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"Hruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhgh!" The greatfoot in front of you raises her head high, a length so great it nears, then crashes the jungle canopy. For a moment, blessed sunlight breaks through the perpetual greensky. "Hahhhhruuuuuuuuuuuun!" she yells, and the caravan master, a sith-makar rushes up and taps her with a quirt, to get her attention.

Slowly, around you, the caravan grinds to a halt. You're all here--as guards, as merchants. As the curious or guests--a grand caravan of goods returning to the jungle, and bearing Alexandrian goods. Swiftclaws, those riding raptors, nip and snarl at one another as the caravan halts. Drivers yerk at the reins, and call out to one another. One can hear the sound of wheels grinding and leather creaking.

All in all, you're just fifty strong, and it's been hell. Mosquitoes, the size of goblins. Plants that first nibble the toes, like gentle pondfish--then open wide, and wider--ready to take in a full-sized oruch. The oppressive heat, the humidity that confuses the line between jungle and "oh hell I just took a dunk in a river," all combines to make you forget, or nearly forget--how gorgeous it is. Brilliant flowers, lush forest. The gentle call at nighttimes of the--

"--hunter-casste ssays listen," one of the sith-makar nearby says. Word gets passed along, down the caravan.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "The caravan you're part of is returning from Alexandria, to Am'shere! It's laden with goods and gold, as well as ambassadors from Alexandria's Green. The Treaty between the sith-makar and Alexandria is the first of its kind--and the Green was heavily involved in that brokerage. Given that and its rare destination, there's all sorts of reasons to come along. :3"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Also. You've been traveling for at least four days. It's hot. It's sticky.'s gorgeous. ...there are mosquitos the size of goblins. ^^;"

Merek is with the others that came to the caravan, while he has on his black attire cloak which is adjusted about him with the hood up also. He is listening to folk while he settles back on the wagons to watch folk as well.

If it wasn't for magic...

Kisa would be very uncomfortable.

Thankfully there was magic -- with Jazz hands magic -- to help her along the way. While she sits in one of the wagons of the caravan guiding it along with a canopy overhead that hides her from the sun when it does manage to poke through the greenery overtop. Her mouth pulls to one side, then the other, and she leans along with it before calling out "WHAT'S THE HOLD UP?! I have textiles that need to be sold!" -- and a spider for Alba, maybe, perhaps, there is a chance.

She was wearing an impossible skirt and a short-sleeved t-shirt top. The impossible skirt was volumous and could probably double as a pillow.

It is the most unusual application of magic that one can imagine, buuuuuut...

"The force behind Mystic Armor does seem sufficient to hold back the worst of the biting insects," Jenner writes in his travelogue, dark quill scribbling from where he rides upon one of the wagons. "Likely it would not be so by a magically-induced or deteremined swarm--" He pauses, grimacing as he slaps his neck. Ahem. "--but for occasional creatures, it should be sufficient. Shall study more as the days come." He pauses, glancing as he hears Kisa's voice with a chuckle. "Also-- no wolves in Am'Shere. Can see why-- temperature entirely not conducive to wearing fur! Perhaps in deeper climate..."

Seldan, another guard with the caravan, after passing back the message to those behind him, pushes sweat-soaked, strawberry blonde hair away from his face. It's a good thing for him that most of the journey has been under forest canopy, because what sunlight they have seen has already turned his ivory-fair skin pink. He is very uncomfortable, his shirt plastered to him beneath the light surcoat over his armor that looks more like robes than anything. He hasn't said much for most of the journey, and seems more inclined to listen, watch, and learn.

The caravan slowly, slowly halts. That creak of leather. The groan of wheel and schlorp of junglemud. A scaled hustles past, spear in hand. The greatfoot at the lead bellows again--the sound, as mighty as it is, getting caught in the lushness of the rainforest.

"...warrior-casste ssays move towards the ssenter," one of the sith-makar says, Izel. He scuttles up near Seldan, and then gestures along the line of the caravan. "Sshare words--you. Sshare words with other ssoftsskins." Spears are coming out, and atlatl--smaller spears that is, and their launchers.

There are fifty of you--it's been four days. A mixture of merchants, warriors, ambassadors. Of scaled and not.

Also, the mosquitos.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Jenner--btw, you've managed to catch one of the mosquitoes. A shaman-caste taught you how to put it on a leash. This scares other mosquitoes away, but it means it stares. At Jenner. Hungrily. With multifaceted, blood-orb eyes. ;_;"
<OOC> Jenner notes this in the Travelogue: The Doom of Tasty Mages. :(

Merek opens up a little scroll he keeps with him to write in, then he looks to some of the others as well, then he looks to one of the sith'makar, "Your scales are pretty lovely," he winks from the hood, while he takes a staff with him to look at and examine also, working the piece.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Also--perception checks if you like. Prof/merchant, or anything else you'd like to apply. There's probably RP-related stuff can be learned. :3"
<OOC> Jenner hrm. Knowledge/Nature?
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sure. :D"
GAME: Jenner rolls knowledge/nature: (7)+14: 21
GAME: Merek rolls perception: (1)+14: 15 (EPIC FAIL)
<OOC> Merek says, "too busy flirting"

Burai is here as a guest, or an observer as he likes to think of it. He's made the acquaintence of a fellow druid who advised him of the caravan. And of the opportunity for travel to a land so far away it is otherwise unreachable.

Seldan blinks in surprise at being singled out, and immediately looks down. "Yes, sir," is his only answer, as he moves towards the center as bid. He doesn't immediately strike up conversation, though, instead looking out to see what prompted the order.

