Airship Adrift (PrP)

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Log Info

  • Title: Airship Adrift
  • Emitter: Jinks
  • Characters: Aryia, Dax, Rigby
  • Place: Alexandria - the Adventurer's Guild, Alexandros
  • Time: Sunday, June 26, 2021, 11:15 AM Pacific
  • Summary: Jaemeigh Oddskeeper is an amateur airship captain in need of adventurer assistance after more than a fair amount of bad luck and several malfunctions forced him to abandon ship not long after crossing over the northern edge of the city. He and his 'engineer,' a mute gobber child named Ikklebig, meet with a trio of mercenaries at the Guild and details are relayed. After establishing that the Khazad-Aul needs his ship to return home and collect money and personnel for the defense of his grandson's good name against criminal charges all five set out on... interesting discount rental mounts. Aryia, Dax, and Rigby manage to locate the ship through extrapolation of data and application of skilled expertise even before physical signs of the stray ship's passage present itself. In some hours they've spotted the ship and make attempts to climb aboard only to find a surprisingly convenient rope ladder has been greased to stymie their ascent, annoy, and physically harm them with a modest fall back to terra firma. Aryia and Dax make the deck eventually and join combat with a trio of ill-tempered gremlins, eventually find a lever release for the ship's anchor and granting the grounded Rigby an easier time getting up to the ship. All three gremlins are thwarted and the ship's damage repaired sufficiently to limp back into the city's airstation, the three privateers leaving their employer behind to fend for himself after reaching their fill of his antics for the day. Collecting their pay at the guild the next day they overhear Jaemeigh's unmistakable voice complaining that the gobber child was in fact some other manner of vicious critter who had stabbed him and disappeared into the countryside.
  • APL: 3, Aryia (Mnk4), Dax (Ftr5), Rigby (Ftr2)
  • Encounter 1: CR5, XP 1,600
    • Hostile
    • (1) CR 1/2 Pugwampi (XP 200)
    • (2) CR 2 Nuglub (XP 1200)
    • Unfavorable Terrain for PCs (XP 200)

You find yourself in one of the adventuring guild's many briefing rooms to meet with today's client, one Jaemeigh Oddskeeper. You already know the job has to do with the retrieval of a stray airship and the Khazad-Aul looks the part of an airship captain-- or at least someone who's made a point to dress in a manner they might expect one to. Head-to-toe, fur-lined leathers (so new they squeek and groan) engulf the dwarf, accented by a bright red scarf encircling the lower half of his face. His eyes are a milky ice-blue and the way he squints at everything makes you wonder how well he can see. What little hair of his you can say is a black gone mostly-grey with age and when he speaks it's with a loud, high-pitched, and reedy voice that is entirely unpleasant to endure. "And here you all are at last! Without a moment to spare, even. My ship, she's gone!" Oh, and there's a little, filthy goblin urchin perched behind the dwarf on a stool. It wears oversized airman's goggles and waves a wrench and awl through the air like awkward daggers to amuse itself. The general din of the guild is mostly-filtered by the room's only door being closed.

Aryia, a scarred mul'neissa with a straw hat on and small metal plates over her hands, crosses her arms and leans back on a foot. She nods, giving a sigh and rifling around for her journal in her bag. From her last ventures, she looks more composed than before. She cracks open the journal, scribbling down a few things to let the others ask their questions.

Rigby had heard there was a job involving an airship- and that's all the one-time sky pirate needed to hear to be convinced to make an appearance. He has on a shiny new pair of boots, but otherwise the same old burgundy brigandine. He's found a wall to lean against to hear the piece, and he raises his eyebrows at the admission, "I've heard of captains losing their ship, but it's generally a figure of speech. Where did you last have it?" he wonders, a condescending smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he tugs on the point of his beard. Entering the room, Dax has some jerky she's tearing with her teeth and chewing. When she sees the dwarf she offers a bit of a squint, then a smile, "Aye, I'm 'ere. Yer the fella'r who lost 'is ship, are ya? Ain't no good thieves takin' a man's ship. That's like... well, stealin' freedom. Not ta be tolerated." She offers and moves in, finding whatever amounts to a seat, and plops herself down. There's a look over to Aryia and Dax points in her direction with the jerky, offering it, bite end first. Not really that concerned about sharing, "It's a bit spicy. If yer not good fer that, more fer me." She does eye Rigby a moment before looking back to the captain, "Tha' be a good question. An' any markin's or flags ya fly would be helpful as well. Make sure its yer ship we be takin' back."

"I was flying out north when it all turned to pot!" The exclamation answers Rigby, Jaemeigh turning his ear and scowling at the pirate's tone. Uppity youths! "My grandson's been arrested, you see! Aehrick's the greatest craftsman the family's seen in generations and they want to say he was cheating folk with shoddy goods! Shoddy!" The Oddskeeper's voice raises in pitch to the point of making the gobber child wince and look up from his pretend-stabbing. The dwarf looks between the trio but never seems to properly meet anyone's gaze. "It's slander, I tell you. So I was taking the Distant Horizon back home for an advocate and the gods damned fine-monies in case I needs them." The dwarf shakes his fist in indignation and the little goblin mocks the gesture with a quiet 'heh heh heh.' "So we're an hour or two outside the city and everything goes wrong; the aether engine starts sparking, one lift-orb catches fire, then she starts limping all slow and tilts cattywampus to the port!" He leans to illustrate his point and starts a stumble that you worry might end in his demise-- but the Khazad catches and steadies himself against the table. "I panicked and grabbed Ikklebig and a pair-of-shoots then jumped right off the side and floated all the way down to the ground." He waves at a pair of leafy green stalks with large leaves attached. "But she's still out there! Drifting! I can feel it in my bones." He pauses a moment to catch his breath, winded from being caught up in his yarn. "Family crest on the stern. A chipped coin," he tells Dax between gasps and produces a carved stone emblem from a pocket as proof.

Aryia glances to the symbolic, half eaten olive branch and nods. "Thank you," she gestures with a hand, taking the piece of jerky in the same motion, without hesitation despite the warning. Food is food. Bite end first dangles from her lips as she takes notes. <Handspeech> After a moment of silence, she turns her book around while chewing on the jerky. Written in large (somewhat legible) words in Tradespeak, it reads: "How r we go ing to get ther? You say it is dryfting, so it has to be some plyce elyse."

Rigby returns Daz's glance with a tip of his head, but he turns back towards the dwarf. "You reckon she's still aloft?" he wonders then. "Boarding an airship from the ground is no mean feat. Even if she's listing, we'd need horses and grapples like as not." he says, half to himself. "Different matter if you had a spare in your back pocket, but I've a feeling that's not likely." he says then. "Course, if there was a fire onboard and no one to put it out..." he trails off, not finishing the sentence. He tugs on his beard once more, in thought, and then he pushes off the wall he'd found to lean against. "More likely she's run aground by now. I've a decent idea of the prevailing winds around here. Don't suppose you'd be able to mark out on a map where you was and your heading? I might be able to track her down."

With a quick look, Dax checks out the emblem provided from the pocket. She might not have a mind for words, but pictures are worth a thousand of those lousy things anyhow. And she nods her head a few times, then looks around to the rest of the group, but the words on Aryia's page might as well be hand speech for ol' Dax. "If'n ya can, best provide a map with your last known placement, bearin' and approximate speed. Ya said ya be tiltin' port side, so that'll help us when figurin' where in the world this 'ere ship may be." She has let go the jerky to the speechless one, but seems to start sucking bits from in between her teeth. Rigby sort of mimicking her thoughts and she offers a bit of a shrug, "I've been in more'n one ship that be let adrift. Ain't no good with all the repairs or what-have-ya. So, are we jus' findin' her or are we required ta be bringin' her home?"

