Colrick Voss

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Quick Facts your character might know about Colrick

  • He apprenticed to an Artificer named Fen Stallows, and worked in his shop for several years. Master Stallows mostly worked with steam machinery, until he took on contracts for the military and turned to gunsmithing. Fen Stallows still operates a shop where he repairs and crafts various machinery for the city. Fen Stallows is relatively well-known amongst the engineering and Artificer circles within Alexandria, though is not an adventurer or influential figure.
  • He was part of an initiative to develop an engineering corps in the Alexandrian military. His role was to train soldiers to become sappers, of which he contributed his knowledge on machinery and explosives. In return he learned other skills related to field craft and structural engineering. When the war broke out, he continued as a junior advisor in the field.
  • As the war continued, he stuck with the sapper unit he was attached to and became a full-fledged sapper in the army. He served dutifully until the war ended, receiving the rank of Corporal before being honourably discharged back to civilian life. Soldier PCs might have worked alongside his sapper platoon, as they were often at the forefront in sieges; setting explosive charges, dismantling enemy walls and traps, or establishing their own defenses, often while in the thick of it, is the job of a sapper.

Voss Family

The Voss family has lived in Alexandria as far back as anyone can remember. They're not a famous family, and certainly not wealthy or powerful, but have grown enough that it's not an unheard of name. They would be a much larger family if not for Altima's occupation, during which many Voss' lost their lives in helping the resistance. Though none were noteworthy in their heroism, they all contributed information, supplies, and occasional risky ventures to help. As such they have a reputation as being a patriotic family.

RP Hooks

  • Military: Colrick used to be a soldier, specifically a sapper, and still has associates who remained in the army. He was a Corporal by the time he received an honourable discharge.
  • Artifice: While Colrick is not an artificer, he did work for one, and still knows people in that field. His main trade was gunsmithing.
  • Patriot: Though not nationalistic in a negative sense, Colrick does love his country and will take up arms to defend its borders, people, and ideals.
  • Resistance: The Voss family participated in the resistance during the occupation of Alexandria, and has a good local reputation as a result.