A game of Demons and Docks

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It's early morning, and the shipyards are already starting to come to life. While not nearly as much activity as there might be at other times of the day, cargo is being unloaded, ships are making sail, and others are just pulling into port.

It's the ideal time to arrive, if you want to beat the crowds. Or avoid having too many eyes on you.

Malik stands in the shadow of a ship, next to what's probably a dockworker, given his build and clothing. The two speak in hushed tones, the dockworker holding a small box.

"So you have what I asked for?" Malik can be heard saying, looking anxious.

"These weren't easy to find," he tells Malik, patting the box. "Price has risen accordingly. Gonna be double what we agreed to."

There's a moment of anger on the wizard's face, but he eventually just nods, handing over the requested coins as he takes the box, stuffing it quickly into a bag as he starts back toward the heart of the shipyards, their business concluded -- and Malik seeming eager to be done with it.

Mikilos doesn't typically frequent the shipyards, but sometimes a craftsman wants a wizardly opinion, or an expert enchantment. And sometimes a wizard wants a pot of quality waterproof paint. It works out. And so the overly tall elf strolls, a well sealed can of quality paint tucked under his arm, seeing what sights the early morn brings.... other than hungover dockworkers.

Erendriel comes here more lately. She wanders out to the docks today not on a particular mission necessarily, though. No high spying shenanigans at all. But she is meeting a ship. Which... "Oh it isn't here yet." she says aloud, before noticing Malik. Waving since he's getting agitated, stepping his way. "Hello."

Malik is still fiddling with the bag, working to secure it on his shoulder, when Erendriel makes her presence known, causing him to halt in his tracks. He looks surprised, at first, with no small amount of confusion underneath it. But that passes quickly enough, offering the woman an easy nod and a small, but cautious, smile. "Good morning," he greets her, shouldering the bag and sliding it a bit behind him as he notices the other man in the immediate vicinity, giving Mikilos a pleasant nod in the way that strangers normally do.

Mikilos is no stranger than anyone else around, but returns the nod, smileing to Erendriel. "Good morning. What has you two up and about at this hour?"

Hun'rar comes walking along as if searching for someone before spotting Mikilos. "Ah there you are! The wizard Mikilos." he says with a smile. "Erendriel, Malik, fantastic to see you both as well." he adds before turning back to the wizard "I need to discuss something if you have time."

Erendriel sees Malik's reaction, and giggles. "Hi, is something wrong?" Mikilos and Hun'rar are then noticed, and also given waves. "Hi. I'm uh... there's someone coming to this city that I was going to talk to when he gets here. Until then. I wait and have plenty of time to talk. What are you all doing?"

Malik looks between the three of them, answering easily "Needed to meet a friend for some business. Best to get here before it's too crowded to move. You never know what might happen at a place like this." A very small side-glance to Erendriel there, that smile growing just a bit. But Hun'rar's introduction of the third man gets his attention. "Mikilos," he greets. "I've heard of you."

Mikilos grins, nodding to Malik. "Seems I'm popular this morning." He nods to Erendriel and hefts the paint can. "Just picking up some supplies." Finally he turns his attention to Hun'rar. "I'm in no rush. What do you want to talk about?"

Hun'rar looks to Erendriel and Malik for a moment, pondering if he wants to bring it up or not but than apparently decided to do so. "Well I was on a mission for the Guild, tracking down one of Asumit's more competent goons and well... he ended up leading us to a shard of Animus, a part of the deity. Animus was trying to corrupt it, which we promptly put an end to but well..." he shrugs "Based on what I have heard you would seem like an expert on that kind of matter."

Erendriel snickers. "WEll people we know are more popular than people we don't know, in my opinion. Talking to stranger in a big city like this just seems like more trouble than it's worth. Who's Asumit?"

Malik doesn't seem overly familiar with the names being given either, just giving a little shake of his head to indicate they don't really mean anything to him, though he looks curious. Other than that, he's quiet for the moment, listening while the others talk.

Mikilos blinks slowly, looking at Hun'rar, taking a long moment to process that. "....say that again?" Absently he asides to Eren. "Bad guy. -Very- bad guy."

Hun'rar nods to Erendriel "Yeah he is an irredeemably evil demon summoner." he then turns back to Mikilos. "Well not sure what it was, a reminent? An echo? Or are there other parts of him out there to find? Can he be restored maybe? These are questions that need looking into." he says with a sigh. "Morgan and others was with me at the time. I like to think I know my magic but this is a pretty unusual subject."

Erendriel goes wide-eyed as she gets two strong, definitive answers to that question. "Sounds bad. A demon summoner... here? In this city? Or soomewhere else?"

Malik nods to the others, the curious look turning to a frown. "Right," he tells the others. "Well. It sounds like you've got people on top of that, so. I'll be on my way then." He offers another nod to those gathered, heading for the city once more.

Mikilos runs his hands though his hair, thinking a long moment. "I looked a little into the death of Animus, but not a lot is known for sure. I'd hoped Kor may have witness the battle... but it's not certain there was a battle, or that he'd be willing to tell anyone about it. Gods tend to follow their own rules, so things like a corpse are uncertain at best. Usually, they're eternal. Dying isn't an option. But... well, sometimes exceptions happen. Maybe. Can you tell me anything about this Shard?"

