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About My Character

Dax is a somewhat short woman, but she has a lot of other identifying features that make her easily remembered and spotted when seen. A large tattoo wraps around her body from middle of one leg to the opposite shoulder, and it depicts The Kraken tearing apart a ship. This red-headed woman is also frequently found in taverns drinking and talking with others.

She's not been in the city long, and only recently took to land again because of the death of her former Captain. She carries with her a pair of Orcish Claws of Attack, and is more quick of foot than overly sturdy.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Parents Thomas and Gloria Devine were at one point in Alexandros and may still be.
  • Ex-crew members from The Serenade know that Dax left the ship in this port, and she stands out pretty well if they needed her for anything.
  • Dax has visited plenty of ports, and gotten into trouble, or aided folks. Any of them could show up.