An Awkward Reunion

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That it is near mid-day is readibly determinable by the position of the bright sun in the mostly-clear skies overhead. What clouds are present are bright, fluffy, and lazily drift across the blue with the breeze that makes the day warm and pleasant and yet not stifling. All told, a beautiful day. Here in the gardens, the colors and scents of greenery and blooms add to this to make the scenery all but idyllic.

Even enough for one not known to delight in sunshine nor frolic amongst the flowers? Aya walks along one of the marbled paths, her attention not upon the stones nor the passersby. Instead, her steps are along the periphery of walkway and her eyes upon the greenery and blooms; her steps carrying her near enough to lightly trail fingers along one or the other.

Mikilos flies. This is not overly surprising, wizards do that sort of thing. Mostly they sort of float rapidly, held by raw magic. Sometimes they use platforms or rings of runic script. Occasionally wings are utilized, be they feathered, leathery, or insect. Mikilos seems to be going for an 'all of the above' sort of thing, with one feathered wing, one butterfly wing, tiny batwings atop his head, and a mismatched set of runic platforms under his feet. It's not a good look, and judging by the wobble isn't very stable, but he is flying, and fairly quickly. Well, controled falling, he's definately comming down, if one happens to watch for more than a few seconds, headed for an open patch of grass.

Few people today are moving with a purpose, between the sunshine, green grass, flowers, and canopied halls in place. Seldan, however, does, ginger-blonde hair grown long and shaggy pinned back with a simple silver band. He does not bother today to conceal his wearing of armor beneath the ever-present blue-and-silver robes, but it is toned down from its true form, appearing to be well-crafted of ordinary steel. He strides now northward, his feet carrying him in the direction of the Alexandrian gates.

A scarred mul'neissa is lounging about the gardens, lazing upon the benches and watching the sky above behind her shades. Idly she was piecing together what clouds looked liked what. That one looked like a bird. And that one, an airship.

And that one-


"... the fuck is that?" Aryia gestures to herself squinting at the multiwinged Mikilos coming in hot. <Handpseech>

The suddenly-passing shadow over Aya is noted: too small to be a cloud, and far too swift. With a start from her floral appreciation, she looks up. Is it a bird? No. An airship? No. It is ...Mikilos. Eyes blink and narrow against the sunlight as they follow his arc of travel and spy its irregularities. "Mikilos!" she calls loudly upwards, "Are you flying or falling?" She has doubts either could even be considered 'with style' at the moment and she begins moving towards his possible landing area.

Mikilos lands with barely a stumble, wings and assorted flying bits disappearing back to wherever those things come from. He peers around a moment before spying his goal, and with a vauge wave to Aya, heads rapidly northward. "Seldan! Seldan Padaryn! What in the name of the celestial spheres did you DO?" The tone is somewhere between amused and exaspertaed, with a distinct undertone of anxiety. "The outer planes are all abuzz with chatter, half the entities wanting to know what's going on and the other half being evasive as heck. The only thing approaching information I found was your name."

Seldan pauses, and turns towards the flying/landing wizard, surveying him with that even and steady gaze. "I did as the Veil of Llyranost instructed, Mithralla." he answers calmly. No _Master Mithralla_, no _Mikilos_ that are his usual go-to's. "She was of rather a different mind than her jailers."

Seldan pauses, and turns towards the flying/landing wizard, surveying him with that even and steady gaze. "I did as the Veil of Llyranost instructed, Mithralla." he answers calmly. No _Master Mithralla_, no _Mikilos_ that are his usual go-to's. "She was of rather a different mind than her jailers."

He turns to Aryia as the mul woman greets, his eyebrows lifting, but not angrily. Instead, curiosity is writ large, curiosity and interest. "He seems to have landed safely enough."

Aryia sits upright from her seat on the bench, her shades slipping down some as her shining gaze flicks from Mikilos' outburst to,- oh, there's sister!-, to- oh, ther- wait. Seldan??

She blinks rapidly, perplexion scribbled all over her visage. "... what," she motions with one hand, the gesture holding all the understanding needed to get the gist of it across if her expression wasn't enough.

And, it felt like it bundled all her confusion into one package nicely.

