A Very Merry Re-Birthday

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Log Info

  • Title: A Very Merry Re-Birthday
  • Emitter: Solar Flare
  • Characters: Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Merek
  • Place: The Northern Wastes, Mahuikaa's Cottage
  • Time: Monday, October 18, 2021, 9:05 PM
  • Summary: The Valethor Gang return to Mahuikaa's cottage. Mourner Ashlee Ciaradh has obtained the eldery Sith'makar's help and baked a bunch of large grey cupcakes with odd icing choices. Chains, skulls, bones, bats, wasps, whips, vampire teeth and a few other spooky motifs. She presents them to everyone, sings 'A Very Merry Re-Birthday' in monotone, and explains these are re-birthday cakes. All present have died at least once, some a lot more. Merek's six are set aside for when he arrives, and he does so soon. The Mourner explains to the more troubled souls, like Elyanna and Lerethil, that they have paid for their past life mistakes. They aren't -erased- per se, but the weight of a life balances them significantly, and they have a new life to become new people. She realizes this applies to herself as well. The group soon turns to discussing how to bring Veren to justice, since she's the one responsible for this situation and likely to put a few more into the halls if they aren't quick about it. After some discussion on how best to surprise a friendly Magistrate, they decide a teleportation to his chambres would be best.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  Appearing  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Donna        5'4"     106 Lb     Human             Female    A black-haired human girl in black robes.
Delilah      5'4"     106 Lb     Human             Female    A golden haired human girl in white robes.
Merek        5'10"    215 Lb     Human             Male      A black-haired, dusky male with golden eyes.
Ashes        5'11"    177 Lb     Hobgoblin         Female    A somber arvec in grey clothes with a skull face
Elyanna      5'11"    153 Lb     Half-Orc          Female    A grim, Arvek-blooded woman in raven feathers. 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  NPCs of Note  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Mahuikaa                         Sith'Makar        Female    An elderly Sith'makar, the Sister's foster mom.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  As the GM =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Delilah      5'4"     106 Lb     Human             Female    A golden haired human girl in white robes.

Assistance was rendered to the Alexadrian mages. It did not go well. The hobkin did not wish to speak of it on their return. The journey continued to their matron's dwelling.

A day after arriving at Mahuikaa's cottage, Ashlee has asked the elderly sith'makar for help with baking. This isn't a skill she has, although she had some very specific requests. Several hours later, the baking is done and has filled the rooms with the wonderful scent of cake, and melted chocolate. Whatever the Arvec Nar was after, it will be thick and sweet.

The others have been asked to wait in the main room. Finally Ashlee comes in with a tray. On it are large cup-cakes. They are more like muffins, a couple inches wide and a few more inches tall. They are grey, dark grey in the body, light grey in icing. There are various symbols, in white: A head with tentacles, a whip, a skull face, a bat, the scales of vardama, ghosts. Each one has a candle.

The Mourner sets the tray of oversized cup-cakes on the table. She inhales, holds her breath. Stares. Her eyes flit from Donna, to Delilah, to Elyanna, to Lerethil then Mahuikaa. The hardscale grins toothily, "Go ahead dear, it's your idea."

Ashlee sings. In monotone, with a cadence to her flat pronunciation. "A very merry re-birthday, to you, to you. A very merry re-birthday, to you, it's true. Let's all congratulate us with some cupcakes and some tea. A ver merry re-birthday to you. Now blow the candle out, and eat and be re-newed. A very merry re-birthday, a very merry re-birthday, a very merry re-brithday to You."

She finishes and remains staring at everyone. "You've all died, at least once. So happy re-birth day, everyone. The sins of your previous life aren't ... gone... but they are muted and sealed. I know the things you've done, bother you." Elyanna and Lerethil get a long look. "You've paid for some of them, with your deaths."

She picks up a cupcake intended for herself, with the Scales of Vardama. "Don't touch those, those are Merek's."

The detour of the Hobkin was probably not a merry one. Like Ashes, Elyanna was largely mum on the matter, though something about the matter was clearly, after so much close hand experience, bothering her the most. The halfbred spent much of the last day before returning to the cottage in her own head, but not surly as she had been whilst minding the tent-of-three-tails.

She seems something like herself as they await the results of Momma and Mourner's labors, idly massaging hair oil into the multihued tresses of Maidenhead.

The singing prompts an errant squirt of oil onto the toe of her boot, and her gaze seeks out the source with a curious expression.

