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About Amara

Aristocratic, educated, martially-trained, and a do-gooder. How much more stereotypical could one get for one of the Eldanar?

On the other hand, this particular Highborn's parents weren't married (at least, not to each other), and she's a devoted servant of Tarien - if not quite in the conventional mode (if there is such a thing) of a Luckbringer of the Laughing God. Certainly, she's flamboyant and enthusiastic, and seems keen to place herself at the heart of interesting events, and perhaps to start a few herself - but she's not quite such a good luck charm in her own right as are some of her fellow clergy.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Wide-eyed tourist: Amara's a brand new arrival in Alexandria. For good or ill, she finds so much of what she sees to be absolutely fascinating.
  • Player of games: a gambler and trickster, Amara's open to challenges of a variety of types, and might issue a few of her own, if people (or prizes) look intriguing. She doesn't use her deity's gifts to influence the outcome, seeing the act of playing as a form of worship and spiritual exploration.
  • Fledgeling heroine: Amara's also brand new to the adventuring game, at least in this part of the world. She's both keen to protect the weak, and weak enough herself that she might need a bit of protection in her own right.
  • Do-gooder: a firm believer in individuals' responsibility to change the world for the better, she's prone to sticking her nose in where it might not be wanted - and also, she hopes, to helping where required.

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