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Mask Her 'face' such as it is.
Helmet Similar in style, more open, longer hair.

About My Character


Like many war born this particular construct is taller than many reaching nearly a full seven feet in height. More than that if one counts the top knot of her 'helmet'. The helmet has a top knot angling up and back which from sprouts a long thick mane of silvery hair that flows down her back. Her is appropriate as the construct has taken to what is quite clearly feminine body styling and facial features. The faceplate of the steel helmet is a stylistic sculpt of a beautiful woman's face by human many standards. High cheekbones. Angular jaw. Pointed chin. Full lips. Like a metal woman was wearing the helmet. Except for the eyes, they are sapphire gemstones wrapped in a web of silver web style mesh.

The feminine styling continues as the steel breastplate is clearly styled with the female figure in mind. It is of excellent quality. Additional garments supplement the armor. A loincloth of extremely fine silvery steel links hugs to a slender waist, the curves of hips and thigh are covered in decorative thin silvery steel plates. She even wears knee-high boots and elbow-length gloves to complete the more 'garbed and civilized' look. The materials of her construction under the steel look like unreflective black metal laced with silver tracework and veins of black quartz.

A pair of low slung belts hold a quiver of arrows on one side and a sheathed longsword on the other. A light shield and a longbow round out the look.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Unique Design: War Golems tend to be either unique in design, or hold overs from a previous ages design. Ebonne is something entirely new.
  • Warrior: Ebonne claims to be a warrior of sorts. A soldier. A Champion. A fighter for what's right.
  • Serriel: A follower of the newest Goddess, she is vocal about her beliefs when it comes up but she doesn't push them on others.
  • Lost: Ebonne is often lost, wandering around a city she does not know, she ends up in the oddest of places.