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Asumit: A powerful devil summoner responsible for the fall of Versis and active during the War of Sendor. It is said he has aspirations of being a demon god, and was successful in conquering Skald. During the fall, he used souls to bind Hell to Ea's plane in a permanent fashion, before being run out of town. He is known for his mercilessness, vindictiveness, cruelty, and his love of forcing ugly choices on adventurers in an attempt to dirty them up.

Barntos: Eurid Barntos is the current Chosen of Thul, but also a former High Priest of Vardama with Alexandria. He was elevated to the position upon the murder of the former head of the Church within the Alexandrian community and both he and his second, one Felix Cranston. Moving with great stealth and keeping his allegiance to Thul secret with nefarious means, he orchestrated the corruption of the temple and the rtaising of the dead within its tombs, sealing it from the outside world while he transformed himself into a blood drinking abomination. Having used the Alexandrian adventurer community to loot greath wealth from lost Vardaman temples, he hired numerous mercenaries and creatures to defend the interior of the temple. Eventually, his plan to sacrifice the remaining Vardamans was foiled when Alexandrian guard and its mercenaries, who did not particularly enjoy being used, defeated him in combat and purified the temple, slaying Cranston. At some point later, several Vardaman priests received visions that Barntos had rapidly ascended to the height of Chosen by slaying the previous Chosen of Thul in ritual combat, making him the highest ranking priest of that faith within Charn, a position he remains to this day. It is also said he is responsible for the existance of the Garnaks -- a sorcerous clan of vampire hobgoblins formerly involved with the city-state of Blar.

Heth: See Dragonier. See also 'run away'. Heth is the destroyer of Dragonier and his background is unknown. What is known is that he generates a lot of wights and that the Thulites aren't too fond of him for stealing their schtick.

Arendt: The warleader of the so-called 'Iron Tide' is one Arendt. Seemingly having risen from nowhere, he struck first in killing an Alexandrian diplomat and launching an attack on Rune. He's extroidinarily charismatic and has managed to keep a warband together through thick and thin, and has a goal of nothing less than remaking the entire North in his image, after he finishes crushing Rune. This is easier said than done.

Masterly: Masterly is a spy-master and Arendt right hand's man. Known for his cleverness, he is a dangerous figure and one not to be trifled with. He is responsible for one of ELessa's deaths. (The Vardamans do so love her.)

The Hound of Myrddion/Jormugander: One of the most feared warriors in the west and a champion of the king. Despite his allegiance with law and those who consider themselves good, he is known as a dark knight and a destructive phantom willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure stability. As such much of the dirty work of the nation falls to him and his entourage. His name is known among the Adventurers of Alexandria due to the number of dealings he's had with them. He is not known to be kind but is known to honor his word and always has the best interest of the Myrrish Kingdom at heart.

Caldor Methis: Caldor Methis is the representative for the Western Residential area of the City Council. He is a massive imposing man (NE male human), and the Teamsters Guild, The Guild, the Ebon Syndicate, and a number of other corrupt principles all have their fingers in his back pockets. The trade and commerce that passes through the Western Residential is not easily turned aside, however, so Caldor commands considerable influence among some members of the city Watch as well. He is perhaps most famous for being a foil to Haley Lunatec, seeming to oppose nearly all of her proposals on principle; she often returned the favor. Most recently, he was vocal in his opposition for Alexandria to join the war effort in Sendor.

Rawyn Telenil: Rawyn Telenil is the appointed High Lady of the Argent Confederacy which is a union of the various settlements and nations of the heartlands of Arcania of which Alexandria is the Lord's City. Rawyn also sits on the city council as a First Among Equals, weighing in on matters of city and local government. She is known to be a friend of and sympathetic to the adventurers in the city and has called on them directly on a number of different occassions to serve as her direct agents in matters that the state itself wishes to not involve itself in. Rawyn is also the matriarch of House Telenil, one of the few surviving noble houses of the old monarchy and thus is of royal blood.

A powerful Eldanar Sorceress, Rawyn was a member of the Phalnax Falcis and served alongside Augustus and was present for the death of Altima. Her estranged husband, Tuocor is a member of the Convocation of Rune's 'Edldritch Council' (Rune's circle of Archmagi who pass decrees down then enforced into law by the Convocation itself.) but their current relationship is unknown as he's not been seen in Alexandria for many months now.

During the tense days of the Merkabah siege, Rawyn's death was faked by machinations of the mad Artificer Saluven who transformed the powerful Sorceress into an agent of his efforts against her will. She was rescued by adventurers and restored back to normalcy.

Prince Verin Serenas: Son of the Lion of Myrridion, heir to its throne. He appears in several logs, including: Sendor War: Arrival of the Prince, Sendor War: The Fall of Gettys, and The Prince's Feast. He is known for being brash and impulsive, more like an adventurer than a king really ought to be. He is presently locked in a struggle with his younger brother over the future of the Myrrish Kingdoms.

Prince Gavriel Serenas: The bookish, "more reasonable" younger brother to Prince Verin, and the other contender to the throne. Far more patient and administrative than his brother, Gavriel is a studious and scholarly sort. He is presently thought to behing various efforts that are keeping Verin from ascending to the throne in the absence of missing Myrrish King.

High Father Samuel Edueriallis: The high priest of the Church of the Rising One, the Alexandrian branch of the Daeus clergy. Samuel was appointed high priest shortly after the Myrrish occupation began but has remained here despite the changes in the city. A faithful figure and a patriarch to the countless flock of Daeus that enters the temple on a daily basis. His nearest rival is Father Morrow of the Eluna Order but the two work together to ensure religious harmony in the city.


Hyraxis: The former king of Dragonier, a great gold dragon who was slain by Heth.

Masterly: While not everyone knows this yet, the real Masterly appears to be dead. (He was later brought back to life.)