"in the actual f-"

Ah, there's the bow. <Handspeech/Tongues>

Serene also arrives by flying.. though in a somewhat less showy and eccentric manner than Mikilos. She and her griffon land some small distance away, in a more open area of the district not obscured by trees or construction. When she dismounts, she put her head to Silver, rubbing his neck as she whispers to him. When she steps away, the griffon makes a deep, crooning sound, before pumping his wings and taking flight once more.

The elder elunite paladin watches her companion leave, then turns towards the small but growing group and walks towards them with intent, raising one gauntleted hand in silent greeting as she nears.

Aya returns Mikilos wave with a casual gesture as he walks away from the successful landing. She then spies the suddenly upright and now apparent form of Aryia. "Good day, sist-" The gesture halts mid-form. Her head pans back as the familiar name uttered, voice heard and, lastly, face is recognized. There are two perplexed and/or confused mul'niessa in the garden for a moment before she speaks.

"Good day, Silverguard. It has been ... quite some time. I do not know whether I should embrace you with open arms, or strike hard enought to leave a mark you would not soon forget." One corner of her mouth lifts. "I expect you wouldn't appreciate either."

Mikilos stops short at Seldan's reply, considering a moment before chuckeling. "You realize how frustratingly nonspecific that was, right?" Shift focus for the moment, he nods greeting to the sisters and arriving paladin.

"You know, Seldan, I'm starting to see why you dislike this city," a lower female voice says from the sword at his hip, sounding as if she is somewhere in mothering age. "No _hello_, no _glad you're all right_, just problems, demands, and threats from every corner. I've never seen ruder people in all my days."

Seldan's demeanor takes on the cast of an alabaster pillar, stone-like and impassive, but a second voice chimes in from the same direction, this one a nasally old woman. "Tisa, you shouldn't say such things in public."

"You know it's true, Fallia, you've said it yourself. Most of the people here treat him like horse droppings in the street."

By this time, Seldan has colored rather thoroughly, and finally he gets out, "Enough, all of you." The stone-like face remains, though, and he turns it on Aya first. "I have been informed of your situation," he tells her coolly. "I presume that the demon minion of Eclavdran's that sought me out at my old house is looking for you as well." He narrows his eyes at her for the space of several seconds, his hand going towards the crescent and sphere that hangs around his neck, then turns to Mikilos.

"The Veil of Llyranost is intelligent," he explains, with that same cool, formal, distant tone. "She desired to leave Llyranost to undertake a mission of her own, one that has changed the balance of power in the heavens for all time. That mission is now complete."

Aryia, though, gets the very smallest of smiles, one that cracks the stone-like facade. "The tale is a long one, but worthy of the hearing. Serene," he adds, the smile widening further as his companion-in-arms walks up. "Did you receive my message?"

Aryia glances from the returned Silverguard down to the sword on their hip. She frowns. "Aya said hello, and I'm confused as shit so fuck us, right?" she rudely gestures to the blade before sighing and shaking her head.

She looks back up to Seldan. Her head tilting ever so slightly to the side. Such a motion made her slide her attention over to Serene, no recognition flashing across her features as she just simply waves hello. "After going to the Grey Halls, yeah, I can believe it's a long one," she motions with a bit of pride, a flicker of a glance stolen to Aya along with a smug expression. <Handspeech/Tongues>

The not-quite-bickering but also-not-friendly-banter Serene overhears as she approaches has her reach up to pinch the bridge of her nose as she takes the last few steps into conversation range. "Peace, all of you, I beg," she says, sounding tired. And a closer look at her face reveals something very rarely seen; exhaustion plain on the features of a woman whose face is ordinarly rivalling statues carved from marble. The stern look is still there, but she's showin much more of her age than usual. It seems this last excursion has taken its toll, though anyone who knows anything about the sinister looking sword strung from her baldric upon her back and the after effects of the confrontration with Eclavdran might have some understanding of some of the burdens she is currently bearing.

"Yes, Seldan. I did. The tone indicated some measure of urgency, though.. please. It may behoove us to offer some measure of explanation to these three."

