Ashenvale Part 2

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Ashenvale Part 2

DM: Xenarchy


Younger - Human - Barbarian/Rogue - 3

Shadair - Half-elf - Cleric/Monk - 2

Karl - Human - Ranger/Rogue - 2

Nasirri - Egalrin - Cleric - 3

Mikilos - Dawn Elf - Wizard - 4

Nuraga - War Golem - Wizard - 2

Norii - Human - Sorcerer - 3


Burning Hands Trap CR 2


Bearded Devil CR 5



  • Silversheen 250 gp (expended during scene)
  • Total 250 gp


  • Potion, CLW 50 gp (expended during scene)
  • Holy Water 25 gp
  • Total 75 gp

The Scene Begins

The town of Ashenvale sits within the Alexandros region, right on the edge where the mists fell. Nobody could tell what happened there, after its people were mysteriously replaced with mindless minions of hell. An expedition was planned to cleanse the evil but the mists put an end to that. Now, with the land returned to its rightful place, the way to Ashenvale is open again.

The town is desolate, its buildings decrepit and decayed. The terrible nature of the mists was not kind to it. The streets are silent. The old church, a communal building for the worship of several gods stands at the centre of the town. Its holy steeple has been defaced with blasphemous marks and runes. A sickly red light seeps like tar from the windows.

Last time adventurers came here, they hardly got further than the first few houses. They found themselves under assault by lemures, mindless devils of formless evil. The central structure looms, not yet explored and its dangers unknown.

Shadair sighs sadly as the group moves along. "So much lost. Makes one wonder if we will ever be done finding horrors like this." The half-elf cleric/monk strides evenly wearing a frown. Disconcerted at what is known to have happened before, and concerned about what may be here now.

Mikilos idly peers at the defaced steeple, frowning. "...what is it about grafitti that makes proper grammer decline? Almost a universal constant. Anycase, if things like this were to stop happening, would be out of a job. Day I look foreward to."

Norii tags along, dragged along by her curiosity. "It weird how everything has changed." the young sorcerous peeks down alleyways and through windows as the walk along. Far too curious for her own good. "Not that I knew this city that well anyway just ..." head lifting, eyes trailing up some of the larger structures.

Nuraga advances at the plodding pace for which his body was constructed. Each impact of his stone feet is a dull thud, the sound made only louder by the deathly silence pervading the town. "I suspect that is not how the local temple was intended to appear," says the golem, whose voice echoes from within an otherwise unmoving mouth. "One wonders why it hasn't been smited yet. Is that not what deities do?" Black robes, better described as a blanket cut to wrap about his frame, drag just slightly behind. "I question why we are here to begin with. Of what strategic value is this, ah, hamlet?"

"Once we confirm that there're no... survivors in this town," Karl suggests in quiet tones as he stares down the main lane towards that defaced church and the ominous red light that bleeds from its windows, "Might I be so bold as to suggest that we burn the whole cursed place down? I can't imagine anything good that could come from this place any longer..." He pauses in the act of loading his pistol, "Norii, keep close to us."

Bright eyes glimmer like stars, gleaming spokes as Nasirri comes to a silent halt along the road. The sharp beak parts in quiet bemusement, voice warm as she answers the Stone Guardian. "Perhaps only that of keeping a place of safety away from demonic hands?" she suggests, wings rustling in the biting cold of the air. She glances back to the beruned Wargolem, tapping hea beak with a finger. "Or to fulfill a promise made long ago. Sometimes, even a memory should be honored in such ways."

GAME: Shadair rolls Perception: (19)+8: 27

You paged Shadair with 'You notice that the homes show signs of struggles, not just natural but blast marks and claws dragged across doorframes. This decay and damage is not from natural lack of maintenance.'

Norii jumps a bit as her name is called out and she sighs, drawing in closer to the rest of the party. "Its not like its going to go as bad as last time Karl." she smiles seeming to have gotten her confidence back. Though when she sees him load his gun she readies her crossbow. "So what kind of weapons work best against demons?" realizing she should have bought something to be more prepared.

Shadiar's frown darkens as the group moves further into the remains of the settlement. "Look there, those two buildings were blasted with fire I think. And that door half-off it's hinges, the claw marks?" The half-elf slows his pace, looking around with some nervousness. "There was a fight here, and a nasty one. But who won? I cannot say."

Younger sniffs lightly, looking around. A lit cigarette hangs from the left hand side of his mouth, a trail of smoke snaking upward. His club is slung over his shoulder, hanging onto it casually as he walks with the group. He looks unimpressed, his eyes wandering, peering at this and that.

Nuraga's attention shifts to favor Karl for a moment. "Ordinarily, I would concur with the fleshling," he assents, "but if these entities are truly demonic? It's sadly unlikely that fire would purge them. That is why I have - regrettably - refrained from preparing such spells for use." The golem's neck turns with a low grinding sound, glowing eyes favoring the markings indicated by Shadiar. "Given the state of the temple, I would hazard that the planar natives were not on the winning side of this engagement."

