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About Declan

Declan is a bard; this is a fact that becomes obvious to someone about five minutes into meeting him, usually. He seemingly doesn't take anything seriously, and will regard serious situations with a lightheartedness which may annoy or infuriate his companions. Does this bother him? Nope, not usually! Everything seems to be an opportunity for adventure and knowledge, to him - a story waiting to be penned, a ballad asking to be sung, a lesson needing to be learned. He will readily share facts about himself to strangers, if it seems like it may help him learn something about them.

He is proficient in singing and has quite the vocal range, though he is naturally a tenor. He usually plays his lute in accordance with his singing, and knows how to generally use most string instruments.

His origins are more elusive. He is no stranger to Alexandria, having frequented many a tavern, but he doesn't seem to remain there for long... and just where he runs off to is anyone's guess.

RP Hooks

  • Someone who is city-savvy may hear a rumor about him being the brother of an executed murderer. It might be true.
  • Declan is very fond of sweets; he usually has a stash somewhere on his person.
  • He seems to have some Eldanar traits: blonde, tall, and light blue eyes. A coincidence? Maybe.
  • Generally, if you seem interesting, he's interested. Even if you're boring, he might find that unusual, therefore interesting.