Stomp, stomp, stomp. The dwarf plods over to Aryia and squiiiints at the book. He steadies it with one hand and leans so close his nose might touch it. Then leans back. Back some more. A little closer and gives an 'oh.' He smells strongly of a minty balm. "Course was set for the Redridge but who knows if she's drifted off-course." The old dwarf agrees, releasing his grip on the journal. "I'm going with you! She's my dream! Waited my whole life for an airship." A looong life. "Best I can figure we start out the north gate and head that way." He points... but it's not north. More like west-southwest. "If she ain't fallen out of the sky we spot her and there's a bundled rope ladder starboard side we can loose with an arrow this... this ain't the first time she's gotten away from me." His cataract-riddled eyes dart around challenging anyone to question his captaining before he resumes. "We get up and drop anchor and that should keep her in place long enough for me to have a looksee at the damage." He tosses a thumb over his shoulder, "Ikklebig is a natural at ship repair." The gobber shows all his teeth and lifts the wrench in triumph.

Aryia blinks, holding the journal still so the dwarf could read it better, but ends up closing it and putting it away once the questions were answered. She nods along, glancing to Rigby's gun at the mention of an arrow to loose something. The shadow elf had no other weapons on her to do such a thing. The mul rolls her shoulders and bounces a bit on the balls of her feet, looking like she is ready to go.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Haha, you guys can roll me a quick Profession Sailor or Airman, then."
GAME: Dax rolls profession: (4)+profession: 4
GAME: Dax rolls profession/sailor: (12)+8: 20
GAME: Aryia rolls profession/sailor: (17)+10: 27
GAME: Rigby rolls profession/airman: (19)+5: 24 

You are all very, very sure that Jaemeigh has no business captaining and a goblin child isn't fit to be in charge of repairs of any ship let alone an airship.

Rigby nods his head once more, "Right then, we'd best start moving sooner than later. Longer we wait, the further she'll drift." he says then as he takes a couple of paces towards the door, pausing, "We've met." he says to Aryia, "But I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Rigby Addington, at your service." he offers Dax with a smile. "Now, let's away." he adds, and pushes open the door to head out. Apparently deciding to take the lead towards the northern gate, ahead of the directionally challenged captain.

"Great. Sounds like we've got ourselves a plan of action, but a map would be better'n yer riddled eyes fer sure." Looking to Rigby and Aryia, "Either o'you got yerselves a map? I don't keep the things around... jus' end up destroyin' anything made of paper 'fore too long." And no wonder what with all the blades, barbed brass tooth necklaces and whatnot that she is eternally wearing. Dax does keep a bow with her as well, and some arrows for most of these type adventures. "Well, I'm ready ta be headin' out. I ain't got meself a horse if that be our travel ... means of action?" And then to Rigby she offers, "Well, how da ya do mister Addington. I be Dax. Ain't got no other name..." Reaching up she scritches the side of her own head, making her tightly braided hair bounce a bit, "Besides some nicknames an' all that."

"The maps are on the ship!" Oddskeeper says, pointing past Rigby and out the door in a manner that could signal a charge. The Khazad stomps a few paces before he bumps into the table and takes another quick stumble. Ikklebig hops off his stool and gives the top of it a quick stab with the awl before catching up with his captain. "Gather your horses! Or I can rent some. Nothing too fancy; I'm not made of money." He pushes through the crowded guild and out onto the street, turning the wrong direction and needing to be called back by one of his hires.

The mul'neissa of the group blinks as introductions are exchanged, watching the two talk for a moment. She silently sughs and rubs her arm, stepping after them. Feels like this whole ordeal might be stuck between two cold shoulders. She shakes her head at Dax's question. No map on her. She follows out, hands in her pockets, straw hat pushed down with her ears poking out the top of it through some cut holes, and goes along with whatever the transportation method is.

Rigby grins, "Nicknames? Now I'm curious." he says after Dax, but doesn't stick around to chat. As the Dwarf wanders off, he brings thumb and forefinger and whistles to get his attention, and then continues leading the way. "I've a map and a compas." he says, "And have a fair idea of the lay of the land besides. And yes, we'd best rent horses." he says then. "You'd be surprised how quickly even a drifting airship can cross the land, as the crow flies." he muses.

"I 'ave no horse, so I'll be followin' you Mister Oddskeeper." Dax offers as she follows after the man who is clearly hard of seeing, and is bringing along a child into a dangerous mission. She does sling her composite longbow over her shoulder and makes sure her small grouping of arrows are well situated, though otherwise she's otherwise engaged in walking.

To Aryia she mentions, "Do you have anythin' fer incase ya get inta trouble? I ain't gonna be lookin' at hands in the midst of fightin' is all." But to Rigby she grins and offers, "Well, maybe meet fer a drink later an' I'll talk about all me various nicknames. Better ta be drinkin' an' chatting than ridin' a bloody horse wit' yer backside sore. Saddles are a nightmare, that be fer sure." She follows the others though to rent horses, and allow Rigby to lead the way. She's the muscle after all, not the thinker.

To answer Dax's question, Aryia simply whistles. She plods along, wrapped up in her head along the way.

==== ========== ========== ====

You set out on the Eldwyn Road shortly after your meeting with Jaemiegh, riding on rented mounts provided by the Khazad-aul's shallow pockets. They aren't exactly sickly but no one is going to rent one and use it as inspiration for a statue. Dax' horse comes with a free colony of horseflies, Rigby's gets a little chompy as he's trying to mount, and Aryia's starts lathering with sweat before you're even outside of the gates. It's just past midday and the sun is still high in the air but seen only through a haze of gray fog. It's warm and humid, an unpleasantness at least partially alleviated by a brisk-ish pace on horseback.

GAME: Dax rolls profession/sailor: (17)+8: 25
GAME: Aryia rolls profession/sailor: (4)+10: 14
GAME: Rigby rolls profession/airman: (12)+5: 17

Riding out of the gates on what passes for horses on retired dwarf's budget, the trio can work together and draw more useful information from Jaemeigh. Rigby gets a better sense for time and speed before the airship was mysteriously damaged and can set the initial, all three manage to confirm that the dwarf does know which side is port, and Dax thinks to find out how severe the list was and alter the horses' path accordingly (they hope) when the time comes. The local region seems thankfully peaceful today.

With the amount of skin that Dax generally manages to expose, she'd likely be swatting at the flies if it weren't for being accustomed to passing out drunk in the docks. She does, occasionally swat at one or two of them, but otherwise has quite a few of them on her from the sweating by the time it hits midday. She swigs from her flask, and tucks it away. "I wonder how much longer it be..." A bit of a grumble in her voice, as she spends quite a bit of the horse ride fighting with her horse in general. Pulling too hard, kicking too hard, changing directions here and there, and sometimes getting stuck facing the wrong direction before getting it righted and catching up with the rest of the group. The flies are the least of her worries.

With the conversation, "Well, at least he ain't entirely daft." Dax says after they confirm the dwarf knows his directions. It's aloud, and probably within most capacity to hear, but she still goes about plotting a better direction. She hopes, "I hate horses. I was goin' into this cave once, on horseback, an' the damn thing nearly broke me when it bolted from an ogre? Can ye believe it? Jus' an ogre... an' the damn beast was scared shitless. I know, cause it got on me as it ran. Terrible mess, the ogre thought so too." She explains...

GAME: Dax rolls survival: (14)+8: 22

Rigby manages to mount his ornery mare without losing any digits, though it's a close thing. Once mounted, he urges the beast along the road- worried aout driving her too hard, not only because Aryia's horse looks likely to keel over if driven hard, but also because he's concerned about her bucking him off. "Not fond of them myself." he calls back to Dax, then. "Then again, I'm not entirely fond of spending much time on terra firma." he muses as they head along the path. He glances up, shielding his eyes from glare, as the day wears on, taking a measure of the hour from the location of the sun. "Redridge mountains are over yonder, if I'm not mistaken." he calls out to the khazad. He wets the end of his finger in his mouth and then holds it out to get a feel for the direction of the breeze.

GAME: Rigby rolls survival: (13)+4: 17

Aryia has nothing to comment on as they go, her instead pulling out a length of white fabric and wrapping it around the bottom half of her face to reflect the heat (and to block some of the stench from her horse). She glances to Dax as she shares a story before raising a brow at the conclusions drawn from it. Her eyes wander to the skies, hat blocking the offending sun.

GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (17)+12: 29

The tattooed ginger spots it first; off the roads now and riding through a field she notices a tall, white-barked tree with a mild, sloppy trimming to the top of its branches. Aryia spots the same even as Dax is pointing it out. You're on the right trail! More evidence is quick to follow; a loose copse with its treeline also disturbed and branches littering the ground. Then, as you wait for the dwarf and goblin to catch up on their slower pony, you notice an oddity; a range of bushes disturbed. At its edge a smallish, shallow hole and beyond the uprooted shrubbery lying abused and forgotten. Alone. "'ey now stop poking me, Ikkle'! My arse hurts, too. Damned mules. You can't kiss the sky and then be reduced to this. It's a cruelty!" He grumbles at the ground beneath him.

Rigby holds up a hand and tugs on the reighs of his own horse to come to a stop as they come upon the small divet in the ground, and he frowns. "What do you all make of that?" he calls out to his companions, pointing towards the hole and the dislodged shrub. "I'd say we're on the right track, but I somehow doubt the airship did that." he says. "If it ran aground here, I'd expect a wider swath, and debris from the hull too most like. Could be it skipped away, but even so, seems unusual."

The tattooed ginger does point off some things that are... off, "Looks ta be a right true mess this way." Dax offers as she is getting closer. She looks at the trail and squints a bit, looking around. "Mister Oddskeeper, were ya layin' down yer anchor when everything went haywire? Or were ya bein' beset upon by ruffled ruffians of the rigorous type? Pirates perchance?" She is swigging from her flask again, before letting out a quick exhale. "I agree wit' the pretty fella. It don't look like it came down 'ere, but something be strange fer sure."

Aryia slows to a halt, squinting at the disturbed trees and down to the small hole. She nods towards Rigby's assessment. "Maybe anchor did this and is still going. Or... the anchor snapped," she adds on, knowing at least Rigby could understand her. <Handspeech>

GAME: Dax rolls perception: (12)+0: 12
GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (2)+12: 14
GAME: Rigby rolls perception: (19)+2: 21
GAME: Rigby rolls survival: (2)+4: 6

"Ikkle. Big! I said to top that poking!" Jaemeigh is distracted and his pony is starting to turn the wrong direction. He stops entirely and looks at the ground... nowhere near where indicated. "... I don't see anything." He looks up and turns this way and that, then starts to steer his horse towards a scraggly group of trees instead of his three new hires. "Can't be the anchor. She's adamantine, bigger'n me, and on triple-strength spidersilk line!" He's facing the wrong direction but his obnoxious voice is inescapable.

Once more, Rigby brings up thumb and forefinger and whistles to get the khazad's- and his pony's- attention. He nods his head absently at Dax's comment, "Could be a skipping anchor, you're right." he says. Aparrently disregarding the captain's protests regarding the quality of his anchor and its rope. "Well, let's press on- we're definitely on the right track, but keep your heads on a swivel, could be more going on here than meets the eye." he says, not able to make sense of the hole for now.

"Well, I say we best keep goin' the direction we been goin'. Then see if somethin' pops up?" Dax looks to her companions and then to the sky, "A floatin' ship adrift might also of attracted some kind of piraters, or salvagers as they might like ta be called." Dax chuckles a bit, shaking her head, "I remember a few times salvagin' from ships that still had people on it. Good thing they ain't put up a fight, that for sure. Often a stern tone an' angry look keep most would be heroes at bay till the goods can be got." She gives a confused look to Rigby, "Swivel? I ain't sure my head turns about so well as yours then..." She side comments.

The elf gives up trying to break into conversation, her getting a sinking feeling that what her goblin friend told her once might be true here. She trots over to their employer and reaches over, puts a hand on top of their head, and gently turns it towards where they spotted the disturbance.

"Ikklebig!" Now the Oddskeeper is at his wit's end. He gives a start when he realizes the goblin isn't playing with his cap and tut-tuts. "Sorry, sorry my good sir. You've snuck up on me is all. Sorry again. Enough dawdling!" And he's off once more, riding in the direction indicated by Aryia's turning and the whistling beyond. 'Heh heh heh,' goes the little goblin as it waggles the wrench at the elf-lady.

GAME: Dax rolls perception: (12)+0: 12
GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (2)+12: 14
GAME: Rigby rolls perception: (19)+2: 21
GAME: Rigby rolls survival: (2)+4: 6

It takes some time to get from the gates of Alexandria and ride in the direction you hope the airship might be-- and keeping track of the ancient Khazad hasn't made it any faster. Tracking any flying object is difficult-- next to impossible in many cases-- but you've felt confident in your progress as you crest a low hill late in the afternoon... And there she is, Rigby pointing her out in the haze. Dax and Aryia soon notice the ship as well. The Distant Horizon is above a clearing almost two furlong away; the ship is listing to one side and making her slow way low enough to brush the tops of the taller trees you've passed. A lazy trail of dark smoke follows behind her and the occasional arc of violet aetheric energies forks out. Surprisingly, the rope ladder described by her captain seems to already be loosed and dangling all the way to drag on the grassy earth beneath her. There are some twigs and smaller broken branches with leaves tangled up in the length of the rope ladder. Clouds seem to gather and darken around the ship, surprisingly low. Perhaps it has something to do with the energies leaking from the damaged mechanisms of artifce. "I hope we find her soon," The Oddskeeper laments, obliviously. "I'm beginning to fear the worst."

<OOC> Rigby says, "How fast is the airship moving?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Like, ~10' a round."

Seeing the ship, Dax looks up to it and tracks it in the air for a moment. When she sees that the ladder is down she mentions, "Well, there be an answer to that. Someone's fer sure onboard already lest they've gathered what they were looking for and left." And she starts up her horse to start heading in the direction of the boat. "I don't mind goin' up first, lest there be other volunteers o'course." She then just starts moving her horse, best she can, in the direction of the ship. Her focus? The ladder rope as a point of entry.

Feeling a bit better that she helped somehow, Aryia squints as they crest the hill. Ah. There it was. And it was... dangerous looking. At least it was moving slow enough. She rolls her shoulders and goes forward with the others. At the mention of volunteering, the mul'neissa gives a slight whistle and raises her hand.

After spying the airship in the distance, Rigby urges his horse a little faster to catch up with it. However, as he draws nearer and spies the ladder already unfurled, he slows her once more. He nods his head over at Dax's comment, "Could have just been knocked loose when it hit the trees, but... well, I prefer to assume the worst. That way I'm pleasantly surprised more often than unpleasantly." he says. He slows his horse to a stop, and then dismounts. "Best leave the horses here, it's not moving too quickly." he calls to the others.

While waiting for the others to join him, he swings his rifle around in its sling, and thumbs one of the alchemical catridges out of his bandolier, slotting it into the reaction chamber. He looks towards Aryia as she volounteers to go first, and offers her a shrug and a smile, "Ladies first." he says, happy to take up the rear.

"Is she--?" Jaemeigh looks this way and that and then does his best to follow the sound of voices going towards the ship. "I smell her!" He adds, bouncing dangerously in the saddle as he grows more eager. The pony issues a distressed sound of complaint, the load finally getting to him. The Oddskeeper issues an extended grunt as he dismounts and looks around. "Well, well. Enough chatting. Shoot the ladder down so we can be up."

GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (2)+12: 14
GAME: Dax rolls perception: (5)+0: 5
GAME: Rigby rolls perception: (19)+2: 21

With the whistle from Aryia, Dax looks back to see her hand raised, and then slows up. If others are entirely dismounting from their horses, Dax will follow suit. But if Aryia is still going to ride ahead, Dax still wants to be a close second up that ladder. She's grinning a bit, "Oh, I bet there be pirates. I enjoy a good fight over goods an' the winner takes home the prize. Albeit a beaten up burnin' prize, winnin' nonetheless." Sure, there might not be a fight at the top of the ladder, but it is clear Dax is eager for one. Maybe too eager.