GAME: Seldan rolls perception: (14)+2: 16
<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs. Welcome, Burai! There is a logger. :3
GAME: Kisaiya rolls Profession/Merchant: (2)+15: 17
<OOC> Kisaiya XD
<OOC> Seldan says, "Sense Motive. Sith'makar can be hard to read, but what's the general mood of the caravan? Are they nervous, expectant?"
GAME: Seldan rolls sense motive: (8)+7: 15
You paged Jenner with 'Ah! That--that plant there? It had been a flytrap. No, wait, its cousin had been a flytrap. This one looks like a beautiful nightmare. It's four, five times as large with brilliant colors, and grows along a vine--a vine covering several trees and that vanishes deep into the woods. Might keep away from that area. ...but SO FASCINATING.'
<OOC> Beaglefinder starts sending out pages. :3

Jenner glances over at the interruption, nodding without comment. He blows across the paper, a murmured cantrip to dry the ink swiftly-- he closes it as he stretches, glancing to his *other* side with a grimace. A glare.

The mosquito/fly/thing stares back. With red eyes. Hungry, hungry eyes.

"No biting," the mage warns darkly, moving down towards the others. "Or I'll shrink you again.

"The mosquito eyes. EYES.

You paged Seldan with 'With Izel nudging him, he can see things ....nrng. Sort of? He can't see in the dark, and beneath the canopy, shadows rule. The sith-makar definitely seem to be watching the outers of the caravan, though. They're...forming up? Almost like an organized army? Anyhow, he'd been asked to get the nonscaled to move towards the center of the caravan...'
You paged Kisaiya with '...this is an expensive caravan. With a keen eye, though, Kisa spots some of the caravan carts have an odd make--areas lightened, or structures taken away to make room for the weight of armor. It means the mud is bad--but not as bad as it could've been.'
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Alright. RP funstuffs paged. Go on as you're able, and I'll be getting another pose out soonish. It'll reflect whatever y'all are doing in RP. <3"

Seldan peers out into the darkness, then glances at Izel again. -Oh.- "They are asking us to move to the center of the caravan," he calls out to his fellow humans in a voice with a strong Myrrish accent. "They want the sith'makar to the outside, and us towards the center," he tells the others, suiting actions to words and climbing up on one of the wagons to perch as close to its center as he can get.

Burai hears and obeys, finding himself next to the other Alexandrians. "Have any of you been to this land before?"

Soup has connected.

Kisaiya is still sitting on her wagon, looking about, her mouth pulling off to the side. She glances at Jenner, stares, then looks toward the caravan again. She shuffles from side-to-side up to her feet so she can get a better look over the carts. Her head tilts and she cranes up further, looking over the heads of some of the others, "Hmm... BLAH! The mud must be terrible." She puffs her cheeks out and flops back down into the seat, the impossibly floofy skirt creating a cushion for her as she waved as Seldan.

"Briefly,", Jenner admits in answer to Burai, "But that was a very long time ago. Before the Mist and the Vanishing." He shrugs, stretching gingerly. "As part of an initial merchantry detail. I'm not sure we ever got beyond the caravansary. Granted, that was before the alliance and agreement." He glances over, one good eye sparkling with silent mirth. "I'm told the mosquitoes were much bigger then. Carrying off a full man in plate armor for later.... dining."

"YES!" Kisa tosses her arms up as she answers Burai, "I've been here a number of times. Trading. Jobs. You kinda name it! It's a fun place." A wave to one of the Sith-makar as they pass by, "Pieces of your best!" Kisa calls out the greeting.

<OOC> Jenner dies.
<OOC> Beaglefinder :D
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Heya, Soup!"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "There is a logger. <3 If someone could help him get caught up, would be amazin. Also, guys--addcom lc=LahChan if you'd like to add the local channel, and gossip during RP. ^^;"

"I have not," Seldan answers, acknowledging Kisaiya's wave with one of his own. He pushes a sweat-soaked lock of hair out of his face again and adjusts where he stands at the back of one of the wagons. "I suppose that it is a good thing to go anywhere once." Unspoken in that is the notion that he has zero intent of coming back if he can help it.

The poor mosquito. It stares, hungrily, at Jenner. One could imagine no greater starf than those eyes--those blood red eyes. Eternally hungry. Eternally needy. Starving. Starving. ...and then inexplicably, those blood-red spheres flick to the left, then right and it flings itself towards the jungle at the edge of the "road." The leash yanks taunt and vibrates--but the mosquito doesn't give up!

"ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz!!!" it buzzes, its teeny voice hungry and at once, furious at the leash keeping it from whatever's beyond the wall of plant and shadow.

The comment by Merek earns an odd look. "You ..." the sith-makar says and--the muzzle rumples. "Thiss one is not /perversse/, ssoftskin," they reply. Male, female? It is hard to tell! The usual tells are not there, among the scaled! Regardless... " get yoursself towards the--!!"

A sudden cry from the greatfoot cuts off all conversation. A spear lodges itself in that great neck, and thick red blood oozes from its source.


"...they ssay drop our weapons. They are taking the caravan!" Izel replies, her voice terse. She has her own spear out by now and other scaled have moved in close.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Perception if you like; low light vision matters. ^^;"
GAME: Soup rolls perception: (8)+7: 15
GAME: Jenner rolls Perception: (11)+11: 22
GAME: Seldan rolls perception: (19)+2: 21
GAME: Burai rolls perception: (3)+8: 11
GAME: Merek rolls perception: (14)+14: 28
You paged Seldan with '...multiple figures. There are fifty of you, but this could be a challenge. He can't see details--but he can smell. And, the smell is off--like the underbrine from a stale river.'
GAME: Kisaiya rolls Perception: (18)+9: 27
Seldan pages: Detect evil. Just because. Sometimes, detect evil is the best warning you getm and sometime it is useless.
You paged Soup with '...multiple figures. There are fifty of you, but this could be a challenge. They're hunched with great fins on their back. Weapons. Spears. Atlatl. And, the smell is off--like the underbrine from a stale river.'
You paged Seldan with 'Oh hell yeah. :D'
You paged (Merek, Kisaiya) with '...multiple figures. There are fifty of you, but this could be a challenge. They're shadows the size of a man and one catches the glipse of scale, the sound of weapons. Their vision isn't too great in the shadows, but they can smell. The smell is off--like the underbrine from a stale river.'

