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Race: War Golem
Date of Birth: Unknown
Apparent Age: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Class: Fighter
Level: 3
Organizations: None

About My Character

It is an unmistakable sight, such a large creature as it moves through the city and nearby haunts. An eight foot tall War Golem covered head to foot in full plate and wearing a greatsword at it's hip is only just acclimating to civilization.

What is it after? What is it's name?

Simple enough! It seeks redemption for some failed quest, though dares not speak of it. If asked, it states simply that it's name is Aegis.

The truth is, Aegis does not remember it's past. Only that it was once a guardian, stoic, even kind. But it and those tasked with such stewardship failed, and now it walks the world in search of some redemption.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Display some measure of martial prowess in it's presence, or show the annuls of battle! It may show interest, and at least come investigate.
  • Tell stories of war, of battle, won or lost. Aegis is sure to take interest and will need to know more.
  • Aegis is known to train others in the basics of martial warfare, a simple endeavor it approaches with a precise militancy.