You paged Rigby with ‘About halfway up the ladder you'll note that the rope has an odd sheen to it. You suspect it might be lard or grease.’
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+17: (12)+17: 29

Rigby makes his way closer to the ladder, on foot but at a hustle- it's not going to outrun them at its current pace, and no reason to wind himself prematurely. He does call out though, as he begins drawing nearer. "Someone's greased the ladder." to the other two. "Could try it anyway, unless one of you brought a grapple. I'm fresh out." he tells them.

<OOC> Jinks says, "The ladder is 30' from the ground to the ship. Rigby has noted it is greased halfway up. Base DC is 10 for the climb check."
<OOC> Aryia is confused slightly. Is the ladder's end 30' away? or is it 30' long
<OOC> Aryia thought it was in arm's reach
<OOC> Dax says, "30' from ground to boat - and at 15' is greased."
<OOC> Dax says, "As in, we can grab it, but it's dangling a total of 30' worth of climbing."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Yeah, that's it. You guys started close enough to the ladder you don't need to spend movement getting to it."
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (5)+9: 14

Aryia makes an audible "Pew" sound and shoots a finger gun at the side of the ship as they they approach. She offers the reins of her sweaty horse to someone (or just drops it if no one takes it) and hops off to dismount. She regard's Rigby's warning with a nod as she easily keeps pace with the fleeing ladder. Carefully, she holds onto the sides of the ladder and not the rungs, while she takes her time going up.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Does anyone have a base move other than 30' due to monkliness, feats, or armor?"
<OOC> Aryia's move speed is 40' for the record
<OOC> Dax says, "My armor speed reduction is reduced to 0 reduction due to fightery level. So, no, I'm at 30' move."
<OOC> Rigby is in light armor, so also 30'
<OOC> Jinks says, "So that'll get you 10' up with a single move. If you'd like to climb again you can, Aryia."
<OOC> Aryia climbs again
<OOC> Aryia careful of the grease halfway up
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (7)+9: 16
<OOC> Jinks says, "Roll the same check a second time for me, please."
<OOC> Jinks says, "The shenanigans begin!"
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (15)+9: 24
<OOC> Jinks says, "Alright. You're good and progress another 10'. You're now 20' off the ground and manage to find a handhold on the greased rope."
<OOC> Dax does the same things just following up her elven cohort.
<OOC> Dax says, "So, two athletics?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Please!"
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (13)+9: 22
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (8)+9: 17
<OOC> Jinks says, "You're up 15' and right behind the mul'. Your hands are in the grease but find purchase."
<OOC> Rigby says, "I'll start climbing, too."
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (7)+4: 11
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (17)+4: 21
<OOC> Jinks says, "Success! Not quite to the grease, right behind Dax."

The ladder is dangling, and Dax dismounts from her horse upon Rigby's advice. She then loosely throws the reins around whatever is nearby, even if that's just Aryia's horse. Then she starts up the ladder, grabbing hold she grins the entire way up, as she's climbing, just not quite as fast as the elf in front of her. That's fine, she's used to being slower than the fleet of foot, "Well, if it be greased, I wager it was on purpose. Smart, jus' not smart enough."

"Trouble- tend to the horses." Rigby says to their Khazad host, before he starts after the other two. He slings his rifle back over his back, now loaded, to free his hands for climbing- which he begins to do, despite a false start as his foot misses the swinging bottom rungs- but he begins to make steady progress up, behind the other two. "Now this takes me back!" he calls out, laughing. "Though usually we boarded from above, if we could help it. Harpoon shot from the cannons, and then slide down!" he calls after his companions as he ascends.

GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (13)+3: 16
<OOC> Jinks says, "What's your flatfooted AC, Aryia?"
<OOC> Aryia says, "14"
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d3-4: (2)+-4: -2
GAME: You damaged Aryia for 1 points. 35 HP remaining.

A little dog looks out past the railing as the trio makes their ascent up the ladder. It's not a cute dog at all. There's an intelligent malice in its eyes and issues a yapping sort of laughter as it extends a tiny little bow. A sharpened bit of stick flies down and catches the monk mid-climb, bouncing off but pricking firmly enough to draw blood. It gives an excited whine and then disappears back over the side of the ship.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Aryia, is you. If you wanna climb roll two of your checks together, please."
<OOC> Dax says, "Doesn't she only have 1 10' space left to go?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "She does, but there's an aura in play that calls for this."
<OOC> Dax thumbs up!
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (1)+9: 10 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (19)+9: 28
<OOC> Aryia says, "thank goodness my bonus is high neough"
<OOC> Jinks says, "The DC is 15 in the greased area, sadly. So you will fall."
<OOC> Aryia says, "I thought i was past the greased area"
<OOC> Aryia says, "because it was halfup and im past it"
<OOC> Dax understood that the top half was greased, "I can attempt to catch her though."
<OOC> Jinks says, "The top half of the ladder is greased. Just not the whole thing"
<OOC> Aryia misunderstood, backspaces pose and rewrites.
<OOC> Jinks says, "Go ahead and roll that, Dax. And we'll resolve it before I roll any damage."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Looks like it's a touch attack."
GAME: Dax rolls weapon0: (7)+8: 15
<OOC> Dax says, "That'll hit, since I doubt Aryia is trying to keep her Dex-based AC to me."
<OOC> Jinks says, "And now you'll need a climb check to hold on."
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (13)+9: 22
<OOC> Dax says, "I manage since I"m in the DC 10 area, right?"
<OOC> Dax says, "So, DC 20 for this check."

The breeze from the swaying ladder makes her sun hat fly off Aryia's head, coasting on a prevailing wind. The sun blinds her for a moment. "Fff...." she hisses to herself before shaking her head and wiping her hands free of the grease on her legs before continuing onward. There's a small gasp of pain as the stick hits her, her squinting up at whatever it was. She frowns, and redoubles her efforts. But that effort was in vain. "F-ck." Aryia slips, and falls off. Her orientation goes odd for a moment, looking like she should be head first, but ends up rolling over and falling feet first, boots out.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Yeah, you're right on the edge but good. Now we just gotta make sure Aryia isn't too heavy. X)"
<OOC> Dax says, "I have a strength of 17. I'm pretty sure I'm fine."
<OOC> Dax says, "Since she weighs 110."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Looks like it's 260. So long as you guys arne't carrying 150lbs of gear between you you should be OK."
<OOC> Dax says, "I doubt a monk and a finesse fighter have even a third of that equipment between us."
<OOC> Dax says, "Would I be in the lead now? And do my athletics checks before posing?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Yeah, the book isn't clear about what happens after you catch them but we can say you can split the rope and you can use your move action to try to go 1/4 up."
<OOC> Jinks says, "And roll the athletics check for me twice, please."
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (20)+9: 29
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (15)+9: 24
<OOC> Jinks says, "You're good to advance."
<OOC> Dax says, "Does this mean I get to the top? Just for pose purposes."
<OOC> Jinks says, "This'll be a quarter move up the ladder. You're in the greased area fully now."
<OOC> Jinks says, "But you succeeded."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Alright, yeah. Go ahead and do your second move. Roll twice."
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (13)+9: 22
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (5)+9: 14
<OOC> Jinks says, "So you don't fall but you don't make further progress with the second move."
<OOC> Dax nods.

As the mul starts to fall, even though she's flipping in mid-air with some kind of magicness, Dax just reaches out and grabs her, swinging her back to the rope ladder. Giving Aryia a moment to grab onto the rope, Dax looks back up, and starts climbing again. She's not as fast as the elf, by any means, but she's eager. And the eagerness gets her to throw caution to the wind as she continues heading her way upwards. "In my day, we'd of used bacon grease from the galley. It's this kind of lack of payin' attention ta detail that makes fer misunderstandings." She looks up at the dog though and growls back at it, "Come on pups, this ain't yer ship, and we're takin' it back!" Though her attention on where she'll be, makes her lose a little grip on some of the rope, catching herself under her arm and only getting up a bit more of the way.

