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Edmee Sulwen, daughter of Boyd, Son of Iomhair

Edmee was born to priviledge and obligation. And yet the young woman still dreamed. From the Highlands of Dragonier she was born, yet spent most of her life in Caer Dragoras - her father a Knight of the Realm, her grandfather one as well. Life was almost idyllic, even if Edmee was born with that stubborn highland idea of proving one's worth by strength and stubborness.

Then the impossible happened. The Great Gold Hyren was killed, and in a week Heth the Unliving overran Dragonier in a carnage of blood and death never seen before in this real of True Dragons. The horror was unthinkable. Visiting the family estate in the Highlands is the only thing that saved Edmee, her mother and her father. Her grandfather, it is said, died trying to protect Caer Dragoras ... or worse, that he still walks but without life.

Edmee's father, Boyd, was killed while helping nearly four-scour refugees escape the horrible slaughter at Heth's command. His shield was secretly recovered and given to Edmee's mother a week later. It was only a week after that that Edmee's mother died of a broken heart. Raised by her mother's brother, amoung his boys, Edmee pushed herself to learn the ways of a warrior, pledging to Deaus that she would not rest until Dragonier was reclaimed and Hyren and all those who died in the massacre were avenged.

When rumor came to the small village that accepted the Dragonieri refugees that Alexandria had returned from the mists, Edmee left immediately. She would not be be turned away. After all, something had spared Alexandria from the terrors of the last five years, Edmee would find worthy training there - legend and rumor said so! And Edmee would /MAKE/ it so!