Once the song is finished, her hands break their galateaic pause to retrieve a rag to wipe away the oil before she rises, leaving maintenance and weapon behind.

The puzzlement doesn't leave her features for some time as she looks from her friend to the cupcakes before reaching for one with a soft, "Thank you, Ashlee."

Understanding very well the concept of 'Shit happened, I don't want to discuss it,' Donna has left the matter of the demon alone, until the pair *want* to speak about it. For herself, the brawler was simply happy to be back under a roof that didn't hate them, personally and specifically, and that was not stuffed to the rafters with madness and horror and in *dire* need of a good exploding.

When Ashes asked them to wait in the common room, Donna was amused, but game. The smell of confectionery caught her interest as well as her attention, and by the time the cupcakes were presented, the dark twin seemed about ready to take to the rafters and find out what the fuss was herself.

A move she would have regretted, upon seeing the sweets and hearing the explanation behind them. All of the coiled-up tension in the brawler's shoulders seems to flood away, as she understands the meaning behind the treats. Carefully, she leans forward, and takes up one with a skeletal fist daubed in white icing, and blows the candle out.

And for a long moment more, she simply stares at the cake, as though studying a piece of art, then clears her throat. "...Thank you, Ash. Like... for *everything.* We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, an' that's a fact."

Sitting next to Donna, Delilah has been nigh vibrating with excitement. Even with the manacles on her wrist and ankles serving as a constant reminder of her predicament, the promise of doing something normal -- like sitting around and waiting for someone to bake something, and that something appealing to her sweet tooth, and then actually getting to eat something she's choosing to eat without the promise of being executed the next day -- is a most welcome relief.

So, the book of Veren's life sits there on the table, unopened and for the moment not sharing its vile contents, while the golden haired twin joins her sister, their adopted mother, and their friends in the eating of cupcakes, after blowing out a candle. "Yeah, what Donna said. You two are completely wonderful and I'dunno what we'd've done without your help." She pauses, and blushes, "Well, other'n get about a foot shorter, in my case. So, to an impromptu birthday." She lifts her cupcake as if to toast, before taking a bite.

In the aftermath of the moment, she gives her sister a light nudge in the ribs. "Still older than you," she whispers.

Outside, a bit of a long walk away, there is a >BAMF< as a teleporter arrives. Mahuikaa's place is shielded against teleporting.

This spot was intentionally chosen. Yes. Wouldn't want to lead anyone to the cottage.

Merek teleports along, arriving near to the place. He looks around, given specification of what he knows, this is it. He takes the time to adjust the dark attire which he wears as he walks along to the place. He knocks on the door, waits only a moment, then walks within the place. There's a look to everyone. Then, the nod. He keeps his hood up, with a book. Which he keeps with him in his hood.

There's something different about him, like he's achieved an inner kind of peace and tranquility, through a rage.

"Thanks." Ashlee says quietly, in her usual monotone. She's embarrassed and shrinking in her seat. Of course, as a hobgoblin this brings her down to the sister's height. Her wide ears pan and quiver a little as she doesn't know where to focus.

The Mourner takes a deep breath, repeating herself a little. "I want to say more to convince you, but there isn't a lot to add. Dying means you are judged, you won't be judged twice for the same action. Once you are, it's a complete life."

The theology is tricky, and she's not naturally a teacher, "You have another, to make anew. The negative things aren't erased, but they will be lighter now." She faces Elyanna, "You're not doomed. Lady Otilla died. Happy re-birth-day."

The door opens and the man comes in with a book, and a tranquil rage. Ashlee blinks, "Oh. Hi Merek. These are your cupcakes." She holds out a plate of six. Elyanna flickers her glance to Donna to watch her extinguish the candle, before she closes her eyes and blows out her own.

She repeats her soft, "Thank you." before settling into a seat of her own.

Otilla died...

There is a subtle dubiousness there, likely there's going to be some work in progress, there, but she tries a weak smile, to try and make everyone feel better.

The sound of the door puts a hand on the hilt of her punch dagger, and she twists to regard the entrant for a moment before her grip relents and she offers a soft, "Seer."