Mikilos grins faintly at Norii. "Holy weapons. Powerful magics. Silver is usually effective. But fortunately, blunt trauma in mass amount tends to get the job done. Anycase, looks like the church has become the center of demonic power, so two plans of action seem obvious. Start with the outter buildings, clear them, then take out the central 'nest'. Or, cut out the 'heart' and then mop up the outer buildings. Of course, getting to the central building might be difficult, plenty of places something could jump out."

Younger laughs, "I go' blunt tramma fer 'em." He grins, slapping his club against his palm. "Ain't afraid of no llamas."

Whatever happened here, it doesn't look like anything remains in the houses. They are silent, many doors hanging open to show their interiors. The furnishings are all still there. They weren't looted. Most of the blast marks actually look like... electrical scorching.

"W-wait fire doesn't work on demons!?" Norii is shocked its really the only thing she can do. "I erm ... " suddenly working her way into teh middle of the group not sure how useful she is going to be. "What else doesn't work on demons?" she glances to her crossbow, usually her last line of diffence. "Its my first time fighting demons ...."

"Lemures." Mikilos corrects absently.

"Call me paranoid," Karl responds dryly to Norii, tugging the strap on his buckler more secure before looking over in the direction that Shadair indicates, gaze trailing over the scorched, blasted walls. "They look abandoned, whatever was here," he admits, looking in the direction of the church, "Well. Seems like the ominous glowing building is our best bet."

Nasirri's fingers tap along her beak, brushing down and away as her head curves, searching about. "Should we call them to us?" she says, voice a quiet burr. "Or see what lingers within the church proper, before we leave the town to a more cleansing touch?" Wings whisper as she moves to one side, eyes racing along the ruined structures.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20: (8): 8

GAME: Younger rolls perception: (4)+8: 12
GAME: Nuraga rolls Perception: (7)+2: 9
GAME: Nasirri rolls Perception: (11)+8: 19
GAME: Shadair rolls perception: (11)+8: 19
GAME: Mikilos rolls perception: (17)+3: 20
GAME: Karl rolls Perception: (18)+6: 24
GAME: Norii rolls perception: (15)+0: 15

You paged Karl with 'You just catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye, up on top of one of the houses, but when you turn to look all you see is a waft of smoke that quickly vanishes.'

"Wait--" A sudden, curt word from Karl, his gun raised up as he looks towards the eaves of one of the nearby houses. After a moment, he says in low tones, "There's something on the rooftops... saw some movement, some smoke... didn't get a good look at it."

Mikilos nods, peering in the direction indicated, and murmurs softly under his breath, fingers twitching in a specific pattern.

GAME: Mikilos casts Mage Armor.

GAME: Younger rolls climb: (15)+9: 24
GAME: Younger rolls perception: (11)+8: 19

The roof, you say? Seemingly as fast as the news comes, Younger is already scaling a building. He's like a monkey... And he doesn't even lose his cigarette. "Derr's ah..."

Shadair's eyes go upward likely along with various others. "So our presence is likely noted. Well, I suppose we were not exactly being stealthy hey?" He would chuckle, if he were in a mood to think of funny things. Instead he watches Younger zip up the wall of the house to examine what might be up there. "Careful." He whispers prior to muttering a prayer for his safety.

Nuraga stops short as Karl indicates his sighting. The golem's eyes are unmoving crystals, yet one might get the impression that he's looking towards the rooftop. "If it went unseen, I would suspect that its motives are not benign," he says, always one for understatement. "You know, climbing up there may be somewhat unwise." The latter is directed to Younger, albeit with a suspicious bit of delay. Given a convenient moment's silence, he issues forth an incantation.

GAME: Nuraga casts Mage Armor.

Nasirri moves to a careful place at one edge, robe swirling as she keeps one eye out along the old ruins, sparing the sharp glance back towards the building as Younger climbs. Patient, waiting, curiosity aflame as she takes a breath of the cold winter air. Norii has disconnected.

You paged Younger with 'You see a trail of footprints of something with heavy claws, marks upon the cracked tiles. The trail goes to the exact point where the smoke was seen and stops, as if the thing ceased to be.'

"Ah, fuggin' shit. Dern sorcerous beasts, need'n some good beatin', aye." Younger shakes his head, and looks down at the group, "Yup. Dem's 'roun' 'ere, creepin'. Dey can move about quiet-like, mebbe leap 'roun' sorcer-like, y'know?" He drawls, blowing out a lung full of smoke. "Loog-out, naw, we los' our surprise."

"Does anybody," Karl asks after a moment, "Have any idea what he just said? I don't think I speak that language."