GAME: Seldan rolls will: (11)+32: 43

Between the comments from Reunion regarding this reunion and Serene's request, Aya clarifies. "There is only peace here, Serene," her eyes shift to Seldan's hip a moment, "and the comment was made with respect and affection beneath, as they ever were." Back to Seldan. "The entirety would be a tale possibly as long as yours, Seldan, but, yes, it haunts me." She frowns tightly. "It -knows- me, as it is the one that held my body before Aryia retrieved my soul from the Grey Halls and restored me, ejecting it." She turns to make a long glance to her sister, of pride and gratitude.

The frown returns as she looks back. "It now hunts those closest to me, to taunt and torment. It may seek you for that, or for revenge for Eclavdran. I returned it to the Iron Hells once; like its former master, it did not remain long. It was back in the city recently, so be wary." She looks between Seldan and Serene. "If you have any wisdom on destroying it utterly, I would be most grateful. I want no more deaths in my name." The side-glance to Mikilos is not proud.

Mikilos tsks, but smiles, starting to reply but nodding to Serene's request. "Sorry. It's been a hectic morning, but I take it your week hasn't been better." He waves vaugely to Aya. "Calls itself Ayaxandraea Rrostoavae, and can confirm is dangerous. Of which I was perfectly aware when I ran after it. I was mistaken in the type of danger it presented, but I knew what could happen."

"You went to the Gray Halls? Why didn't you stay there?" The voice from the sword this time is a querulous old man.

"KANIAN!" Half a dozen voices from the sword shout in chorus, and they are joined by Seldan's. "Reunion, _silence!_" The words brook no argument and are snarled with a quiet force. He _stares_ at it a moment, as one locked in a battle of wills, but the sword does not speak again.

"As you will, Serene. Part of the news is good, although we must both seek the mercy of the Seers. That shall I explain in private. As for the other part, it is as I have said. A minion of Eclavdran walks the city and harasses its innocent." The word hangs there, waiting, in a pregnant pause, but he goes on. "I would have your aid in seeing it gone. I know the burdens you bear, but would not deny you the chance, do you yet possess the strength." His gaze lingers on her, and the coolness shades into concern and compassion, but it stays only a moment, before he turns to Mikilos.

"Know you the name Caeldra Dawncaller, Mithralla?"

GAME: Mikilos rolls knowledge/history: (10)+17: 27

Aryia waves a hand off from Serene's plead for peace. "Only thing not peaceful right now is it not being nighttime yet," she gestures to the incoming paladin, her giving them a once over before nodding with Aya idly, sharing similar sentiments.

She blinks at the sword. Stares at it. Is that anger that twists her visage?

She snorts. "Funny." Apparently not. Though it did seem like she had a few pages of signs to go through that involved quite a bit of swearing and creative cursing, but it was held back, her not wanting to derail this reunion.

She tilts her head to the side as Seldan requests information from Miki. A hand runs through her hair, it back to it's moon-hued sheen, through curled now. "... I can kick it's ass too so..." she motions, offering aid off handedly. <Handspeech/Tongues>

Aya's frown actually softens at Reunion's comment. She does not offer retort nor rebuttal as she takes a step or three to stand near Aryia. There is much more occuring than just her ... personal issues. It is not all about her.

Her reaction comes, instead, at Mikilos' reveal of information: both hands clench into fists and her eyes dart about them. Why are there no convenient unwanted brick walls in reach when one is needed? A rebuttal now forms on her lips, though is mostly bitten back to come out as a harsh hiss towards Mikilos. "That is NOT its name!"

Serene closes her eyes, taking a pair of measured breaths. One could almost hear the 'step away for five minutes' grumble in the back of her mind, but she nods. Then her eyes open. "As long as my will is my one, I will ever be ready to do what needs to be done," she promises Seldan before shifting her attention to the trio of elves again. Her head tilts a little bit, upon realization that she understands Aryia despite having no knowledge at all of Handspeech.. but, well, after all these years, it is probably one of the smaller surprises she's stumbled across. So she takes it in stride. "After Eclavdran, I do not doubt the ability of the city's heroes to manage this villain, though I do not mean to in any way diminish its threat. Or what it has done so far. I will lend myself to its vanquishing. I do not, however, recommend the method which was used to destroy its master."

