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Desdemona Windborne

About My Character

Desdemona's parents met one night in an inn. Her father Solveliss was a wizard traveling to gather knowledge, while her mother only known as Tes was an crewman on a passing airship. They had one night of passion and made no plans to see each other again. Soveliss returned home to Llyranost and resumed his studies, thinking he'd never hear from the brash and brazen sailor. However several years later Tes showed up with a daughter.

She wasn't able to raise the girl on her own, while traveling on an airship, so Solveliss agreed to take her. He spent the next several decades doing his best as a single father, and had the help of other relatives when things got out of hand. Much to his disappointment, she didn't show any talent in magic, but she showed skill in swordplay.

She saw her mother every few years, she would come bearing trinkets and tales. When she got older she was allowed to take short trips on the Airship which her mother owned. It was clear that she wanted to follow in her footsteps and when she came of age, she was allowed to.

Tes did not make it easy on her daughter, she started at the very bottom rung on her ship. She made it clear that she didn't want anyone thinking that she got anywhere through nepotism. While the work was hard, Desdemona was happy to finally be off of the ground and learning a craft.

She learned a lot on her mother's ship, but she knew that she couldn't remain under her service for ever. She wanted her own ship and crew, so she knew she would have to find another appointment. Having her mother as a reference got her a spot on a an Airship named Seawind.

Things were going great, she found a good position, there was room to be promoted, and the gold was great, so she could start working toward owning her own ship. They were a little nefarious, they'd kidnap when needed, steal items, but occasionally they would deal with legitimate goods.

That's when things took a turn. After abducting a young nobleman, some of the people on the ship created a mutiny. Unfortunately Desdemona was loyal to her captain, so she fled the ship with the noble and landed in Alexandira and left to fend for herself. Too proud to ask for help from her parents, she's going to try and make it on her own.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Legitamate Airship Merchant: Desdemona knows her way around an Airship, and great with quickly gathering sources for buying and selling goods.
  • Have Sword, Will Stab!: Her second love in her life below Airships is sword play. She's always willing to get into a fight, especially if the incentive is gold.

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"Oy! You heard the man! Hand over the stone ground mustard!" - Desdemona