Shadair finds himself stepping without thinking about it closer to Nasirri, eyes scanning this way and that for threats. Nervous and losing hope that those unseen were just making sure the new group did not mean them harm. "Lovely. Althea watch over us." Shifting a little, Shadair looks about still for some sign.

Mikilos says, "'s Common. Just a heavy accent. Have heard worse... though not by much. Short translation, we've been seen, are creatures sneaking around." The elf draws his own blade, peering about. "Make ready."

GAME: Younger rolls wisdom: (17)+2: 19
GAME: Nuraga rolls Wisdom: (3)+1: 4
GAME: Shadair rolls Wisdom: (3)+2: 5
GAME: Karl rolls Wisdom: (20)+2: 22
GAME: Mikilos rolls wisdom: (6)+0: 6
GAME: Nasirri rolls Wisdom: (16)+3: 19

You paged (Younger, Karl, Nasirri) with 'There's definitely an odd feeling in the air. Whether it's the lingering touch of the mists or something else, it's all centred on that church. It beckons...'

"The fleshling implies that these creatures may be capable of teleportation," says Nuraga, "I believe. His dialect is somewhat difficult to translate. I may have to study this one at a later date." Whether that should be flattering or frightening is, ah, uncertain. The golem's large frame is surrounded for a moment by a flickering mantle of energy in the wake of his incantation.

Younger snorts, shaking his head and closing his eyes tightly. He taps his head repeatedly. It must look quite disturbing. "Fuggin' sorcery." He growls, dropping down to be with the group. "Some'n's urgin' us tah be o'er there." He jerks his head in the direction of the church. Producing his club once more, "If'n that be whur the fuggin' llamas're, le's do this." He laughs, somewhat insanely.

"To the temple. Let us end this darkness at its source."

GAME: Nasirri casts Bless.

"Faith, and heart. Yes." The cleric/monk says as though taking a lesson from Nassirri. Shadair turns then to go with the other cleric as well as the group to the apparent source of the evil.

GAME: Shadair casts Magic Weapon.

Mikilos listens to the others a moment before nodding, moving towards the Church. The wizard takes up a position slightly back, able to see what lies ahead, but with a bit of meat shield in front. Or whatever, for those not made of meat, no need to be racist.

"The Iron Mountain steel my heart," Karl murmurs under his breath in a quiet prayer as he looks onward to the desecrated temple. He takes a deep breath, then exhales it as he straightens, eyes narrowing beneath the shadow of his hat's brim, "Onward, then. Let us face whatever waits for us there."

GAME: Younger rolls perception: (17)+8: 25
GAME: Younger rolls stealth: (2)+8: 10

You paged Younger with 'You see no traps.'

Younger doesn't know about all this flowery prayin', and whatnot. He does know, however, about traps. Namely, finding and/or removing them. Stepping lightly over toward the door, he quickly begins looking it over. After another moment or two, he looks back, and gives the A-OKAY sign.

Mikilos ponders a moment, and starts forward. "Here, Younger, wait a moment...."

Approaching the door with the others, Shadair can be heard to mutter chants of asking for Althea's aid and guidance. Visibly steeling himself for what is likely to come, the young half-elf breathes steady. . .

(Younger uses the silversheen purchased in this scene)

Younger looks over at Mikilos, arching a brow. Taking out a bottle of silver liquid, he pops the cork, "Yeh, wha'tcha need?" He begins rubbing the liquid all over his weapon, flicking the extra onto the ground at his feet. He grins at it, then looks past it to Mikilos, "'Urry up naw, thi's ain' amature day."

GAME: Shadair casts Shield of Faith.

Mikilos steps up to the human, fishing aorund in out of his pouches a moment before drawing out a small handful of dried dung. Crumbeling the material in one hand, he makes a few gestures with the other, murmuring softly again before touching Younger lightly on the shoulder, magical strength pouring into him. Spell cast, Mikilos returns to his former position.

GAME: Mikilos casts Bull's Strength.

Quietly the cleric also steps to Younger at the door, whispers of prayer sounding before he touches the man and provides some measure of divine aid to his defenses. "Althea will help protect you. You can believe in her." Then with a determined look he steps back to his place, ready.

Younger finds himself suddenly and magically imbued. Looking toward the casters, he seems to re-evaluate a long-stranding disdain for their bird legs and frail little bodies. He opens his mouth as if to say something snide, but just closes it and hefts his club. "I dunno 'oo 'lected me team fuggin' cap'n, but I guess we betta be doin' this thing, wot?"

GAME: Nasirri casts Aid.
GAME: Nasirri rolls 1d8+3: (5)+3: 8

GAME: Nasirri rolls Reflex: (17)+4: 21
GAME: Karl rolls Reflex: (11)+8: 19
GAME: Shadair rolls Reflex: (14)+6: 20

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 2d4: (5): 5
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Karl for 2 points. 17 remaining.
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for 2 points. 14 remaining.