Hun'rar shakes his head "Not really, it took a form of a staff after we removed the corruption. We were going to ask the celestial at the temple of Daeus what he knew about it. I was able to smite the evil within, that I know." he adds with shrug "It requires study in any case."

Hun'rar then turns to Erendriel "Not in this city but his plots have been foiled by the Guild for years."

Erendriel stretches out, throwing her arms up, before grabbing her backpack straps again. "That sounds very difficult. A lot of demons are hard to hurt with fire and um... so yeah."

Mikilos frowns, distracted. "'The Ledgendary Staff of Animus'... a staff made from a fragment of the original God of Magic... I remember reading a legend, but it was vauge and long ago. Is it still at the temple of Daeus? In the hands of a Celestial might be the safest place. Even if it's only half what it seems, that sort of power would temp even the most timid of wizards."

Hun'rar grins and nods to Mikilos "Yes, certainly." he then turns to Erendriel "Just means you need more fire, right?"

mail, ask to get added to legwork or whatever... think parts have been in works for a lot longer... note on 'Staff of Animus' is from 2013...

Erendriel giggles to Hun'rar. "I wish. Sometimes more fire will work... sometimse more fire will make it worse, especially when you're dealing with outsiders from fiery places. Which is more than just the plane of fire, of course." Looking to Mikilos. "Sadly one does not simply walk to a Celestial plane."

Mikilos waves vaugely. "With the right spell one does. But this Celestial is a little more local. Though a bit stand-off-ish in my experience. of course, we have somewhat differeing views of the universe and how it should all go."

Hun'rar nods to Erendriel "That is true, I'm a fan of tooth, claw and sword as well. Although even my sword is flaming and soon my claws and fangs as well." he adds with a shrug. "But this whole thing will require more study." he says to Mikilos.

Erendriel smiles. "Well a spell... never mind." Giggling,s he shifts her pack on her back. "Speaking of. Maybe one of you would know. What's the best way to make a backpack fireproof, or to get a fireproof backpack? One that might, say, I don't know, withstand a fireball."

Mikilos frowns, thinking on an entirely different line of thought. "Dragon leather. Or a fire resist enchantment would help. Most magic items are fairly durible."

Hun'rar nods "I think even a good durable material should be enough to stand up to short term blasts. Magic usually helps as well in general. Perhaps magic storage? Like a Handy Haversack?" he offers a suggestion.

Erendriel hums. "A dragon leather handy haversack, with an enchantment. I'll have to work on that. Find out what it would cost. Test it out. thank you both. So eitherof you need any help with this um, demon thing?I don't know what I can do, but i know a little bit about planes and things."

Mikilos grins. "This will likely be an 'all hands on deck' thing before it's all over. But right at the moment, all I can think is try to trace down that legend, and see if I can get a look at the Staff."

Hun'rar nods "All help is welcome. I'm uncertain of next steps but I can make sure your involved as much as I am. At first I was just happy to deny Asumit another chance at godhood but it's become something more."

Mikilos sighs. "In any case, I should get going. Will talk to both of you later." The elf murmurs a few words, and is gone. No flash of light, no puff of smoke, just... gone.

Erendriel blinks when he departs,and looks back to Hun'rar. "Guess he was in a hurry. So um... yeah. If I can help.... I wonder if a person can even get dragon hide."

Hun'rar shrugs "Not easily, the Witch Alba was able to make my cloak from wyvern hide instead of dragon. I am sure you can get something close enough." he says with a smile "Also most spells to protect you from fire protect your gear as well. Perhaps your robe does?" he offers as a suggestion.

Erendriel tilts her head. "A little bit. But one day I'm going to have the ability to travel to the plane of fire, and you know... you need more than a little bit. It just makes snese, with all the fire around me, to protect my stuff on a more permanent basis."

Hun'rar nods "Makes sense, I am not sure I have an answer, I am not a crafter or artisan. Something to protect all clothing and gear would be ideal."

Erendriel grins to Hun'rar. "I have to work on it, see if I need anything that elaborate. But I'm wondering... So what's going on with your um, fire breathing I saw the other day?"

Hun'rar raises an eyebrow "My heart fire, the blood of a red dragon courses through me or at least the magic and potency do. It's given me...a fire in my chest that I can exhale. As I explore these powers and grow stronger it grows as well, burns hotter, spreads... empowers me." he says looking at his hands before looking up "It... feels amazing."

Erendriel grins, looking up to Hun'rar, as he explains aall of that. "I sure wish I could be like, immune to fire..."

Hun'rar shakes his head I am not immune, not even close. But my skin has grown more resistant as I am guessing you are considering your affinity for fire. Being immune... that would quite the feat." he says shaking his head. "In fact your better with fire than I am, breathing it is really all I can do."

Erendriel giggles. "Well, it's still really cool. But it looks like the ship is coming in, we'll have to talk later if you don't mind? If you need help I mean."

Hun'rar "Of course, anytime." he says with a grin before making his way.