Mikilos blinks at Seldan, taking a moment before nodding. "Of course, the first Llyranesi. Well, started the Lly; anyway, what of them?" He nods to Aya. "What it calls itself. Certainly not its true name, and I take it is a name as stolen as it's apperance."

"Even so. The Veil of Llyranost is no more, and no less, than the spirit of Caeldra Dawncaller," Seldan explains, when Serene has finished, nodding satisfaction. "Her brother Menesil is your ancestor," he nods to Aya and Aryia. "Menesil was drawn into the trap of the Tempter, and turned to demons when the First Tree began to fade. The two fought, and the races were forever split, until now."

"Nor I, although the aftereffects can be handled, Serene. The Seers can aid us, and I have already asked that of them. They must prepare, and so must I, but they can help. Fear not." Seldan continues to watch Serene, his eyes lingering on the sinister-looking sword. Is that guilt there? It's there only for a moment, before he turns away and towards the others. "The Veil desired to leave Llyranost, and bade me take her, that she might rescue her brother from Taara's grasp. That did we do, although it was not lightly so, and the Forest of Whispers is now silenced."

It seems that the Memorial Gardens are a popular destination today, as a familiar if long-absent blue-scaled sith makes his way around the gardens with a slow and easy pace that is his normal hallmark. Though perhaps the walk is a _touch_ slower than is usual. Zeke notices (how could he not) the group of people who are gathered and begins to make his way toward them. A low hum escapes him when he notices foremost Seldan, and then Serene... and then...

It's almost as if he notices Aya last. Yet upon spying the woman his features darken considerably and he quickens his step. The conversation in question goes over his head in the importance of the moment. "Kin!" He calls to Seldan loudly and points his staff at the woman. "It isss the demon!"

Seems that someone is a little behind on current events.

Aryia shifts slightly towards Aya at the hissing words, and soon her expression was mirrored in a subdued frown and bobbing of the head. Yeah! That wasn't Aya!

Her attention shifts to the history lesson, her swaying lightly on the spot as one ear flicks down and the other presses against her head. Interesting...

"That's pretty neat," she gestures simply with slight up turn of her lips. Praise from Aryia? The words must have weight. "Glad it worked out and it wasn't like some time bullshit." She shudders at that thought.

The approaching voice causes her to look over and-

Blink. "No, it's not. If it was, they'd be fucking stupid to be in the middle of two Silverguards, an Archmage, and my stubborn ass," she gestures with large signs across the way. <Handspeech/Tongues>

Serene shifts, shoulder and torso turning with her head as she looks towards Zeke upon hearing his call... she has little to add to Seldan's explanation. She raises her hand, both in greeting and in a calming gesture. "Be at ease, Sunguard. There is more to that story than perhaps you know. There is no demon before us here. I would know," she assures. Indeed, it's rumoured that Serene can smell the very evil that radiates from demons and their kind. Back to the others, "The Veil is where she desired to be, free from those who would exploit her. My advice is to be prepared for change."

Another familiar voice, though it takes Aya turning to spy the bearer before full recognition. She does not fault him for the presumption, and does not even fully dissuade it. "I am not, Zeke, but one is about that enjoys taking my appearance. Best that you are wary." A pause before she adds, "It is good to see you returned."

"It is even as she says, kin," Seldan turns towards Zeke, peacefully and with a smile of welcome. "She has been freed, and although she still has things to answer for, there is a demon double within the city that stalks her and others. It sought my old home." The smile fades as he speaks, back into that even, cool, quiet reserve. "We must yet see to it."

He moves subtly, to make room for the Sunguard in the group. "Yes. The Veil desired to leave, and it is wrong to hold a living being, spirit or flesh, against its will. Llyranost has been doing so for millennia."

Mikilos stares and blinks for a moment. That Caeldra and The Veil are linked is no surprise. HOW they are linked, is a bit of a shock. And then there's a big blue lizard. "What? No no, this is the real one. The demon is... well, exactly the same, but still very different." He glances sidelong to Aya. "I've taken to calling her 'Xandra' in my notes."