(2 damage is taken off Nasirri's temp hp)

As Nasirri touches the door, one of the blasphemous sigils lights up furiously. Screaming fire streaks out from it in a wide fan, catching several members of the party. Actualy, for all that show it's not really that bad. The sigil turns into an ashen smear on the door, its magic expended.

Nasirri's eyes flash as the burning sigils unleash their monstrous flame. The response is swift, short and sharp: the Egalrin releases the hand, curving her palm to grasp the writhing malevolence. Fire snaps at thsoe closest even as she rips the flame from the door, hurling it away as one might refuse. "Wicked things," she hisses quietly, eyes shining with their own bright fire. And pushing the door open, proceeding anew, rapier at hand like a brand of silvery steel.

Nuraga watches the sigil light up with that same unmoving expression, yet interest is obvious in his voice. "Hm. A glyph? Rather unimpressive in the end," the golem states. Of course, that assessment comes from one who doesn't feel pain. Handy when you're on fire. "Nevertheless, this would seem to suggest that at least one of our enemies has a measure of formal magical knowledge." Ah, and there's the door opening.

Mikilos steps away from the flames reflexively, desipt not being in their path. Frowning, he glances to the others, assureing himself they are alright, he turns focus back towards the doors.

Shadair blinks as terrible fire flushes at him and others, instinctively spinning and shifting to one side to take only a minor cooking. Beyond smouldering clothes, he appears to be alright and determined still.

Younger sidesteps slightly away from the effect, despite the fact that it didn't come near him. "Oh." Is all he has to say, snorting. However, when the door begins to open, he straightens up, ready for whatever lies ahead...

"Whoa--" As those sigils light up into shrieking flames, Karl dives to one side--hitting the ground and rolling as the heat sears across his shoulder, hat tumbling from his head and caught in hand as he rolls, placed deftly back onto his crown once he's regained his balance. Patting the fire on his shoulder out, he pushes himself back up to his feet. "Well. Guess we should've seen that one coming."

The door creaks open with a push. It is not locked. Inside, the church is horrific to behold. Its floor is blackened with burnt blood. Its formerly white columns are streaked with frightful stains and iron spikes hold old dry corpses to the walls. The room has been decorated in lines of powder - probably bone - marking out complex magic circles of dreadful nature.

There on the bloodstained altar stands a terrible being. It bears the shape of a man, yet his skin is crimson and his head bears wicked horns and a writhing, barbed beard. His clawed fingers grip a jagged glaive that with such hooks and spikes that it would be far more effective for brutal agonizing torture than martial combat.

"Have you come to mock me?" His voice is gravelly, commanding and echoing unnaturally. "I, Zebulzub of the Bleeding Maw, would have been lord of this realm if not for your putrescent kind and your meddling. This town sacrificed itself to me so that I would be amongst the champions of hell! I have been brought low, and I will not go back to the slimy pits. I will die with your blood staining my bones! Come at me!"


Shadair moves swiftly into the church, that earlier determination to end this threat just as strong as before. First into the building he angles to the right and along the far wall yet, waiting for the others to also move up and engage. Quiet and steady, he will not be one to talk over-much in battle it appears.

GAME: Mikilos rolls Knowledge/Arcana: (15)+12: 27

You paged Mikilos with 'The place is covered in the desecrate spell. Which basically does nothing unless someone here is going to be animating undead or channeling negative energy.'

GAME: Mikilos rolls Knowledge/The Planes: (10)+9: 19

You paged Mikilos with 'The being's name doesn't sound familiar, but it's definitely typical for a devil. This whole thing looks like a scheme to earn favour in a higher archdevil's eyes to gain a promotion to a more powerful form and rank. From the way he's talking, it sounds like he failed and fears being demoted to lemure. This is pretty ordinary for devilkind politics.'

Mikilos moves foreward, eyeing the interor before stepping into a safe position again, out of the way. "Yeah yeah, you're gonna be 'Zeb, of the Bleeding Nose' in a minute." Glancing to the others, he relates. "Those Circles shouldn't be a problem, but they will enhance his powers, so be cautious."

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+11-2+2: (7)+11+-2+2: 18
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d10+12: (7)+12: 19
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for 19 points. -5 remaining.

The devil's eyes flash with fury and he charges down off the altar, clawed feet taking him at sudden speed across the church's main hall. "Hah! This battle will be too easy. Would that you were greater heroes, that I might take your broken bodies as gifts for my lord!" The horrifying glaive launches out in a wide arc, hacking down into Shadair. It leaves a sickening red glow in the wound. That isn't good.

GAME: Nasirri casts Shatter.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (14)+3: 17

"Your evil," Nasirri begins, eyes ablaze. "Marked in black malevolence, in the cut of loathesome steel-- It is unwanted here!" Swirling the rapier down, she turns her words into a weapon, a vibrating force focusing on the jagged glaive, a song of destruction reaching pitches higher and higher. "Begone from this place, and let your weapon of cruelty lead the way!" The vibration pulses, a rippling thing against the black metal...