Merek lifts up his gaze a bit and points, "A lot of figures," he says, "I'm not sure what they are, they scent kinda like brine," he adds.

Riding high on his mount, the small Gnomish Knight Soup, keeps his lance pointing skyward. The mount for it's part, a massive Dire Corgi seems to be having the time of it's life despite the fur, bugs and mud. A wide tongue lols out and occasionally it snaps at the air taking great mouthfuls of bugs and steaming air. Soup, the knight on it's back however is quiet in his misery. Having long since become vacume sealed inside his armor with sweat and irritation. He's given up on swatting at the bugs, instead simply centering on the edges of the forrest. His head tilting as he sees something. Blinking through the layer of grime over his eyebrows beneath his dog-head shaped helm. "Mal." He says warningly to the Corgi which juts it's ears up in response and turns slowly to look as directed. As the pair begin to shift towards the enemy, a monkey falls out of the Corgi's furry mass. Shrieks once in terror and skitters away into the underbrush trailing brown and white foot long hairs in it's wake.

"Whatever they be, they reek of evil," Seldan calls out, loud enough for softskins and sith'makar alike to hear him. "We are not overmatched, I think, if we stand together!" He draws his own longsword in a rasp of leather on steel.

Jenner is reluctant to let the mosquito go; proven more effective than magic (HERESY) at driving other biting creatures away! The wizard's lips narrow with a grim expression; following eyesight and a careful glance of his own as he searches near, his eye glittering with the first raw touch of energies-- swift magic, flowing smoothly. "What are they?" he asks, quiet murmuring to Burai in common tongue. Channeling and focusing (and mosquitohawk buzzing angrily!), he works to ready the spells at his command, eye gleaming. "How can one reek in a jungle? *Everyone* reeks...."

"Brine?" Burai echoes. "Then they are some sort of sea creatures? Is there salt water nearby?" He moves forwards a few steps towards the great creature that was struck with the spear. A small ball of flame appears above the outstretched palm of his hand.

GAME: Burai casts Produce Flame. Caster Level: 3 DC: 13
<OOC> Beaglefinder rar. XD

"My textiles!" Kisa flings her arms up into the air and waggles them from side-to-side, "Don't come over here!" She finally points a finger out into the underbrush at where the shadows are, her mouth pulling into a thin-lipped expression. She gives a wrinkle of her nose and then rubs at it for a moment before turning to look the other way at where the Sith seem to be circling the wagons. "This is a ~pa-a-a-a-ain~." Another huff and she bats at a plant trying to chew at the hem of her impossibly volumous skirt.

<OOC> Beaglefinder bwahaha.

"Nar-sektoth Clan," Izel replies, in a voice Jenner might recall--might recall from stories of early acolytehood. The deep throated curse when the professor summoned something, by accident, from the eleven pits of hell. THAT voice.

The warrior-caste grips her weapons. A few thump their tails towards Seldan's words, and one calls out--one wearing a headdress. Feathers. "WARRIOR-CASSTE! WE DECLARE THISS CARAVAN SSAFE!" The cry goes up, and figures step out of the shadow. Figures with wry muscles and briny scale. Figures carrying jagged harpoons and roughened spears.

Burai's flame casts them in stark light. The fire hilights the brine sticking to their scales. Hilights the rows and rows of teeth. Teeth resembling a shark, and jaws as wide as a stonebeast's.

"KSSSRHURR HSS VSSK KRRU UURU SSKSAA VTHHHH!" one of them shouts, and levels a spear at you. Another close by croaks, "Death! You die, you diiee!" Another points to Kisaiya, to her impossibly floofy skirt, and then turns around and flicks its own tail, before turning around again. "That look better on me!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "So!"
<OOC> Soup says, "CHARGE! I am sweaty, grimey and unhappy, and I shall share my pain. THREE APPLES HIGH AND FUELED BY RAGE!"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "This is a sizable band y'all are up against. :D Combat here is going to be largely cinematic--so please, absolutely, have some fun with it. Try some things. Let me know what you'd like to do and we'll try to make it work. Rolls will be minimal, and only where something may be risky. But I reward risk. And RP. Shamelessly. :D"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Also, they look like this: :D"
[LahChan] Seldan says, "Which is worse, Soup? Sweaty and grimy, or wet?"
[LahChan] Beaglefinder XD
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok! Soup! You can totally do that. Pose roufing and snarling and hitting three of them like bowling pins. :D The downside is, the corgifur is now covered in smelly slime. BATHS will be required! Go ahead and pose. <3"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You might need to roll to see if the bath succeeds, later. That absolutely will be High Risk (TM). ;_;"
[LahChan] Soup says, "This depends on what kind of wet. There are many kinds of wet. Is this cool relaxing at beach wet? Or is this I just stepped on something wet in the dark, and my sock is stuck to my foot and the dog is hiding wet?"
<OOC> Jenner will cast 'Summon Lavasoap' to help :3
<OOC> Merek says, "Merek is going to shoot with his rifle."
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Boomstick goes BOOM and for a moment, rivals the junglesound. Several of the shark-smile people take notice. They turn attention towards Merek!"

Merek lifts up his longarm from the cloak of his, while he takes a shot into the shark people, then he's loading the weapon while he takes a moment to look at his pack of the ammo also.

