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Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Bashkim Sylaj is the youngest child of a very, very large family of Tsuran origins. He is the seventh son of Djego Sylaj and his wife, Magda... and the tenth child over all. If he is to be believed, all his family were skilled performers in a traveling show. His father fiddled while his mother danced. His brothers and sisters all likewise performers. Some were contortionists, some were sword swallowers. He even had a brother that performed sleight of hand.

Himself too young before the Sendor War to perform, he mostly worked the crowd collecting tips while the others performed. He'd begun training with an older brother on acrobatics when the War broke out. His family were, if he is to be believed, fleeing for Alexandria when they became separated in an ogre ambush. Of the dozen-strong family, only Bashkim arrived in Alexandria.

What became of his family, no one knows. For not long after he arrived, Alexandria and everyone in it disappeared into the mists. When Alexandria returned to the real world, five years had passed and the trail had gone cold on his parents. For several months, he traveled as a mercenary to look for any hints. Finally, he gave up and returned to Alexandria where he joined the local Explorer's Guild using his.. ahem.. less than honorable talents for the good of others.. Especially those with deep pockets.


Work in Progress


To Be Decided



  • Common
  • Low Common
  • Handspeech

RP Hooks

Sendor War
Although too young at the time to fight in it, Bashkim is a survivor from the war. He may or may not have lost his family in it. Have information on casualties, survivors, or the like? He'd be interested.

Mercenary Adventurer
Bashkim is quite open to the fact he's a mercenary of sorts, specializing in being sneaky, and a member in good standing of the Guild of Explorers. Although no stranger to getting into the thick of things, he is obviously no front-line fighter. Known to be quite good with picking locks, discovering traps, and generally able... If as high strung and curious as a feral cat.

Faith No More
Although he doesn't really make any big stink about it, Bashkim is not the religious sort. He is respectful towards the clergy and gives a tithe or curse every now and again towards a deity who's domain he's invoking.. But it's less spiritual and more cultural.

Slayer of Ponies!
Don't ask. Just... don't ask. Sigh