GAME: Nuraga rolls Knowledge/The Planes: (6)+10: 16

You paged Nuraga with 'It's a bearded devil. That glaive can leave wounds that worsen quickly if not healed and are difficult to heal.'

GAME: Nuraga casts Magic Missile.
GAME: Nuraga rolls 1d4+2: (3)+2: 5

Nuraga rattles off a rather casual examination of the entity, considering the circumstances. "This is a bearded devil. Aptly named," he states. "The wounds left by his weapon will worsen if not promptly healed. That is, I am afraid, a difficult task." The golem lifts his right hand, discharging an atypically bright bolt of energy. The missile strikes the devil, biting into his flesh.

GAME: Younger rolls acrobatics: (6)+8: 14
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+11: (12)+11: 23
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d10+6: (3)+6: 9
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for 3 points. 26 remaining.

As Younger swoops in, the devil whirls the glaive in a backswing and catches him for a glancing blow. The sickly glow appears on him.

GAME: Younger rolls 1d20+11: (8)+11: 19
GAME: Younger rolls 1d6+6: (6)+6: 12

A glancing blow cuts across his flanks, driving deep and glowing red. It doesn't distract Younger; In a fit of rage, he pushes forward through the attack and delivers a crushing silver-lined blow to the creature's midsection. That /definitely/ hurt! "Pigg on 'some'n yer own size!" He roars. Meaning, himself?

(Shadair rolls to stabilise)

GAME: Shadair rolls Fortitude: (12)+6: 18
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for 2 points. -7 remaining.

With a low moan, Shadiar rolls lightly on the ground losing the last of his consciousness and then laying still on his side. The gash in him glowing that terrible red and unlikely to be dealt with easily.

GAME: Mikilos casts Magic missile.
GAME: Mikilos rolls 2d4+2: (5)+2: 7

Mikilos moves around to the other side of the doorway, keeping well back from the demon and his deadly weapon. Hurriedly spitting a few arcane phrases, the elf gestures, a blot of magical energies springing forth from each hand to impact the demon, leaving twisted flesh upon his torso.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+11: (18)+11: 29
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+6: (8)+6: 14
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d10+6: (7)+6: 13
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for 13 points. 19 remaining.

The devil shuffles back a few steps, bringing the long weapon to bear. "Hah! You have courage, boy! Your lust for battle is admirable. Come, when I kill you I will bring your soul to be made into an eternal warrior! You will stand with us and fight for glory!" The glaive sweeps back and forth violently, striking hard. The second swing just clips past a shoulder.

GAME: Karl rolls 1d20+6: (12)+6: 18

The pistol in Karl's hand is cracked, loaded, snapped shut and fired again - another glancing blow off the fiend's infernally tough skin, and he swears under his breath. "The only one going back to the Hells is you," he calls back in return, "And maybe this time you'll stay where you bloody belong!"

GAME: Nasirri rolls 1d20+3: (2)+3: 5
GAME: Nasirri rolls 1d20+3: (9)+3: 12

The thrum of Nasirri's voice fades as the black weapon shakes off the destructive effects of her command. The song turns, changing instead; where once it commanded the devil to depart, it swirls instead into a summons-- A renewal of life. Fire burns as the Egalrin spreads her wings, bright and clean and pure. It sweeps out in a vaporous corona of energy, dancing along suffered wounds, a brightness to dispel agony and pain.... healing energy annuled by the demonic malaise of the blood, demonic wounds.

GAME: Nasirri rolls 2d6: (10): 10
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Karl for -10 points. 19 remaining.

GAME: Nuraga rolls 1d4+1: (1)+1: 2

"The devil is an inadequate liar," assesses Nuraga, "and strategically overconfident." He continues to stand where he has since the door was open, rather like the statue he resembles, with his casting arm still outstretched. Stony fingers snap back and forth, aligning themselves into a new gesture, the culmination of which is an eruption of force. The raw energy leaps through the air, snapping against Zebulzub's flesh. Not much of a burn, but it's there.

GAME: Younger rolls 1d20+9: (8)+9: 17

Younger continues to bleed. He brings another attack against the Devil, but no no effect. His club rebounds off of the tough hide.

GAME: Shadair rolls Fortitude: (15)+6: 21
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for 2 points. -9 remaining.

Shadair continues to bleed unconscious on the floor, the red evil power festering in the wound.

