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About My Character

Amaya is a Tsuran wanderer, hailing from the Jade Islands, or maybe the Phurai Dae plains. Some even say she was born aboard a pirate ship, but whatever the story that is spinned what is truly known is that she has been travelling the land for a long time, having recently arrived to Alexandria, the rumors saying she is looking for her old mentor. She can often be found in taverns, or out looking for trouble, having a penchant for wit contests or even dueling out in the streets. She is also quite good with the mandolin, and more often than not plucking a few cords for gold in taverns. A dashing bandit indeed!


Roleplay Hooks

  • Amaya can talk like a sailor when things get heated, specially where it comes to insults, knowing quite the few good ones, and not minding getting into curse contests.
  • Dueling and sword-fighting. Amaya fights with a scimitar, and isn't afraid to show off.
  • Sword for hire: She can be hired for most jobs needing a good sword. If your gold is good.
  • She is a mandolin player, and other artists may find common interests with her.
  • Knowing her way around a ship, others with common interests, or needing a sailor may reach for her too.

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You pot-bellied bastard son of a Phurai Dae mare!! (just before a fight erupts at the strength-Ox tavern)