<OOC> Soup is going to charge the one that pointed the spear, spoke loudly and told us we were going to die. He gets to be shishkabob'd in the eye. One fishy, fishy for the fry. Dead by tiny little Gnome guy.
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Go ahead and pose, Soup! :D"
<OOC> Seldan says, "Put a Light spell, not on the Nar-Sektoth, but on a tree or plant behind them. I want them backlit."
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok! Also, you are PALADIN! Feel free to be heroic. :D"
<OOC> Seldan says, "I intend to be, but that doesn't mean I can't also be smart."
<OOC> Jenner will do something unusual-- "A wall of force, but low to the ground, shaped like a barrier for archers and gunmen to take cover behind. Partial cover? Full cover? At 110 square feet, should be able to craft a full (iif small) fortified sector."
GAME: Whirlpoopin' has partially disconnected.
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sounds like fun. :D"
<OOC> Jenner nods!
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "And Sel, that is true. <3 Just also, you've a direct invite from the GM. If there's something you'd like to do--ping me and we can try to work it out. <3"
<OOC> Beaglefinder waits for poses. Balances some books on Kisa's head. :3

Burai strides a few more steps towards the huge saurian. Partly because he's slowed by the weight of his armor. And partly because he's drawing a bead on the line of sharp-toothed figures. With an arm like a catapult he throws the flame above his hand. It sails in a long arc that leaves a faint after-image before crashing into the line.

You paged Jenner with 'Quite a few of the sharkbitepeople run into the wall. They gnash and stare at it. Some sith-makar give Jenner a worried look, but they're busy, busy. Jenner might recall rumors he'd heard among the Arcana--some mages hunting in Am'shere for...something. Something not kind. But, too busy to worry about just now!'

Kisa points back at the one that was pointing at her, "NO! It would look terrible on you! It's the wrong color and everything and you'd probably be better with like... something that flowed instead of poofed!" She squints and crosses her arms, standing now in the cart.

A pause...

Then Kisa flails a hand down near the hem again, patting at another vine trying to grab at the hem to nibble at like small fish in lakes.

Jenner 's eye narrows, grimacing anew as he draws a small crystal from his pouch. "..almost as bad as the forest..." he grumbles, focusing on the stone. Murmuring quiet words, a sketch in his mind-- from gunmen to archers and spear-casters, he traces with his mind from one wagon to the next, building in his thoughts the fortress of Unseen Will and Primal Dreams. Or just pure, unspeakable force-- a sketch in the air, a brief, brilliant shimmer--

A low wall, waist high, of unbreakable strength! (*May not be unbreakable, no returns, offer expires while you wait *)

<OOC> Beaglefinder hee's. :3

"They hide in the darkness like so many cowards! Let us shine the Dreamer's light upon them!" Seldan's still shouting loudly enough to be heard by all as he scrambles to the very top of the wagon he'd adopted as his perch. Fishing a copper coin from his belt pouch, he quickly touches it and murmurs a few words over it, then as it begins to shine with a golden-silver light, he flings it with all his strength at and hopefully past the charging shark-people, in hopes of backlighting their enemy.

GAME: Seldan casts Light. Caster Level: 2 DC: 13
<OOC> Seldan says, "For tracking purposes."
<OOC> Beaglefinder rar. :3

From atop his steed the little Gnome perks up more at the spear pointing, yelling and death threats. VENGENCE! His blood boils with the miles and miles of bugs, sweat, dirt, and whatever soup Soup's crotch has become. "MALFESANCE!" He bellows and the Dire Corgi yips happily at the sound of it's name. The lance is lowered, it's sharp point shininng in the fire's light. Then the tiny Gnome breaks into a deep throaty song. A stiring melody speaking of victories, battles against superior numbers and the glory to be had (Bard: Inspire courage).

"There are the enemy! All Around! It makes it easy for our strikes to sound! We cannot be stopped! We cannot be beaten! Now charge, now slay! We shall not weaken!" Soup calls out while poking his heels into the Corgi's sides the little knight drives through the enemy line. Bounding around and over various fishy enemies. Until he reaches the briney speaker, the threat thrower. Gnomish lance driving right through his left eye. An 'Urk' a jerk, and that one dies. The knightly duo bounding through the enemy lines, one heart shaped Corgi butt smashing through trees and flies.

GAME: Jenner refreshes spells.
<OOC> Seldan says, "Also, Beagle, please note that he's standing atop the wagon. He's -very- visible and an easy target."
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok. :D"
<OOC> Beaglefinder checks a detail. Posin'. <3

All around, the Atlatl go flying--that particular sound of spear as it launches overhead. Swiftclaw yerk at their holdings, and handlers have their claws full.

Nar-sektoth take advantage of the opening--they attempt to surge forward to penetrate the caravan's core! Or would--if a wall of invisible force had not sprung up at a mage's urging. The Nar grind their teeth, wide and vicious claw against it. They chew abrasively at its surface--and teeth snap, break. Blood smears, makes a bizarre "art" along Jenner's wall.

Some, smarter, slither 'round, or had been on the other side to begin with. These launch themselves towards the wagon holding Seldan, the man being an easy, visible target. Burai's flame and Seldan's light makes some flinch and draw away. One can see the flickerlight of fire, of divine Light on their jagged teeth and it only hilights the horror of their hunger. There's at least thirty more in the jungle just past the shadowgreen. At least ...thirty? Twenty? It's hard to tell, but with Burai and Seldan's magic, one can see.

The Nar who'd spoken clutches where its eye had been--blood flows turrets between the figure's claws. He falls, and the warrior beside him can only stare at the gnome--before too, opening HIS jaws, and leaping forward!

