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About Coldan

Coldan is a young monk of Navosian persuasion. He took his vows at the Order of Mountain and Stone, a monastery near the old Mountain Kingdom. (I had had him named Conjan, but the name never fit well, so it's been updated to a similar sound but with a more khazad-aul feel).

Monastic Vows

A work in progress as the character develops.

The cycle of mountain stone: Stone is strong, but eventually erodes by natural forces. So must the khazad; we stand as stone but must accept that even stone is not permanent, only a slow transition from one life to the next.

The purity of mountain ice: Ice in its most pure form is clear. It is truth and it is purity. Gone on too long, however, even the most pure of ice becomes opaque and murky at its core. Refrain from falseness in actions in speech, and guard against their clouding.

The simplicity of stone: Stone is not indulgence, but steadfastness and acceptance of nature's elements. Stone does not ride the wind or dance within fire, but stands still within, and pure.

The respect of stone: Stone is that which supports and is tread upon, despite its strength. If such a noble material may be humbled, so may we.



Khazad-aul PC Badge
Clan: Name of your clan. Feel free to make up some details.
Role: Your role among the clans. How you see yourself.
Faith: Your Faith
The Mountain: Your take on the royal marriage, Khazad Duin, khazad expansion, heritage, and so on. Or whether you care at all.

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Faith PC Badge
Organization: Navosian
Role: A Focus
Landmarks: He is just starting out.

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Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Khazad Duin
Family History: His family is from the deepmountain and coldmountain. He is paler than usual as a result.
Politics: He is not a philosopher or politician. Leave him to his studies.