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Where the Wild Dragons Roam

Not quite accurate, but close enough. Recently arriving from the jungles of Am'Shere after the signing of the treaty this young black scaled Sith-Makar somehow manages to combine excited nervous energy with cold-blooded lack of empathy. As new as she is she often finds herself in situations she shouldn't be in simply because she doesn't know she isn't supposed to be somewhere. They should really post signs. In Draconic.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Green about the (imaginary) gills. Strange new land. Strange new people. Lots to learn.
  • Swords. She likes them. She loves them. Well, all weapons really, but she likes big blades and she cannot lie.


While tall even for a Sith-Makar this individual is slender and sleek, all graceful planes of midnight black scales for the most part with a paler charcoal black along the underside of her muzzle that sweeps down their throat and further. The face is angular with a sweeping almost delicate muzzle and angular nostril points but behind the scaled 'lips' is sharp interlocking teeth that can't quite be hidden. The eyes are a deep dark emerald green with black slits for pupils set below sharply defined eye ridges that sweep back into a set of eight short horns, three on each side and two on top with a frill of matching green leathery 'skin' between each horn.

There's a whipcord sinewy type of strength to the figure enhanced by a breastplate that leaves armor-scaled shoulders and arms bare. A pair of emerald green leather bracers that match the eyes offering a hint of protection there, or perhaps is simply stylish. The lines of the breastplate are clean enhancing the trim of waist and long lines of the draconic individual. The hips swell to form into powerful thighs and black scaled calves that are wrapped in strips of emerald green leather again more for style than protection with a black loincloth offering some further attempts at modesty for cultures that worry about such. Even the feet are more slender than massive though alluding to this beings speed.

Balancing them out is a long tail where the underscales again match the charcoal grey but it is fast and whipcord rather than massive.


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Warrior
Draconic Ancestry: Black
Tribe: Aavh - A small tribe that is just recently beginning to meet with the world outside Am'Shere after the treaty with the Alexandrians was signed.
Faith: Death-Singer Vardama
Politics: Primarily Supportive of the Silver Empress