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Common: Reosian, Elunan, Cleric, Artificer, Inquisitor, Ranger Locations: Alexandria (A14)
A Reosian group focused on addressing the dangers coming from Morduzum.

Not long ago, noted Khazadi historical scholar and priest of Reos, Hurdrizh Silverarm, began to speak to certain members of the order in Dun Mordren about his belief that--thanks to events coming out of Alexandria--an entrance to Morduzum might be close to being unearthed. This accelerated when the Hall of Artificers rose on its legs for no apparent reason, but Silverarm, possessed of a number of enemies, was actively suppressed by these rivals in the priesthood. It was not until very recently, when elements of the Reosian priesthood in Alexandria working with adventurers and members of the Enclave of Engineers to investigate the truth behind the sudden animation of the Hall, that Silverarm was vindicated. Tunnels into the dark were revealed, and artifacts from Morduzum discovered just under the service.

To this end, Silverarm moved quickly to speak with senior elements of the Reosian priesthood, and found himself amid a hotbed of political rivalries. The Hall of Artificers scrambled to maintain control of the situation, while the City Watch and Council demanded reporting. As if this were not enough, Dun Morden itself became something of an issue, with old interests and factions beginning to sniff around. Alexandros, fiercely independent, naturally resented this influence.

A band of adventurers meanwhile, began to organize a means to monitor creatures coming from the underdepths. Working in conjunction with the priesthood of the temple within the Hall of Artifice, Enginebreaker Fazahd Masterbuilder had already taken it upon himself to form the core of a full-on Inquisition to investigate and begin to monitor the underground passages and those who sought to explore them. Without official sanction from the priesthood, funding, and greater support, this Inquisition would have been doomed to fail, but Masterbuilder was savvy enough to fall in under the council's leadership. In turn, Silverarm found himself inspired by their bravery, and disgusted by his own countrymen's greed. He promptly resigned his Dun Morden citizenship and swore to Alexandria.

Since then, Silverarm has become the council lead of the recently formed Morduzumite Inquisition, with the addition of fellow councilmembers from the Hall, the city itself, and a rotating council seat allowed to Dun Morden. The Dun Morden one was deliberately chosen by Silverarm, allowing factions among the khazad influence--but as a means for force them to fight amongst themselves. He knew his countrymen.

Silverarm himself serves as both a leader and diplomat, though some doubt his dedication to Alexandros, given his former citizenship. One could say he is simply glad others are listening, and to have such enthusiasm for the protection of Alexandria's citizens.

Along with local Reosoans, those of the Serriel, Althea and Daeus faiths might be interested in the agency.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

The Morduzumite Inquisition is directed by a council of four, including Silvarm, himself. One belongs politically to Dun Morden, which is a rotating councilship. The others represent the City Watch and Council, as well as the local Hall of Artificers. This body will coordinate the large-scale operations of the Inquistion as it grows. The council receives regular inquiries by the Reosian Temple on its progress, as well as the Artificer's Hall, itself, as elements struggle to fall into place. They have a long way to go.

The Inquisition is focused on, and based in, Alexandria. However, certain fringe groups in Dun Morden may cast an unwelcome interest. The group has unnamed allies as well, in the Mythwood--as the llyranesi have long stood guard over a similar rift.

The Adventurer's Guild looks to be a longtime ally, as a means to regularly 'cleanse' the Hall's bowels.

RPP-Related Skills: Craft/Artifice, Knowledge/History, Knowledge/Religion, Knowledge/Dungeoneering, Knowledge/Geography, Spellcraft, Sense Motive

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