Carefully, Donna takes a bite of the first of her treats, and nearly becomes a puddle in her chair as the taste of chocolate hits her tongue. The brawler may talk a big game about being able to take care of herself and her sister in the wild, but they are city girls at heart, and chocolate cupcakes are not exactly something one can pluck from a tree. "Ash? You done *good.*"

While Donna opens her eyes at the sound of the cottage door, Mahuikaa's cottage is still 'home' enough that she can only assume whoever entered was allowed to. And upon spotting Merek, she lifts her chin in greeting. "Good timing. You wanna hear the story behind those cupcake, it's worth it."

"I dunno about the theology stuff," Delilah adds in between mouthfuls of cupcake, "But Elyanna, you are an absolute hero, and If you're ever gonna be judged for anything I'm reasonably certain it's going to be putting your life and livelihood at risk to save my neck and my sister's future. So, yeah." She nods, "And that goes for you too, Ashes."

Of course, then Merek enters the place, and Delilah lifts a half-eaten cupcake in greeting. She doesn't say anything right then; it is, afterall, rude to talk with your mouth full, and especially so in front of your adopted mother. Also it's possible Mahuikaa would have potatoes for her to peel before any more cupcakes could be eaten, and that would be awful.

"Merek! You made it back. Oh boy do we have a story for you. And we got evidence."

Mahuikaa, for her part, is enjoying a cupcake of her own, naturally; but for the most part she's just sitting back in her chair, watching with an approving smile as everyone is having fun. It's fun that may see an interruption, however; there does remain the matter of the Geas placed up Merek, and the laws that must be obeyed. Fugitives of the law must be returned to custody in Alexandria, and there are four of them right here. Perhaps not an immediate demand of action that must happen right this instant, but a slowly building call that cannot be resisted forever.

"Thanks." Ashlee says, looking at Mahuikaa. She's about to say something, and becomes stuck on a thought. She didn't have a mother. She had a Nan, who was interested in her survival but not in providing her with skills suitable for life. She never had anyone show her how to bake, until now.

The polite title she'd been using, mostly because the sister's did, actually applies now. Mahuikaa has been the most mother Ashes has had, and it didn't take very much.

An afternoon of baking. She hesitates, but risks speaking her epiphany aloud. Watching Mahuikaa for reaction, Ashlee says, "Mom... showed me how to make them when I told her what I wanted."

She picks up her own cupcake, stares at it. There's a re-birth for her too, she realizes. She takes a bite, "I thought we needed it."

Oh sweet chocolate. It is good! Whatever other thoughts she has are chased away.

Merek does seem to think back to the Geas, while he takes the time to take one of the cupcakes, then he picks that up to take a bite from it. "Thank you," he offers then along to Ashlee, while he watches the people in the place, Donna, Delilah, Ashlee, Elyanna.

"Anyway. You have the proof you need, you all mentioned? Elyanna, it is good to see you, and... I apologize, that you all were well. Kinda brought into that crazy thing with the... Well," he then nods. "Alright, I don't have a lot of time to work with. I need to know when you all will be best prepared to present the evidence." Because, he has only a limited amount of time to work it into the plans the Geas wants.

Then he nods a bit, "That's nice, they're amazing cupcakes." Then a smile to that story. "I... Went diving into the Sea of Mana, met your friend of course, the Captain of the Guard. He threatened my family I think."


At that word, Donna shoots Delilah a sidelong look, and a crooked smile. Despite the Sith arcanist's prickly facade, Mahuikaa *does* tend to establish her maternal bonds as easy as breathing.

About to lift her cupcake up for a second bite, the brawler freezes at Merek's words. Slowly, carefully putting the cake back on the table, Donna turns a long, searching look onto the priest. "It's right there," she says slowly, nodding at the blue-spined book at the center of the table. "We flipped through it on the way home, but... we were hopin' to have time to come up with a proper plan. Y'know, an argument to go with our evidence. ...Wanna help us out, so we all go in prepared?"

It's a curious thing, to have a doubletap on a glimpse of Hell.

Chasing the experience with a rebirthday cupcake just seems to be icing on the affair.

The red woman manages three chews before Delilah's appellation of 'hero' sets her to coughing behind her hand. Then, wet eyed, she looks to the Brawler, the discomfort of almost choking on her confection largely camouflaging the skepticism she likely still holds on the matter.

She spends a few moments making sure her breathing is sufficiently unobstructed before she finishes with her bite.

Swallow, "It's great, Ashlee, thank you." <goblin-talk>

She looks between Ashes and Mahuikaa to try and gauge this new familial dynamic, folding it into what she knows of her friends before Merek's apology occupies her thoughts.