Meanwhile, among your allies: the gnome gets a stare. A STARE by the sith-makar warrior-caste and then hey, something there, something in his bellow, something in the corgi's howl gives them that added boost. One of the warriors picks themselves up, and jabs weakly at a sharkface. Others, howl. "WARRIOR-CASSTE!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sorry about that. I had to recheck some poses. M'sorry if I left out anything!"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Jenner, they're, quite literally, attempting to eat the wall. This is snapping tooth and claw, and leaving smears of blood behind. ^^;"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It's a bit grotesque. :S"
GAME: Walery has disconnected. <Quit>
<OOC> Jenner knucklecracks! >:)
<OOC> Seldan says, "This suddenly makes me wonder if it's possible to make a wall that bites back."
<OOC> Jenner says, "..."
<OOC> Jenner makes notes.
<OOC> Beaglefinder XD
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kisa had something come up. Which means that I am in charge of posing impossibly floofy skirt! Pls page any and all ideas related to Princess Peach. Kthnyu. >.>"
<OOC> Beaglefinder :3
<OOC> Jenner says, "She can hover in the air just beyond biting range, forever-but-not-quite reachable? 0;)"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Also, on your turn, please roll a 1d100. If you roll a 25 or lower, you take a bite. 50 or lower, a complication that you RP. ^^; These chances will flux based on y'all's awesomeness and teamwork. <3"
<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.
<OOC> Seldan says, "Do we have turns, or just a pose order?"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Just pose order. Sorry about that. ^^;"
<OOC> Seldan says, "No problem."
GAME: Soup rolls 1d100: (28): 28
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "And you can ask m'to summarize at any time. I will do my best. ^^;"
<OOC> Soup says, "Should we init to establish pose order?"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Soup, you have a complication. You get to decide what that is. Atm, you've got some Nar leaping at you, seeking revenge. The sith seem to think you're inspirational, tho!"
GAME: Seldan rolls 1d100: (74): 74
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "We could--but y'all are doing amazing. <3 And, this battle is a little chaotic, and should be. ^^;"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Seldan, you're being surrounded. Nothing's happened to you yet--but it could soon, if you don't take action. ^^; They definitely don't like the light you made."
GAME: Jenner rolls 1d100: (93): 93
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Jenner--you are pissing them off with the wall. XD There's none around Jenner--yet. Seldan and Burai's magic shows more in the deepwoods, tho!"
<OOC> Seldan cheers! I got to piss an evil thing off today!
<OOC> Beaglefinder :D
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Go for it!"
<OOC> Jenner nods! Plans to charge for dentistry. :(
<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

"Ack! Get off of me!" Soup cries out as a BrineyFishMan leaps on him. The two struggling on the back of the Dire Corgi as it pounds through the foliage in a wide turn back towards the fight and caravan. Swatting his attacker with his shield Soup gets enough room to yell to his mount. "MAL! MAL!" He gets out, fending off the spear, claws and teeth of his attacker. The Dire Corgi slows down turns it's head and leans in. As the BrineyFishMan raises it's spear to finally stab Soup it finds the unpleasantly wet touch of a basketball sized cold nose against the back of it's head. Turning there's a burble from the BrineyFishMan. "BRGGH VRAAD-ack!" Cut short as the giant Dire Corgi mouth opens and the unholy nightmare of it's days of eating anything and everything interesting in the steaming jungle washes over it's scaly face. Then with a -chomp- the Corgi snaps the BrineyFishMan from Soup and starts shaking and smacking him against the ground. Before it bounds back towards the Caravan, happily carrying the broken necked corpse in it's jaws. Delighted to show everyone it's new toy!

Burai holds his hand out again, and once again ball of flame appears. He hurls this one as well, and almost as soon it lands a new one appears in his hand. Once he's next to the greatfoot he stops walking. His free hand twitches towards his sword but he leaves it open, and ready to cast anither spell.

The first spell cast-- though it invites the Nightmare Fish with Too Many Teeth to snarl, biting at the wall with snarls of menace. "..interesting," he remarks, a glitter in his merald eye as he draws his sleeves up, preparing for the second casting. A glance at nearby warriors-- he focuses on the spear hurlers, rumbling as he draws breath again; the fire in his gaze glitters as he intones words, a timeless echo of voices. His words blend into each other, one rippling into another, the second voice repeating the casting, the third late... Echoes, like the water of seconds and time being parted, for just a brief heartbeat.

"Swifter, swifter," he rumbles, "Swift as serpents, spear like snakes! Be swift, fly free-- drive away thy enemy!"

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Seldan has their attention now, and not in a good way. Remembering clearly the last time he was tasty, he quickly moves back towards his fellow guards, and looks to put his back to something. "See? They cannot bear the light!" he shouts at that same volume. "Stand together and stand fast, and these cowardly creatures will fall!" His blade flashes with hints of a golden light within as he works feverishly to keep the horde at bay. A little help here?

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Maybe it's the Invisible Wall of Broken Teeth. Maybe it's the way a corgi grabs hold of one of their kin and shakes it like a broken toy. Maybe it's the light, the fire, of the thundr'ous boom of unknown technology. Maybe it's the look Izel gives Seldan as he speaks up, and the hissing orders--maybe it's the way a shaman-caste raises their claws to the heavens, and summons FIRE and LIGHT in the name of the Dragon Father, upon the battlefield.

Maybe it's all of you. Everyone. Working together. Because--because after a while, the numbers slack--the Nar slow their volley from the darkwood.

They WITHDRAW. They slink back into the woods, taking the slime-scent with them. The carvan's left behind--sort of. Mostly intact, thanks to your efforts and teamwork. Mostly. Mostly intact. Kisaiya from her vantage spots one of the Nar scurrying into the woods, a jewel in its teeth--but the sight of that is fewer, further between than it could have been.

Around you, are blooded warriors. A few Sith-makar lie on the earth, unbreathing. So too though, do Nar. And one of them? Is missing an eye. :D

GAME: Soup rolls 100: (17)+100: 117

Merek lifts up with the longarm so he can keep shooting into the foe, while he nods a bit to the others also.

<OOC> Beaglefinder hee's.
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From afar, Seldan nods. I'm thinking about what it is. They have withdrawn, yes?
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You paged Seldan with 'Yus. They're withdrawing/have withdrawn. You're in the midst of that. :3'
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As Soup finally gets his lance, shield and helmet back in place after his steed removed the BrineyFishMan. He looks around the battle and starts to plan his strategy when the Corgi jerks hard to the right to avoid the force wall and sends the little Gnome flying.