(Mikilos uses the potion of cure light wounds purchased in this scene)

GAME: Mikilos rolls 1d20+1: (6)+1: 7

Mikilos keeps one eye upon the Demon, moving to kneel by Shadair. Pulling a small vial form his pocket, the elf pours about half of the contents across the firey wound before pouring the rest down Shadair's throat. The liquid glows with a faint blue light for a moment, then sputters and dies, overcome by the hellish red glow.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+9: (1)+9: 10
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+4: (8)+4: 12

Zebulzub roars, stepping back from Younger's advance. He swings back and forth in fury, nearly losing grip on the glaive in the heat of combat. "You are a hard target to strike, boy!"

GAME: Karl rolls 1d20+6: (12)+6: 18

Once more, Karl's pistol barks its anger in the temple's unhallowed hall--and once more the bullet ricochets off with no result other than a broken window as it continues on its path. Swearing under his breath, he reloads, "Stop //moving// you..."

GAME: Nasirri rolls Heal: (10)+7: 17

Feathers rouse in a sharp flash of avian irritation; bright eyes blaze with a gleaming anger. Where the corona of healing force fails to provide, more direct measures are required... And Nasirri slips in beyond doorway and combatants, a golden fury focused upon a single measure.

"Come back," the Egalrin whispers, sings, kneeling down alongside the fallen monk. "The Mother has not so many children she can lose another son. Hear my song, sweet child; bring your laughter back to us!" A focus of long breath as she draws in the air, palm upon the bloody mess, exhaling with a passionate rush of air, a searing flame above the festering red malignance...

GAME: Nuraga casts Magic Missile.
GAME: Nuraga rolls 1d4+2: (4)+2: 6

Nuraga continues his onslaught of magic, hurling yet more brilliant energy at his foul nemesis. It may be a quick thing, but it can't quite evade those darts. Raw energy lashes into the bearded devil's body, burning a fair portion of his flesh away.

GAME: Younger rolls 1d20+9: (6)+9: 15

Younger keeps up his attack on the Devil! Somehow, Bruce The Younger has made the creature fall back slightly, if only in the ferocity of his attacks and his intensity and not the effectiveness... He does not look like he can continue this for much longer.

Shadair at least looks better, though he is not awake or mobile. The glow has faded, giving the young man a chance at life at least. It is a beginning, if nothing else.

GAME: Mikilos casts Magic missile.
GAME: Mikilos rolls 2d4+2: (8)+2: 10

Assured Shadair is alright, Mikilos stands, turning focus once again towards the demon. Spitting another arcane phrase, the elf makes a throwing motion, and another pair of arcane bolts race forth, ripping into demonic flesh.

The bearded devil ducks back again and evaporates into smoke. The smoke appears and coalesces at another location, just outside the church and bringing Karl and Nuraga within his reach. "Hah! Your wizardry will pester me no more!"

GAME: Karl rolls 1d20+6: (2)+6: 8

"What? Where did..." As the bark of triumph is heard from behind him, Karl whirls around to catch sight of the devil's reappearance outside the church. "It's behind us!" He drops back out of reach of the horror, firing a quick shot that - due to his startlement - goes wide.

GAME: Nasirri casts Sound Burst.
GAME: Nasirri rolls 2d8+3: (4)+3: 7
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for -7 points. -2 remaining.

Nasirri forces the burning red agony away, the hateful darkness corrupting the wound. Broad wings shift and mantle, a coccoon of feathers above Shadair as she closes her eyes, drawing in energy, breath, heat once again.... Releasing it anew in a pulse of glittering radiance. Healing energy, healing heat-- The Phoenix continuing her song, to break through the last of the demon's malice, to force through the curing corona of light.

GAME: Nuraga rolls 1d4+1: (3)+1: 4

Nuraga evidently sees no purpose in moving away from the devil, considering that teleportation display. "I wasn't aware they had shoddy acting schools in the Hells," replies the golem, whose arm shifts to the right. Just enough to loose a nice, scorching burst of energy against Zeb's mug.

GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for 2 points. 13 remaining.
GAME: Younger used a Potion of Cure Light Wounds.
GAME: Younger rolls 1d20+1: (1)+1: 2

Younger growls, watching the Demon teleport away. "Son of a bitch!" He growls, pulling out his potion. Thumbing off the cork, he slams it back. It does nothing. "FUCK!" He roars, throwing the bottle down, makiing it shatter into a million pieces. Turning, he looks toward the Demon, while yelling, "MediiiiIiiC!"

Shadair, asleep and almost peaceful looking now thanks to Nasirri's help.

GAME: Mikilos casts Magic missile.
GAME: Mikilos rolls 2d4+2: (4)+2: 6

Mikilos steps back from the doorway, and the Demon while he's at it, chanting another phrase and sending another pair of bolts to slam into the monster. "Oy, what about *my* wizardry, pus-face?"

