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Knights of the Seal

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Common: Daeusite, Elunan Locations: Alexandria
An order which guards against the Void's growing influence.
It took the combined powers of Daeus, Animus, and Maugrim to renew the Great Seal upon the Void. When Taara struck down Animus, certain souls began to suspect that such an effort, should the Void ever threaten the world again, might not be repeatable and that the threat of the Void must therefore become their primary focus.

With Animus' death (by proxy, it is said, as such direct actions were forbidden by Divine Law), the threat of the Void became a greater reality. Taking inspiration from the cavalier movement across Ea, warriors and scholars both combined to create the first Order of the Seal. The order at first focused on preserving a number of artifacts from Taara's grasp, once Animus fell, and to seek out and preserive any knowledge or artifacts that might be of assistant in preserving Gaea in the face of the Void. This is the last time the order would be whole--it quickly splintered into several groups.

The various orders of the seal have since scattered themselves among civilisation, and its original name has come to be associated with various orders of knights who are charged with the protection of important or dangerous objects or sacred areas.

These orders maintain a focus on anything to do with the Void, be it cultists or the actions of dark powers and deities who's actions may weaken the Seal. They safeguard faiths, relics, ancient sites, and traditions who are allies in this struggle. It is their hope that the spirit of men being strong will help keep the Seal strong.

While the knights of the seal recall the Void, they know that it may not be guarded by a single force, but must instead by many.


RPP-Related Skills: Sense Motive, Knowledge/history, Knowledge/religion, Linguistics, Profession/Astrologer, Ride

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