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IMAGE: Belcat

Homeland: Dran
Race: Halfling
Faith: Kor
Class: Barbarian

Belcat was a baby, not even a year old, when her family was travelling from one village to another, thanks to the combined wanderlust of her parents. Along the way, they were beset by a small pack of gnolls. Her parents were killed, but there was a surprise in store for the gnolls.

The gnolls were a small scouting party that'd travelled outside their pack's typical hunting grounds and into the territory claimed by a small tribe of orcs called the Bone Eye. The orc tribe was on bad times, having been losing numbers more quickly than new births could replace them, over the course of several generations... but they still had a few good, strong warriors -- and those warriors didn't take well to gnolls in their territory.

The gnolls were slaughtered by the Bone Eye orcs, who then discoverd the mewling infant halfling, whose mother had protected her from death with her own body. Their own numbers dwindling, and thus giving them a healthy respect for children of all ilk, the orc warriors took the halfling child back to their tribe.

The halfling child was named Belcat, for reasons that have been forgotten. She was raised by the females of the tribe as one of their own. Eventually, the halfling's small size and natural quickness began to pay dividends for the small tribe, because she was far stealthier than any of the warriors. Eventually, when she killed her first gnoll in single combat, she was branded a warrior in her own right and given a pair of angle-bladed knives suitable to a warrior of her stature.

These days, the Bone Eye tribe is even weaker than before. They're down to almost no warriors at all, and barely hanging on. The problem for Belcat is that she's a halfling... and that halfling wanderlust is calling to her, and she's been getting restless for the past few years. When one of the tribe's last remaining warriors set out to seek adventure, to try and gain enough power and treasure to help the tribe survive in the face of extinction, she set out after him... for the wanderlust beckoned to her too strongly for her to remain at home.