Aryia's words are no comfort to the sith-makar. Not given the demons that have plauged Alexandria of late. Yet Serene bids him hold, and when Seldan emphasizes this, Zeke lowers his quarterstaff. Though... one can not say that his expression becomes any more friendly. "Much to anssswer for yesss." He murmurs, unhappily and with some emotion behind it. His green eyes firm as he struggles to relax somewhat in her presence. "Thisss one can confirm that the Veil isss a perssson. A sssentient being that wasss trapped and wisshed for freedom. Sssuch that we could not but aid it."

The mute, a bit unlearned in this field of history and legacy, rests on her back foot as others share what has been happening, and what has transpired in the trio's absence. Aryia's head pans from person to person as they talk.

Aya now reverses her steps somewhat, putting one side-stride between herself and Aryia as she looks between Sun- and Silverguards. "And I shall, at your conveniences." There are other topics at hand at the moment and she is happy enought to retain or return to them. "So the Veil is an ancient llyranesi spirit, and it now... reclaimed the first mul'niessa from Taara?" She is not a scholar of history, even of her own bloodline and may be confirming her understanding with the recounting before adding, "That would be among the best news heard in some time."

"Indeed. And by all appearances, it seems that Aya is ready to meet those obligations," Serene says, the fatigue still evident in her voice, but the tone no less firm. "However remaining on our guard would be wise, and a method to distinguish Aya from the one who seeks evil in her name should be agreed upon, if one has not already been." She shifts a little bit, then, rolling her neck a little bit as though to relieve some stiffness. "I will continue on to the Temple, Seldan, and await your arrival. There is a matter of my own with which I wished to discuss with the Seers." She pauses, giving Aya, and by extension Aryia, one last look... then she nods to the shorter mul. As if to say 'I am glad we did not have to fight.'

Mikilos says, “'Doesn't try to poison me or crush my skull' has worked as a distinction so far, but admit something more foolproof might prove handy.”

"That is so," Seldan nods reservedly to Aya, but turns to Serene. "I shall find you there, ere I leave. We should speak in more detail." As his fellow Silver Guard turns away, he turns back to the others. "Very well. I have a means, but one that does not require more than a simple question and answer may prove useful. The demon stalks the couple that now occupy mine and Mal's former home," he adds to Zeke. "I have not yet informed Mal, I doubt that he will find the news of interest, and it is in my mind that he has had his fill of demons. Though, truly would I welcome your aid, do your duties permit."

Zeke hurms and shakes his head. "It issss ill advisssed to trussst sssuch thingsss ass passswordsss and quesstionsss. The demon could learn of them all to easssily. Particiularly if they are oft-usssed." He looks at Seldan and nods his head low to the other man. "Thisss one isss ever at your ssside kin. Thiss one hasss no dutiesss asss of yet, and doess not intend to remain."

The significance seems to click when Aya clarifies the new history being written. She blinks, her brows raising high. "That is... good," she echoes with her hands before she gives a similar nod to Serene.

Back to the present conversations, she opts to hang her thumbs from her pockets. Perhaps chewing on that food for thought previously brought up. Then, she pouts at arriving to something. "There's going to be even more prissy elves visiting here, aren't there." It was an observation, not a question. <Handspeech/Tongues>

"It can be nothing from before," Aya volunteers concerning Seldan's prudent measure. "I have every reason to believe whatever I knew, it knows." She looks to Aryia and some frown returns. "There is already an influx of mul'niessa and llyranesi here." She adds, in gesture, to her "To include Daechir's grandmother. If my judgement occurs before her return, I will be grateful."

Mikilos isn't sure he's counted as a 'prissy elf' and not sure if he minds. "Not entirely clear what happens if toss a demon into another dimension. Not sure how swiftly they can return compared to just being killed again. Suppose depends on the dimension. The planes of void and vaccum would be hard to escape, but dangerous to link to. And not confidant they'd hold a dead demon soul." Thinking out loud, not really suggesting anything.

"There is but one way I know of to ensure that they do not return, and that is to seek them out in their home." Seldan remains still, although he does nod to Zeke. "Beyond what is required to remove this demon, I do not intend to remain, either, for we have other tasks to see to, especially the one for which we were promised aid." He leaves that unclear, instead turning back to the others. Something in his demeanor is gradually returning to that impassive, pillar-like attitude. "What do you suggest, kin?"

