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About My Character

Criax was hatched in the middle of a violent storm in a small aerie in the Roof of the world. His hatching was early as his egg was touched by Ceiwen as the story goes when a bolt of lightning struck his egg and he was hatched. Being frailer than most of his siblings he was worried over that he wouldn’t make it to his first glide. His mind on the other hand developed faster, leaving him to be out of place with the rest of those his age. He did not find the folly of youthful experimentations such as testing to see if he would get caught doing something. If he saw an outcome would end him up in trouble or not help out the Aerie than he would refrain, it was this wisdom and intelligence that has balanced out his lack of physical prowess.

That is not to say he did not eventually come into his own when he reached maturity, while smaller and leaner than most of his kind he is still very agile. As he grew, his innate understanding and gifts granted to him put him on the path of following the Ceiwen the Huntress. This in itself was set upon by problems as he being male, and the order mostly female, still it wasn’t unheard of for a male to be excepted so he was tested and found to be of the right temperament for the calling. He was trained and given the priest vestments after his 30th year after hatching.

For the las 10 years he has followed the will of Ceiwen, who the other races call Dana, and been a faithful servant of her. His faith has taken him to travel around Ea visiting the other Aeries and cities so that he may have a better understanding on how to assist his people, and it is this that has led him to leave his home high in the mountains once again and venture forth to the city of Alexandria, Ceiwen guide his steps….

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Roleplay Hooks

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Egalrin PC Badge
Aerie: Rox's Gaze, Small Aerie over looking a valley with a sheer drop on one side.
Role: Healer, when not traveling, he spends all his time communing and helping the next generation.
Faith: Ceiwen the Huntress, Also called Dana
Rite of the Skies: Has not taken his Rites yet.