<OOC> Rigby says, "Can I roll knowledge/local to identify what sort of monstrous humanoid that is?"
<OOC> Rigby says, "And then climb twice."
<OOC> Jinks says, "You can identify that it's not a monstrous humanoid. :)"
<OOC> Jinks says, "And you may climb twice."
<OOC> Jinks says, "If anyone has Know/Nature and wants to roll it on their turn they may."
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (4)+4: 8
<OOC> Jinks says, "So no progress/no fall on the first attempt."
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (6)+4: 10
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (16)+4: 20
<OOC> Jinks says, "And a quarter move on the second."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Anyone speak Undercommon?"
<OOC> Aryia has undercommon

"Gnolls? No... too small." Rigby mumbles as he looks up at the ugly canid face, but then it is obscured by a Mul falling towards him. He leans in close to the ladder as he sees Aryia falling ahead of him, just incase Dax fails to catch her, to avoid being swept off the ladder himself. The violent rocking of the ladder causes him to miss his footing again, "Blast it." he grumbles half under his breath, holding on right before catching his footing and making his way up a few more rungs.

There's a vicious yapping from above, a little devil dog letting all the world know how tough it is. Then the sound of a stick banging against the wood decking of the ship. Yap yap yap. Smack smack smack. You paged Aryia with ‘The yapping is Undercommon 'Fun! Fun! Come!'’

<OOC> Aryia says, "what is my position now? 15'? 10'?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "So one more move to get to the top, Aryia. DC 15. The unluckiness seems to be gone. You should only be 7.5' down."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Oh, wait, I'm sorry."
<OOC> Jinks says, "I misread my notes cuz I'm a goon. You will be 15' down, yes."
<OOC> Jinks says, "So DC 15, no aura making you roll twice."
<OOC> Aryia can't go past dax anyways, so will just move once and...
<OOC> Jinks says, "I'm fine with you guys squeezing past each other. I don't want to choke this up too long."
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (14)+9: 23
GAME: Aryia rolls athletics: (11)+9: 20
<OOC> Jinks says, "You're up on deck and can move 5' from the railing to make space for other folks."
GAME: Jinks advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 23.
      It is now Dax's turn! N1 is next!
<OOC> Dax says, "Athletics, x2. Yeah?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Just once. YOU should be 7.5' down. I swapped you and Aryia on my notes sheet. The aura isn't currently in play."
GAME: Dax rolls athletics: (19)+9: 28
<OOC> Jinks says, "So that'll get you up to the landing. I'll do a quick set and you can decide the rust of your turn."
<OOC> Dax nods, "I'm likely to charge something and attack it. Or just attack if it's close enough. Dax doesn't do diplomacy - as Aryia knows but I'll wait for the set to decide for sure."

The deck of the ship is a mess, the forward portion is covered in the smouldering remains of a deflated balloon and its fallen rigging while a quartet of barrels have fallen loose and rolled to sit against the port railing. The taste of ozone mixes with burning canvas and what hairs you may have begin to stand on end. Three latticed grates make up the floor of the middle deck and a poop raises to the aft, flanked by two short staircases. A narrow stairwell also descends to the lower deck between the grates and smouldering balloon. The aetheric engine occupies the space where the captain's quarters would normally be on a sailing ship, a small portion of it poking out through the base of the poop deck. A disquieting hum comes from this aftmost portion of the ship. The tiny, vicious-yet-pathetic looking dog demon stands near the fallen barrels banging its stick and yelling.

<OOC> Dax says, "Is the dog 10' or more away? Less than 30?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "The deck is 40' wide and the critter is 35' away. You're closest to the stairs going belowdecks and that'll be 10' to the side."
<OOC> Dax says, "Okay, I'll move then as close as I can get, free action drawing my orcish claws of attack as part of the move."

Aryia is grabbed by the arm, the elf flailing her legs a bit to get her bearings before tangling herself back onto the rope ladder. She pants a bit, spooked some from nearly falling, and nods in thanks towards Dax. She scrambles up, slipping past the human and vaulting over the edge onto the deck. She raises her fists, eyes scanning around before finding the dog and frowning. Cold iron cestus ready. "D-g, t- b-tt-" she sputters out, drowned by the noise. <Undercommon>

Climbing the rope, at this point, is easy peasy. Dax just hefts herself up even as Aryia still manages to crawl around past her. She smiles to the elf as she hops up and over the ledge of the ship, "Ain't a thing. I'd catch anyone... 'cept maybe one of them gobber folks, sometimes I think they better off jus' fallin." She side comments as she strides in the direction of the dog, "Here doggie dog dog." And she brings her arms into a small X shape, then swings them out, forcing her claws to get within gripping range of her fingers, now she's ready. Just can't get to it just yet.

GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+4: (19)+4: 23
<OOC> Jinks will guess 23 hits your normal AC, Aryia?
<OOC> Aryia says, "yep!"
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d3+1: (2)+1: 3
GAME: You damaged Aryia for 3 points. 32 HP remaining.
<OOC> Aryia says, "is this ranged?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "No, it's melee. I'll desc it in after I'm done rolling stuff."
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (1)+5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)

There's a clatter from below decks and a dark blur is disgorged onto the deck; small like a goblin but almost entirely made up of black, greasy hair. Long grey ears like a donkey cut the air above it and three glowing sapphire eyes form a triangle on its ugly face. It runs over to Aryia and takes a swipe at the elf's leg, trying to find purchase with its claws and drag her to the ground. She remains resolute and on her feet.

<OOC> Rigby says, "I will climb, and probably climb some more"
<OOC> Jinks thumbsup.
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (8)+4: 12
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (17)+4: 21
<OOC> Jinks says, "No progress on the first but progress on the second. You're 7.5' from the top!"

The little creature yaps at the much, much taller bully and... runs! It scurries towards the ship's prow and then cuts across the deck towards the other hideous thing currently assaulting Dax. It leaves an awful, acrid-smelling trail in its wake.

<OOC> Jinks says, "It's gonna double-move and makes a point to stay out of your threat, Dax."

He's finally made it to the greased bit, and Rigby is not at all happy about it. "I'll have to remember to pick up some universal solvent..." he grumbles to himself as he makes his way up the ladder, one hand over laborious hand. A few more times his feet threaten to slip on the rungs- but he continues progressing slowly, but surely, up the ladder.

Another of the wicked hair clumps jumps into view at the edge of the poop deck, chewing on some kind of tubing only to spit it away and jump down. Half of its face becomes long, needle teeth when it grins and runs to join the melee already engaged, closing towards Aryia.

<OOC> Aryia says, "so two are on me?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Doghead is 10' away from you, you're in melee with three-eyes-one, and three-eyes-two is about 15' from you the opposite direction."
<OOC> Aryia has vendetta to settle and runs towards the dog, provoking from three-eyes-one
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (20)+3: 23
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (19)+3: 22
GAME: Jinks rolls 2d4+2: (5)+2: 7
GAME: You damaged Aryia for 7 points. 25 HP remaining.
<OOC> Jinks says, "One sec"
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (18)+5: 23
<OOC> Jinks says, "Uh... what's your CMD?"
<OOC> Aryia says, "24 thankfully"
<OOC> Jinks says, "It bites you and ALMOST latches on but you pull away."
<OOC> Aryia nods! Aryia punch dog with stunning fist
<OOC> Jinks says, "Roll your to-hit roll twice, please."
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon0: (3)+8: 11
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon0: (2)+8: 10
<OOC> Jinks says, "That misses, sadly."
GAME: Aryia spends ONE use of STUNNING FIST.
<OOC> Dax says, "How far is mister dog from me?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Can charge the doggie or 3e2. 3e1 would be a single move and regular attack."
<OOC> Dax says, "Also, tactically speaking. Is there a way to charge one of the three eyes that also puts me near the other? So that I threaten them both."
<OOC> Jinks says, "You could charge the one that was on Aryia and end up between 3e2 and Aryia. It'd have to pass you."
<OOC> Dax will do that.
<OOC> Jinks says, "Go for it. Roll the attack roll twice."
<OOC> Dax says, "Charge is +2?"
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8+2: (16)+11+2: 29
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8+2: (16)+11+2: 29
<OOC> Jinks says, "Yeah, full round, move at least ten. +2 attack, -2 AC"
<OOC> Dax says, "I think I hit."
<OOC> Jinks says, "With gusto."

