Arafel Gemlord

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Arafel Gemlord

Arafel's Description

          Tall and regal like most of his kind he is still half a head taller than most at 6'2", Arafel is proud and majestic to behold. Feathers of rich violet cover most of his body except at his head crest and his wings where the feathers are ice blue with eye like shapes near broad tips that are the same lime green of his own eyes. Resplendent when the 12 foot wings span fans out, it was a sign of Dana's favor amongst his own people. Humanoid mostly in appearance if you can say an eagle in humanoid form is mostly that, the head crest fans up and out cutting a sharp figure that leads down to his black powerful beak. Broad shoulders and a physical presence bordering on the top end of Egalrin masculinity, he stands on two large eagle clawed feet with large black talons on each of the three tows and the one back angled, shorter toe, that clicks and clacks on any solid surface when he walks.


          What he wears is simple cloth in a green faded color; the armor worn over this is what catches the eye. Finely made Dwarven armor adorns his body, the leather pristine and always seems to remain so, the flaring Leather shoulder pauldrons end in an almost beak-like downward tip and colored black. The long spear is another sight to behold as the point itself is almost a foot long, thick at the middle, but tapering to sharp razor's edge. Under the spike of a blade is the cross guards that prevent things from being punctured too far and shaped liked eagles wings spread out in glory. Added on after finding it he has added his own feathers to replace those that where there, strung below the cross-guard, numbering 14 total and an assortment of each of purple and the lime green eye and ice blue frost. It is the first feather lost after the moment in each year that the day and time of birth passes. A finely wrought wooden shield rests against his back, strapped there over his armor. The image of an eagle, stylized in wide raises borders, the sections painted with the same three colors of his fathers between the raised portions painted black. The last thing is the eagle headed large crossbow that rests normally at his left side, a leather strap keeping it well attached for any time he needs to go for it as well. The eagle's mouth is open, as if it is screaming into the skies and the bolt passes form the back of the head out the mouth. The limbs are shaped like eagle's wings and resplendent when they are fired as they shoot forward and out. The cocking stirrup is cleverly crafted to look like the talons of an eagle as well and has been painted to match the Arafel's plumage.


          Animal Companion: Lodestone is a Digger or what most call a land shark and for good reason as the four legged animal looks like a statue of a shark that has four legs instead of the pectoral, pelvic and anal fins. It still sports the upper dorsal fin that cause people to cry out shark on a beach if one is spotted in the water and many smaller stone dorsal fins that grow smaller till it reaches back to the tail and a point. One major difference is the head that is more tapered to a point and the animal sports a crest like formation of stone that is reminiscent of a triceratops. Over the year it has been with Arafel the digger has picked up some very colorful, attributes to its skin color. The prized treat for being good has become emeralds, and that very same precious stone looks to almost flow through the markings that have grown more pronounced as the years have passed. Rivulets of artistic emerald flare run through the head crest, the image of an eye, like in Arafel's plumage. Even the Digger's own stone skin began to look violet and only deeper in color as the weeks and months went on and Arafel finally figured it out, he was influencing it in some ways along with the animals deep empathy for wanting a master once more started the upper stone skin to take on a violet sheen with the emerald looking veins tracked from top of the crest down over its muzzle like a wild storm had called it into being there.

About Arafel's Homeland

Sky Curtain Mountains ~ It was dangerous, blusterous with the storms that would rip a little Egalrin from the cliffs and toss them to the rocks below. Survival was at its extreme and Arafel finds the Forest and weather to be rather pleasant around Alexandria because of this. Stalwart even in the bitterest cold, seems there is a good reason to have feathers for an extra layer of clothing all over one's body.


She Who Would Heal ~ Dana is his patron goddess and he serves her faithfully in the healing ans nurturing path of balance of nature. Those that try to disrupt this balance are sure to find him on the front of combat, and the very unique twang of his large crossbow.


It Followed Me Home ~ Not something you might see normally with any Druid, but especially an Egalrin. The digger is a surprise and a controversy to dwarf and Goblin alike when they see him with it and has come to challenges why he has such a beast as his animal companion. you might think an Egalrin might have some animal that can fly, but so far, the oddly attracted pair that was brought together by fate, has worked very well.

RP Hooks

Where Art Thou Brethren? ~ Always looking for more people that are druid or are associated with the Alexandria's Ygdrassil Union. Not seen too many yet and looking to RP with more of them.

Plot? Did I Smell A Plot ~ I'm up for getting into any kind of plot or any kind of intrigue.

I Shall Have It ~ Always up for any kind of RP, Casual and what not.