"MAL YOU BAS.." Soup yells as he slams into the face of one of the BrineyFishmen. Driving the enemy to the jungle floor under the effect of being hit by an armored pillow going thirty. Small armored Gnomish fists pound the BrineyFishMan until a knife is produced. Soup's two hands go to the blade against one BrineyFish hand. At least until the shadow begins to grow over and around them. Looking up the duo speak as one: "SRRK! - NO!" Then vanish in the brown and white furry mass as Mal the Dire Corgi belly flops onto the pair; 'dog'piling them in to the muddy vegetation covered earth. The great Corgi watching happily as the rest of the enemy flee.

Burai raises his hand higher now, for that extra bit of illumination. He pans his gaze across the space where the battle took place. The he paces ahead cautiously, pausing just short of where he remembers the wall being.

Jenner readies the next spell, a bright burst.... He pauses, stopped as the tumoult and chaos of battle suddenly stills. The mage blinks suddenly, glancing around in mild surprise. "The ambush is ended?" he asks, half to himself and half to the open air. Cold air crackling, he shakes off the rainbow flames gathered around his fingers, sending them away with a shiver. The wall remains, if for long enough for the mage to murmur, to dismiss the forceful magic; he turns away, reaching up to adjust his eyepatch with a quieter calm. And a sudden, sharp hiss!

"Bloody blasted biting barbaric blazing--!" He snarls, slapping at his neck. Where mosquito steals its last savage bite, humming away contendtedly. Leash dangling behind. DANGIT.

"Everything in this blasted jungle thinks I'm edible!" he protests with a growl.

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The Nar break off and withdraw all around Seldan, one by one and two by two, fleeing back into the darkness. He's got a few marks, nothing too serious, but he breathes heavily and is absolutely drenched in sweat, blood, and river slime. His blade sinks into one last Nar that refuses to run, and the resulting spray of slime and ichor catches him full in the face, leaving him both drenched and effectively blinded. "AGH!" One hand drops off of his blade to try to clear his vision.

Whirlpoopin' has arrived.

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Well. ...

The caravan's still there. You're still there. And...Izel is there. The warrior sets her shoulder to one of the corpses. One can see many of the Sith doing that--picking up the dead. Picking them, and piling them onto a cart.

Meanwhile, one of the sith-makar in a quilled wrapping--shaman-caste? makes their way to you. The shaman stops nearby, and raises their hands. "Peasse to your nessts. This one wisshed to let you know--hunter-caste ssays the Clan of Nar is heading back into the deepwoods. We do not esspect trouble from them for ssome time. They will take ssome days to lick their woundss."

They then thump their tail once, twice. "Thank you for joining uss in thiss battle. Thosse who ssaw your assistance here will remember, and carry the tale. Though many of uss sshare breath with Alessandria, others recall too well the cruelty of the Charneth."

Burai listens as shaman speaks. He nods at the explanation of the 'hunter-caste' report. He inclines his head again at the thanks. "You don't seem surprised at what happened," he remarks. Then he glances back, casting a practiced eye over the actions of the warriors. "You were prepared for something like this. This happens often in these jungles?"

Smeared with mud, and blood the little Gnome frees himself from beneath the Dire Corgi. Putting his lance away on the saddle, and trying to clean himself up he then looks over at Mal. "No. No! Put that down!" The Dire Corgi rears back and tilts it's head to the side as the small Gnomish Knight tries to get it to stop using the enemy as a squeaky toy. The BrineyFishCorpse making a kind of gurgle-splort as the dog's massive jaws squeeze it's broken neck and head. "Mal! No! No playing with the enemy!" Backing away from the angry Gnome the Dire Corgi turns it's head left and right trying to keep it's prize out of reach of small grabbing hands. Finally giving up Soup turns towards the shaman and offers a bow, of course already close to the ground it's not that impressive. "We are glad to lend assistance! Our Victory is a testament to our combined skills and strength!" Soup seems to add more to his speech when a BrineyFishCorpse leg is floped over his head as the Corgi teases him to try to continue the game of corpse-tug-war.

Seldan isn't listening right now. Not because he isn't interested ... but because he can't -see-. It takes him some moments to get the ick out of his eyes enough that he can see, and even then, they're burning. And he's ... filthy. Beyond filthy. Father never mentioned this part. A convulsive shudder ripples through him as he gets a good look at his own state, and the state of his sword. And another.

Pulling his wits together slowly, he begins the process of magical cleanup of the worst of it. Starting with his face. So. Nasty.

Jenner nods quietly, glancing towards the gathering. "The Memory," he says simply, folding his hands beneath either sleeve of his robe. Turning back to the Shaman, he bows his head, nodding in return. "It is our honor and our duty. We are not born in the same nest, but our blood is shed with yours. Brothers before the Silver could do no less." He glances wher ethe forcefield oince stood, a quiet humour in his gaze. "If it would please the fallen, I shall gather the... donations of our defeated friends. A sharp tooth torn straight from fishy heads, to carry a last memory of battle."

Already, an Unseen Servant works at the task-- gatheriung fallen teeth from where the wall stood, placing icky, sticky, nasty, slimy7-- anda few hundred other adjectives, into a bag, cinching it shut with a flick of the invisible wrist.

Kisa was made for this! What with the mud now on the skirts and having left her in a manner less clean than before she squints - sets her scythe off to the side - and jazz hands! A few muttered words and magic takes care of the rest as she is cleaned with a little use of Prestidigitation! "Tada!" She grins and waves toward the Shaman, "Feasts to your behest!" She frowns and looks over as good questions are asked by Burai.

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Well. It begins to rain. One can hear the pitter-patter, then rush as the unseen sky overhead opens upon the canopy. The shaman-caste looks upwards and blinks a few times--the movement slow, the inner lids nicitating. "...They are one of--they are the Nar-ssektoth. They are of the Clans Who Forgot, ssoftskins. They--" the shaman begins to say and stills. "--They are hungry, dangerouss. Watch the riverwayss for their kin, and remember the sscent of it. This one is Mazatl, of the sshaman-caste, and honor to the Silver Empress. This one is glad to sshare words with you." With that last, the shaman names their allegiance--with the Silver Empress, and by extension, with Alexandria.

