may be seen both in flight and in dock, as they make use of a carefully sculpted section of the Redridge.

Towards the north, the landscape of rolling hills and farmland breaks into denser forest.

The sky is grey-black, without moon or stars. The air is cold and wet, and there is little wind. Snow flurries fall. It is easier to feel the flakes landing than it is to see them, in the darkness.


The sound of breaking wood echos in the chill air, the source obscured by the dim light and small flurries of snow. A brief pause, and another series of loud snaps before quiet again. Seems to be comming from the edge of that field, near the start of the woods.

Tirr is well, she's lost in a book, yet again, litterally. As she hears the snapping and crunching she pauses... The Sith looking up now and around.. Her hood falls back revealing that backsweped, very draconic horned head of hers as she peers off into the wood. She then blinks again and sighs "Aaaand once again, ya get lost, ya goofy Sith.." She mutters to her self, then calls out to the loud noises "Hallooo?!? Anyone out there?

It comes again, the sound of straining timber, bent beyond it's limits, and then a pause. "Yeah? What's up, you need something?" A light blooms, the yellowish green of a chemical glowstick, half hidden behind a mess of fallen trees and shrubs, many torn free of the earth, the dirt still upon their roots.

Tirr peers at the glowstick, and thetimber, and the torn trees... She pauses a moment while trying to think of what to say at this point... "Umm yah soo why are you tearing trees out of the ground?" she asks curiously.... She peers at the light, but looks further, well, she can at least see in the dark, not like she needs a light...

Munch buzzes softly, one of his leathery 'deadlocks' glowing to provide light. Though given it's a recent addition, the metal man likely doesn't need it either. "...because they asked me to? Some about expanding the fields for food, but with all the troubles, didn't have time to get to it. Frozen ground is too hard to work with for most people." Obviously, he's not most people.

Tirr quirks an eyeridge as she watches the Golem.... It's not really a fear response at all, but pure unrefined unadulterated curiosity. Tirr studies them for bit and nods "Umm I don't think you're most people." She says and rubs at the nape of her incredibly long neck... "Sooo you're here to cut down trees then?" she asks curiously.

Munch buzzes again, and nods. "Mostly to rip the roots out. Get rid of the rocks and stuff that make a crop field different from a grass field. Takes time, but it's not really hard work." For a guy made of metal, anyway.

Tirr stares at Munch... "Yer doing the same work in an hour it might take a couple groups of farmers to do in a whole day... Not really hard work? Sooo umm what constitutes hard work in your appraisal?" asks the Sith'Makar curiously... She tilts her head to the right now, that crest along her neck raising as she studies the Golem curiously.

Kalkorth has arrived.

Munch considers a few moments, buzzing quietly. "Heth. That'll be some hard work. Most dragons, really. Clay golems, those things are hard. Wights alone aren't too bad, but they're pretty tough when get a group of them I guess. Wraiths are a pain, but that's mostly because they're tricky."

Munch stands near the edge of a field, chattign with Tirr. A number of small uprooted trees are strewn about the edge of the neighboring woods.

Tirr stares for a moment "Soo dragons and Clay golems are hard work... Lone Wights aren't a problem, but can be a pain when in a group and you don't lik dealing with Wraiths.... Soooo Undead for the most part is a pain?" She says, committing this to memory, she's never run into a war golem before....

Kalkorth comes walking along back towards the city with his great axe slung over his shoulder. He spots the golem and tall sith-makar standing near the field. He hmms, "What's up with all the trees? The druids aren't going to like this."

Munch considers again and nods. "I guess. Been dealing with a lot of undead recently, so they're sorta on my mind. Used to be demons, whole range on those things. Though I guess most of them are pretty tough as well. And gods. Those guys are really tough. But tastey." Blinking his magicite eyes with a soft click, he turns focus to Kalkorth. "Nah, this close to the city the druids have pretty much given up. Farmers need more land for all the people comming in, but didn't have time to clear the stuff out before the ground froze. So I've been helping."

Tirr now glances to the new person at the mention of Druids and all... She then ummms "I guess I can see that, but also maybe research into new farming techniques could be useful? " Asks the Sith curiously, then she glances from the Giant-person to the well Manufactured person, then back again, studying both now rather curiously.

Kalkorth hmms and nods a little bit, "Probably have, but you can never tell with druids." He offers his big hand towards Tirr, "Kalkroth. I don't know anything about farming techniques." He sniffs and rubs his nose a bit, "Not my preview exactly."

Tirr glances at the huge hand, and mindful of her own claws she shakes the offered hand, making good and sure they're nice and mostly retracted and all.... Tirr then nods "Tirrynelth, Pleasure to meet you." She says by way of introduction, and her head swivels back around on Munch "Y'all can call me Tirr, or Tirry if it helps."

