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Aithil Iel'Tauril

About Aithil

Aithil (meaning Spearpoint) is a Sorcerer from the Llyranesi, she's slender even for an elf, and looks more frail along with. She refrains, with a passion, to walk on the ground and frequently floats with the assistance of a disk of force energy that's invisible to the naked eye but would be plainly seen with detect magic.

She is daughter to a woman who's well known, a council woman and warrior (Dagr'adaneth to be specific) of the Llyranesi, by the name of Tauril (meaning Woods). Her mother was known for wearing the same gauntlet of rock-like creation. Her grandmother is Tirneldes (meaning Star Gazer) who was once a Druid but later became a defoliator of Gunahkar. Her Grandmother caused such a scar on the land that the Llyranesi people removed her from their records, leaving her to be simply forgotten as another defoliator. She still lives on in history outside of the Llyranesi, and through verbal retellings.

The blight her grandmother left is still there to this day, though her mother also is famous enough in her own right. A leader of warriors and renowned for her prowess, she was eventually invited to the council and there helped lead the Llyranesi people. It's hard to say which one Aithil's family would be measured by, the blight or the hero. Aithil just wants to find her own way.

To that end, Aithil has left and traveled to Alexandria to discover more of who she is and who her family is.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Granddaughter to Tirneldes, a Defoliator of Gunahkar, a notorious elf who's left a blight that hasn't healed.
  • Daughter to Tauril Iel'Tirneldes, a Dagr'Adaneth of the Llyranesi and council woman.
  • Fashion aficionado from the Llyranesi, always up to date on fashion.
  • Floats above the ground near constantly using a disk of force.
  • Wears a gauntlet tipped in claws that looks to be made of rock.


Llyranesi PC Badge
Family Name: Aithil Iel'Tauril Iel'Tirneldes
Role: Sorcerer
Faith: Follower of Dana
Politics: Her mother is a member of the council in Silvermoon, as such she is sometimes used for political gain or can be targeted by outside forces trying to influence her mother.
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