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The supremely powerful God of the Heavens, Elhim was the divine manifestation of the True Source and represents law, order and creative power. His names include Eli-Elihim, The Self-Existent One, or The One and the All. He is the one who came into the nothingness and spoke existence into being. It is he who first separated the light from darkness, and created the twin dragon gods, Maugrim and Daeus, and began the creation of, well, everything.

Elhim has no priesthood, followers, temples or worshippers though it is held by some traditions that the gods do homage to him in some form or fashion. His primary role is that of beginning and end and as caretaker of the cosmos. Even those with the greatest knowledge of religion, mythology and history have very little awareness of the true nature of Elhim and his overall relation to the great tapestry of the world.

Elhim grants no clerical spells and in most sources of scripture and legend, he is considered far removed from the conflicts and activities of the gods of Gaea. Causes of established intervention are rare and usually part of ancient legend such as during the war against the Void and later during the great civil war of the gods themselves. Beyond that, he is considered to be withdrawn and working primarily through more subtle means such as the whim of fate, the inherent qualities of good and the self-destructive nature of evil.