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About My Character

Born in Bludgun to two inventors and artificers that worked with a merchant company Azteg grew up in a typical Gobber family. Science was studied as religiously as any cleric-scholar would esoteric holy text. By the time he was getting into puberty he was already a keen eyed child and the family had moved from Bludgun to Blar as the new city state opened it's doors under hobgoblin rule. His mother and father opened a firearms repair and design shop and he helped around the store as he grew up. The new city state had a startling effect on the young gobber; he became keen of eye and mind and attended lectures and seminars given by the very military minded citystate leadership. While he still loved firearms and technology he found himself moving away from invention and the chaos of the workshop for religious training. In his early teens he found himself at a Temple of Reos, training to become an investigator and troubleshooter for the faith. The years were spent in martial training, beginning to hone his faith and his connection to his chosen deity. Piety, faith based training and research. As an Inquisitor of Reos his mandate was to hunt down enemies of the faith and those that mis-used inventions and artifice for evil. The young gobber became very skilled with the investigatory and interview related skillsets. While he was acceptable at tracking and the combat-related skills where he discovered he really shined was in ferreting out heretics and unraveling their plots. He graduated from training a few years ago and spent time both working in the Temple of Reos at Blar and a few smaller temples. He earned a reputation as a precise, organized, orderly sort of Inquisitor with a keen mind and a wisdom that belied his young years. He earned enough respect to garner a good word, this made him available when the Temple in Alexandria requested an Inquisitor be assigned in order to assist with the rising tide of out of control artificers in the city and around it.

While his faith is nearly everything in his life in his downtime Azteg enjoys cooking - the precise nature of it and the angle of inventing new tastes, textures and recipes fascinates him.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Love of Reqs
  • Firearms
  • Hunting down heresy