Engineer's Enclave

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Type: Crafters/Technologists Association

Membership: Open (20,000)

Wealth: Rich

Scope: Multi-Regional

Interests: Artificers, Craftsmen, Mechanics, Reos

Headquarters: Clockwork Point

The Engineering Enclave is the largest organization dedicated to the advancement of non-hermetic science and engineering. The Enclave was established in the year 3115 as the result of a dozen smaller organizations merging under one umbrella, with the blessing of Reos' clergy. The rediscovery of limited amounts of ancient Kulthian technology as well as newly developed sciences had until recently fueled membership in the Enclave amongst budding and eccentric Artificers. Today, Charn's implosion and scorched and infertile landscape remind the world of artificer's dangers once again, and this has prompted a more traditional outlook in some areas. Animus' fall and the subsequent implosion of great works of artifice has also instilled caution--and in some cases the Academy is "back to basics" to ensure such things never happen again. With such change ripping the world, the Reosian clergy has stepped forward to offer guidance as the Enclave looks towards the new world and its place within it.

Enclave facilities are found in major cities where the Enclave has negotiated an agreement with the local governments, and in areas without, artificers may find a second home among the temples of the Father of Artifice. There, brilliant and occasionally insane minds work to design and build newer and more potent machines. The guild is largely known for its Artificers or 'Artefactual Engineers', a school of technologist that merges magical principles with mechanical design, creating the arcane devices that have reshaped much of the world over the last few centuries. From their creations the world had been full of flying airships and smokeless lanterns. Others within the guild are the mechanics and skilled craftsmen, who build and maintain mundane machines that serve the common citizen as printing presses and looms.

A second major chapter among the Enclave are the explorer-engineers, who, inspired by the original discovery of the ruins of Kulthos move out among the world in an effort to learn more and explore sites unseen. These individuals are often frequently contracted for dangerous expeditions as experts on archeology and architecture.

Not to be forgotten are the servants of Reos, who offer aid and guidance to the Enclave as well as forming its spiritual backbone. Aside from providing guidance, they may also be some of its most active members. In this way the Enclave's membership is diverse.

Membership and rank within this highly decentralized organization is typically based upon how long one has been a member, as well as how many technical publications have been written and distributed detailing new technologies or sciences developed. Those which lead to further discoveries or even technological revolutions grant great prestige to their progenitors. Generally, junior apprentices work under the supervision of more senior members until they pass examination by a senior member known as a Validator and are fully inducted as a Journeyman.

The most prominent of publications are 'Applied Arcantrics Quarterly', 'The Clockworks and Steamfitting Journal', and 'Artifice Today'. Occasional conferences of leading members generally dictate central policies or amendments to the Enclave Charter, as well as approving the establishment of new chapters. Strong academic debate also is held on the merits of particular technologies and if they should be more widely applied. Such discussion is often protracted, lasting months as the pros and cons of each new prospective (and often problematic) new advancement is weighed.

For Players

Artificers are drawn most strongly to the Enclave, though other classes may make it their home as well. In addition, professions or interests strongly tied to craftwork, particularly clockworks and artifice, may find a home here. Reos (also known as the Father of Artifice) has a strong influence within the Enclave, and his priests and servants are often involved.