Aryia's face twists into pain as her leg is sliced, her shooting the whatever the hell is trying to pull her down a death glare. She moves to step away, getting caught up on a loose liquid. Which makes the three eyes snap at her. Which digs down into her inner thigh, right near an artery. Panicked, she kicks the thing off of her before it manages to drag her down before scrambling after the dog. She teeters and sways, too harried to land a solid hit from her signature haymaker.

GAME: Dax rolls 1d6+7: (2)+7: 9
<OOC> Jinks says, "Any specialness about the weapon?"
<OOC> Dax says, "It's a magical +1."
<OOC> Jinks says, "You hit but the tangled, greasy hair takes some of the force out of the blow."
<OOC> Dax nodnods.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (9)+3: 12
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+4: (3)+4: 7
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+4: (2)+4: 6
<OOC> Jinks says, "It attacked Dax and all three attacks missed."
<OOC> Jinks says, "The dog-thing is back now, Riggs, so it'll be two rolls. But you only need 7.5' to get on deck."
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics: (6)+4: 10
<OOC> Rigby says, "Wheeee"
GAME: Jinks rolls 2d6: (7): 7
GAME: You damaged Rigby for 7 points. 14 HP remaining.

The dog was what Dax was tracking, but when she sees Aryia scrambling away from one of the needle-toothed monsters and goes after the dog... the mul's left her back completely open to attack. So, Dax finds herself in the way, charging with her claws past her prey, past Aryia, straight into the midst of battle. She swipes, clawing against the greasy icky monster, and swipes, hard, sticking her claws in deep but not finding the same drag she might normally. If it worked at all, Dax squints, grunts, "I ain't sure these things be made fully of flesh an' blood!" She calls out to the those on her side of things. Meanwhile, where is Rigby?

The little vicious mop of hair-and-teeth seems overjoyed to be engaged with another walking meet. It snaps its slavering needleteeth at Dax and then makes two awkward attempts to grab at her ankles, missing both times.

<OOC> Rigby says, "Second move is to stand from prone on the ground."
<OOC> Jinks says, "The doggie is going to try and run away from Aryia. Aryia can have an AoO."
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon0: (6)+8: 14
GAME: Aryia uses an AoO! 4 remaining.
<OOC> Jinks says, "Hits."
GAME: Aryia rolls damage0: aliased to 1d8+2: (7)+2: 9
<OOC> Jinks says, "Any fanciness?"
<OOC> Aryia says, "considered magical"
<OOC> Aryia says, "bludgeoning"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Oh, well, still enough to kill it. You can grab it by the tail and dash it against the deck."
<OOC> Jinks got his DRs confused.

Rigby's luck finally runs out and he loses his grip on the ladder, the rung slips from his grips and he begins falling. His throat tightens and his stomach twists as he feels an all-too-familiar sensation of free fall. It might only be twenty some feet this time, but it's still enough to bring back painful memories. He doesn't have long to think about them, landing flat on his back. He writhes briefly, unable to take a breath after the wind was so violently driven from his lungs, but he rolls over and gasps for breath before he forces himself back to his feet. Rigby shouts horsely up, hoping they can hear him over the din of whatever's going on on deck. "Drop the anchor if you can!" once he catches his breath.

<OOC> Aryia will try and find something to toss rigby next turn
<OOC> Aryia says, "that's exactly what I was thinking lol"

The little goblin child is standing over Rigby as pirate collects himself off the ground. It clacks the wrench and awl together in amusement, 'Heh heh heh.' It grunts hacking laughter before trotting back over to Jaemeigh. The dwarf, for his part, is craning his neck this way and that trying to make sense of what's happening.

<OOC> Jinks says, "3e2 is gonna move in to flank Dax and try to nibble on her."
<OOC> Dax is base AC24, 22 from charge. Modified by flank.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (12)+5: 17

The vicious little ball of hair slides across the deck like a filthy wig come alive. It takes up the space opposite its kin and snaps at Dax's rear, missing the nimble warrior.

<OOC> Aryia says, "where da anchor at"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Perception."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Or Profession Sailor"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Whichever you prefer."
GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (12)+12: 24
<OOC> Jinks says, "You spot a large crank sticking up behind where the barrels have fallen on the other side of the deck."
<OOC> Aryia says, "distance?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "50' on the hypotenuse."
<OOC> Aryia says, "double move and just get right to it"
<OOC> Dax says, "Same target as my last, full round double attack."
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8-2: (16)+11+-2: 25
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8-2: (8)+11+-2: 17
<OOC> Jinks says, "Second misses."

Seeing the dog get away, Aryia snatches them up by the tail and hindquarters and violently tosses them head first against a support beam. She spits on them, looking around the deck. Her ears twitch, just barely able to make out the shout. Looks like they had the same idea. She bites her lip and dashes towards it, vaulting over boxes and barrels before skidding to a hault and wrapping a hand around the lever.

GAME: Dax rolls 1d6+7: (2)+7: 9
<OOC> Jinks says, "Same result as last time."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Its hair is getting matted with more blood now, though."
GAME: Jinks advances the initiative order.
      Round Five - Init 21.
      It is now N1's turn! Rigby is next!
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (1)+5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)

Being attacked is nothing new for Dax, she likes getting into fights. She's even smirking right now, "Ohhhh, ya call that a swing? Yer pathetic." She comments, as she's twirling about, never standing still, dodging, ducking, weaving, putting her claws in the way of a near attack and pushing the monster backwards. Then she's spinning, going down toward the ground into a sitting position as she spins. Clawing as she cycles around in a circle, then springing back up to a standing position, ready to strike again.

GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+6: (4)+6: 10
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+6: (17)+6: 23
<OOC> Jinks says, "You said AC was what?"
<OOC> Dax says, "AC24 at this point for me, if attacking me."

Another flurry of attacks, matted hair and noxious blood flipping this way and that but the fangs and claws of the creature can't find purchase on Dax. It growls something in frustration as the spit bubbles between its teeth.

<OOC> Rigby says, "Hmm. Can I see where the anchor is going to drop?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "I'll give you the same perception or profession check."
GAME: Rigby rolls profession/airman: (14)+5: 19
<OOC> Jinks says, "You can spot a hatch on the underside of the ship you would guess to be from whence the anchor falls."
<OOC> Rigby says, "How far is it?"
<OOC> Rigby would like to move towards, but stay 10' away from, where I think the anchor will land.
<OOC> Jinks says, "50'. You could do 60' to try an anticipate its movement next round."
<OOC> Rigby says, "Alrighty, double move then."
<OOC> Jinks says, "It's gonna give up on you, Dax. Go ahead and take your AoO."

Assuming his call has been heard, Rigby dusts himself off and breaks into a jog- outpacing the lumbering airship overhead, and eyes fixed on the hatch this supposed adamantite anchor is going to fall from- he chases after, towards the hatch, though keeping just behind it. It would be a painfully ignomous end to be crushed by a falling anchor.

GAME: Dax rolls weapon8: (9)+11: 20
<OOC> Jinks says, "Alright. Hit and damage."
GAME: Dax rolls 1d6+7: (4)+7: 11
<OOC> Jinks says, "A meatier hit for true."
<OOC> Jinks says, "It's gonna Charge Aryia meow."
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (7)+5: 12
<OOC> Jinks says, "aaand whiff."

The snapping, raspy exchange between the things seems to be some kind of dialogue as guttural and gross as it may be. It ducks low to the ground and blasts across the deck towards Aryia, stumbling off course when it takes a parting slice from Dax. It tumbles in a roll, its hair spilling out to reveal a painfully pale, naked white form with a blue-green tint. It manages to right itself and snap at the monk but the teeth only find empty air.

