Exploding Crossbows

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Log Info

  • Title: Exploding Crossbows
  • Emitter: Warrick
  • Place: The TarRaCe
  • Summary: Warrick requests and upgrade for his crossbow through Fidget's new services.
The TarRaCe, Midday

It's raining.

It's raining just enough to where one could easily see, but just enough that the tropical storm from the other days hadn't quite cleared out. Lending to this means there is quite a number of folks trying to mill about the TarRaCe during lunch to delay having to face the weather. One such figure has no luck, already drench from the walk over in his grey over coat. But he had no inkling for lunch today, the human man peering over the crowd as his gaze settles on a newfound place far in the back. Perking, he weaves through the crowd to the storefront, a bulk held under his grey overcoat.

"Uh, hello?" a gruff, middle aged man peers in. A bandage peeking out from under his shirt near his shoulder.

Fidget had only recently put up her amended sign offering additional services, so it was still a little hand-written addition hanging from her original sign, she'd get around to crafting something new and prettier soon, probably. If she doesn't forget.

Right now, she's about done 'tidying up' from her move. It's been a whole thing, and the shop's floor does still look cluttered, but everything amongst the clutter is on a shelf, labelled in some way, and is actually part of the shop rather than assorted stuff she brought with her.

Fidget herself definitely hasn't been outside, it's actually been a little busy, mostly with curious window-shoppers who were here for other services at the TarRaCe, but she's scurrying around her little room and adjusting things, she slips a small orb out of her pocket and puts it on the shelf where there was an empty space. She turns at the sound of a voice and peers at the damp man for a moment, trying to place him, and then exclaims, "Oh, I know you!" in a tone of glee and with a toothy grin.

Warrick leans back out of the shop, eying the sign to double check he was in the right place before he turns back and shrugs his damp overcoat off. The bulk underneath was that a large, well worn yet well taken care of crossbow. A large one at that, with a winding winch at the side to help with pulling the taut string back.

But that doesn't get him. "You... know me?" he repeats, perplexed. "I'd say you'd have me at a disadvantage, but your shop has me on that front, Miss Fidget," he says, knocking his boots on the floor to clean the dirt and water off before stepping in. "Interesting addition to the TarRaCe. There's actually labels on things," he chuckles, holding out a hand to shake.

The goblin steps over to her guest and takes his hand, and then elaborately courtseys while holding his hand, then steps back a few feet to get a better angle to look at him from, silly tall people. "Oh, you know, in the place, the fort, that went crazy and made the exploding shit-monsters, and we all got covered on our outsides with someone else's insides, and then half of you put your insides back outside on the floor because it was incredibly gross?" She seems weirdly okay with the whole thing, not sensibly repressing that memory as Warrick might have. "I can show you if you like? I've always wondered what would happen if you shared a memory that was gross or horrifying - the whole emotional context should transfer over, you'd think it would be as bad as being there in the first place. Oh, but maybe not inside the shop. Somewhere with a drain and a hose." she rattles off, being sure to fill in any doubt he had about where she knows him from.

Then after a pause, "Of course I've got labels, how else would people know how much money they have to give me! It was one of the first things in the book I read on commerce."

Warrick almost shakes her hand, but instead gives way to bow his head at the curtsey. There's a searching look in his gaze but it clicks. "Ah. Yes. To be quite honest, I may have blocked most of that venture from my mind." Yep. Totally repressed. Especially as he takes his hand back and holds it up to stymie that with heavy grimace and a tinge of green to his pale face. "No thanks. That was enough blood and viscera for me that day. Doubly so with all of that."

He puts a hand in his pocket. "Goblintown begs to differ," he mentions. "Prices change so fast there's no point in writing it down. Though, it'll help here. I saw your sign- and heard through the grapevine- you're enchanting weapons now."

"Yes, I definitely am!" Fidget agrees excitedly, "Weapons and Armour, Potions, too! I had some breakthroughs in my crafting technique and now I can make way more cool stuff. Do you want a sword that's wreathed in acid, or armour with lots of spikes on it, or maybe enchant your crossbow so it comes back when you drop it? People seem to keep dropping crossbows. There's gotta be a way to make them return. And every warrior could use a Haste potion or three, I'm sure of that. People back in Goblintown don't know that if your prices go all over the place, then people just wait until the price goes down. Or they try to convince you it was already that price and you won't remember for sure." The purple goblin lady seems very excited to have a potential actual customer.

