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The City Council is the primary governing body of the city of Alexandria and issues that deal with its immediate region. The Council consists of seven members, one from each of the major districts of the city with the city docks and airstation considered a single district. The precise method on the appointment of a councilor varies from district to district. In theory it is a diplomatic selection made by the community leaders of a given district but the ‘leaders’ of the individual districts vary dramatically. For example, the Western residential District is actually considered two separate wards: The Lower and Upper West Sides. The Lower West Side tends to be poorer and more destitute while the Upper West Side tends to be more of the lower middle class. Corruption is strong in this area and often influences their political choices for councilor and while each councilor is supposed to represent the interests of his or her own Ward, individual backers and personal interests often get the better of some of them.

The City Council commands tremendous power over lawmaking. They are empowered to collect taxes through the region. The Council also appoints the high officers of the city. All appointments to the council occur on 23 Callem, at the close of the Lianna Rena Festival of Freedom.

Members of the Council

Each member of the city council has an agenda to pursue and a relationship with the city to cultivate.

Commerce District (includes Airstation Alexandria and The City Docks): Though small in size and lacking in overt places of residence, the commerce, trade and travel that flows through these areas is responsible for much of what keeps Alexandria going. Thus Councilwoman Dana Stoneweather (LE female dwarf Nbl 5) commands considerable influence and respect among other council members. A shrewd hard nose negotiator, she rose up through the dwarven family that controlled Alexandria’s largest bank, she always drives the best bargain for her people and what is best for trade and she has the backing of the Alexandrian Mercantile Consortium.

The High Quarters (Nobles District): Lady Rawyn Highwind (NG female human Sor 17/Fts 5) is a veteran of the Crown and Sorceress Wars and fought as a member of the Phalanx Falcis. One of the most powerful sorcerers in the world, she keeps knowledge of her frightening powers hidden from most other members of the Council along with her marriage to clandestine Eldritch Council member, Tucor. (Heir to the city of Genrivia and one of the chiefs of the wizard nation of Rune). A shrewd woman, she has taken the position of the High Lady of the region now that Alexandros has been cut free from Myrddion. Elegant, wise, powerful, beautiful and practical, she believes in a strong rapport with the adventuring community of the city despite her hailing from the High Quarters and the seat of nobility. This puts her at odds, on occasion, with other council members and some of the remaining prominent noble families who don’t believe she represents their interests enough but are afraid to oppose her due to her history and rumor of her capabilities.

Western Residential (Upper and Lower West Sides): Caldor Methis and the Western Residential areas of the city seem made for one another. A massive imposing man (NE male human Nbl 3/Fgt 3) The Teamsters Guild, Guild of the Sly, the Ebon Syndicate and a number of other corrupt principles all have their fingers in his back pockets. The trade and commerce that passes through the Western Residential is not easily turned aside and Caldor commands considerable influence among some members of the City Watch as well.

Industrial District (Ironworks Row and Mountain Road): Talin Thorenson (LG male dwarf expert 3/art 2) represents the industrial powers of the city including the Engineering Enclave, the Union of Steam and the society of Novus Mechanus. These major groups form the backbone of industrial growth in the city although they are lead by the Enclave. Talin himself feels strongly about the use of artifice in a responsible matter and of the riches in the area.

Central City (Guild Row): Raithe Bloodwine (LN female half-elf fgt 6) was once the high commander of the City Watch but her service record, history during the Sorceress Wars and bottom line, to the point attitude won her accolades among members of her immediate district. In the end, she came to represent the central city. Raithe and Caldor are often at odds due to his corruption and her history with him and the guilds and powers of the western city.

Explorers District: Haley Lunatec, now deceased, was appointed as the representative of the newly added Explorers District. A former member of the Explorer's Guild, her popularity among the growing adventuring middle class of the city won her a quick seat on the council. She’s often not taken very seriously due to her race and size but she uses these aptly to hide her shrewd intentions and to work with Rawyn to undermine more corrupt efforts on the council.

Temple Circle: The residents, temples and traders of this central area of the city rely upon Dornen Canter (male NG human exp 4) to voice the interests and needs of the various priesthoods before the council. A devout and pious follower of Althea, many feel that his honesty is a hindrance to the intrigues that go on but he leads aptly by charisma and, some might say, luck.