(Norii reconnected at this point)

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+9: (18)+9: 27
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d10+12: (5)+12: 17
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Nuraga for 17 points. -4 remaining.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+4: (9)+4: 13

The party is there, embroiled in combat with a red-skinned man in spiked armour. He has wicked horns and a terrible twitching beard. His hooked glaive slams into the stone surface of Nuraga and cracks a gaping rent in him, pulling free and swinging frighteningly close to Mikilos. "I will deal with you both at once! Haha! This battle is magnificent!" Black blood seeps from the devil's body, running down his arms and legs. His breathing is laboured.

And here comes Norii! She has finally caught up to the party and arrived at the defiled church.

GAME: Karl rolls 1d20+6: (5)+6: 11

"I'll give you magnificent you black-blooded crooked-nosed camel-humping flea bitten--" Another shot rings out through the air to little avail as Karl, starting to get //pissed// at his lack of success, finishes with a shout, "--son of an ANGEL'S WHORE!"

GAME: Nasirri rolls 1d20+3: (2)+3: 5
GAME: Nasirri rolls 1d20+3: (17)+3: 20
GAME: Nasirri rolls 2d6: (10): 10
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Nuraga for -5 points. 1 remaining.
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for -10 points. 8 remaining.

The song continues. Feathered wings expand as the healing energy takes root in the wounded monk's form, flaring now as Nasirri calls it wider, casting it in a net of glimmering, glowing warmth. Distinctly leaving the devil out of its corona of heat, the bright wings expand once again, to bathe the needy in the clasp of Healing Light!

Except for Younger. Too much red in him.

GAME: Nuraga rolls 1d4+1: (2)+1: 3

Nuraga is revealed to have metal insides. How about that? As the devil's glaive pulls free, he's left with quite the gaping hole in his middle, though the worst of it mends shut thanks to Nasirri's divine powers. He'll deny that they're divine later, but for now, they're handy. "Now, you have angered me," the golem informs the bearded one in his typical monotone. Another burst of raw force erupts from his hand, burning its way into Zeb.

GAME: Norii rolls 1d20+7: (12)+7: 19
GAME: Norii rolls 1d8+1: (1)+1: 2

Norii obviously is a bit more dragon that she would like to think. Either that or far to prone to distraction. Before you could engage the enemy she wondered off, eye catching something shiny. Returning, with a run, still stuffing the pilfered bit into the folds of her kimono. "Guys you wont believe what I fou-!" cut off in her cheerful call at the sight of the devil. "You started a fight without getting me. How rude!" she huffs lofting her crossbow and firing it as she closes into the fight. The arrow wizzes right on target but is defected off the surface.

GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for 2 points. 11 remaining.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+11: (8)+11: 19
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d10+6: (10)+6: 16
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for 16 points. -5 remaining.

GAME: Younger rolls 1d20+11: (13)+11: 24
GAME: Younger rolls 1d6+6: (1)+6: 7

Heaving breath. His ears are ringing in his head from the deafening sounds of battle. His vision is blurred. Yet, through the haze of battle and pain and blood and anger, he maintains his focus. Head down, jutting his jaw, he sets himself up for the charge. Everything seems to slooow dooo-ooo-ooown for Younger as he slides one foot back, and lets out a charging roar for Alexandria and PAIN! He cannot even hear his own battle cry as he rushes toward his foe--

Oh, shiiiiit! The Devil turns around just in time to counter Younger, mid-charge. The weapon cleaves a hunk from Younger before he can react... But that doesn't make a difference. Younger's gore splatters agaist his leg and against the ground with a SPLASH!

Roaring once more, Younger leaps up into the air, and brings down his club with a two-handed attack against the top of the Devil's head, crushing him underneath the attack. Younger lands above a fallen opponent, heaving and bleeding, one hand on the ground in front of him to hold himself steady.

"Anyone seen my smokes?"

GAME: Shadair rolls 1d20+1: (16)+1: 17
GAME: Shadair rolls 1d8+1: (2)+1: 3
GAME: Shadair casts Cure Light Wounds.

Getting to his feet with a smile of thanks at Nasirri, Shadair goes about doing what he does at least better than fight apparently. Whispering to Althea for healing of the brave, he uses the power she gives him to cleanse Younger of the festering evil in his wounds and aid him some.

Norii gives a shocked look as the man impales himself on the demons weapon in order to find the killing blow. Was the fight that desperate he needed to risk his life for it? Sighing she regrets wondering off if that is the case. "That was amzing, what little of it I got to see. Was he the last demon, er devil thing?" lowering her weapon and walking up to where the others are. "What should we do now?"

"I think the sights on this bloody thing are off," Karl mutters under his breath as he brings the pistol back again, sighting along the barrel with a grimace twisting his features. Ah well, time to see to his equipment later. He's been needing to replace a few things anyhow. Just as he's reloading, then, the devil finally falls beneath the strike of Bruce the Younger's hefty club. "Don't celebrate just yet," he states quietly, turning to look across the temple's breadth, "We still don't know what in the bloody hells was on the rooftops."