Most should be overwhelmed from the onslaught of information, but Warrick takes it in stride, him unslinging his crossbow and holding it by the strap with a little chuckle. "It may be low but its worth it. Sometimes. But, no, no returning crossbows. Wouldn't work in the city regardless due to the wards."

"I'll... keep the potions in mind, I don't have the coin for such at present." He walks over to the counter, carefully laying down the large, hefty looking weapon upon it. "I wish for a basic magical enhancement. I tire of my good shots having no effect."

"Oo~kayy" Fidget agrees, sounding a little disappointed, while she looks over the crossbow and visualizes how to imbue the requested enhancement "No flaming, returning, exploding crossbow today. But you'll be back. How cool that idea is will settle in eventually. Like, you could throw the crossbow at someone when you're out of bolts and then it would explode and come back to you good as new." Fidget looks rather taken by the idea, she may have to doodle up some designs for it later. "But for now, standard-issue magically enhanced crossbow, I can do that. Won't take long - can probably have it to you by tomorrow afternoon, even." She scribbles down something on a scrap bit of paper for the receipt, then produces it for Warrick. It shows in somewhat legible handwriting

"I O U


Enhanced Heavy Crossbow

Materials cost: 1,000g

Fidget fee: 200g"

Warrick shakes his head. "If I'm in a situation where I'm having to throw the very thing I specialize in, something has gone very, terribly wrong," he chuckles. "But- maybe exploding bolts wouldn't be too half bad. Eventually."

It's a well worn crossbow, filled with many dings and nicks from several years of use. It's almost Watch standard, but has several- not standard- modifications that makes it easier to slot bolts in haphazardly.

He takes the note, looking it over and chuckling at the simplicity of it. "Quaint," he jabbers off in a different tongue before reaching into a pocket on his jacket. Rifles around, and pulls out a small coin purse. Several stacks of platinum coins are laid out. "Here you are. In full. Adventuring work is horrid but at least it pays well." <Goblintalk>

Trying, and failing, to keep the excitement about the platinum coin show in her eyes, Fidget smiles and says "Yes, it certainly does. It's how I've managed to get all this set up. Plus a fair bit of how I learned how to do all this in the first place. Some things just click better when something is trying to kill you." she pauses and processes something, "Ah, you speak Goblin - I should have known when you said you shopped there. Do you still visit often?" <Goblintalk>

Warrick gives a chuckle at that excitement, he's seen it before with other vendors when getting adventuring gear. But not like this. This amount of coin was... it'd have him set for a while. "Fair. I've learned a few new tricks here and there from such situations. I just wish some situations weren't... so. That fort."

He easily falls into the goblinoid tongue, it almost like it was a second- or third, language to him. "Considering I live on the border of Goblintown, I go in there quite often. My daughter has several friends that live there. I used to also patrol the edges of it when I was in the Watch." <Goblintalk>

"Hah, yeah. The fort was certainly a unique experience for me so far. Didn't know that it would be so necessary to bring an umbrella indoors. But interesting all the same." Fidget agrees, sort of, and then adds "Being in the watch on the edge of Goblintown must have been interesting in its own way, certainly." she laughs, being very aware of the way that her people, and she, are percieved. Sometimes accurately!

Warrick's expression flattens out, a long sigh leaving him as he dips back to Trade. "Yeah. This is also why you bring many, many rags along with you to these things." Spoken from experience.

He carefully folds the page away, putting it into an inside pocket on his coat. A chuckle escapes him, but he looks up to the ceiling. "... yeah. Interesting is... one way to put it. One time there was a dye explosion. It took months to clean up the dye. That only was visible during night." He shakes his head, clearing that memory away. Accurate indeed. But it didn't seem to dissuade him at all. Hell. He just gave most of his money away for further said perceptions. "Anywho. Thank you Miss Fidget. I'm going to get something to eat before I regret blowing all that money."

-End Scene-