Zeke tilts his head, searching for a solution. "You can sssee the evil in anothersss being." He offers to Seldan, expressing that the paladin has little need for code words or secret sayings which might be necessary. "For the ressst of usss, perhapsss thisss one can asssk the Dragonfather for the ability to do ssimilarly. Then, if the quesstion of if ssshe isss whom ssshe sssaysss sshe isss comes up - one who can sssee the truth can be called upon."

The conundrum of Miki being under Aryia's mental assortment of 'posh' or not shall never be known, as instead she frowns at bit at Aya's mention. "An influx? Great. I highly doubt the grandmother went as smooth as my parents. Just let me know if she needs a reminder we're here and not there now."

She cracks her knuckles.

Aside from the usual latent threat of Aryia Violence (patent pending), she pans from Sunguard to Silverguard and back again as they discuss divine capabilities. Once more, just listening. <Handspeech/Tongues>

Aya nods to Seldan at his mention of permanent demon-removal options. "That is the only that we had determined, and I am prepared to do so if necessary. However, striking it where it is strongest is not the preferred choice. Not without a great deal of assistance." At Aryia comment, she responds in kind. "She is matron of an ancient Charnet House that is scrambling to keep its wealth. Biased. Devious. Desperate. She nearly makes the fiends seem pleasant."

"Yes, that is a means, although even that is not foolproof, kin." Still Seldan does not move. "There are spells that can cloak evil, or indeed good, should the caster desire it. As we used mundane means to secure the door in addition to magical ones, perhaps more than one method will serve. But, I must take my leave of you, for now. My errand will not wait. Her light upon your path." The words are formal and closed, and he moves to continue on his way.

Mikilos conisders. "Any mark could be duplicated, a pass lost or stolen, a password learned. Nothing is foolproof, but I doubt Xandra is quite so well informed as he master was. A secret method of indentification is unlikely to be learned swiftly, but remaing skeptical remains wise."

Zeke nods to Seldan, acknowledging the wisdom of his words. He shifts his weight and watches Seldan leave. Green eyes flicker to Aya. "Thisss one ssshould go ass well. Thisss one mussst prepare a meal and sshould attend to... othersss." This last is a hesitation, his greene eyes flickering toward Aya again, then he is nodding to those present and making his way toward the market district.

Aryia gives a wave from the hip as Seldan departs, "Later. Good to see you," she offers along with it. Though she makes a revolted face at the information Aya supplies, along with one with one of the few sounds the mute could properly make: 'bleh'.

She bobs on the tips of her toes, bouncing in place. Energic without a real reason. She turns to Zeke, a hand raised-

And he's departing. The awkwardness was dense enough that even she could pick up on it. "Have fun." <Handspeech>

Aya is uncertain precisely what to make of Zeke's directed pause, though she cannot fault him for it, either. She echoes Aryia's sound, if for differing reasons. "Bleh." After a moment's pause, she adds, "Not that I expected that to go well."

Mikilos sighs and stretches. "I suppose I'd best get back to the shop. Belhan probably has a set of messages waiting." Murmuring, the wizard sprouts a set of tasteful blue crystal wings, and rises into the air. Helps to take a bit of time with your asthetics, unlike before.

Aryia is still bouncing on the balls of her feet, a subtle yet boundless thing. "Hey at least you're not cut in twain, or buried in holy fire, I'd say that went rather well," she assuages with some signs.

She waves goodbye to Mikilos, then pouts a bit at the display. "Showoff," she pouts, still upset she can't zip around like she used to in the city. <Handspeech>

Aya bids farewell to Mikilos, then looks to Aryia. First a nod, then a brow lifts. "And you look ready to punch someone. Were you expecting a fight?"

Aryia gives a hint of a shrug. "No. Just felt like I woke up on the right side of the bed today is all."

She turns her head towards her sister. "What, looking to get punched?" she inquires, grinning somewhat. <Handspeech>

Aya's other brow lifts at Aryia and her arms cross before her in challenge. "If you need to burn off some of that energy, and you want to try, little sister..." A friendly challenge, and nothing is wrong with a little practice.

Aryia snickers. "Race you to the Colosseum. There's a stone pillar missing an imprint of your face on it."

Without a countdown or gobbo dragonspitter as the signal, the mute dashes off westbound. <Handspeech>

-End Scene-