"I do not understand what you are apologizing for." she concedes with a little shrug, then turns to the grander subject, "We are still collecting pertinent information, but an attempt on the life of the sister is likely. Perhaps a convenient birthing death."


Merek is the reason she is still around to darken the mood, it may be worthy to kil this Captain for him, in return, as the geas will likely prevent such punitive entertainments from crossing his mind.

"Merek, let me tell you," Delilah points towards the book, "That book is easily described by one word, and the word is 'ick'. It's a book that writes itself and it's Veren's entire life tale, from the moment she became Ectra's apprentice onwards, and the thing is literally writing itself while we're sitting here talking about it! If you open it up to the back page you can literally watch while Veren is busy talking to someone or thinking about murder or visiting the brothel or... or... whatever!"

And then Delilah promptly blushes, fiercely, and burries herself in another bite of cupcake after using a particular 'B' word in Mahuikaa's house. She might also be hoping it wasn't noticed.

It was noticed.

"These cupcakes are amazing," she adds, in a swift and strategic change of topic; and for her part, completely not noticing whatever it was that caught Donna's attention so.

"Yes, that book." Ashes says, nodding as its function is described, and blinking at Merek, "There's a lot of evidence to be sorted through still."

She's uncertain what else to say. Hobgoblins have regimented minds, Ash's is more of a mess than most, but the Seer's rapid changing of topics is very hard for her to keep up with. She glances at Elyanna, then the sisters.

It's reminding her of being in school. Is he easier to follow for humans, a half-human?

"Thanks Elyanna." Then, "Veren wants Delilah and the sister dead. The rest of us too."

Merek walks along to the book to begin picking it up, then he takes the time to work it open. If he's going to fight the Geas, the man needs to know that she is guilty of these things. That might buy a little bit of that time, while he watches the cupcake and will take a bite of one, "Alright. Well, if you want to present it to Alexandria Courts, you will want to avoid the Captain. You will want to be brought to a higher court position, likely a judge that we trust. I was looking into people that could be trusted, I think that there are a few." The man looks from the hood to everyone, "Ah, don't worry about Veren. I could probably actually kill her with no issue. While I am with you, you are protected, and we have the book so we know if she's planning to try to kill anyone."

"Honestly," Donna says, after another careful bite of cupcake, "we're more worried about Bethany's sister. The one who was at the trial? Seems her husband was the one what hired Veren to kill Bethany. He's after the family fortune, like." The remains of the cupcake are waved at the book. "It's all in there, just watch out; there's a lotta horrific shit Veren done, before an' after."

"Merek..." Ashlee says, "You have six cupcakes. That's almost more than all of us, almost enough for every day of the week."

Did she have a point? The man dies and grows stronger. Perhaps he could flick Veren away with a single finger, Ectra would have been no challenge at all. He is on another plane of existence, beyond normal mortals. What good would her advice be. He's likely experienced everything the book could offer in the Iron Hells, more.

There is no point.

"The husband wants the money, like Donna says." Ashlee switches to the topic at hand, "He financed Veren, she came up with the plan. Delilah was collateral damage."

A certain fluidity of thinking structures probably helps, though Elyanna's upbringing was alien enough that she still struggles some to understand the particulars of their human friends.

"There is a Lieutenant I would have to avoid as well. He has already sent mercenaries after me, once."

There's a look in her eye that suggests she might not lose sleep over killing him, either.

"She has a certain taste in spells, it catalogs her spell choices each day." she offers helpfully.

"Don't be so quick to dismiss an opponent," Mahuikaa states, holding a half-eaten cupcake of her own. "She has survived this long with nobody even knowing her name, until you lot figured it out, and she's been taking what she's wanted all along the way. She was apprenticed to a mind flayer with aspirations to lichdom, and when you face her she will be expecting it, and prepared for it. Don't assume that you can kill her -- assume that she can kill *you*."

As Mahuikaa calmly pops the rest of that cupcake into her mouth and loses herself in the flavor, for the moment, Delilah looks back and forth between those present. "Look, we're... We're not going to avoid Norrington. I promise you the moment it becomes apparent that we're back within city walls he'll be there, probably intent on decapitating me on the spot, so we'll have to have our argument ready to go. Right? I mean, I don't see any other way around it. But he can't just make up his own rules if he wants to stay a Knight Captain, and, I believe I am afforded an appeal. He can't take that away."