Well. That's at least less awkward. Among the adventurering community, one may have heard rumbles--rumors, of a division within the Sith-makar. One who favored the Empress and Alexandria and one which...did not.

One of the scaled walks up to Seldan, and says something to the man. Whispers, hisses.

As Kisaiya speaks up, too, Mazatl looks her way. The inner lid--flickers. There's a ...pause. "Peasse to your nesst." And to Jenner, "Ssa. Only leave uss the sscales and heartss to burn. They may have Forgotten, but they sshould not be left behind. Bessides--hunter-casste would tell me it would lead too many predatorss towardss our sscent." The tail flicks, flicks. Humor?

Merek looks about a bit while he's thinking also.

You paged Seldan with 'The sith-makar who speaks with Seldan identifies themselves as of the hunter-caste. They point to some leaves beside the road. Twisting and breaking those, they can be used to remove the muck and soothe the irritation.'

Jenner grins quietly, the finer points of Scaled Huour... sadly lost. He nods in agreement, gathering the bag of gathered teeth from the unseen servant. "Hopefully the rest of our travels are quieter," he begins-- and then the sky opens. The mage sighs.

"At least fewer insects..."

You paged Jenner with 'Jenner is smart enough to figure out from the words, and/or recall that they'll burn the bodies. It keeps predators from getting to them. But there's--probably some barbaric ritual element, too. >.> <.< >.>'
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Burai hides a smirk. He holds up his hand and lets the water quench the small ball of flame with a sizzle. Then he moves towards the greatfoot and peers up at its wound. "If someone can remove the spear, I may be able to heal it." He places both hands against a large leg and summons the power.

Seldan has just completed another spell when the sith-makar walks up to him. He's managed to get most of the mess out of his face and hair, and part of his clothing as well, but the fair skin is definitely pink in places, but the whispers and hisses draw his attention. His eyebrows lift, and he nods, murmuring something in response, then goes over to the side of the road, gathering a dozen or so leaves of a particular plant. These he twists and breaks, applying the resultant clear goo in places on face, arms, and hands, and in one place where a spear had managed to graze him. He's still twitching occasionally, but seems to be slowly pulling himself together. He even manages to clean and sheathe his blade, although he isn't quite listening to those around him, other than the one sith-makar.

He nods when that is done, relaxing a little more, and murmurs something once again.

Seldan pages: The response is: "Indeed? My thanks for the guidance." and after applying, "Yes, that is better. My thanks to you."

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Seldan has just completed another spell when the sith-makar walks up to him. He's managed to get most of the mess out of his face and hair, and part of his clothing as well, but the fair skin is definitely pink in places, but the whispers and hisses draw his attention. His eyebrows lift, and he nods, murmuring something in response, then goes over to the side of the road, gathering a dozen or so leaves of a particular plant. These he twists and breaks, applying the resultant clear goo in places on face, arms, and hands, and in one place where a spear had managed to graze him. He's still twitching occasionally, but seems to be slowly pulling himself together. He even manages to clean and sheathe his blade, although he isn't quite listening to those around him, other than the one sith-makar.

He nods when that is done, relaxing a little more, and murmurs something once again. looking up only as the rain begins to fall. Wet is better than icky.

Seldan pages: It's the beginning of the Vanity flaw. I'm not taking it immediately, but I'll work up to it over time.

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There is a quiet sigh from Soup, he lowers the mask of his helmet to keep the rain out of his eyes and simply pulls himself into the saddle atop the Dire Corgi. Leading the Corgi over towards the greatfoot he knudges the Corgi. "Mal! Stick!" The great jaws of the Corgi reach out, dropping the squeeky enemy to the Earth and pulling the spear free with a quick snap. Then the pair pass on by. The Corgi happily chewing on the spear as Soup pulls out his lute. The small sweat, blood, grime, mud and now rain soaked Gnome struming at the strings. "Time to march on bye, feel the rain like tears we cry. Try to hold my head once more up high, but learn that here even the flies want you to die. I think I felt my pants sigh, giving up on being ever again being dry."

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"...sshaman," Mazatl says, and thumps their tail. Laughs. "You assk questions like one! ...ssa. And you sspeak as a keeper," to Soup, sounderingly. Then, "Thiss one will check with the hunter-casste. That is their domain. Onsse the bodies are moved, one ssuspects we will be on the way. If they ssend word, one will ssend Izel," Mazatl thumps tail again, and moves towards a group of lean scaled. Lean-bodied scaled, bearing spears and atlatl. One or two, a bow.

Seldan and his murmurs get a few noted looks. The one who'd whispered thumps their tail, before moving away.

Before long, Izel does show--and says hunter-caste says things are ready to move, again. And here, you've got choices.

"We losst ssome of the sswifts, and one of the carts," Izel says to Seldan, as he'd worked as a guard with her, earlier. "...thankss to ...sshaman..." mage "Jenner, the bodiess are loaded. We've readjusted the loads, and freed up ssome sspace--but more of uss will have to ride."

