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"The language of the world -- the whisper of the wind in the trees, the call of birds, the subtle scents of the flowers -- it's a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you truly understand."


About My Character

Date of Birth: Winter, 989
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties (by human standards)
Occupation: Vigilant Balance-Keeper
Class: Druid
Level: 3

The details of Crow's early life are largely unknown even to him. Especially to him.

Crow was raised by a foster-father, a human Druid named Rain. Rain claims to have found Crow alone in the woods, having been left naked and screaming for the elements to make short work of him. It wouldn't be the first time that a half-blooded child would be abandoned by its parents, especially a Mulblood. Given the unsavory reputation of the Mul'niessa, Crow can't really imagine that the details of his conception were filled with warm thoughts and happy memories.

Why he was left, who left him, or even exactly where he was found were details that Rain always seemed less than willing to share, much to Crow's annoyance. But Crow had too much respect for the man, mixed with a healthy amount of fear, to press overly hard into this subject area.

Rain was always decent to him, however, and taught him the skills he would need to know for someone of his lineage to survive and make his place in the world. Rain treated Crow as an equal, never being cruel or malicious, but also never allowing him to become soft or complacent. The world is a dangerous place, after all, ready to swallow up the unwary or the incautious, and while some might argue that ignorance is bliss, Rain knew that knowledge is power.

Rain trained Crow the Druidic arts from the time he could walk, though Rain would often make a game of it early on. Crow showed an amazing natural aptitude for the craft, his keen senses helping him to discern details that sometimes even Rain missed, and Rain's tough but thorough lessons instilled in Crow an almost unparalleled sensibility, possessing an aptitude that even elder druids were both excited and cautious to see.

Though most of Crow's life was spent in the Wilderness learning his craft, the world of Men isn't unknown to him. Despite the fact that Rain could survive the harshest winters without ever setting foot in a proper city, and taught Crow how to do the same, both of them realized that the cities were important ports of call, and can't simply be ignored. On the uncommon journey into one of the smaller villages, Rain would mostly do the talking, and simply ask that Crow observe, listening and watching patiently to gain an understanding of how the world works when the will of man overtakes the natural order, and man shapes the stones that nature once shaped into workings of his own mind's eye.

But every season has to come to its end. Rain, though he didn't appear to be any older than middle-aged, always acted with the wisdom of a man who's seen well beyond those years, and told Crow that his days were numbered. Rain stopped travelling, settling into one of the local groves and spending his days in quiet contemplation of nature. Inside of a year, Rain was gone, leaving Crow to truly fend for himself and forge his own path in the world.

Crow travelled to Alexandros, on the boundaries between the natural world and the civilized world, hoping to find the place where his own road begins...

RP Hooks

  • Socially Colorblind - Crow is, very obviously, a half-breed, and is used to being an outsider looking in. While he can seem to be a lone wolf at times, he also understands that there is more to a person than their race, history, or background. He's willing to talk to anyone, regardless of what kind of stigma is attached to them. He understands people dismissing others based on nothing more than a prejudice.
  • Urban Virgin - Crow knows how to navigate a city and do what needs to be done in them, but for the most part he's new to the experience of interacting in the massive metropolis of Alexandros. The wonders and horrors of the city never cease to both amaze and confound him. Starting up a conversation about something that he's never seen before is a very good way to get his attention.
  • Wilderness Warden - As a druid, Crow takes a keen interest in preserving the balance between the wilderness and the cities at any cost. Need someone with an understanding of the natural world? Crow might be a good one to come to.
  • Beastmaster - Crow has a few animals. Okay, more than a few. Let's face it, the man has a small menagerie that goes with him most places, even if you can't see them readily. If you have an interest in animals, or need one trained for a task, you'll probably have plenty to talk with Crow about.
  • Natural Mystic - Crow is very interested in not just preserving the balance of nature, but understanding the power that comes from that delicate balance. He knows just as much of Druidic Spellcraft as anyone of his experience could hope to, and would be more than willing to talk at length about the finer details and theories behind spellcraft.
  • The Felwood - The thing that brought Crow to Alexandria in the first place. The chaos and disorder that reigns over this accursed place is of primary concern to Crow, and he's been actively seeking more information on the place, in whatever form it comes. Geography, hazards, theories behind the cause of the disruption, theories on how it can be fixed, how further calamities could be prevented, guides willing to risk the hazards to get an up-close look... anything and everything he can find on the matter.