Delilah pops the last of her cupcake into her mouth, and takes a moment to enjoy it before swallowing. "Anyway, we need to go back soon. If we're there, then hopefully we can deliver a warning, and if we can't then eyes might be on us enough that killing Evelyn would be... too risky?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "And, we need to think about Alvin, too." She glances sideways at Ashes, and quirks her lips up on one side. "I'm a little tired of being collateral damage, It'd sure be nice to inflict some in return, wouldn't it?"

Merek will watch the cupcakes, then he nods a bit to Ashlee, "You're right," then he's placing that into a wrap to keep with him. To Mahuikaa, "Yes. Apologies. I still said what I said," he will note, while being polite, "I don't try to think about things like her as anything more than... Things that we will need to deal with," the man lifts a shoulder in a shrug. Then he's taking a look to everyone, "Well, we need her alive, the more that the book offers even at the time of when we come back, will be important. As for Evelyn, well. There are a lot of things we can do. Well... Norrington. You know, there is plenty that we can do to keep him from killing anyone. Although... If the Geas becomes a liability at any point, I am going to kill myself so that I can't stand in your way. I will write a few instructions of what to do in place if you need, to assist you."

The ashen Arvec eats her cupcake quietly. It was meant to be a contemplative act, and the chocolate helps keep attention on it. She considers what she wanted it to represent, a culmination of sorts, of all the events that led up to it.

Her first death, being stillborn, didn't even give her a life separate from the woman who bore her. Much like Poppy, the opportunity was stolen from her. A word that is apt in more ways than she realizes. Her first ledger, were it like Veren's, would be empty. At most: She never lived, she died.

Her second death was her voluntary entry into Mahuikaa's portal, a time representing most of her life. A significant portion of that still letting the winds and waves of fortune blow her hither and yon. She travelled through it like a living ghost, barely touching other lives, following orders, standing and staring. A vessel to be used.

The last year brought it into focus, she grew to care about the living, about Delilah and Donna's plight, about Elyanna's struggle and her past. She started to take charge, re-discover the old training in the military, in the Temple, that was meant to make her useful. Give her a purpose, make her act in her own life and fight.

"Thanks," Ashlee stares at the sisters, all these thoughts behind her stare but none of them conveyed beyond, "you helped me too." A sideways glance at Elyanna, a nod. "I couldn't have done what I did without you."

She hesitates, speak the thought then enjoy the cupcake. Don't deny the weight of both. "We should try to rescue Alvin, and Evelyn, and get straight to a Magistrate we can trust. Can you start an appeal from here?"

"And... don't get one for every day, Merek." Ashlee adds, "Go visit the Jade Isles, there are no Alexandrian laws to uphold there."

"Merek," Donna says quietly, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms. "Say that again, an' I'll clobber ya. Don't you *dare* go talkin' like your life don't matter. Not in this house. *Not in front of these cupcakes,* you hear? We're goin' back to the city with ya. If we can get a message to Magistrate Ironbeard before that b-- Veren can poison him again -- I assume -- he'll be smart enough about magic he'll prolly accept this as evidence."

Pouring herself a cup of tea, she lifts it to her lips, staring daggers at Merek. "I don't have how easily you can kill any one of us here or anyone out there. Any plan that ends in 'and then I'll die' is a *shit plan.*"

Elyanna keeps her own counsel on relative lethality. She has never been the most competent assassin, as her talents were more for making one live... much longer than they wanted to.


She quietly nibbles on the cupcake in her hands, trying to lose herself in the richness of the flavor, as it it could carry her fetters away for a time, that she can concentrate on the matter at hand.

"Did the original Magistrate survive? He may be amenable." she notes, "In Bludgun, a fugitive has two fates awaiting them on capture: bonded servitude, or summary execution. What is the law, here?"

"No, I don't... believe so." Delilah shakes her head, "I'm no law expert, but one thing I'm quite certain about is that if I want an appeal, I have to lay it all on the line. I can't ask for an appeal out here because it puts the courts in a position where they have to grant the appeal, or I just... won't come back." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "The courts don't like to be bullied into a decision. If want to appeal, I have to go there and ask for it, and be prepared to accept that if the appeal gets denied then..."