<OOC> Aryia says, "weigh anchor!"
<OOC> Jinks says, "A strength check, please."
GAME: Aryia rolls strength: (2)+2: 4
<OOC> Jinks says, "I'll give you a second go if you'd like to try again."
GAME: Aryia rolls strength: (17)+2: 19
<OOC> Aryia will spend their whole turn to do it
<OOC> Jinks says, "There you go! The action is jammed because of the debris piled against it but you give a second tug and it goes."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Reflex saves for everyone on the boat!"
GAME: Aryia rolls reflex: (2)+8: 10
GAME: Dax rolls reflex: (8)+6: 14
<OOC> Aryia ok
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (19)+7: 26
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (6)+7: 13
<OOC> Jinks says, "Everyone is prone except the critter still in melee with Dax."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Anchor hits and the tilt is worsened by the impact and drag. Nobody failed enough to slide."

The elf spots the charge ahead of time, her orienting around to shove her boot in their face to foil it early. Aryia gives a warning with a two note whistle, low-high, before pulling the lever. It wouldn't budge at first, but then she puts her whole weight into it. As it falls, Aryia braces against the base of the lever. The ship was going to lurch. And she didn't realize how bad it was going to jolt. The pugilist falls to her back and groans, arms raised above her head to protect her head should somethign slide onto her.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Stand is a move unless you have that Kip-Up eat. So it'd just be a single attack."
<OOC> Dax says, "I don't have that feat, so stand and swing."
<OOC> Rigby says, "Standing from Prone provokes and takes a move action unless you have Kip-up which makes it a swift (or maybe free?) which doesn't provoke. Acrobatics is needed to move or maintain footing on unstable ground."
<OOC> Dax says, "I don't care."
<OOC> Dax says, "I spawn AoOs all the time."
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (18)+3: 21
<OOC> Jinks says, "-4 AC against melee attacks while Prone. So that should actually hit."
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d4+1: (4)+1: 5
GAME: You damaged Dax for 4 points. 48 HP remaining.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (3)+5: 8
<OOC> Jinks says, "And it doesn't grab."
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8: (12)+11: 23
GAME: Dax rolls 1d6+7: (4)+7: 11
<OOC> Jinks says, "He's getting close. One eye can't open for all the blood in it."
<OOC> Jinks says, "AoO on this guy, Dax! He's going after the elf!"
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8: (12)+11: 23
GAME: Dax rolls 1d6+7: (3)+7: 10
<OOC> Jinks says, "That'll run him through."
<OOC> Rigby says, "Climb the anchor rope. Is it really spider silk?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "You've got rope now, Rigby, and the braided line is anchored and taut. DC5."
<OOC> Jinks says, "You can rush if you want at a -5."
<OOC> Rigby will take the penalty and rush.
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics-5: (15)+4+-5: 14

The airship lurches, and Dax's fancy footwork takes a hit as she's sent floundering to the ground. She places her hands down, and manages to hit without hurting herself, but she's turning around quick to get back up. When the three eyed monster notices the opening, she gets sliced along her side... thankfully not the tattooed side! Else... anger would ensue. Instead she grimaces a little and shakes her head, "Really? Come on ya filthy beast, let's end this." And she steps forward, past the cut against the monster's face, and then as she's spinning around, gaining momentum, he turns to run. "Not ta'day." She states, and reaches out, placing her claws along the three-eyed monster's neck and letting it run itself forward into the claws as she pulls backwards. Letting it drop to the ground. Taking in a deep breath she shouts out, "A lil' warnin' next... oh, right, sorry! Fergot..." The whole can't speak thing.

<OOC> Rigby says, "and again?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "15' off that one roll. You can do it again if you'd like. Success means getting onto the ship."
GAME: Rigby rolls athletics-5: (20)+4+-5: 19
<OOC> Jinks says, "Start the party, Rigby is here!"
<OOC> Dax cheers and tosses champagne!
<OOC> Rigby says, "Fashionably late."
<OOC> Jinks says, "This guy will stand. No AoO from Aryia since she is also prone. He'll then chomp on the downed monk."
<OOC> Aryia says, "i thought you still threaten prone"
<OOC> Dax says, "You do. There's nothing saying you don't."
<OOC> Dax says, "Just at -4 to your attack roll, but evens out cause they are -4 AC."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Huh, I suppose so."
<OOC> Jinks says, "My mistake! Roll it."
GAME: Aryia uses an AoO! 4 remaining.

Blessedly free of grease, taut and anchored, the rope may as well be a fell maintained flight of stairs for Rigby. He's more accustomed to climbing these than ladders, most of the time. He grabs it with both hands, braces his feet against it, and moves rapidly upwards, hand over hand with feet inchrowming to push him along. Soon enough, a hand finds the railing of the deck. He pulls himself up, and rolls over it, "Did you miss me?" he asks off the other two already up here.

GAME: Aryia rolls weapon0-4: (7)+8+-4: 11
<OOC> Jinks says, "That'll miss even with the penalty."
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (19)+3: 22
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d4+1: (2)+1: 3
GAME: You damaged Aryia for 3 points. 22 HP remaining.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (8)+5: 13
<OOC> Jinks says, "Grab misses."

The one remaining creature rolls up to its feet, its hair flying fabulously when it catches and deflects the blow from Aryia. He gives a little giggle and rasps out more from the below-tongue before having another bite of mul. You paged Aryia with ‘Meat, meat, bite!’

<OOC> Aryia says, "aryia stands and provokes"
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (7)+3: 10
<OOC> Jinks says, "whiff"
<OOC> Aryia says, "aryia punch with stunning fist"
GAME: Aryia spends ONE use of STUNNING FIST.
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon0: (9)+8: 17
<OOC> Jinks says, "Miss. :("
GAME: N1 removed from initiative list.
<OOC> Dax says, "I imagine it is too far for step, full round. So, move to flank, attack."
<OOC> Dax says, "Charge if necessary."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Charge, yee."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Flank works, too."
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8+4: (4)+11+4: 19
<OOC> Jinks says, "Hits."
GAME: Dax rolls 1d6+7: (1)+7: 8
<OOC> Jinks says, "Nicked."
<OOC> Rigby says, "Draw my thunderbelcher and shoot the guy."
<OOC> Rigby says, "Don't have precise shot, but it's within 30 feet isn't it?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "Yeah, and you're not shooting through soft cover at leas.t"
<OOC> Rigby says, "Point Blank applies and it's vs touch AC then"
GAME: Rigby rolls weapon1+1: (10)+6+1: 17
<OOC> Jinks says, "That'll hit touch."
GAME: Rigby rolls damage1+1: aliased to 1d12+0+1: (1)+0+1: 2
<OOC> Jinks says, "Any specialness to the weapon or ammo?"
<OOC> Rigby says, "Bashing and Piercing, no special qualities."
<OOC> Jinks says, "No damage, sadly. You can give it a bald spot like the bear from Great Outdoors, though. :)"
<OOC> Rigby says, "Reload as free action."

It's that time again. No more dancing, or flipping around, blocking, there's no one right next to Dax. So, she turns her head this way and that, her tightly braided hair smacking against her skin and armor as she turns quickly, then... there she sees someone. Low to the ground, hunkered over like some half woman half beast, she runs. Charging forward she does a little leap at the last moment and stabs the monster in the back with her claws, as hard as she can. As she pulls the claws out though, it only minorly hurt the beast. "Ugh!" She grumbles, looking right over at Aryia and saying, gruffly, "These beasts be witched, I swear. That'd normally take a gobbers head clean off!"

Aryia pales as she is bitten again. What is it with everything trying to EAT HER?! She boots them off and gets to a stand, a downward haymaker aimed center mass. But she was too slow. Just a smidge. She hisses back, "D-n't -t -!!" <Undercommon>

<OOC> Jinks says, "It'll full attack Aryia, enjoying itself too much to realize how bad a call that is."
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (17)+3: 20
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+4: (8)+4: 12
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+4: (16)+4: 20
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d4+1: (1)+1: 2
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d3+1: (2)+1: 3
GAME: You damaged Aryia for 5 points. 17 HP remaining.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+5: (7)+5: 12
<OOC> Jinks says, "Trip fails."