Then, she looks to each of you. Oh. Ohshit.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "So! Some of you will need to ride swiftback. Or--arm-wrestle Kisa for a place on the cart. >.> Swifts are cantankerous raptors that were turned into riding-beasts. The upside is, they're fast. The downside is, well. ...they are raptors. ^^;"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It's up to you how well your character does, or if you sneak a spot onto one of the carts. <3 Please use your responses to mould your story a little, and maybe challenge your character. :3"
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[LahChan] Soup could take a small person on the Corgi with him. You know you want to. Nothing better then riding on a giant fluffy dog that's been marching in the sweltering bug filled heat, just finished running through battle and now is getting rained on. It'll be fun! Your sense of smell will scream and die almost immediately so all you have to worry about is the wax dripping out of your ears and the odor slowly bleaching your hair!
[LahChan] Jenner dies.
[LahChan] Beaglefinder :D :D :D
<OOC> Seldan says, "I'm going to go with the old fashioned method, I have no idea how he'll do."
GAME: Seldan rolls 1d100: (88): 88
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<OOC> Jenner will takes option 3: OVerland Flight. Will ride neither wagon NOR raptor! SAVE S BACON.
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<OOC> Seldan says, "Why not use a Ride skill when you haven't a clue whether he'll manage or not."
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In the interim time, Seldan has managed to get himself mostly cleaned up, and his wits re-attached. When Izel shows, he listens carefully, then hesitates, looking over at the swiftclaws. "I have not ridden one before," he says hesitantly, eyes firmly fixed on the raptors. "But if you ask it of me, I will try." Knowledge is valuable, right? "The Dreamer calls us to learn all we can."

So it is that he ends up swiftback. Although not accustomed to the balance of a raptor, and his inexperience is obvious, he settles himself in the saddle, watching others around him, and quickly enough sorts out the differences in its gait, less-filthy surcoat streaming out behind him. He doesn't get to a full-out run, staying with the caravan as he is, but he doesn't get thrown and he doesn't get clawed or bitten. That's something, right? His confidence, tentative at first, increases as he manages to stay in the saddle.

<OOC> Beaglefinder :D

The raptor beneath Seldan keeps its pace--and soon, shows its name. As the man becomes more comfortable, the raptor begins to stretch its legs--a smooth, swift pace alongside the rest of the caravan.

Jenner chuckles in quiet humour, pausing as he listens to Izel's words with careful consideration. "Hrm," he rumbles thoughtfully, frowning. Considering. "I can remove myself from that consideration, at least," says, grimacing. "Unfortunately, the conveyance spell only works on me, else another would be better with it. Or using it to lighten our burdens." He spares a glance towards the swifts, ominous. Ominous!

Hungry, hungry raptors. EVERYTHING WANTS TO EAT HIM.

"...I shall fly instead," he amends his words, "Staying close to the caravan. It is better that way, honored ser."

Izel's eyes go wide and they thump their tail--before stepping away. The hunter-caste will go her own swiftclaw. A lean beast as lean as some of the hunter-caste, and take off alongside. Still, the mage's move does free up a beast--and things spread out a little better, a little more smoothly.

The one smallish sith who'd eyed having to share the drenched corgi probably breathes a sigh of relief!

<OOC> Jenner snickers!

Burai eyes the nearest swift. His expression is cautious. He knows how to guess at the moods and demeanor of wild crestures, if mood is even the right word for it. But these are something different, something unfamiliar to him. Not quite wild but not quite domesticated. Much like those who normally ride them, he supposes. Still he's never felt quite right riding creatures, wild or not. And much like Jenner he has his own means of travel so that he often does have to.

GAME: Burai casts Longstrider. Caster Level: 3 DC: 13
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Yet there is one thing that the raptors don't want to eat. The combination of armored, knightly attired, sweat, grime, blood and mud covered gnome mixed with the odor of a similarly distressed but also fluffy Corgi creates of bouquet of aromas that soon has the duo trundling along in the rear. Even if they may be faster then everyone. The carts straining to get away from the dank, the dog-dank, the dank that helps make sure that the trail they make through the jungle doesn't grow back quickly. Mosquitoes drop out of the air, monkies from trees, tropical bird species squawk and plummet to the earth. Of course every single one of them is gobbled up by the Corgi and added to the fragrant pastiche he leaves in his wake. Soup idly strums his lute, lost in dreams of baths, crisp air and a most importantly windows between him and the outdoors.

Possessing the floatiest of skirts, Kisa floofs out her pantaloons and hovers above the earth, along the trail.

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<OOC> Soup says, "My people shall know you as Shst'Lak-Ulush! / My own deed name? It is an honor, what does it mean? / The Stench that walks on four feet."
<OOC> Jenner dies.

Jenner has disconnected.

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<OOC> Seldan says, "I aspire to write half that imaginatively and descriptively."
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<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Alright, guys. It is nearing 10 over here. So--I'mma wrap things up. A little shorter than I'd like, but--since there's been groundwork, s'easier to pick up again on a different tale. <3"
<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Also, if your character has an IC query they'd like to make, for the purposes of chardev--send it to me, and I'll do my best to address it, and get you something meaningful., two... ^^;"

So. Raptors.

Raptors and rain and magic and flight--and that's the way it is for the next few hours. After that, the rain breaks, and you make camp. Only to pick up again and ride those last few hours

Towards are great building just peeking through the deepjungle. One can hear voices and shouts. Hisses and laughter. Yet, one cannot see all of the details, not yet--at least until you head through the guarded gates, past the walls (dangers of Nar?). And they are WALLS, walls that Burai might make note of--half-made from living jungle. Possible things to ask about, once you've settled in.

And there--there, inside this something resembling a city, in the middle of jungle hell--are buildings. Small fires. And towards the center--a great fire--one great enough to spark joy into even the most gothy of Ceinarans. Even those who spend ages, writing in journals of muses and--

Past that, one can see the sun shining o'er the head of a great ziggurat. It's as large as a temple in Alexandria, and sith-makar move up and down its stairs, rendered ants by the size.

And, finally. Finally. They've cleared the jungle enough that one can see the SUN, and the blasted rain has stopped. Gone AWAY. And, and--the place smells like food, like cookfires. Like there might be bedding where bugs might NOT make unscheduled, nighttime visits (Jenner's pet mosquito's sad, sad eyes may haunt his memories for years to come). ...

"Pleasse, sshare food, sshare fire with us," the shaman is saying. What was their name? One can scarecely remember. There's bed. Food, ahead. And-- "We will sselebrate tonight, the caravan'ss return. All of our ssafe return, and give thankss with food and Fire to the Dragon Father."

Oh. Oh, yeah. There'll totally be a PARTY.