Munch buzzes. "I just break things and hurt people. You want farming, talk to a lutch." The golem pauses a moment, then draws the massive adamantine axe from his back, addressing the decoritive dragon head carved into the metal. "I mean sure, an adjustment to the soil alkalinity can be favorible to certain crops, but we shouldn't just assume an adjustment is proper without first testing the soil." The metal eye etched into the blade rolls in apparent disagreement. "Oh, hey, yeah, this is Reaver, he's usually quiet, and I'm Munch the TerrorMaw, and usually not quiet."

Kalkorth shake Tirr's hand, "Nice to meet you." He looks to Munch, "If you say so, I hunt I don't farm." He looks at the axe, "Ah you got one of them talking weapons. Never wanted one of them myself, I don't need a weapon that's smarter than I am."

Tirr glances to Munch, and the Axe "Never seen a sentient weapon before..." she muses then looks to Kalkorth, then back to Munch.... "I ummm, I read books and study Sorcery?" She says and then rubs at the nape of her neck again... "Am not very advanced in the latter respect, but I can read awefully fast....

Reaver rolls it's eye again. "-Someone- has to be the brains of the duo." Munch doesn't disagree, and nods to Tirr. "Sorcery is good. Not really my thing, I prefer hitting stuff. So the sorcery part of my brain moved out into it's own place. That's Reaver." Their's is a -special- relationship.

Kalkorth chuckles a little bit, "Well it's good to know that someone is." He starts to pick up the trees to start to stack them up out of the way, 'So you are pulling up the trees for the farmers so next spring they can use this as farm land?"

Watches the giant person pick up trees, while the automata rips them out of the ground... The Sith'Makar peers, blinking a few times as she looks back and forth... "Uhhh, well I'd help if I could, don't think I can really." she mutters and offers a sheepish smile.

Munch nods to Kal. "Trim the branches, guy comming later to pick up the logs. Extra stuff goes to the side for compost or something. It's mostly digging out the roots and rocks that takes time, breaking trees is just the fun part." He shrugs to Tirr. "No worry, I'm doing it because few others can. Though if you want to stay and talk, I'm fine with that. Or can even help with the branches if you wanna get your hands dirty."

Kalkorth shrugs, "All right if that's what you want." He says as he looks at his greataxe and thumbs the edge of it a bit before he starts to easily chop the branches off the tree.

Tirr peers at the goings on, and ummms "No axes really, just a few very small selection of spells..." She says and tilts her head curiously again, she then stands up and glances to all the trees... "I think the only weapon I have is a crossbow and somehow I don't see that helping...."

Munch buzzes in amsuement. "Like I said, no worries. Anyway, what brought you out here in the first place?" Munch turns towards the slightly cleared area, and draws his weapon again, the adamantine flowing like water for a moment, turning into a massive pickaxe. Between the oversized tool and the golems draconic strength, the remaining roots stand little chance.

Kalkorth smiles as he continues to easily de-limb the tree. "Returning from helping to protect a caravan." He says as he moves down one side of the tree and then down the other.

Tirr glances at the two folks working curiously and ummms... "Do ya think magic missile could be used to maybe knock limbs off trees?" she asks curiously, rubbing at her long chin now before sitting on a felled tree trunk... "Not that I know much or can cast it for very long..."

Munch buzzes in amusment. "Could? Sure. Should? Nah. Not very practical. That's pretty firmly a combat spell. Not that I expect anything dangerous to show up here. We're pretty close to the city, and all kinda scary looking. Where exactly are you from, anyway?"

Kalkorth hmms, "I don't know I don't do magic of any kind." He says as he finishes up the tree and he gathers up the branches, "There all done."

Tirr shrugs at Munch "Well at least it's a novel Idea... Maybe I'll buy like a hand axe for future use... Might be useful for breaking down kindling and such, though I've never used one... Too much time spent in a library." she says and then umms "As far as wehre I come? Born in Am'shere, and raised by an adult Bronze Wyrm and a bunch of high elves."she says and tilts her head.... "Came from one of their magical colleges and such..." She then sighs and looks upward, now noticing where the moon is "OUt late again, anyhow, it's gonna take me about an hour to get back to my tavern... You two have a good night you two. Sleep well, if you sleep and all." the latter bit of sentance directed at the Golem... She then offers a 'smile' and a wave, well it's a real smile, but being a rather draconic looking predator it might not be taken completely as a smile, at least the mirth reaches the sith's eyes... "Again, good night you two, was a pleasure meeting you."

Munch waves to Tirr, and nods to Kal. "I can finish up with the roots easy enough. I don't have anywhere else to be until sunrise anyway."

Kalkorth nods as he finishes piling the branches up, "All right I'm going to go have a drink at the tavern. See you around munch."

Munch waves again, and returns to ripping up tree roots.