Rigby swings his rifle from over his shoulder now he's finally over the railing, and levels it at the creature in combat with Dax and Aryia. He squeezes the trigger, and the muzzle flashes as a ball of lead hurtles from it at... rather underwhelming speeds. It hits the creature in the head, but bounces off, not even causing a bruise. "Blast it, last time I buy my powder in goblintown." he grumbles. He racks the trigger guard forwards, opening the port which ejects a gout of steam and fragments of charred paper, smelling of brimstone and ozone, and then slips a fresh cartridge out of his bandolier, rolling it over his knuckles before slotting it into the chamber and pulling the guard back, levelling his shot.

The inevitable end is closing in on the pale, hairy monster but it giggles and rasps as if having the time of its life. It bites Aryia yet again, ignoring her complaints before taking a painful hold of her ankle and giving it another tug. Still can't pull her down, though. Thankfully. You paged Aryia with ‘Mine. Fight. Fight! Eat!’

<OOC> Aryia says, "cestus on. Proceed to beat face"
GAME: Aryia spends ONE point of KI POOL.
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon8: (7)+8: 15
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon8: (1)+8: 9 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Aryia rolls weapon8: (5)+8: 13
<OOC> Aryia says, "the highest is 17 from flanking"
<OOC> Jinks says, "No hits, sorry."
<OOC> Dax says, "Full round, double attack."
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8-2: (18)+11+-2: 27 (THREAT)
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8-2: (8)+11+-2: 17
GAME: Dax rolls weapon8-2: (1)+11+-2: 10 (EPIC FAIL)
<OOC> Dax says, "Oh, +2 on the threat and confirmation."
<OOC> Jinks says, "Did you include the flank?"
<OOC> Jinks says, "So that'll crit."
<OOC> Dax says, "Okay, so 1 crit, one crit miss."
GAME: Dax rolls 2d6+14: (4)+14: 18
<OOC> Jinks says, "That'll smear it."

More of the shadow elf's blood is spilled, her yanking them off and trying to connect her plated fists against their face. But they duck and weave, Aryia gritting her teeth as she gets a little woozy from the pain and bloodloss. "St- st- -tt- f-ck-" she spits out in a hiss. <Undercommon>

"Alright, if I level, and turn..." Dax is talking aloud as she's trying to measure some kind of distance, twisting her claws a bit before finally pulling back and just punching the three-eyed monster right in the back, between its shoulder blades, and out the front of its chest. Then pulls back as she's trying to slice with her other claws, but ends up just stumbling backwards from how much purchase she had with the first attack. When she does kick the monster off her claws though, it crumples to the ground, and she looks around, "Is tha' everyone?" She's flicking her claws of the greasy muddled blood of these things, and then flicking them back up so she has her hands for use again. "You alright?" Looking to Aryia, before looking back to Rigby, "Welcome ta the fray. If you two wanna figure out the machines an' whatnot, I kin go lookin' around ta make sure there ain't no more o' these things."

"Well, seems like you had it well in hand-" Rigby begins, but then steadies himself against the lurching of the airship with a hand on the railing. He stows his gun again, and then makes for the wheelhouse, "Let's see if I can bring this thing down in one piece!" he calls to the others.

<OOC> Rigby would like to try and find the controlls, and potentially attempt a landing.

Aryia gives a thumbs up towards Dax, her panting and lulling her head about. She falls into a sit, taking off the white scarf and wrapping it tightly around her leg that has been gnawed on so much. She thought she was past this, being a hinderance. A little pale in the face, she absently nods at Rigby's heads up.

The horrible creatures smashed, stabbed, and diced into a wonderfully inert state brings a relative calm to the deck of the Distant Horizon. A muted zap from the engines reminds you that not all is calm and the anchor groans mildly as the ship pulls in a tight, lazy circle around the set anchor. Taking either set of stairs up to the poop deck reveals the topmost portion of the aetheric engines and the ship's controls. Both have been savaged remarkably. There's an unpleasant pressure to the air here and a static prickling on exposed skin. The smell of smoke is mild, relatively speaking.

<OOC> Rigby has knowledge/engineering and his profession, if either will help me land this boat.

"Blast it that's my ship!" Jaemeigh complains and it occurs to you that he's been yelling for some time now; wondering what's going on. "Hello? Are you kids dead?"

<OOC> Jinks says, "Go ahead and roll the Airman"
GAME: Rigby rolls profession/airman: (20)+5: 25
<OOC> Jinks says, "Well, shucks howdy."
<OOC> Jinks says, "You're fairly certain you can set it down but you're not sure if you'd be able to get it back up again. You're weighing your options when you spot a possible patch job and you're almost positive you can limp the ship back to Alexandria for proper repairs. It'll just be a wide sort of arcing trip at casual pace."

Going to the edge of the ship, Dax yells over after the old man, "Quiet yer yappin' mister! We had a bit of a setback, an' now that setback be dead. We're workin' on getting this 'ere ship down to you. So, quiet down lest ya attract more of them would be demon pirates!" Shouting, at the top of her lungs. Turning back to the ship, "Can ya believe that fella? Screamin' like that... jus' idiocy." And she then heads to check the rest of the ship for any other monsters lying in wait.

When Rigby arrives in the wheelhouse of the airship, his gait slows and he scans across the control panel. Despite the prickling of his skin and the burning in his nostrils from the smoke, he runs his hand across the controls. "Poor thing. Almost seems a disservice to give you back to him." he murmurs. A glance out the window, as he thinks to himself- not yet doing anything about landing the airship. He eventually gives a heavy sigh, "Not sure we'd make it past the mountains in this state. And I've not the money for repairs, besides..." he says, talking to the airship, or himself, or maybe a bit of both.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, he gets to work- he pulls a lever. The console responds with a jolt of aetheric energy that narrowly misses him, grounding in a pipe nearby. He turns dials, presses levers. The ship's listing levels out, and eventually it comes to a stop. He yells back, "She'll make it home! Hoist the anchor!" he calls to the ladies on deck. "The dwarf can walk the horses back!" he adds then, as he steps on a pedal and twists another dial, ducking a gout of steam.

The belowdecks are even more of a disaster if you can believe it. You're immediately struck with the oppressive smell of pungent animal waste and mold. The air is humid beyond belief and tastes foul. There's debris everywhere; crates and lamps are smashed, and there are bits abd bobs that look like all manner of artifice only to crumble unnaturally when you pick them up.

Once Aryia was finished patching herself up, she stands on wobbly legs and goes with Dax. She watches her for a moment, looking like she has some things to say. But she knows its futile with Dax. She shakes her head and tuts at their employers action, limping along with Dax to check out the rest of the ship. Though not before yanking the lever to hoist it back up.

"Terrible state of affairs." Dax says about the below area, and she turns her head, hearing Rigby's shout about the airship and the anchor. She looks to Aryia and shrugs a little, "Looks like we're needed up deck. This place reminds me of the Limping Leg, was a ship that ground itself off some island somewhere, forget exactly, turned it into a place of disrepute. Was always a garbage pile... but served cheap ale." She offers as she turns to head back up to the deck, and is going to work on the anchor.

==== ========== ========== ====

The Distant Horizon limps drunkenly back into Airstation Alexandria and the ride is surprisingly smooth considering the state of the thing. Rigby proves to be quite the old hand at captaining. It takes longer than you'd expect, though, and the moon is already on its descent before Dax and Aryia are tossing mooring lines to the station staff. A rather horrified dockmaster is distracted by the Oddskeeper crest as he approaches-- only to deflate immediately with a sigh of relief when it's a trio of adventurers and not a mad dwarf coming off the ship. It's the next day before your pay is ready, you manage to sneak in and collect your fee even as you catch sight of Jaemeigh. The old dwarf is sitting on a chair being seen to by a cleric, an awl sticking out of his belly. "--not even a blasted gobber!" He shouts, practically whining, "What kind of world do we live in where you can't trust a boy who comes on your ship and starts working on your engines free of charge!?"