Delilah trails off, and makes a face. "Let's... Let's just assume that once Ironshield," she gives Donna a sideways grin, "Sees that book, he'll grant the appeal. The fact that it's constantly writing itself *has* to be convincing, right?" She shakes her head, and points to Elyanna, "Usually it's a little better than that, but in my case I'm supposed to have been executed some time ago, so I'd better have something good. The rest of you are all a lot better off though."

The golden sorceress points at Merek, "There'll be no talk of anyone here dieing, okay? I want that particular spot of attention all to myself. I'm greedy and don't like sharing. Also that's my cupcake." She picks up a second one, and humphs softly over it. "They'll probably still lock me up, but... maybe that'll give the rest of you the room you need to find Veren. Afterall, none of you are wanted for anything capital, just springing a prisoner. Jailtime at worst and you can probably make bail if necessary."

Merek looks between everyone and will think about it a moment, "Alright, I will keep that in mind, I apologize. With that said, I would not trust Norrington when it comes to everyone. Though, at my own trial... Well, it was managed by someone that was a lot more accepting, I think it would be best to bring it before Ironshield." A little nod while taking the time to watch people, "I can easily get you into the city with teleportation. In fact, there's a method which I can use that will get everyone exactly where they need to be, without any error. I will keep that for when you all need it."

"Well..." Ashes starts to say, then stops. She takes a small, obsidian horse out of her satchel and rolls it over and over in her hands, examining it. The figurine is as dark as the cupcakes, but probably not chocolate.

"Merek could scry the Magistrate, teleport us all into his bedchambers." She suggests in monotone, "We give him the book, go sit safely in jail while he reads it over and you make your appeal. Merek is free to warn Evelyn..."

The ashen Arvec shrugs, "If she won't listen to a Seer of the Goddess of dreams warning her about her future, it's kind of her own fault if something bad happens."

"The rest of us can make bail while he's doing that."

"I would wait until the Magistrate's in his office," Donna points out, raising a finger. "Teleportin' into his bedroom's kinda assassiny. Creepy, at the least, an' we like this guy. The rest, though? Yeah, but with one exception; Merek oughta go *with* some Guard, just in case somethin's goin' down right then. I figure if we talk fast enough, Ironshield can send him an' them off right then to verify."

"Perhaps a Dawnguard to add the weight of truth to the mission." Elyanna suggests, "Evelyn would be more inclined to trust one, and house guards would likely take their word toward a threat to their mistress more seriously I would think."

She shrugs, "After our dealings in the wake of the court debacle, I would not expect our faces to fill her mind with trust and surety."

"Well... Veren will be kinda assassiny when she finds out he has the book." Ashlee suggests, "I thought he might take our arriving that way as a very practical warning."

"I... am in agreement with Donna," Delilah states slowly. "Which I'm sure comes as a great shock to all of you, since we're twins. But teleporting into Ironshield's office is likely to be the best plan, and..." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders. "I mean, it's the middle of the day, he's likely to be there now, wouldn't he be? Or be presiding over a case and at least in the courthouse."

The golden sorceress ohs, "And, I know Poppy has been out there examining every single flower in Mom's yard for the last four hours, but we shouldn't forget to bring her either, right? She can add credibility to our testimony, and..." she pauses, and blushes softly, "I mean, the *really* important thing is she's been a slave and a ghost for I have no idea how long, and there's this merchant in the Lower Markets who makes the most incredible mincemeat pies, and if there is any justice at all in this world, she deserves one."

"She should." Ashes agrees, looking towards Delilah, finishing her cupcake. She slips the horse figurine back into her satchel. She seems ready to go when it's time.

"Good point," Donna says, nodding. "Unno how reliable a witness as she's gonna be, seein' as she basically dropped out the sky to speak on our behalf, but.." Trailing off, she glances down at the cupcakes, then back up to the Mourner. "Hey Ash; which onea these is hers?"

The red woman finishes her cupcake, spending a few moments to wipe her face to get the remains of her rebirth repast off of her face.

She isn't sure she can eat the other one just yet, thought the first was very tasty, and she's forced to ask, "Is it alright, if I finish the other one later, Ashlee? I don't want to offend you." <goblin-talk>

"The little smokey fellow with the very oily beard?" she inquires of Donna.

But, to whit, Poppy's relative anonymity would probably present a challenge, "It would take time to prove Poppy to being what would be considered a reliable witness."

"It is." Ashes tells Elyanna, and she points at a particular cupcake, "This one, the broken chains, is Poppy's."

It's very large.

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