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The Realm of the Balance, seemingly sitting at the exact half way point between the celestial realms and infernal realms. It is said that one can reach all of the other realms by journeying to this realm and some feel that it is the true ‘center’ of creation for it maintains the balance between the light and the darkness. As a result, many see it as a common ground for a variety of extraplanar forces and even deities themselves. Powers of true neutrality and spirits who are truly neutral and do not give weight to either side of the conflict tend to find their way here. Previously the Power known as Animus ruled from this plane but his demise ushered in a power void that was not filled until Navos descended from his previous realm in the Dome of Heaven and took up residence. Thus today, this realm is largely seen as the realm of Navos and it manifests itself as a great region of varied terrain, which is inhabited by a variety of refugees and travelers. At the center of this realm is the realm of Navos: a great tower of ivory and grey surrounded by a concordance of light and colors that twist and weave around like the funnel of a great tornado.

Planar Traits

• Normal Gravity

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size

• Divinely Morphic

• Mildly Neutral Aligned

Important Sites

The Equilibrium is a vast ground of neutrality and the meeting ground for a number of different planar forces. It is also the dwelling place of powerful Eidolons and petitioners and spirits of a number of different races. As a result it has among one of the most varied features of all the Outer Planes but a few do stand out.

The Library of the Ages: The Library of the Ages is not simply a single building but rather an enormous city built atop an immense plateau in the very ‘center’ of the Equilibrium but beneath the Tower of Navos. It gleams and glistens like a star resting on the landscape and it is showered by a constant stream of the Sea of Mana, which manifests itself like a curtain of multicolored light. The city resembles an enormous university of magic and learning where in can be found all who are hungry for magical learning and study as well as those who seek enlightenment and the elevation of their thoughts to the next stage of awareness. Monks as well as wizards and sorcerers can be found here in search of greater knowledge. In past days the previous god of magic, Animus, dwelled here, but since his demise only shards and echoes of his presence remain in the form of hooded figures who tend to the various portions of the Library after the manner of their faded master.

Dwarfheim: Many dwarves who are not particularly aligned with a given Eidolon over the other tend to find their way here to an impossibly huge mountain, large enough to contain whole worlds. Dwarven petitioners and celestial beings attend to the deities' needs and also maintain a fierce system of commerce and trade with the various extraplanar inhabitants of the Equilibrium. Majestic citadels and colonies are carved into the mountainsides and into caverns big enough to accommodate the wingspan of even the largest of dragons.