Mikilos watches, relaxing only when the devil is fallen and Younger healed. Turning focus, the wizard moves towards the alter, an eye open for possible inferal traps or the like. "Also a fair amount of taint left behind. Anyone happen to have a scrub-brush or something to help clean all this up?"

Zebulzub lies there ruined. Even on the brink of consciousness, he manages a wheezing breath and his last words, "This is a good death. Thank you."

Younger coughs loudly once, spitting up a hunk of red and phlegm, "Fuggin' Devils." He stands up, still bleeding rather heavily. One hand on his side, he seems to be taking his near-death experience rather cavalier-like. Looking to Shadair, he nods his head, "Thankee, Shadai'." He says, touching his brow. "Goo' tah see you made, ya damned bloody fuggin' idiot; Wha' was yew thinkin' runnin' in all afool li' tha', wot?" He asks, touching his head, more angry at Shadair than anything.

Zebulzub's dying breath earns him a boot to the face from Younger, all but smashing his mouth.

Nuraga's gut lets out a few sparks, his internal components no doubt severed here and there by the bite of the fallen devil's glaive. Still, he seems to be more or less functional. "That was most enlightening," says the golem, whose crystalline eyes peer down at the fallen entity's remains. "Unfortunately, aside from the damage he did to my internal components, destroying the bearded devil required the expenditure of most of my offensive magic." This seems to be in response to that reference about the critters up on the rooftops. Nuraga's interest in Zeb wanes as he looks up at Younger, to whom he reiterates, "You will be worthy of further study."

GAME: Nuraga rolls Knowledge/Arcana: (18)+10: 28
GAME: Mikilos rolls knowledge/arcana: (10)+12: 22
GAME: Norii rolls knowledge/arcana: (11)+6: 17

You paged (Nuraga, Mikilos, Norii) with 'Given this thing's capacity for teleportation and that nothing else came to the battle, it seems likely that the thing watching from the rooftops was this very being.'

Shadair smiles warmly at Younger despite the man's emotional state. Channeling the power of his goddess the cleric lets forth a wave of healing energy about him to help his allies feel better. Then he speaks quietly, "Cower not before the lair of evil, but face it with courage and faith." A quote likely from his temple's teachings, and apparently his only excuse for rushing in.

GAME: Shadair rolls 1d6: (1): 1
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Nuraga for -1 points. 2 remaining.
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for -1 points. -1 remaining.

"I would hypothesize," adds Nuraga, "that the creature traversing the rooftaps was the bearded devil. It exhibited a talent for teleportation, and as you are aware, we were shadowed in a manner which corralled us towards the temple."

Nasirri moves with the recovered Shadair, eyes warm as she adds her own healing power in with his. A few moments to clear the last of the damage and hurts from those near, until all stand recovered, gleaming in the energizing light. She spares a glance towards the Younger, but remains silent.

And in answer to Mikilos, a risen hand, bright with called flame. "Let it burn," she answers gently, voice a quiet song. "Unto its proper end. And peace."

Younger spits on the ground, more blood and a tooth. "I reckon 'e was the one we seen. What with da disappearin' and whot..." Looking to Nuraga, he narrows his eyes. "What da Golem said."

"Ah. S'pose that makes sense..." Karl holsters the pistol, but leaves the holster loose just in case they're wrong, moving to head out of the church with a slow shake of his head. He takes a moment to look Norii over and make sure she's not injured, offering her a brief smile before he turns to look back towards the defiled temple.

"Agreed. Let it burn."

"This thing can teleport right? What if it was just watching up on the roof tops. Sides weakened like we are something would have pounced us by now right?" Norii nods as a few others come to this conclusion as well. "Well I don't have a scrub brush but I do have fire, we could burn it all down and rebuild?"

Mikilos peers back over his shoulder, attention still focued upon the desicrated alter. "If was anything around, would have joined in the battle by now. And if you burn a tained alter, just get tainted ashes. Best to proper cleanse thingsof Infernal influence, then if still feel the urge, burn them."

GAME: Nasirri rolls 2d6: (4): 4
GAME: Nasirri rolls 2d6: (7): 7
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Shadair for -11 points. 16 remaining.
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Nuraga for -11 points. 13 remaining.
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for -11 points. 10 remaining.

GAME: Shadair rolls 2d6: (5): 5
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Younger for -5 points. 15 remaining.

Mikilos examines the altar a bit more, taking a few notes for idle research before taking a few cleaning supplies out of his pack to clean up what he can of the markings, though the inferal energies he can't fo much about. That delt with, the wizard heads to the devils corpse, making a quick academic study and collecting a few samples for the Academy.

Shadair works with Nasirri to ensure all are healed properly and ready for the return home. Then spends prayers of thanks to Althea and calls for her to prevent more of such tragedy in the future while the cleansing and burning is conducted.

Younger sticks around to make sure the dweebs don't get clobbered by some waiting foe.