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About My Character

Albion is a War Golem Cavalier in the service of the Holy Order of Ea. Astride his trusty steed named Luminous, he seeks to right what wrongs he can and protect all those around him. A new arrival to Alexandria, he seeks to make both allies and discover what, if any, of his War Golem brothers and sisters currently reside in the city. He has not made the latter known to anyone else as of yet.

Recently, thanks to various plights and ruses he has realized that perhaps he should not so readily go along with plans but has also questioned if he should dedicate himself more towards a particular deity. This is in part due to facing a demon worshiping cult and having a very, very terrible experience in just one encounter with it.

To date, the most that anyone knows about him is his recent change in armor coloring is perhaps due to a questioning of faith on his part. What was once noble white and gold has tarnished with his life experiences to a more darker fuchsia or violet in coloring. He is still recognizable from the initial white coloring he arrived with thanks to his distinctive appearance once the armor has bonded with him.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Older construction war golem.
  • Cavalier!
  • Order of the Hymn - Can be assigned as a guard by various religious organizations as he is currently the Holy Order of Ea in terms of deity.


War Golem PC Badge
Year of Awakening: Shortly before the Purge on the War Golems.
Original Purpose: A bit. Albion was created as a soldier.
First Memory: Awakening among fellow War Golems.