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As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Khazad mornin a poor little baby eagle was born
In the mountains

Alua didn't have backup singers when she was born, but yes, she was born high in the mountains in the middle of the continent, overlooking and apart from Dran, Myrddion, and the rest, in a community Eyrie. However in that culture, the young aren't particularly well established. The elders have generations of inherited mementos they keep and preserve, leaving the young to be light and free of clutter.

As a result, Alua is free to travel. And given her natural talents, she has decided to seek a fortune. And what better place to seek a fortune than the city? Just don't mention the part that she's fully aware that one aspect of cities is strife.

Because what she has is a very particular set of skills, skills she has acquired over her young career. Skills that make her a nightmare for evil doers.



Egalrin PC Badge
Aerie: Stormclouds
Role: Alua is a young person who does not really have a role yet, as the roles are taken up by the elders.
Faith: Eluna
Rite of the Skies: Alua learned to fly over the course of her years of study in hiding, moving, sneaking, and attacking at range with crossbows. It was an extension of what she was already doing, learning to get the most of what she had.