A Stranger's Return

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Log Info

  • Title: A Stranger's Return
  • Emitter: Aelwyn
  • Characters: Aelwyn, Ygraine
  • Place: A03: The TarRaCe, Colosseum District
  • Time: Tuesday the 5th of December, 2022
  • Summary: Plucking up the courage to visit somewhere dear to her after a two-year absence, Ygraine is delighted by the welcome she receives.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-<* The TarRaCe *>--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

       Inside, this two-story structure has been almost completely opened up. Generous windows on both stories allow daytime sunlight and cooling night breezes to flow in as needed, while the brick walls have been whitewashed - contrasting with the dark-stained beams and supports, and the rich polish on the wooden floor. A broad strip of stone runs from the entrance to a framed doorway set into the opposite wall, with a sign above the lintel declaring that the baths are to be found that way.
       The ground floor is sprinkled with tables and chairs of assorted sizes, offering welcome to guests both large and small. One whole corner of the building - into which guests are not permitted entry - has been given over to the kitchen, which serves as the domain of the famed monster chef Ligum Serforus. Mundane meals are available, but the chef delights in offering up obscure dishes made from the freshest of monster ingredients.
       Opposite the kitchen a small bar runs in front of an array of shelves, displaying a broad selection of beverages (most of them alcoholic). The bar-top has been fashioned from what looks to have been old pieces of armor, fused and welded together before being polished to provide a near-smooth finish. Set above it, three human-sized statues have been built into an alcove in the wall: Tarien, Rada and Ceinara jointly keep benevolent watch over the room and its occupants.
       To the right of the entrance, a small stage offers a platform for a handful of performers at a time. To the left of the door, a spiral staircase of wrought iron winds its way up to a balcony dining area, that is chiefly reserved for special events and parties. 


The TarRaCe was slowly picking up in activity, as the morning crowd began to shuffle in from the cold. A warm meal and a hot drink seemed to be appealing proposition in the cold and snow that had approached the city.

It was especially appealing to a certain draconian huddling by the bar; his typical waiter's uniform reinforced with a vest over the white blouse, and leather greaves over the ruddy scaled feet. A mere waiter's loincloth-slash-apron didn't seem to be enough to fight the chill that every now and then crept from the door.

"The coffee," Aelwyn says as he slides away the warm cups with a longing in his orange eyes, before folding the tray under his arm. "Hmmh, perhaps the Fire Lodge is hiring..." He rumbles by himself, as he moves between the tables to pick up orders.

The outer door opens to allow entry to another refugee from the cold outside - with the new arrival hastening to close the portal behind her (after a quick check to be sure that she's not about to shut it in anyone's face). Then she pauses on the threshold, hands rising rather slowly to lower her hood, a smile lifting the corners of her lips as she looks slowly around the room. A contented sigh escapes her, before she offers a politely formal inclination of the head to Tarien and Rada, then a deeper bow to the statue of Ceinara.

A distinct spring in her step, she ventures farther into the room, though her progress towards the bar is rather more of a happy *drift* than a purposeful stride, the dark-haired human seemingly keen to drink in the sights and sounds around her.

Clitter clatter and the quiet murmur of conversation by the edges. The early morning crowd had that distinct air of stillness, waiting for the new day to begin.

There was also the quiet clicks of toe claws before a rumbling voice says, "Welcome to TarRaCe, stranger." A particularly ruddy-scaled sith-makar greets; his autumn scales were definitely last season. It did not stop the air of amusement, though. "Is she in search of a table to stretch one's legs, a bar to mull their throat, or the warm baths to disrobe the cold?" A moment of pause, before he moves closer, "This one recommends the baths, though one risks never leaving them in this cold."

With her thoughts adrift on a sea of happiness, the new arrival is evidently rather startled to be directly addressed - jumping slightly, before laughing self-consciously as she brings herself back to earth and focuses her attention on the sith-makar. "Oh! Thank you. How kind. I am delighted to hear that the baths are so welcoming a haven, especially amidst a turn of the weather like this! Do you work here?"

Aelwyn leans back and looks up at the taller woman, twirling a pen on his hands. He tilts his hip to the side, tail swaying behind him. "Occasionally. Does this one look like a rogue conniving to steal her?" A momentary pause, and then he nods his head towards her equipment. "Belongings."

With a sneaking grin, sometimes a disconcerting sight on his blunt snout, he lifts up his notepad. "Is Stranger looking for a meal, or a bath?"

Blinking in surprise, 'Stranger' laughs and quickly shakes her head. "No, no. I was not taking you for a thief. But I did not want to imply that a kind patron offering a word of advice was an employee who might feel under an obligation to commend the establishment. I appreciate the welcome, and do not wish to seem at all ungrateful for it! But with regard to your other query... hrmmm." She casts a lingering glance towards the kitchen door, then that leading to the watery section of the building. "I think that I might indulge with a bath to start with. But if you are not working, then would you care to join me for a meal when I return?"

Aelwyn flicks the pen in his fingers a few times as he gauges the other's reaction, before he moves to lightly tap the end of it over the symbol holding her cloak together. "Good, since this one does appreciate the flames. And that is not mandated by the 'establishment'." Another rumble in his chest.

Her offer makes the draconian tilt his head, and he glances around the quiet room, before he slides his hand down his hip. "Hmm, a bath is a fine choice," He agrees, before he tilts his head with a slight grin. "And it would be this one's pleasure; yet one would think she is not in short supply of company." He flicks his forked tongue out. "The bathing suits are provided. Does this one need to show her?"

Chuckling, 'Stranger' inclines her head - accompanying the gesture with a swift, broad grin. "I think that I can find the way, but thank you. I appreciate the offer of a guide. And I am very glad to hear that your employers here do not give you orders as to what to say, especially on your own time. My name is Ygraine, by the way, should you want something more specific to call me. I am a - very minor - Muse of Ceinara, among other things, hence the choice of fastening for my cloak."

"A muse of Ceinara? Why, that explains this one's attraction towards the wreath." Aelwyn responds with an up and down flick of his orange slit pupils, before he bows his head. "Aelwyn, a Dragoon. Peace be on her nest." He is in no rush to correct her that he was in fact doing a shift. What is a bit of a free time between all the chaos? "If she is certain, there is a common and secluded bath. Try not to get lost in the warmth; this establishment does close eventually." Another flick of his tongue and tail alike, before he slides his notepad into the pockets of his black apron/loincloth. "Or so this one has been told."

Laughing once more, Ygraine again bows her head. "I was very pleased indeed, when the TarRaCe opened... though I have sadly been away for *much* longer than I had intended, and it is a real delight to find it thriving uon my return to the city. But I hope that we can talk more, when I return. A trip to the baths should, I hope, see me disappear for a *little* less time than my last disappearance...." She winks cheerfully, offers a performer's flamboyant bow, then moves to start towards the promised haven of heat and cleansing.

There's a curious tilt of his head as Ygrain mentions of being away for so long, but Aelwyn lets out a rumble and a grin in turn. "This one shall see. Who knows what lurks within?" He responds to the bow with a bow of his own; less flamboyant, but all the same.

The crowd has not thinned or grown very much, but there is a steady supply of people coming and getting their warm breakfasts before the start of the day by the time Ygraine returns. Yet there was always something to do for the staff; always some prep work to be done for the day. In this case, Aelwyn was making very sure the coffee was hot enough by the bar.

With her possessions slung over her shoulder and the damply contented air common to many emerging from the baths, Ygraine returns some time later. Her (formerly) cloak-securing brooch has moved to one of her baldrics, and she still has her rapier and buckler at her hip... but she looks thoroughly relaxed, and after peering around the room she offers Aelwyn a cheery wave and moves to join him. "That smells good," she says warmly, upon nearing him and his charge.

Aelwyn turns around, and then moves to stand in front of her, leaning against the counter. He takes the pot of the good stuff and puts up a cup for her, before he pours. "Plenty of pleasant scents in the air," The draconian responds with a glance and a grin over her. "This one can see the Muse had a good bath." He rumbles, before pouring himself another cup. "And what is on her mind?" He flicks his tail behind him, before with a tilt of his head, he adds. "For food."

"Oh, thank you. How kind," Ygraine says, happily appreciative. "Mmmm. I was thinking of finding out quite what might be the chef's selection today. I know that it can be somewhat *adventurous*, trusting blindly to what might emerge... but I rather fancy embracing the TarRaCe experience upon my return! Would you care to join me? With your choice of what to eat, I stress, rather than any requirement to join me in my own - blind - selection."

Aelwyn slides up his notepad and begins scribbling something on it with blocky and quite difficult to read letters. The whole sheet was quite filled with scribbles of some sort. Or writing. "A little adventure in one's life goes a long way." He responds, flicking his pen before sliding it behind his pointed ear. At her offer, he tilts his head once more, causing the set of ribbons to flop over the other way off his horns. "This one knows what he would eat, but perhaps it would be difficult to share." He grins with a look at her and a flick of his tail, but then he lets out a quite hmmh under his throat. "Though this one has been told he is needed in the kitchen. Cruelty, this one thinks. A missed pleasure to warmly welcome her back to TarRaCe."

"Awww. I am sorry to hear that. I shall be out here enjoying my meal and the ambience for some time, I think. And a coffee, too! So if you manage to free yourself from duties in the kitchen, I would be glad to welcome you to my table upon your own return. And thank you" - Ygraine bows once more - "for the warmth and kindness of your welcome to me, upon *my* return here. I have missed the TarRaCe, and am delighted to find it still cared for so well."

Aelwyn leans back and bows his head. "Perhaps this one shall return," The ruddy-scaled draconian responds, and then he lets out a grin. "And warmth and fire - this one is always willing to provide." He makes another bow, "Most welcoming invite, Muse. This one shall look forward to her inspiring presence." With that, he picks up his coffee and begins to make his way over the kitchen, carrying a slow rolling gait on his step.